Documents from Michael Jackson’s 2005 Molestation trial

Documents from the 2005 molestation trial of Michael Jackson are available at the Santa Barbara court website (

Back in 2004, due to unprecedented demand from the public and the press for access to documents related to the Michael Jackson molestation trial, the Santa Barbara Superior Court set up a dedicated website so that these documents could be electronically downloaded.

Jury Supervisor in Santa Barbara County, Ellen Scott, writes: “Court administration (Executive Officer Gary Blair and Assistant Executive Officer Darrel Parker), wanted to be able to release documents in this trial via the Internet to cut down on the amount of foot traffic at the court, as our court is very small. Blair actually lobbied to have the California Rules of Court changed to allow such a Web site and was successful at doing so. Although this Web site was not a jury concern, it made a huge difference in the amount of traffic at the courthouse from the press and public alike. The press had their access to the documents and other press-specific information, and the public had access through a public Web site. The Web site is tremendous and was a great time saver for all court staff. It is an award-winning site, having won the Kleps Award and first place in the Justice Served Top 10 court Web sites for 2005.”

Here is a video about the creation of the site.

Since then, it has been a valuable resource for those seeking the truth about Michael Jackson. Some of the documents have been explosive, such as the ones detailing his collection of child erotica, the discovery of semen from three different males on his bed, and the ones detailing his methods of grooming both boys and their parents.

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Along with the court transcripts (which we also host here at MJ Facts) these documents were invaluable in getting an overall picture of not only the molestation trial, but also in showing that Michael Jackson did in fact have an unhealthy obsession with young boys.

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Note: If you see any items missing or incorrect, please contact us.

  • ShawntayUStay

    Thank God you watermarked each and every one of the documents. Now people will know is the source for Michael Jackson information!

    • Interestingly, someone commented “How do we know these are real and unaltered?”

      We have dozens of Michael Jackson fans monitoring this site at any one time, fans that also have original copies of these documents*. Should any discrepancies be found, they would detect any changes and let everyone know.

      That isn’t going to happen because in order to ensure the integrity of we have uploaded these files exactly as they appeared on the Santa Barbara Superior Court website.

      We would be doing nobody any favors if we didn’t provide honest and truthful resources on this site. This isn’t what we are about.

      In fact, one of the major Michael Jackson defenders on Twitter recommends our site for those seeking the molestation trial transcripts, and we know that he would also recommend us as a source for these documents.

      *One of the contributing reasons why we decided to host these documents on is because in spite of several Jackson fans having their own collection and running their own websites, they indicated they weren’t going to share. Quite a curious stance I thought, as according to them these documents “vindicate” (they don’t) Michael Jackson.

  • disqus_bb2ExBPvfJ

    Very interesting site, it opened my eyes to be honest.
    I think problem with MJ is he’s so easy to feel bad for. His childhood, relation with father, many false accusations (I really didn’t believe in his skin disease – which actually seems to be true – always thought he was doing something to become white).
    Lately I’ve been thinking about it because of all those photos in mass media. I wonder how he could be pleaed innocent – porn magazines without his fingerprints all over the house, really? It’s quite obvious what they were for.
    I’ve seen Oprah’s interview with Lisa Marie and call me naive, but it seemed quite genuine. She didn’t potrayed him as perfect, talked about how manipulative he was. I think Lisa really loved him which is quite sad having the knowledge we have now. She said many years after divorce they still continued to see each other and that she even travelled the world with him for many years. I wonder if it’s true, regarding there weren’t any photos of them together after divorce. Why was this man even spending his time with woman, considering his preferences? Before divorce it was obvious – PR – but later, when public eye didn’t even saw them together anymore? Maybe in his twisted world she was someone important, more like a friend, probably the only one who cared for him genuinely, being rich herself.

  • disqus_bb2ExBPvfJ

    I have a question 🙂 I’ve never been interested in MJ, but somehow I got into reading about this trial and his life in general. I’ve seen somewhere in comments you guys said Taraborrelli’s book isn’t a good thing to read. I have a Kindle Edition and read some parts of it – not a whole thing – and I can see why. Taraborrelli seems to blindly support Jackson. In one of the chapters he wrote he isn’t 100% sure to this day – good thing he’s at least a little honest about it. He had his doubts, but overall it’s safe to say he supported MJ. But I don’t get one thing. He wrote about all the porn found in Neverland and the day it was presented in court. Taraborrelli wrote there was only straight porn magazines found – no children porn (and we can agree, as we all know those books were legal) and no gay porn. But… according to the reports there were many gay magazines found, even this one rare book. Taraborrelli was at court all the time. Why is he lying? He could just not mention it, but instead he wrote a lie – “there wasn’t any gay porn found”. I know he’s supporter but why? He also wrote we don’t even know all those magazines where Jackson’s but they were in his room, so… ?

