Is Michael Jackson a Pedophile?

March 3, 2005

by Jim Kouri, CPP

Okay. I’m crying uncle. The pressure is just too great. But I’m going to do this once and once only: I’m going to write about the Michael Jackson pedophile case. I’m going to write a column that will hopefully contribute to the discussion by informing the reader of facts not being discussed by the mainstream media.

But first, I have a question for the members of news media: where are the experts on pedophiles and child sex abuse who are paraded out whenever there’s a high-profile case such as the pedophile Catholic priests story? Where are the FBI profilers? The sociology and psychology professors? Where are the detectives who possess an expertise in sex crimes investigation?  I’ll tell you where they are. They’re MIA — missing in action. Where are the experts who are qualified to speak on the subject of themodus operandi of child sex offenders? MIA. It seems obvious that such details are absent from the coverage of the Michael Jackson trial.

As a cop, I investigated several sex crimes with victims who were children. Both pedophile and pederast cases (pedophiles victimize pre-pubescent kids, while pederasts prey on pubescent kids). In fact, one of the biggest cases of my career was in a New York City hospital where a 12-year old female patient was sexually abused by a hospital employee (the suspect got 20 years; I got a commendation). So I kind of speak from experience. My contribution to the discussion of Michael Jackson and the allegations of child molestation will be simple:

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Here are the characteristics of child sex offenders from an article I wrote a couple of years back for The Chief of Police Magazine. You judge for yourself whether Michael Jackson fits the MO of a predator.


* Are popular with children, teens and adults.

* Appear to be trustworthy and respectable.

* Have good standing in the community.

* Prefer the company of children and teens.

* Are mainly attracted to pre-pubescent boys and girls and can be heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual.

* “Groom” children with quality time, video games, parties, toys, candy, gifts or money.

* Single out children who appear troubled and in need of attention or affection; children from dysfunctional families.

* Often date or marry women with children or have children who are the age of their preferred victims.

* Rarely force or coerce children into sexual contact; it’s usually done through trust and friendship.

In addition, physical contact is gradual, from touching and holding to sitting the child on the lap and kissing. They derive gratification in a number of ways. For some, looking is enough. For others taking pictures and watching children undress is enough. Still others require physical contact.

They find different ways and places to be alone with children; and are primarily male, better educated and more religious than the average person. Child sex abusers usually choose jobs that provide them with greater access to childen. Even if the pedophile has no children, his home is usually child-friendly with toys, books, video games, computers, bikes, swimming pool, rec room swing sets and other items to attract children into his home and to keep the children coming back. Usually the items reflect the preferred age of his victims.

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The pedophile usually has no criminal record and deny they abuse children even after arrested, prosecuted, convicted, incarcerated and ordered into a sex offender therapy program. Pedophiles are often victims of childhood sexual abuse themselves, or they may have grown up in a dysfunctional home environment.

I rest my case.

Jim Kouri

Jim Kouri, CPP is currently fifth vice-president of the National Association of Chiefs of Police. He’s former chief at a New York City housing project in Washington Heights nicknamed “Crack City” by reporters covering the drug war in the 1980s.   He’s also served on the National Drug Task Force and trained police and security officers throughout the country.  He writes for many police and crime magazines including Chief of Police, Police Times, The Narc Officer, Campus Law Enforcement Journal, and others.  He’s appeared as on-air commentator for over 100 TV and radio news and talk shows including Oprah, McLaughlin Report, CNN Headline News, MTV, Fox News, etc.  His book Assume The Position is available at Amazon.Com.

  • The Queen Of Swords

    I believe Michael Jackson was a Autopedophile/Autohebephile. Judging by his creepy “Child Erotica”, he sexualized boyhood, and may have genuinely believed he was a boy like many Autopedophiles/Autohebephiles. Maybe his “Peter Pan”-persona wasn’t the mask of a sexual-predator, but a hint into Jackson’s paraphilia. He was certainly both regressed emotionally/mentally and had pedophilic/hebephilic behavior. Why not?

    Let me first say: It’s not true that boys (or children period) who are sexually abused go on to abuse others. That is a false and hurtful myth that harms victims — particularly male-victims (as many here heard in Wade Robson’s televised-interview & James Safechuck Jr.’s complaint.)

    But I, like Jordan Chandler’s 1993 Psychiatrist, do believe Michael Jackson was sexually abused as a boy. There have been numerous rumors of MJ’s victimization by Music-Executives & Industry-Insiders dating back to the 1970s. One of his rumored many perpetrators may have been Bobby Taylor, who normalized man/boy “sleepovers” to a young MJ (who says he was “we [Michael and I] were together from 8 to 15” in another interview). Notice the ages. Those are the ages of most of MJ’s victims. I believe he was sexually abused during his pre-pubescent & pubescent/early adolescent years, and twistedly enough in his case began to sexualize boyhood, and acted on his urges with boys in the same age-range he was when he was victimized by at least Bobby Taylor.

    • ShawntayUStay

      I’ve heard this argument before, about MJ having autopedophilia. There’s also “fixated pedophilia” wherein the pedophile is fixated on childhood and enjoys being a kid and relating to kids on a kidlike level, all the while using this as a tool for grooming. It’s entirely possible that MJ could have been one of these two things. I guess my question would be does autopedophilia only confine itself to sexuality or does it leach into everyday life? Because while MJ had his childlike moments, especially when around kids, he still was very much an adult in other arenas.

      Let me first say: It’s not true that boys (or children period) who are
      sexually abused go on to abuse others. That is a false and hurtful myth
      that harms victims — particularly male-victims (as many here heard in
      Wade Robson’s televised-interview & James Safechuck Jr.’s

      I think it’s a case of “most victims don’t become molesters, but most molesters were victims”. From my perspective, these pedophiles learned this behavior from somewhere; they weren’t born with a future desire to have relations with kids. Childhood/early adolescent exposure to deviant sexual behavior is mind-warping. In a documentary I watched a long time ago “Capturing the Friedmans”, the suspected pedophile father claimed that he witnessed sexual behavior with his mother and men as a child because they had a single room in the house, and he also claimed to have had a sexual “relationship” with his younger brother when they shared a bed. Even in “Deliver Us From Evil” the sick pedo priest Father O’Grady claimed sexual behavior of some sort during youth.

      So I agree with you about MJ, and it applies to most pedophiles. I think MJ’s alleged sexual abuse/sexual exposure — plus his extremely strict Jehovah’s Witness faith — warped his mind about appropriate sexual behavior and appropriate boundaries. He clearly had a deep aversion to adult sexuality or he’d have had more relationships. He likely saw childhood as a safe harbor from all the smut in the world. His pornography collection only served to further screw up his mind.

      • The Queen Of Swords

        Yeah, I definetly agree about the fact that “most victimizers were victims, but most victims do not become victimizers”. [While 65% of male CSA were victims & 100% of female CSA were victims … 1 in 3 girls & 1 in 6 boys do not become victimizers.] I just needed to put empathize that victims don’t become victimizers in most cases because I’ve seen so many internet posts where people literally believe most victims become victimizers.

        I did think MJ was putting on a child-like font to groom children, parents, families, and the general public to accept his pedophilic tendencies.

        But now I do think he may have been an Autopedophile. A few months ago I noticed through pictures and videos of MJ (taken during and after the late 1980s), his nose and ear surgery results look freakishly similar to the Peter-Pan cartoon character. I now think he took being “Peter Pan” seriously, unlike before.

