Johnnie Cochran on the Chandler settlement

Johnnie Cochran was Michael Jackson’s lawyer for part of the Chandler civil lawsuit – significantly, the end. This is an excerpt from his biography where he briefly describes working with MJ and how the settlement was negotiated.

As you will read, there is no mention of extortion, nor is there any mention of a potential criminal trial. There were only negotiations to settle with Larry Feldman. In an article published by Time Magazine just after the settlement, it’s clear there was a tacit agreement that Jordan Chandler would not testify against MJ. This quote by Johnnie backs that up:

“Michael wants to get on with his life,” said his lawyer, Johnnie Cochran, “and let the healing process begin.”

He knew MJ could “get on with his life” because he was safe from Jordan’s testimony…

From Johnnie Cochran’s biography:

Like so many other Americans in late 1993, I was following with interest the growing controversy surrounding musical superstar Michael Jackson. The parents of a boy Michael had befriended alleged that Jackson had betrayed their trust and molested their son. It was a shocking, potentially devastating charge against an entertainer beloved by tens of millions of fans around the world. The allegation fell with particular force in the African American community, where Jackson had long been admired. Continue reading

Michael Jackson pays a hefty settlement to his boy accuser. But what does it settle?

Below is a TIME Magazine article from February 1994, just after Michael Jackson paid the Chandlers a substantial settlement. It’s an interesting read, which reflects the reality that the settlement was a payoff to dismiss the civil suit and coerce Jordan Chandler into not testifying rather than what the fans have subsequently twisted it into based on supposition and flimsy evidence.

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Chandler Settlement Agreement with Michael Jackson


THIS CONFIDENTIAL AGREEMENT AND MUTUAL GENERAL RELEASE (“Confidential Settlement”} is made and entered into, as of January ….1994, by and between MICHAEL JOSEPH JACKSON (“Jackson”), on the one hand, and [Jordan Chandler], a minor child through his Guardian ad Litem [….] EVAN CHANDLER, and [JUNE CHANDLER] on the other hand, (at times referred to collectively herein as the “Parties”). Continue reading

How Jackson’s lawyers lied and got away with it

Was Michael Jackson Forced to Settle by an Insurance Company?

UPDATE 06/01/2014: More information at end of story

When Michael Jackson was sued by the Chandler family for molestation, some people will have you believe that Jackson, even though he would have liked to have fought the case in court, was somehow forced by his insurance company to settle – thereby implying that Jackson was totally innocent. These people include fans, some sections of the media and even his own lawyers.

This is a complete fabrication. Continue reading

The Boys in Michael Jackson’s Life

Michael Jackson had intense relationships with many boys including Emmanuel Lewis, Jonathan Spence, Jimmy Safechuck, Wade Robson, Brett Barnes, Jordan Chandler, Frank and Eddie Cascio, Omer Bhatti and Sean Lennon. Click on the image to go to the stories about that boy (not available for all yet) Continue reading

The 300lb Gorilla

What is the 300lb gorilla?

It’s that thing that just can’t be ignored – and in this case it was Jordan Chandler’s description of Jackson’s genitals. This, more than anything else, propelled Jackson’s side towards a settlement with the Chandlers, as was admitted by a member of Jackson’s legal team – lawyer Carl Douglas.

Jordan gave his description to police and to Jackson’s defense lawyers to support his claim of molestation filed on September 14 1993. It is worth noting here that nobody, apart from a handful of people, have ever read Jordan’s description.

Naturally law enforcement wanted to test the veracity of Jordan’s description, and when Jackson returned to the United States in December 1993, the District Attorney’s office had negotiated with Jackson’s lawyer Johnnie Cochran to have Jackson strip searched and photographs taken of his naked body. Below is a description of what eventuated at that strip search, based on a deposition from Santa Barbara sheriff’s office photographer Gary Spiegel, who was tasked with taking pictures of Jackson’s genitals to see if they matched Jordan Chandler’s description

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Jordan’s Description – Did it Match?

The short answer? Probably. The long answer? Read on.

The Issue

Michael Jackson’s accuser in 1993 described the coloration and markings below Michael Jackson’s waistline and above his knees including his penis, and drew a picture of Michael Jackson’s erect penis. Subsequently photos were taken of Michael Jackson to corroborate or rebut the boys description. Fans are adamant that the description and photos do not match. Some critics of Jackson say it definitely matched.

It must be noted here that only a few law enforcement officers have seen both the photos and Jordan’s description, so they are the only people who can say if they matched or not. Nobody else can say with any certainty that they matched or not. Be careful of anybody who says they have the definitive answer. Continue reading

Chat with Raymond Chandler

Raymond Chandler, the uncle of Jackson’s first accuser, discusses his (then) new book on Court TV, Sept. 17, 2004. We can gain some insight into his motives for writing the book, and debunk some fan myths while we are at it.


Court TV Host: Our guest, Raymond Chandler, the uncle of Michael Jackson’s first accuser, is here. As you may know, he was just on Both Sides, and he’s here to answer your questions now. Welcome, thanks for being our guest today.

Raymond Chandler: Thank you very much. Continue reading

Psychiatric Interview with Jordie Chandler

(October 6, 1993)

In October of 1993 Larry Feldman sent Jordie to New York to be interviewed by Dr. Richard Gardner, the nation’s leading authority on false claims of child abuse. More often than not Dr. Gardner appears as an expert witness for the defense.

Gardner put Jordie through a battery of psychological tests, written and oral, including a face to face interview.  What follows is a transcript of that interview.  Information appearing in brackets [ ] was added to aid in following the timeline of the book All That Glitters: The Crime and the Cover-up. Continue reading

Evan Chandler Phone Transcript With David Schwartz

In 1996, when Evan Chandler sued Jackson for breaching the confidentiality terms of their settlement, this transcript came to light. It was phone conversations secretly recorded by Jordan Chandler’s stepfather Dave Schwartz in 1993, at Jackson’s private investigator Anthony Pellicano’s behest. Portions of this conversation, taken out of context, are often used by fans to “prove” Evan Chandler was “extorting” Michael Jackson.

A full read shows rather a father who is concerned about his son, angry that he hasn’t been able to see Jordan for six weeks due to Jackson’t undue influence, and the pain at the loss of the close, co-operative friendship he had with his ex-wife June Chandler.

It’s a long read but well worth it when it comes to understanding Evan Chandler. Nothing has been left out.

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