    • Pea

      Why did he “lie”? He didn’t lie about no gay porn being found — there was none. The only explicit homosexual book was “Man, A Sexual Study of Man”. You might be conflating the story about Howard Mann alerting Katherine Jackson that there was a box of “goodies” found that had belonged to Jacko. He destroyed them to Katherine’s relief.

      In Randall Sullivan’s book, he talked to Marc Schaffel, who’d gave Jacko the box, and Schaffel confirmed they were DVDs of some of the gay porn he’d produced, as well as some sex toys. I don’t think that ever got into the hands of the police.

      Now, Taraborrelli is a sympathizer and I do believe he’s a bit sloppy and sketchy, but he didn’t lie about gay porn. As for him suggesting that the heterosexual porn found may not have been all Jacko’s, I believe that’s him trying to grapple with the sheer amount of porn found and the fact he held a private belief that Jacko was asexual.

      • disqus_bb2ExBPvfJ

        Thank you, indeed, I misinterpreted some facts. There’s one more thing I wonder about. There was bag found with sheets and underwear with stains. Why was it overlooked? I mean, it was really strange to keep something like this and I’ve read a lot about porn magazines and erotic books, but noone seems to be interested in this bag. Was it checked for some DNA or something?

        • Pea

          Cops did seize parts of Jacko’s bed mattress and mattress pad and two hotel bags of clothes, which included several pairs of underwear and sheets. All of these were tested to see if Gavin or Star Arvizo’s semen were present (since Gavin claimed he’d been molested in Jacko’s bed and that Jacko masturbated him by slipping his hand into his underwear); nothing from those two boys were found.

          However, in examining the mattress and mattress pad, they did uncover Jacko’s semen plus the semen of two other males. In examining the pairs of underwear and the sheets, they uncovered Jacko’s semen and the semen of a third male in one of the pairs of underwear and on the bed sheets.

          It seems strange that no one gives these items any airplay, but all of that information was in documents previously sealed during Jacko’s case, and none of it was admitted into evidence at trial — therefore, the media was largely unaware of its existence.

  • Pea

    Randall Sullivan is the only biographer who has mentioned anything about any materials that would suggest Jacko was interested in adult homosexuality: the pornography Marc Schaffel gave to him (at Jacko’s request). No one has ever mentioned anything about the semen stains on his bedding and in the underwear and sheets kept with his own soiled underwear. It’s just a very unknown piece of evidence.

    You can read about the semen findings in the documents below — the Defense were the ones who wanted to keep it from the case; the Prosecution agreed with the request (although they did want to introduce the semen underwear but were rebuffed by the Judge):

    As far as Jacko not having adult men entering into his bedroom, we just don’t know for sure. It may have happened. According to Jesus Salas, who was Ranch Manager in the early 2000s, he’d only seen boys go into Jacko’s bedroom.

    In my personal opinion, I believe those three foreign semen stains were from boys.

    • disqus_bb2ExBPvfJ

      Thank you, I read everything and to be honest I’m shocked how easy it is to make a guilty man innocent… DNA found on his bed is a solid evidence he was gay – something he always refused to be true. Jackson knew he can’t trust his employees – many of them gave interviews about his daily life. I just can’t imagine him having an adult man as guest in his bedroom. He would do it in a hotel or in any of his many houses. But not in Neverland, where he had those sleepovers – would he tell to kids – sorry, not sleeping with me today, I have a guest? I really wanted to believe in his innocence but this evidence just closes the case. It’s a shame it was excluded from the trial.

      • Pea

        You’re welcome. 🙂

        Yes, it’s a shame the semen evidence wasn’t admitted, in the sense it would’ve been interesting to watch Jacko’s Defense team spin it into something not suggesting homosexuality, but it really wasn’t relevant — it didn’t belong to Gavin or Star. Jacko having at least two sexual encounters with men(?) didn’t mean he was a child molester.

        “DNA found on his bed is a solid evidence he was gay – something he always refused to be true.”

        Absolutely — or that he was a homosexual pedophile. To give him the benefit of the doubt, I initially assumed the semen belonged to men. I believe Jacko was attracted to men as well as boys, but I suspect he is more similar to some agonized priests who molest boys because they are too timid to express their adult homosexuality. However, as you say, with his employees watching, I doubt he would’ve brought men into his bedroom — he could call himself Peter Pan when he slept with boys, but there’s not much by way of an “out” in having fully grown men share his bed.