      • The Queen Of Swords

        There is a video where extended-family members of Katherine claimed Joe beat Katherine & use to beat and rape all 9 kids. (Johnny Jackson & Bill Bray wrote about Joe raping a young MJ years ago in books; Johnny even witnessed Joe and a Steeltown employee abusing a 12-year-old MJ in a hotel room as a 16-year-old boy.) This could be why MJ makes the boys call him “Dad/Daddy” and he called them “son”. Subconscious desire to call Joe “Daddy/Dad” combined with repeating traumatic childhood experiences.

        They (and Jermaine in the unpublished book “Legacy”) also confirm that Joe did “pimp out” a young MJ out to various Industry men to ensure the success of the Jackson 5. (One of men is most likely singer Bobby Taylor who “discovered” the group, moved the group from Steeltown Records to Motown Records, and mentored a young Michael. Another being John Stoffer — a Music Producer who got the J5’s songs played on radio stations — who bragged about sadistically & violently sodomizing a young MJ on three different occasions in a unpublished interview with the National Enquiror and had correct dates, places, and times for each assault. A third maybe Mogul Clive Davis — as this was a huge rumor in the 1970s.)

        Honestly, you can’t help but feel sorry for the boy he was — even if you are revolted by the man he became.

        • ShawntayUStay

          I’ve seen that video before. I do believe Joe Jackson terrorized MJ and the boys just like he did the sisters. I believe he molested Rebbie. I don’t know if he molested MJ, but I’d think it was for power rather than sex. Personally I think Joe facilitated the sexual abuse of MJ by allowing others on the industry to have access to him.

          The John Stoffer story is from that Darwin Porter book “Jacko His Rise and Fall”. A lot of that book should be taken with a grain of salt, I’m afraid. He’s known to write fake biographies about dead celebrities, and often they are quite defamatory, especially since he likes to say people were having gay affairs or were slutty, LOL. So I don’t know if Stoffer is even a real person. If he is, it’s just another sad piece of the puzzle.

          I do think Bobby Taylor is suspicious. I really do. And I’ve never heard about Clive Davis! But this is all par for the course in Hollywood. I remember ready a legal complaint from a masseuse claiming John Travolta sexually harassed him. But basically he said that John said to him in the midst of the incident that he didn’t “start out gay” but men on the industry had turned him out and he’s been gay (or gay leaning bisexual) ever since.

          • The Queen Of Swords

            In one of the YT videos where he is talking to a seemingly close woman-friend. He mentions Bobby Taylor “discovering” them. (Joe let Michael spend 10 days with Bobby at his house after they met him at a strip club.) But he also says talks in another video of a “Mr. B” who “was always hugging” him, “kissing” him, and … “other stuff”. MJ himself seems a bit disturbed when he says “other stuff”. He then goes on to talk of Joe never hugging them, but hugging Joh’Vohnnie, Joe acting fatherly towards Joh’Vohnnie, and allowing her to call him “Dad”. Michael and Janet resented Joh’Vohnnie. It was only after Michael’s death, Janet was nice and sisterly towards this poor woman who just wanted love from her older siblings and idolized Michael & Janet.
            In tape recording of a phone conversation between MJ and a seemingly close woman-friend, he talked of Bobby Taylor discovering him. (Joe sent MJ to stay with Bobby at his house for 10 days straight soon after they met him at the strip club.) he also talks of a Mr. B who would always hug him, kiss him, and “other stuff”. Michael himself is obviously a bit disturbed as he says the words “and other stuff”. He also mentioned Joe getting on drugs during this to,e period and being concerned for him during the time he was “close to Mr. B”, but that punkass Joe never raised any questions to Mr. B because he would have “went off on him”.

            Here is the tape-recording:

        • Dani Lee VanBuskirk

          Bill Bray? Where did he write this…that man was loyal even when he was in poverty dying and Jackson could care less…Do tell where you found this info.

          • Guest

            Bob Jones, not Bill Bray. Sorry.

      • The Queen Of Swords

        As weird as this sounds not all Pedophiles/Hebephiles/Ephebophiles are Child Sexual Abusers, and not all Child Sexual Abusers are Pedophiles/Hebephiles/Ephebophiles. In fact around 60% of Child Sexual Abusers are Non-Pedophilic/Hebephilic/Ephebophilic Child Sexual Abusers.

        I believe Pedophilic/Hebephilic Child Sexual Abusers are a result of a dangerous combination of genetics and environment. (Pedophiles — whether they are abusers or non-abusers — tend to be shorter than other men, have lower IQ-levels, higher rates of being left-handed, act effeminate, have a lower levels of testosterone than Bisexual & Heterosexual/Homosexual boys/men, had a head injury at some point during their childhood … in addition to experiencing sexual and/or physical abuse during childhood. So, I’d say it’s both genetics and environment, though there are exceptions to the rule as evidenced by the fact that 35% of Male Child Sexual Abusers were not sexually victimized during childhood.)

      • The Queen Of Swords

        Autopedophilia is predominantly about sexuality.

        The Autopedophile/Autohebephile sexualizes childhood.

        The Autopedophile/Autohebephile can be aroused by dressing in clothing children of their age preference normally would, thinking of himself/herself as a child, and rarely believing themselves to be children or even going through surgery to make parts of their body more childlike (one creep wanted surgery to make his penis look like that of a pre-pubescent boy).

        MJ did three out of the very creepy four …

        • Pea

          That was J. Michael Bailey’s hypothesis — I remember someone telling me about it a few years ago. I have very strong doubts that it’s accurate to Jacko. It’s very apparent, as Shawntay notes, that Michael Jackson was not “childlike” all the time — did Bailey even read “The Magic and the Madness” where Jacko appears quite normal, or did he only base his conclusions on tabloid reports of Jacko’s behavior? (I know the answer to that, and it’s the latter.)

          Jacko had a nostalgic view of childhood and, if you read the Rabbi’s two books of conversations with Michael Jackson, you’ll see that his reverence for that time of life isn’t ultimately sexual. I don’t buy his “have you seen my childhood” line as a justification for boy sleepovers (I see it as a cynical ruse), but I do think there is something to be said about his lack of a normal one.

          Someone was quoted in Maureen Orth’s “Nightmare in Neverland” (1994) saying that Jacko was obsessed with childhood because he was a child star and is narcissistic to the extreme. I think that’s a salient observation; it’s not much different than veterans constantly thinking about the wars they were in or the battles they fought. Jacko saw himself as a member of some special club of kids who grew up in the spotlight and were made to do and see adult things.

          My view: Michael Jackson was a homosexual pedophile primarily because he was afraid of adult sexuality, not because he was somehow genetically incapable of it. He’d seen it on tour, saw how women broke up the Jackson Five, and how they caused his brothers distress. He didn’t like it and thought it ruinous. I think he was gay but was a devout Jehovah’s Witness and, consequently, was afraid of expressing it with men. It’s not uncommon for people to think homosexuality is confined to adult behaviors, so a being with a boy could make him feel like he’s still in control of his desired heterosexuality while feeding his desire to be sexual with males.

          As for the Daddy thing, I definitely agree that it’s a repetition of past trauma (was it a repeat or a redo?). I have no doubt Jacko was sexually abused. But the whole Daddy/Son dynamic he played up with some of his boys would suggest that Jacko was not thinking of himself as a child during sexual encounters with boys, but viewing himself in the role of the “Daddy” figure who had so much power during his own alleged sexual abuse.

          • The Queen Of Swords

            I did think about everything you suggested. I use to think he was just being manipulative and evil. I still think he is. But I wondered if he had somewhat if a dual-personality, where he acted as an adult & knew he was one, but wanted to be a child because he idealized childhood, innocence & children.

