Jimmy Safechuck – The Civil Complaint


(1) Childhood Sexual Abuse [CCP § 340.1]
(2) Negligence
(3) Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress
(4) Breach of Fiduciary Duty


Michael Jackson & Jimmy Safechuck
Michael Jackson & Jimmy Safechuck

Plaintiff JAMES SAFECHUCK (“Plaintiff’) hereby alleges against Defendants MJJ PRODUCTIONS, INC., MJJ VENTURES, INC., and Does 4 through 50, inclusive (“Defendants”) as follows:


(Childhood Sexual Abuse [CCP § 340.1] as to all Defendants)


1. Plaintiff is a thirty-seven (37) year old male individual and resident of the County of Los Angeles, State of California.
2. Michael Jackson (hereafter :”DECEDENT”) was previously fictitiously identified herein and in related pleadings as Doe 1 for purposes of alleging his actions without identifying him by name and to place into context the actions and/or status of the Defendants. He was fictitiously identified in an effort to comply with the spirit and intent of confidentiality required by California Code of Civil Procedure (“CCP”) §340.1. DECEDENT is now identified by name consistent with prior Court orders. DECEDENT was one of the most famous and successful entertainers in pop music history. Plaintiff is informed, believes, and thereupon alleges that, at all times relevant herein, DECEDENT was a resident of the State of California and maintained residences in the Counties of Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. Plaintiff is further informed and believes, and thereupon alleges, that DECEDENT died in Los Angeles, California on June 25, 2009, at the age of fifty (50).
3. Plaintiff is informed and believes, and thereupon alleges, that Defendant MJJ PRODUCTIONS, INC. (“MJJ PRODUCTIONS”) is a California corporation, with a principal place of business located in the County of Los Angeles, State of California. Plaintiff is further informed and believes, and thereupon alleges, that at all times relevant herein, MJJ PRODUCTIONS was a company established by DECEDENT as his primary business entity and the entity that held most or all of the copyrights to DECEDENT’s music and videos. Plaintiff is further informed and believes, and thereon alleges, that DECEDENT was the president/owner and a representative/agent of MJJ PRODUCTIONS at all times relevant herein, and that in that capacity, MJJ PRODUCTIONS had the ability to exercise control over DECEDENT’s business and personal affairs. Plaintiff is further informed and believes, and thereon alleges, that DECEDENT, with MJJ PRODUCTIONS’ full knowledge, consent, and assistance, exploited this relationship with MJJ PRODUCTIONS to, gain access to Plaintiff, and to set up, facilitate and arrange meetings and encounters between DECEDENT and Plaintiff for the purpose of DECEDENT’s engaging in childhood sexual abuse of Plaintiff.
4. Plaintiff is informed and believes, and thereupon alleges, that Defendant MJJ VENTURES, INC. (“MJJ VENTURES”) is a California corporation, with a principal place of business located in the County of Los Angeles, State of California. Plaintiff is further informed and believes, and thereupon alleges, that at all times relevant herein, MJJ VENTURES was a company established by DECEDENT in part for the puipose of employing Plaintiff to work with DECEDENT on various projects, and further, that DECEDENT was the president/owner and a representative/agent ofMJJ VENTURES at all times relevant herein, and that in that capacity,
MJJ VENTURES had the ability to exercise control over DECEDENT’s personal and business affairs. Plaintiff is further informed and believes, and thereon alleges, that DECEDENT, with MJJ VENTURES’ full knowledge, consent, and assistance, exploited this relationship to gain access to Plaintiff, and to set up, facilitate, and arrange.meetings and encounters between DECEDENT and Plaintiff for the purpose of DECEDENT engaging in childhood sexual abuse of Plaintiff.
5. In performing the acts complained of herein, DECEDENT acted with the full knowledge, consent and cooperation of MJJ PRODUCTIONS and MJJ VENTURES, who were
his co-conspirators, collaborators, facilitators and alter egos for the childhood sexual abuse alleged herein. As a result thereof, Defendants MJJ PRODUCTIONS and MJJ VENTURES are liable for DECEDENT’s acts of childhood sexual abuse within the meaning of CCP §§ 340.1 (a)(2) and (3 ), and 340.1 (b )(2), in that said entities owed a duty of care to the Plaintiff, and their wrongful, intentional and/or negligent acts, as well as knowing failure to take reasonable steps and implement reasonable safeguards to avoid acts of unlawful sexual conduct by DECEDENT, were a legal cause of the childhood sexual abuse which resulted in injury to Plaintiff as alleged herein.
6. Plaintiff is informed and believes, and thereupon alleges, that the true names and capacities, whether individual, corporate, associate or otherwise, of Defendants named herein as DOES 4 through 50, inclusive, are unknown to Plaintiff, who therefore sues said Defendants by such fictitious names. Plaintiff will amend this First Amended Complaint to allege their true names and capacities when such have been ascertained. Upon information and belief, each of the said Doe Defendants is responsible in some·manner under CCP §§ 340.1(a)(2) and (3), and 340.1(b)(2) for the occurrences herein alleged, and their actions were a direct and legal cause of the childhood sexual abuse which resulted in injury to the Plaintiff as alleged herein.