      • Neely

        I used to think it was solid evidence that he was gay. But, I’ve broadened my perception to include other possibilities. Take it or leave it, knowing I’m not 100% convinced of any of the discussed scenarios.

        I have read in reliable documentation that his nephews often stayed at his ranch, with or without Michael being there. The Cascios also did the same. There were parties mentioned at the ranch where Jackson may or may not have been there. In order to conclude that he was gay from this evidence, you must close your mind to the possibility that they were in the bed at different times, rather than all at the same time. There’s no evidence to indicate every specimen was deposited on the same date/time. Because Neverland seemed to be a rat race of people, who knows, maybe some security guard was bedding A housekeeper in Jackson’s bedroom. Just my thoughts.

        • disqus_bb2ExBPvfJ

          I thought about this possibility too. I read somewhere doors to his bedroom could be opened only from inside and there was a rule – noone could enter without permission. But who knows, it seems possible his nephews would find their way to the bedroom. It’s so difficult with Jackson – we know nothing for sure, and though I’m almost 100% sure he was guilty, sometimes I like to think there is at least some little hope he wasn’t…

          • Neely

            Well, Star Arvizo testified that he was able to enter the bedroom upper level and peer in to witness Jackson fondling Gavin. That’s what most readily comes to my mind with the idea that you could only open doors from the inside. (Not that star was telling the truth, but it wouldn’t even be a statement worth making if access was only possible from the inside).

            And, I’m like you, I hold onto hope. I just dont want to really think the worst about a man who stood for such honorable things with the ability to reach the entire planet. I’d like to think his efforts in nobility weren’t all an exercise in vanity.

            And, to make the claims true that he was at least homosexual, you’re pressed to believe that he was in bed with another male at the same time. BUT, there were three specimens. By applying the same standard/assumption, we’d have to believe he was also engaging in threesomes, haha. Who knows what’s true. :-/

          • disqus_bb2ExBPvfJ

            I still have some hope, but to be honest – less and less the more I read. The most solid evidence something was wrong is – at least for me – amount of porn found in Neverland. If he would just own it – fine. But the fact his fingerprints weren’t present on most of the stuff is really strange. It really looks like it was left for kids to explore.
            Today I read Corey Feldman autobiography. What surprises me is he doesn’t find all those porn magazines strange – but he, as well as other MJ’s friends and biographers seem to overlook the fact about fingerprints (which I find really important).
            Feldman speaks a lot about Jackson’s paranoia and I wonder how he even managed to molest anyone while being so paranoid. But the thing is, probably it was the effect of his actions, not other way round.

          • Neely

            Yes, if you just look at Michael Jackson and his actions along with accusations, molester profiles, etc……he is the poster child. I don’t think anyone can really deny that. Yet again, I still hold out a smattering of hope. :-/

            Incidentally, I do believe the verdict was accurate in 2005. I don’t think he molested anyone in the Arvizo family. I concluded that based on a variety of things. I just posted a YouTube video of one of Gavin’s classmates. If you haven’t heard it, I recommend it.

            The pornography you mention…..I don’t recall how many fingerprints were established on his collection mostly due to lack of research. When I read the first half of the trial transcripts, I was skimming over evidence/article numbers in the interest of getting through the daunting task of reading it all, and I still haven’t finished it. I never went back and assigned fingerprints to articles in evidence, so I honestly don’t know for sure what was found. I haven’t really thought too much about lack of prints being proof of intent, but that’s a very good point you raise.

  • Pea

    In Summer 2003, Jacko was sharing his bed with a 7-year-old boy named Juju Elatab. That was interesting to me because that boy would’ve been only a year or so older than Prince Jackson, so it’s possible that Juju hung out with Jacko’s kids. I imagine the disappointment on his children’s faces if he retired, alone, with Juju.

    Brett Barnes was 19 at the time, but he claimed in court to have shared a bed with Jacko while at least Prince was in the room — this would’ve been approximately 2001 or 2002.

    Jacko’s trial made references to local boys who’d come to Neverland on occasion. There’s no doubt they probably interacted with his children.

    But if the question is really whether they could’ve “seen” him with boys, we don’t know. To answer your earlier question, I think Jacko’s description to Martin Bashir of his sleepovers being about warm milk, cookies, soft music, and bedtime stories were reflections of what he did with his own young kids.

  • Samuel Finley

    Hey I’m just letting you all know that is back online.

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