            He stated when an interviewer brought up how old Diana was “I don’t think age matters. How old would you be, if you didn’t know you’re age?”

            In a phone call with a woman he asked, “How old am I? I think I’m in my 30s. Oh yeah, I’m 33″.

            I think he was an Autopedophile/Autohebephile.

            Could Jackson have been attracted to adult-men?

            Yes, defInertly. In one of his phone-calls with a close female-friend, despite him talking about past heterosexual relationships, his choice of words and the way he pronounced them, sounded very stereotypically flamboyantly gay.

            It’s VERY obvious that Jackson was a victim of Child Sexual Abuse, though. The substance abuse. The eating disorders. The insomnia. The nightmares. Too obvious. That’s not up for debate, IMO. Tons of victims — especially male victims of male perpetrators — deny abuse, act like their childhood was just grand, and no one would ever guess. Even in a book, Jackson stated sex/sexuality/”sexual education” was heavily involved in his childhood with at the very least strippers, and that this was why he liked child-like, innocent things and environments as an adult. But his childhood will never excuse his evil actions, though. That’s for sure.

          • Pea

            “I think he was an Autopedophile/Autohebephile.”

            I understand, but can you provide some specific examples from Jacko’s life and behaviors that would support this diagnosis, so to speak? I read Bailey’s piece and wasn’t convinced.

          • The Queen Of Swords

            If genuine, his obsession with boyhood is one it goes far beyond the the so-called “average Pedophile/Hebephile” sexual desires for pure-pubescent and pubescent children.

            I’ve studied Jackson’s interviews, recorded phonecalld with a close female friend, listened to his close friends describe his sometimes regressed behavior, and observed his obsession with “Peter Pan” coupled with his “Peter-Pan-esque sugeries.

            I just came to a conclusion that was similar to Jordan Chandler’s original Psychiatrist.

            Jackson was an adult that had adult-like behavior (stealing ideas from others; conning people out of money; cursing; drinking; doing drugs; owing sexualize-material such as Erotica & Porn). He was not even asexual — as evidenced from his Porn & Erotica. He was also — unfortunately — physically and sexually attracted to pure-pubescent and pubescent boys, very manipulative with how to get want he wanted out of his victims and their families, and knew his grooming and abuse of these boys would be perceived as wrong and evil to the outside world and he could lose his good reputation, career, and freedom if his “dirty little secret” was found out. Thus his obsessive need to keep his quiet — even as they left adolescence and became young adults.

            But at the same time was a Child Sexual Abuse victim himself who never worked out his sexual/emotional/psychological trauma, so he craved the boyhood his psychologically/verbally/emotionally/physically/sexually abusive father, the entertainment industry, and perverted sexually abusive industry-men robbed him of. In his own twisted mind due to his sexually traumatic experiences at early ages, he also began to romantize and sexualize boyhood and early adolescence and thus his attraction to pre-pubescent and pubescent boys — boys the ages he was when he was victimized by men like Bobby Taylor, Billy Preston, and Cliff Davis. Thus, his classic Autopedophilic/Autohebephilic wanting to be the very thing he “loved” and desired the most — an boy under the age 16. He even believed sexual and romantic relationships should not be restricted by age (Classic Pedro-trait, BTW) and societal-norms as his interview about his supposed “crush” on Diana showed [“What age would you be if you didn’t know your age?”], because those barriers and restrictions were never respected by the adult men in his life. He seemed to somewhat in a regressed state at times — stunted at the ages of his own victimization — that he forgot his own age around even around trusted friends when he wasn’t even putting on a mask for media. [“How old am I? I think I’m in my thirties. Oh yeah, I’m 33.”] Some of his friends would echo this sentiment, as he did inappropriate things like ask to be taken to the restroom in a way only a pure-pubescent boy would or ignored other adults in his surroundings by opting to play games and eat candy as they held one-sided conversations with him instead. His fake public high-pitched voice was not only an act, but something a few other victims of abuse do either consciously or ssubcociously as a way to mimic the sound of their voice at the age they were first victimized. (Other Jackson kids — who were also victims of abuse — put on these voices as well.) In his walked out mind, he saw his grooming, abuse, and “dumping” of “special friends” as not only “normal” because not only was sexual contact between boys and men normalized to him by own childhood abuse by older men … But “right” because in his mind he didn’t truly feel like an adult but an underage boy. (In his deposition, he nods his head as he says that he is not “gay” — a classic sign of deception. Perhaps, Jackson does see himself as “gay”, due to his own sexual-identity confusion as a result of his victimization; Even though Jackson isn’t homosexual in sexual orientation, but has a Paraphilic Disorder.) In order to put his depraved plans into motion, he just needed to manipulate the boys to see man/boy “sleepovers” and “friendships” the way he had been conditioned to as a boy. And unfortunately without the parental intervention Jordan and Gavin had, Wade and James were “brainwashed” for decades — by their own words. Sadly, other victims, such as Brett Barnes, are still brainwadhed.

            That’s my theory on Jackson. It may not be all the way correct. But it’s what I believe.

          • Dani Lee VanBuskirk

            I have listened to the Glenda tapes too and it is odd what you come away with..He pretty much said he was glad he never had sex…that the girl “knew what he was like” and he did not want to sleep with her til he was married…He was 33 and saying he had not had a love (sexual) like his brothers and he wanted to try to have one before he died.

            As far as age, MJ said on tape that age is the most disgusting thing he feared growing old he was appalled that Astair told him he could not longer spin….So I suppose MJ got his wish, he did not age…..I never could see him at 90 but who could? He wanted to die before he was old and said as much….It was well known that he would freak out if he saw ONE line on his face …He wanted to live forever young.

        • ShawntayUStay

          Thanks for the info, Queen, but I personally don’t believe MJ was an autopedophile. He was very much an adult most of the times, and I know it’s about sexuality, i.e. a fetish, but MJ was rather normal all things considered. Besides the plastic surgery of course.

          On a related note, Bruce Jenner is said to be an autogynephile rather than a “traditional” trans woman, who are typically homosexual men. The Bruces of the world are typically heterosexual men.

  • The Queen Of Swords

    Could you please do an article discussing the fact that Michael Joeseph Jackson was indeed an Autopedophile/Autohebephile?

    After all, most of MJ’s supporters believe genuinely he was innocent and use the argument that a man-child like MJ (even one that had substance-addiction and owned not only Adult Pornography, but even something as deplorable as “Child Erotica”) could never sexually abuse a child because he believed he was one.

    Bringing awareness, not only to Acquaintance-Pedophiles/Acquintance-Hebephiles, but to a paraphilic disorder that is called Autopedophilia/Autohebeohilia — where a pedophile/hebephile sexualizes childhood and in some cases actually believes he is a pre-pubescent/pubescent boy — would stop them dead in their tracks! It throws their main argument out, and adds to the idea that while Michael was acquitted in his 2005 Child-Molestation trial, he still most likely groomed, sexually abused pre-pubescent & pubescent boys, and threw them away once they went further into puberty.

  • The Queen Of Swords

    Ed Opperman’s discussions of his friend’s father letting it slip to him in 1991 that MJ was caught sexually abusing multiple young boys on a tour in the 1980s, proves my point about MJ possibly having hundreds of victims from his 35 years (1974-2009) of being a Sexual-Predator!:

    Ed Opperman talks with Diane Diamond and “Mike” about Michael Jackson being caught with little boys on “The Victory Tour” in 1984 (sponsored by Al Sharpton) and EVERYONE covering it up!

    Interview With Diane Diamond:

    Interview With “Mike” (AllysOfWadeRobson):

    • Andreas

      I mentioned the Ed Opperman posts coincidentally in my last post too. Before I read yours. Yes, what Ed says is very interesting. Especially since he’s a P.I veteran, and those guys hear the whisperings about stuff that doesn’t come into the mainstream.

      I’m also under the impression that there are other victims that we might not know about, perhaps many. I’m still skeptical about HUNDREDS of victims though. He was such a busy man and a workaholic, and so damn public, so I don’t understand how he could successfully do that. Its a bit incredible that so many molested kids would go under the radar too… His fame and power could work both for him and against him. I would be quite amazed if that was true.

      Its not impossible though, as there exists other examples of child molesters that has hundreds of victims before being exposed. Perhaps some that never gets exposed. And many of them don’t have the kinds of power and resources Jackson had.

      • The Queen Of Swords

        Exactly. 🙂

      • Dani Lee VanBuskirk

        You know Andreas I thought that too..But when I think about it MJ being so afraid of being overexposed he really did lock down and go recluse for long periods of time…Now I do not believe he had 100s of boys but he had more than we know about…It took 6 years to make Bad and he did nothing in between…He worked hard but we now know he had some nasty drug habits even in the 80s…and also got real lazy. After 89 or so..He did not show up for rehearsals, was absent in the studio and it got worse after that. For a touring artist 2.5 tours is a joke. Prince toured 30 times…So MJ had plenty of time away from the cameras to do anything he pleased.

  • The Queen Of Swords

    I definetly think MJ was an Incest-Victim & Acquaintance Molestation-Victim who unfortunately was also an Auto-Pedophile/Auto-Hebephile that acted upon his Paraphilic desires and was a serial Child Sexual Abuser.

    But I’m kind of afraid his stans will excuse his actions by using his horrible childhood like they always do!

    60% of Child Sexual Abusers are Non-Pedophilic/Hebephilic Child Sexual Abusers. Only 40% are Pedophilic/Hebephilic Child Sexual Abusers.
    Within that 40% of Pedophilic Child Sexual Abuse Offenders, 34% only were victimized themselves as children. (*This is where MJ falls.) And amongst Non-Offender Pedophiles/Hebephiles, only 11% were victimized as children/adolescents.

    His terribly, disgusting and dehumanizing childhood is definetly a factor, but I honestly think he had a genetic/biological predisposition (look at who his father was; look at the physical abnormalities that Jackson had in common with other Pedophiles/Hebephiles such as both left & right-handedness, attached earlobes, under 5′ 10′ …etc.) to being a Pedophiles/Hebephile!

    The Pedophiles’s Brain:

    If you believe in Astrology click here for MJ’s Astrology chart … which has some deeply disturbing aspects!:

    I’m starting to believe even if he didn’t have a traumatizing childhood, he’d still be a Pedophiles/Hebephile –like Johnny Jackson, Latoya, Rebbie, Jermaine Jackson, Gordon Keith, and relatives of Katherine Jackson accused Joe Jackson of being … The difference is MJ mayvhave not acted on his Paraphilic urges if his childhood were “normal” …

    Either way too many lives have been ruined by Michael Jackson (and two fathers of two of his victims have taken their own lives).

    I’m typing this because once Wade Robson wins his 2017 case against MJJ Productions & MJJ Ventures whilst UN-gagged victims start talking … stans will STILL use his childhood as a reason to pity him — only now it’ll be why we should pity him more than his own victims …

    • Pea

      “but I honestly think he had a genetic/biological predisposition (look
      at who his father was; look at the physical abnormalities that Jackson
      had in common with other Pedophiles/Hebephiles such as both left &
      right-handedness, attached earlobes, under 5′ 10′ …etc.) to being a

      Oh gee, my father is ambidextrous with attached earlobes, but he’s safe, right, because he grew to 5’11”?!

      I’m sorry, but that is just nonsense. You’re talking about millions and millions of people who would easily fall into those categories.

      Currently, no biological predisposition to be sexually attracted to children has been uncovered, so why suggest that there is one at this juncture? Because pedophiles allegedly look alike, according to someone? (They don’t, although Europeans, and especially Northern Europeans and Germans, are disproportionately represented among pedophiles compared to population size. However that is likely due to culture rather than some element floating around in the European gene pool.) Ray Blanchard, et. al., have made interesting conclusions on occasion, but they are the kind of scientists who search backwards from their theories. That is not how you do research.

      As it is said in science, when you hear hoof steps, think horses, not zebras. The association between sexual abuse and pedophilia suggests looking to environmental causes of the disorder.

      Also, Joe Jackson was not a pedophile, so there would be no genetic material passed to Jacko (out of all of the Jackson children?) to confer the non-existent predisposition for pedophilia. If you want to pathologize Joe at all, he may have been a sadist, and his sexual abuse of Jacko — indeed, of Rebbie or La Toya, too — wouldn’t have been in an extension of a sexual attraction to children, but of just being a controlling, brutal abuser.

      Apologies if I sound dismissive or curt, but there have been some truly silly comments around here lately….

      • The Queen Of Swords

        Joe Jackson was Pedophilic/Hebephilic towards his daughters (Latoya’s abuse started and stopped at very specific ages), allegedly his sons — especially if you take MJ’s account of being oiled down before whipped, and multiple pubescent & late adolescent Jackson 5 groupies.
        It’s possible to for an incestuous-molester to be BOTH Pedophilic/Hebephilic AND a Sadist, you know? In those situations, it’s usually much much more dangerous for the kids. And in the Jacksons’ case, apparently it was …

        When I stated physical traits MJ had, I was referring to the fact that he had all these physical and neurological traits that are supposedly similar to Pedophile/Hebephiles in combination with him owning Child Erotica, and being accused of Child Sexual Abuse 5x.

        There are ALOT of unintellectual comments on this website — including the thought that it is irrational that a Pedophilic Child Sexual Abuser that followed a specific pattern of “befriending” and “dumping” boys for 35 years couldn’t have abused most of the ones he had physical contact with for years until they went further into puberty. Please, spare me.

      • The Queen Of Swords

        Neurological/Physical differences and the fact that Pedophilia/Hebephilic seems to run in very specific families (even with adults who were never victimized as children) is telling …

    • ShawntayUStay

      Within that 40% of Pedophilic Child Sexual Abuse Offenders, only 34%
      were victimized themselves as children/adolescents. (*This is where MJ
      falls.) And amongst Non-Offender Pedophiles/Hebephiles, only 11% were
      victimized as children/adolescents.

      I’ve also read papers that suggest offending pedophiles have lower impulse control than non-offenders. So it could be more about impulse control/reward center activation rather than if a pedophile was molested or not.

      Because in comparison with the general population, offenders have higher rates of sexual victimization. I tend to think that is a more significant statistic.

      • The Queen Of Swords

        I agree to some extent. I think being sexually abused as children/adolescents is definetly a factor to some degree.

        But 1 in 6 U.S. boys/men and 1 in 3 U.S. girls/women are victimized as children, and the vast majority never victimize children/adolescents. Also, even though the majority of abuse-victims are girls, the majority of Child Sexual Abusers — whether Non-Pedophilic/Non-Hebephilic or Pedophilic/Hebephilic –are boys and men. The majority of Pedophile/Hebephiles — whether they offend or not — are boys/men.

        There are biological (and resulting neurological) factors going on here, IMO …

        Please, don’t take this post as “coming at you”. As a survivor of CSA, I’m just standing up for male-victims/male-survivors who are erroneously compared to creeps like Jerry Sandusky, Jimmy Savile, Jeffery Epstein, Woody Allen, Michael Jackson, Mark Collins-Rector and R. Kelly.

        • Dani Lee VanBuskirk

          On MJs Narcissism…I am of the thought that the public worship of him after he went supernova created it. He was not like that as a child teen nor young man..Very different in fact. (watch a clip of him at about 19, Destiny tour it is a different grounded young man who would not DREAM of acting like a demigod) At that time though he was still rooted deep in family and Joe still was the boss.

          I do agree with Pea though and it is NOT and excuse for any of MJs actions..He was 8 years old watching groupie after groupie come in and out of hotel rooms while his brothers had sex (and probably not just missionary either) in the same bed…For years. For me though I do not think he was abused by men..I think the brothers probably do what young teen men do, tease and invite MJ to “be a real man” and “show her what you got” at what age I cannot be sure but those are just my thoughts…MJ was exposed and probably egged on to “try this or that” at a very early age…Do I feel sorry for him..Sure for that boy from Gary…I also do not think Joe beat him like MJ claimed, all the other kids say it was not that bad. MJ embellished it he even once said Jackie and Tito got it WAY worse.

          In the end though what is to be done…I suppose a man like MJ could have gotten help due to his resources but would it have worked? Most pedos who are non offenders cannot get help….What can be done? If they are just born that way what can we as a society do?

    • Dani Vanbuskirk-Beil

      I have to wonder, could you provide a link about MJs left handedness? From everything I have ever seen, he is right handed and right leg dominant as well.
      His earlobes are not attached at least early on. Could you point me to some photos that show this?
      Not trying to be hostile to you:) I have scene this Doc, and I have looked at MJ on stage singing live and dancing and also him signing things and what hand he holds his mic or pen (it never changes it is always right). I did think for a while his earlobes were attached but they clearly (at least early on and into maybe 30 years old or so) were not..
      Some have said he may have needed cartilage for some Plastic surgery, but much later like perhaps 2005 or so. I am curious of where you get these facts and would love to take a look at any photos that show me differently.
      Also his height is not that short 5 foot 9 is not really that short (do not get me wrong it ain’t tall either)..And while I do think MJ was not educated classically, nor do I think he had a super high iq..I do not think he was on the lower end of the IQ spectrum..Clearly he had a pretty keen mind (for evil or good)
      And most of the time just played clueless, or he was drugged. I also do not think he was as dense as he sometimes pretended.
      Thank you so much of any links or pics you can offer.

      • Pea

        Dani, that person cannot receive your replies as they’ve deleted their account, but the basis of those comments is the work of a group of “fringe” academics who believe certain sexual orientations and peccadilloes have physical manifestations. Of course, the correlation is weak and the association is non-existent.

        As for Jacko specifically, he didn’t have “attached” earlobes, not that that ear shape is discrete:

        Jacko’s ears may have changed in appearance if he underwent some kind of facelift procedure, and he did have cartilage from one ear removed to reconstruct his nose (a common tactic if the patient requires it; cartilage can also be harvested from the ribs). The damaged shape of his ear caused one of those aforementioned academics to quite ridiculously claim he was trying to look like Peter Pan, thus proving that he was an “auto-hebephile”:

        Interestingly, nothing in Jacko’s autopsy mentions the deformity shown in the article linked below. I’ve always thought the autopsy was a whitewash since it took months to complete….

        Jacko’s height is also considered to be around average at 5’9″ for American men. If shorter height was associated with pedophilia, than there’d be a lot of Asian pedophiles. As it stands, pedophilia seems to have strong ties to Northern Europe and the Netherlands, traditionally very liberal on boy-love but home of some of the tallest men!

        I, too, would like to see evidence that Jacko was ambidextrous. He always appeared to write or draw with his right hand. And I don’t think Jacko had a low IQ — while no Einstein, he was widely gifted (music, dancing, drawing) and read a lot, which makes me suspect that his early upbringing where he endured sporadic formal education because of touring “stunted” some of his potential.

        • Dani Vanbuskirk-Beil

          Thank you, sorry I could not tell they could not see my post. But it looks like you and I both agree on these physcial things that somehow should indicate a pedo. It does not look like Jackson had any of these things.
          I am left handed (but a woman) yet I fit none of these things either. Most of my family is left handed as well (but we are pretty tall) In many ways I felt that these physical descriptors is a lame way to find if someone has a mental disorder..I mean Pea, what if all bipolars had to be left handed and say High Iq, tall blue eyed and blonde? Makes no sense that these physical things would be there. I am not sure how these researchers are coming to these findings.

          You also are correct Pea, if height were an indicator, eh Japanese and Chinese anyone?
          Also, I would think to be able to get away with even a tiny bit of crime that a Pedo would, there would have to be at least a middle of the road IQ, not something say 50 IQ..You would have to be a bit more in line with normal to high normal functionality to create all the lies and distortions and manipulations that pedos do, and to keep it straight..Someone with a very low IQ probably could not do that.
          So far Mr. jackson meets none of these requirements, and I actually doubt most proven pedos actually do.
          If I am wrong, so be it, just my gut tells me that you really cannot just “pick the pedo” from a crowd by people watching and using these physical indicators..Seems very unfair as well.

          • Pea

            From my understanding, James Cantor (one of those academics) is very concerned with uncoupling pedophilia from homosexuality, an association he sees as firmly established in the minds of the public and one he’s very sensitive to being a gay man himself. Of course, it is no longer 1975, so his concerns are a bit dated; still, that specter has pushed him to try to define discrete characteristics for pedophiles. As we know, no one can just “pick out a pedo”, as you said — they come in many varieties. I doubt any of his dubious research can be replicated.

            Pedophilia does seem to be a variety of OCD, however — as you may be familiar with, people who have OCD have obsessive thoughts that lead to compulsive behaviors. Pedophiles fixate and fetishize children and link them to their sexuality. The only difference between an OCD sufferer and a pedophile is that pedophiles tend to, at least when they become more “confident” in their preference, view their obsessive thoughts/compulsive behaviors as positive — the opposite is usually true for those afflicted with OCD.

            As for Jacko, I think he was a homosexual boy who was a victim of sexual abuse by men, as well as a victim of seeing sex at too young an age. Sexual abuse tends to emotionally stunt and stagnate the victim, and I suspect that is a component of why he behaved in his signature “man-child” way. I believe he preferred boys/children because he was afraid of adult sexuality. Interestingly, I’ve read a number of pedophile anecdotes, and a chief similarity seems to be not sexual abuse victimhood but sexual experiences at a young age — they have become fixated on sexual acts they may have had with boys at boarding school, for example.

            Jacko may have repeated his sexual abuse or fixated on children out of fear. Many logical explanations exist beyond wondering whether he had “attached earlobes” or was left-handed!

        • Dani Lee VanBuskirk

          Pea, I just read this again and I noticed you said you felt the autopsy was whitewashed….How could that be possible? And you are not the first I have heard this from..Plenty of hardcore fans believe a lot of the stuff on the skin was a compete fabrication..Could you explain what you found odd about it..?

  • Mélanie

    Hello, I’m surprised you never answer my comments, I’m not yet a fan of Jackson, but rather a person who believes in his guilt! but maybe I’m off topic? in this sorry if you have bothered!

    • Mahoney

      Hi Melanie, don’t worry about being off-topic, this site allows my comments to appear! So you’ve never been a fan of MJ? What is it that brought you here?

  • Andreas

    All I know about William Wagener is that he’s this weirdo that had his own Alex Jones-ish little gig commenting the 2005 case from the side. I never paid him too much attention, so I don’t know a whole lot about him besides him insisting Jackson was innocent, and him having absolutely no connection to, well, anything relevant really. He had a large mouth and thats it.

    Yes, I think he claims Tom Sneddon falsified fingerprints and should be imprisoned for it. I’m not sure how aware you are of the 2005 case, but they found the kids (Star and Gavin Arvizo) fingerprints on some of the pornomagazines in Jacksons suitcase inside his bedroom, just like the kids described. This was a big deal in the trial, and a bunch of different forensic experts came in to show their results from the labs.

    I don’t think even Tom Mesereau questioned that they were really the boys fingerprints from their stay. It didn’t seem like that was a big claim at the trial. To my recollection Mesereau instead questioned the boys broke into the suitcase by their own will, or something to that effect.

    William Wagener however, made a wild “out of the left” claim that Tom Sneddon at some point before the trial gave the pornmagazines they found at Neverland to Gavin, at the policestation or similar, and Gavin then touched it, and then Sneddon sent it off to forensic investigating, perfectly knowing he had planted Gavin’s fingerprints there, and, I guess, to present later in court as evidence against Jackson. To my knowledge Wagener is the only person who made this claim, and I have no clue where he got this information. To me it seems like he just asserts it from thin air, from outside the what happened inside the actual trial, but know knows. I would assume he claims he has secret inside information or something like that. Anyway, I think thats what he refers to when he says Tom Sneddon should go to jail. Make of it what you will. I always categorized everything from him as ‘meh’ personally.

    Besides, Tom Sneddon is dead now, so sending him to jail seems a bit challenging if you’re actually saying he’s still at this nonsense. Its quite possible Tom Mesereau welcomes his support, as all strange bedfellows & creatures of the night are welcome if they protect Jackson, but its not saying too much…

    • Kat

      I’ve heard about this person before, I remember reading that he claimed Tom Sneddon showed porn magazines to Gavin at a grand jury hearing and asked if he recognized them. When he said he did Gavin also touched them, and then Sneddon placed them into a sealed container to be examined as evidence. Not sure if I remember all the details correctly or if Gavin and Star’s fingerprints were ever discussed at the trial, but I think that’s what Wagered said happened. It was written in an archived news article; I will search for it when I have the time.

      MJ vindicators desperately grab onto that piece of information as a prove that the Sneddon had a vendetta going against Jackson. That, and also newer magazines being presented at the trial, ones that hadn’t yet been released during the Arvizos infamous stay at Neverland. My understanding of that is that the prosecution showed the Arvizo kids specific brands of adult-oriented magazines, such as Playboy and Penthouse, for them to confirm that these kinds of materials were at Neverland in areas accessible to its under-aged guests.

  • Kat

    Hi Melanie, here is a blog entry about this person. It features his claims about Tom Sneddon giving Gavin Arvizo a magazine that was released months later after their stay at Neverland at a secret grand jury indictment (why secret?) and letting him handle the magazine without gloves, and after that sending it to fingerprint analysis.

    I’m not sure what to make of it, it’s rather confusing, and Wagener sounds like some sort of crazy conspiracy theorist. Anyway, it’s the only thing I’ve heard about the guy. Hope it’s helpful.

  • Fudhux

    Hi everyone !! I saw on twitter that Wade’s case was probably going to be “sealed” . Since I am not american I don’t really know what that means . Does anyone have informations about that ?? Thanks

    • Pea

      They were actually talking about Wade’s upcoming deposition, Fudhux, not the case. (FYI: a deposition would be where Wade is asked questions under oath by the Estate; it’s like a mini trial, in a way, except it’s mainly for discovery proposes.)

      “Sealed” means that no details about the deposition or what was said by the parties during it will be made public.

      • Fudhux

        Thank you Pea ! I understand better now .
        But I thought he wanted to expose MJ ? But I guess that’s gonna be only the deposition that’s gonna be sealed ?

        So the deposition is going to be soon ? Do you know the date ??

        • Pea

          According to the MJFacts Twitter (quoting The Hollywood Reporter), the deposition should be sometime this October.

          As for Wade, I do think he wants to “expose” Jacko, but for the sake of fairness, both sides have likely agreed to keep things sealed so as to not taint a potential jury pool if and when this case goes to trial (which, in my opinion, is likely). Without a sealed depo, the time between October 2016 and March 2017 is ample time for the media to create salacious stories.

          • Fudhux

            Thanks again for your response !

            I hope everything goes well . The public can be very mean to Wade . I was surprised how many people bashed him when he came forward in 2013 . I really hope that people won’t be mean if there is informations coming out.

  • The Queen Of Swords

    If you would like to “understand” why Jackson (and others with this Paraphilia) was the way that he was from a Bio-Neurological standpoint, check out these videos.

    Mysteries Of The Mind: The Pedophile’s Brain

    Brain Research & Pedophilia: What It Means For Assessment, Treatment, And Policy:

    Note: Only around 30% of Child Sexual Abusers (whether Pedophilic/Hebephilic or Non-Pedophilic/Non-Hebephilic) were sexually victimized as children. Only 11% of Non-Offending Pedophiles/Hebephiles were sexually victimized as children. (That is a much lower percentage than the average populace in the U.S. for both females and males.)
    Though over 67% of victims are girls, according to many estimates around 85%-90% (some estimates are higher) of Child Sexual Abusers are boys/men and over 95% of Pedophiles/Hebephiles are adolescent-boys and adult-men.
    There is no link between being sexually victimized as a child and Pedophilia/Hebephilia as an adolescent/adult.

    Either way, Michael Joseph Jackson was responsible for his own actions.

    • ShawntayUStay

      Is the 30% figure for child sexual abusers who were abused as children smaller or larger than the abuse rates for the general population? If it’s larger — and I believe it is — that’s significant. It would indicate early sexual experience/trauma is a factor in the development of pedophilia/sexual interest in minors.

      • The Queen Of Swords

        30% is smaller than the percentage of victimized girls in the U.S., but larger than the percentage of boys in the U.S. The 30% figure is for Child Sexual Abusers — which includes both Pedophilic/Hebephilic Child Sexual Abusers and Non-Pedophilic/Non-Hebephilic Child Sexual Abusers.

        Also only 11% of Non-Offender Pedophiles/Hebephiles were sexually abused. FAR lower than percentages for the average U.S. female and male populations. Considering that 1-5% of adult-men are Pedophiles/Hebephiles, and most do not offend. (Less than 1% of the adult-male population are Offending-Pedophiles/Hebephiles.) This is the majority group for Pedophiles/Hebephiles. No link to be made for Childhood Sexual Abuse to Pedophilia/Hebephilia.

        Watch the 2nd video. According to many scientists, Pedophilia/Hebephilia is something that develops during the Pre-Natal Gestation Period.

        Pedophilia/Hebephilia is practically non-existent in girls/women, since 99% of Pedophiles/Hebephiles are adolescent boys & adult-men. This is definetly Bio-Neurological.

        Why can’t most people except the fact that the old BS 1900s Pseudo-Psychology theories that “Victims-turn-into-Pedophiles/Hebephiles/Predators” and “All-Pedophiles/Hebephiles/Predators-were-sexually-victimized-as-kids” has been debunked? Most victimized kids don’t turn into neither Pedophilic/Hebephilic Child Sexual Abusers or Non-Pedophilic/Non-Hebephilic Child Sexual Abusers nor do most victimized kids turn into Non-Offender Pedophiles/Hebephiles. And the reverse is also true. Most Victimizers (whether they have a Paraphilia or not) were not sexually victimized as kids. And most Non-Offender Pedophiles/Hebephiles (in 1-5% of men) were not sexually victimized as kids.

        • ShawntayUStay

          …No link to be made for Childhood Sexual Abuse to Pedophilia/Hebephilia.

          I wouldn’t go that far. I’m not saying that an incident of child sexual abuse is the only factor, but I think it’s likely that it is a contributing factor. It’s amazing to me how many dysfunctions can arise out of traumatic and/or early sexual experiences as children — it’s not just pedophilia. Aberrant promiscuity, inappropriate boundaries/attachments in relationships, fetishism, poor self-image, etc etc. The list goes on. It’s not to say with respect to these things, too, that CSA is a sole factor, but it’s significant one. Why not pedophilia? I tend to think that perhaps pedophilia is just “one path of many” a person person could potentially go down as a result of untreated childhood trauma. Who goes down that path is, of course, dependent on the person’s specific qualities and experiences; temperament, resilience, severity of abuse, etc all play a role.

          I’ve mentioned this previously, but there is some evidence that pedophilia may even be one “phenotype” of many flowing out of the obsessive compulsive spectrum of behaviors! This goes well with current DSM understandings of paraphilias, in my opinion. I do not believe, nor have ever seen, any evidence that would convince me pedophilia is innate or an inborn sexual preference or orientation. What would be the evolutionary purpose of such a thing, something so maladaptive and basically an evolutionary dead end? Plus, it’s so specific; which gene encodes “Want to have sex with children”? It just makes more sense for it to be something that develops outside the womb, a result of experiences rather than genes.

          Even the brain responses of homosexual pedophiles and heterosexual pedophiles are different from gay and straight men, respectively. The activity suggests that pedophilia is more about impulse control and reward center activation problems than it is about sexual orientation. It’s a fetish, period. Something is causing these people to fixate of children and link it with their sexual desires. I think one of those “somethings” is an aberrant occurrence(s) in childhood/childhood trauma, especially sexual.

          Look at Michael Jackson. We know he was abused physically by his father, and he was allegedly molested by grown men as a child. I think he sexualized the abuse while fixating on children/childhood, a time in his life that was stolen from him. In his effort to process the trauma by himself without the help of professionals, he likely identified with the abuser as a way to mitigate the feelings of helplessness he experienced during the abuse. We can clearly see on his face that his own processing of his trauma was an exercise in futility. I think for MJ, his experiences, combined with his own extremely sensitive temperament, caused his sexual dysfunction. This may not be representative of every child who was horribly abused but it’s true for many, and that can’t be discounted just because it’s seemingly politically incorrect.

          Pedophilia/Hebephilia is practically non-existent in girls/women, since 99% of Pedophiles/Hebephiles are adolescent boys & adult-men. This is definetly Bio-Neurological.

          Not necessarily. Men have more libido/aggression hormone in general so it’s not surprising in the slightest that they’d commit a lion’s share of sexual offenses, and crime in general. I’m not sure a comparison can thus be made between men and women because of the inherent differences in testosterone distribution.

          Besides, a statistic is only as useful as its sample size, and how representative it is to the population under study. Female pedophiles/child sexual abusers absolutely do exist and have patterns remarkably similar to male abusers/acquaintance molesters, but it’s been under the radar because women are inherently trusted as caregivers to children. Now, there seems to be a shift toward male victims having the courage to admit/report their abuse by female offenders. Who knows what we will find once the media and the public decide not to glamorize the sexual abuse of boys by adult women! I doubt there will be a 50-50 split in distribution of pedophilia, but we may have to rewrite the book on everything we thought previously.

  • The Queen Of Swords

    I don’t get why people here do not think Sean Lennon (1983-1990), Corey Feldman (1984-1987), and MacCaulay Culkin (1990-1994) were victims of MJ. Like it’s not even within the realm of possibility to some. Odd.

    They all came from broken and/or dysfunctional homes. John Lennon was murdered when Sean was 5, and MJ claimed he felt sorry for him and just wanted to be a father-figure to Sean — similar to his statements about Jonathan Spence. Corey Feldman’s mother was a verbally/physically abusive drug-addict. His father was a negligent drug-addict who only “bonded” with him when they were getting high. Both used him for money. MacCaulay Culkin’s father was physically abusive, and only cared about money (even a Neverland employee stated this). MJ filled the role of father-figure for all three, like he did for Jordan Chandler, Gavin Arvizo, Wade Robson, and James Safechuck Jr. (James even wished MJ was his father instead of his biological father — even though James lived in a 2-parent home — to our knowledge!). Even Feldman wrote that all the men he search for a father-figure in were “monsters” (to quote Feldman). It’s only a matter of time WHEN — not IF — they all decide to publically state it. Interestingly enough, both Feldman and Culkin “divorced” their parents as teenagers. Feldman claims “Ron Crimson” helped him do it. Hmmm …

    • ShawntayUStay

      Hi Queen. I personally think Mac Culkin was a victim of MJ specifically because Jordie Chandler mentioned him in his interview with Dr Richard Gardner. He also mentioned Brett, Wade, James, and Manny Lewis. Now, of course, the believability of all this information is dependent upon 1) Jordie telling the truth in the first place, and 2) if Jordie is telling the truth, MJ being truthful about these boys having “masturbated in front of him”. Luckily for us, Wade and James have since admitted to being alleged victims of Michael Jackson, and if they are being truthful, then we can safely assume that at least for the rest of the boys mentioned (Manny Lewis and Mac Culkin), they, too, were probable victims even if they haven’t spoken out and/or denied anything happened.

      The problem for me with respect to the other men you mention — Sean Lennon and Corey Feldman — is that there is no corroboration for them having been victims, even a little bit, and of course, both have denied MJ ever did anything to them. Yes, men like Wade Robson, for example, had denied abuse and later recanted, but even before he admitted it, we had Jordie’s and Blanca Francia’s word to provide an alternative view (not to forget the frankly uncomfortable testimony of Joy Robson). But where is that for Sean and Corey?

      And especially for Corey Feldman, based on everything I’ve seen, read, and what you and others have provided on here, I’ve yet to be convinced that MJ was even interested in him at all, let alone enough to groom and molest him. There just isn’t any credible information in my opinion. I know you may think MJ was a compulsive predator but I don’t think he was. I think he was purposeful; I think he was selective.

      I guess my question to you would be why do you think it’s unreasonable to believe MJ was purposeful, selective and didn’t molest every boy? Why is that so hard to believe?

      • The Queen Of Swords

        I don’t think think it’s unreasonable to believe MJ was purposeful, selective, and didn’t molest every boy. I used to beliebe he’d never touch a rich and/or famous kid. I still do not believe he molested “every boy”. I never stated that, even once!

        Feldman himself has continuously “muddied the waters, so to say, over his frienship with MJ since 2005. Why do that, if nothing sexual happened? I’m mainly talking about him saying both in 2003 and 2010, he’d “expose” him when atleast Katherine was dead. I’m talking about the supposed death threat he delivered to Feldman in 2001, when MJ thought Feldman would be writing a boy about their friendship.

        On Twitter, Sean stated “Bubbles Burst” was a true story that happened to him in response to a positive comment. Is it hard to believe he may have been a victim when you look at the subtext of both the song and video?

        I’ve read that there are other boys’ and their families that accused the singer and/or were paid off. There are allegations he paid off a Mexican immigrant family in the late 1970s, when he lived at Hayveshurst, and the family moved back to Mexico after the payment. The Procesution in 2005, stated they know of 5 victims, including Jordie and Jason. Who are the other three? Even Diane Diamond has written about this. F.B.I. papers state their was an investigation of him in 1985-1986 over the molestation of 2 Mexican boys. Wade’s lawyers have hinted at knowing many others were “gagged”.

        Also most male perpetrators that prey on boys usually have atleast 150 victims before getting caught — if they ever do get caught when alive. With this knowledge, why is it so hard to think that a rich, famous, legendary-singer/dancer could have possibly dozens — if not hundreds — of victims? That’s plausible, IMO. Even a Neverland employee (whose job included knowing who slept where) said there was an excess of 300 kids that slept in MJ’s bedroom during 1990-1993. Not saying he abused all of them, and a few may have been sisters of boys he was attempting to groom, but that’s a pretty huge number for 3 years …

        • Pea

          I believe I requested a link to the source claiming that Corey Feldman stated he wanted to expose Jacko after Katherine Jackson’s death, but you were unable to locate the story. You may remember reading the story, but memories are fallible — I would need to read it myself in order to evaluate whether it’s legitimate, firstly, and, secondly, whether it’s not yet another one of Corey Feldman’s self-serving, attention-seeking rages.

          For instance, his claim that Jacko threatened his life seems to be related to the fact Jacko didn’t want to bus him out of New York following the 9/11 attacks. That’s a bit of an extreme interpretation, in my opinion, and would suggest he’s prone to embellishing the significance of events. Even if Jacko was upset over the idea that Feldman could write a negative book, his refusal to charter Corey out of the city is not actually a “death threat”.

          “Is it hard to believe [Sean Lennon] may have been a victim when you look at the subtext of both the song and video?”

          I don’t think it is hard to believe the video was some kind of confession. It’s obvious Sean Lennon was saying something — the question is what. The song and his comments about it detail the feelings of abandonment. The video, without a doubt, paints Jacko as a creepy boy-obsessive who lured boys into his strange world and, at the very least, “moonwalked” along the boundary between the conduct of a stunted man-child and that of someone with darker, sexual intentions. I suspect, though, that Sean Lennon played upon public perceptions of “Michael Jackson as pedophile” in the video. And he did it to garner attention for a song that likely would’ve made very small ripples, if any.

          The other question then becomes whether how much of the video’s content was gleaned from the media and how much was from his personal experience.

          “Even a Neverland employee (whose job included knowing who slept where) said there was an excess of 300 kids that slept in MJ’s bedroom during 1990-1993.”

          If you’re talking about William Wagner, the former security guard, he said 100, approximately, not 300. Yes, that’s still quite a bit.

        • Dani Vanbuskirk-Beil

          Hey there, I did want to add, I think that Bubbles burst video says something, and Lennon is denying it..Or perhaps not admitting everything to himself. I mean, if he loves Mj deep down, why even make a video showing MJ not only insane and crazed but someone who is not in reality and loves little kids for what ever god awful reason..The whole scene with Mj squirting the milk over his face, ehh??? I will not say what I thought watching that, but I will say he has YOKOS talent for song craft and vocals:)


          • Guest

            Yes, I think Sean is a probable victim — a young boy that met MJ at 8, starting sleeping over at Hayvenshurst at 10 and was thrown away at 15 … It is likely …

            BTW, at the time I wrote that one comment yes I did think MJ might have been gay (in addition to his main attraction to young boys) listening to the Glenda tapes because he talked with a gay North American male accent during those phonecalls and used the word “girl” quite a bit and in a way most men that are not gay or bisexual would never …

    • Dani Lee VanBuskirk

      Have you read LOST BOY by Kit Caulkin by chance?

  • Mélanie

    Hello from France, I would like to place a link to you, this is a relevant analysis of interviews of J. Mark McClish

  • Mélanie
  • Fudhux

    I was thinking about something . I watched Wade Robson’s interview and he said in the interview that MJ role played with him a lot .He said that MJ would call him in 1993 and 2005 to tell him what to do . I was wondering does anyone knows if Wade recorded these calls ? It would be THE evidence that would shut any Jacko ‘s defender mouth.

    • Andreas

      I really doubt Wade recorded those. We’d hear about it by now if he had them on tape. I would assume, anyway.

      Wade mentioned Michael was so paranoid about being listened in to, that their conversations were more like “Oh, what they say about us! Its so awful, right!?”, and Wade go “Umm, yeah!”. “Its a disgrace! We have to stop them, or we’ll both be in trouble, right!?” “Err, yeah!”. Ever so manipulative, Mr Jackson.

      Even if the conversations was recorded they’d go a lot like that. Could still have been useful in court, I suppose, maybe, but its not like Michael “revealed himself” in these conversations. He seemingly talked to Wade in a way foreboding the conversations were being recorded.

      • Fudhux

        I know right , I mean I don’t think he thought about recording those calls actually. And James Safechuck said that their relationship ended badly over the phone so it would have been perfect if he recorded those conversations .
        MJ was such a coward its unbelievable. I remember James saying that MJ told him that ” they are lying and telling we did these horrible things but its not true . They are trying to destroy us ” . I am not 100% sure it was James though.
        I hope Wade and James have some good evidence to go to trial and let the truth be known . Do you know if James is going to trial at the same time with Wade ? Because I haven’t heard about a trial date for James . And 2 people saying the same things would be a plus for the case . I also hope they won’t settle. They need to show everybody that they are nor in for the money .

        • Andreas

          As I understand it James Safechuck didn’t get through the Michael Jacksons Estate’s demurrer, as Wade did, but the judge allowed him to amend, meaning he was allowed try again, but James hasn’t so far.

          Problem is James wasn’t employed in the same way by Michael Jackson as Wade Robson was, so its more difficult for him to prove Jackson’s employees would have known he was molested. I suspect James will testify for Wade’s trial and support Wade, and perhaps see how that trial goes first.

          If Wade manages to to kick down some doors, and win the case, it might be easier for James and other victims to share their story too. I hope so.

          • Fudhux

            Oh yes I forgot , Wade was an employee of MJ’s . That makes things different . It’s true that his case is difficult .
            I really hope it gos easy for them . They deserve some compensation . But they deserve first and for most , recognition for their abuse.

          • Dani Lee VanBuskirk

            James was onstage dancing with MJ every single concert on the bad tour…He was not employed/paid for that? Did pepsi co pay James for the advert or did MJ pay James? As a side note his parents are NUTS. Who lets their kid go off like that alone for that long….

  • Vanessa Hamilton

    All you tabloid junkies need lives… AND FACTS. Start reading books or something, ffs. Might I suggest “Michael Jackson Conspiracy” by Aphrodite Jones or “Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson” by Ian Halperin?

    Continue to Heal The World, y’all. Have a lovely day. x 🙂

    • Pea

      Vanessa, as a former fan myself, I have a large collection of Michael Jackson books (and materials, in general) written from all possible perspectives. If you’ve only read “The Michael Jackson Conspiracy” and “Unmasked”, your knowledge of his issues is very skewed….

      • silverspirit

        All of Aprodite’s lies were debunked yrs ago. Why would anyone promote that trash? Does not prove MJ was not a pedophile. Period! Perhaps Vaness should read this.

    • silverspirit

      As you have no life and make money for all the tabloids.

  • Pea

    Thanks for your comment. I don’t think what I said actually disagrees with your post here. The only error I might have made was saying pedophilia was a “form of” OCD, instead of properly referring to it as a branch on a shared tree of brain predispositions to obsessional thoughts and compulsive behaviors.