7. Plaintiff was born in Simi Valley, California on February 28, 1978. Plaintiff started working in television commercials at the age of 7-8 in approximately 1984/1985. In late 1986/early 1987, Plaintiff was hired to work on a Pepsi commercial that featured DECEDENT in a starring role. Plaintiffs mother accompanied him on the Pepsi commercial shoot. Karen Faye, DECEDENT’s hairstylist, was present at the shoot and for the first conversation between Plaintiff and DECEDENT in DECEDENT’s trailer. Following that conversation, DECEDENT asked Plaintiff to sit on the stage and watch as DECEDENT performed for the commercial shoot.
8. Several months after the Pepsi commercial was shot, DECEDENT wrote a letter to Plaintiff on MJJ PRODUCTIONS’ stationery, dated March 10, 1987. It stated:

Jimmy received a letter from Michael
Jimmy received a letter from Michael


The DECEDENT also enclosed photographs from the Pepsi commercial that they shot together.
9. After receiving DECEDENT’s letter, Plaintiff and his family were invited to dinner by DECEDENT to DECEDENT’s home on Hayvenhurst Avenue in Encino, California (“Hayvenhurst house”). The invitation was made by DECEDENT through Jolie Levine, DECEDENT’s then secretary/personal assistant and an employee of MJJ PRODUCTIONS. Ms. Levine later became DECEDENT’s produCtion assistant on the “BAD” Tour, and his production coordinator on the “BAD” album. Plaintiffs parents accompanied him to DECEDENT’s Hayvenhurst house for the dinner. After eating, all four of them watched the film Batteries Not Included in a small home theater in DECEDENT’s Hayvenhurst house. During that visit, when DECEDENT was alone with Plaintiff, DECEDENT gave Plaintiff presents- a globe and $700. Plaintiffs parents were not aware that DECEDENT had given their son money at the time, and when they discovered it later, they asked DECEDENT not to give Plaintiff money. In response to their request, DECEDENT giggled and said that he could not help himself.
10. Shortly after their first visit to the Hayvenhurst house, on Thanksgiving Day, Plaintiff was on the telephone with DECEDENT. Plaintiffs parents suggested that he invite DECEDENT to come over to their home. DECEDENT said yes, and Plaintiff and his parents drove over to the Hayvenhurst house to pick up DECEDENT and bring him back to their home. On multiple occasions after the first visit to the Havenhurst house, either Plaintiff and his family, or Plaintiff on his own, would go over to see DECEDENT at the Hayvenhurst house.
11. On the second occasion that Plaintiff went to the Hayvenhurst house, Plaintiff was dropped off by his parents. Plaintiffs parents went to dinner while Plaintiff stayed with DECEDENT. Plaintiff and _DECEDENT drove off in DECEDENT’s Mercedes and passed out $100 bills to homeless people. DECEDENT said to one homeless man, “You do know how much this is,” and then handed him a $100 bill.
12. The third time Plaintiff visited the Hayvenhurst house he was accompanied by his parents and they took a tour of DECEDENT’s recording studio which was located there. Three of DECEDENT’s brothers were in the studio working, including Jermaine Jackson, and they all exchanged a quick hello.
13. During his many visits to the Hayvenhurst house, Plaintiff would “hang out” with the DECEDENT in DECEDENT’s bedroom, and spend time with him in DECEDENT’s dance room. There was a staircase leading to DECEDENT’s bedroom on the exterior of the Hayvenhurst house so that one could enter it from the outside. The upstairs portion of DECEDENT’s bedroom overlooked the main, downstairs portion of his bedroom. It was reachable by a spiral staircase from the main part of the bedroom below. DECEDENT kept the mannequins that he collected in the upstairs portion of the bedroom, and positioned them so that they looked down to the lower portion. Plaintiff and DECEDENT played with the mannequins on Plaintiffs many visits. The main, downstairs portion of DECEDENT’s bedroom had a giant globe that was lit from the inside. DECEDENT had a closet located in the upstairs portion of his bedroom on the left side that he kept filled with jackets from his past music videos and performances. DECEDENT let Plaintiff touch and play with his many jackets. DECEDENT let Plaintiff try on the “Captain EO” jacket, and gave him the Thriller jacket to keep. DECEDENT took back the Thriller jacket a few years later, saying that the jacket would still belong to the Plaintiff, but that he needed to display it at a museum. DECEDENT told Plaintiff that there would be a plaque saying “on loan from Jimmy Safechuck.” In the meantime, DECEDENT let
Plaintiff choose between two. of the other jackets used in the Thriller video–the “Zombie” jacket and the “clean” one.
14. DECEDENT began telephoning Plaintiff at home on a frequent and regular basis. Their relationship had grown to a point where DECEDENT had become part of Plaintiffs family. DECEDENT would call Plaintiff at home when he was alone or lonely, and Plaintiffs family would drive over to the Hayvenhurst house and pick up DECEDENT and bring him back to Plaintiffs home in Simi Valley. Onetime Plaintiff and DECEDENT went to the park in Simi Valley. They shot some video footage there that ended up in the closing credits of one of DECEDENT’s documentaries. On another occasion, Plaintiff and DECEDENT went to the Zales jewelry store in Simi Valley. DECEDENT was wearing a disguise and the salesperson at the Zales store called the police. When the police arrived and saw that it was DECEDENT, they did not pursue the matter. On another occasion, Plaintiffs father picked up DECEDENT from the Hayvenhurst house, and they had to drive away quickly in order to evade the paparazzi. Plaintiff and his family viewed this to be exciting- as was the entire experience of being with a “star” with such celebrity status as DECEDENT: At this time DECEDENT was in his late 20’s, Plaintiff was approximately 8-9 years old, and Plaintiffs parents were in their 40’s.

p18nq5h7go1f5gh7u1edp1dn616pc215. In 1988, when Plaintiff was 10 years old and DECEDENT was 29-30 years old, DECEDENT invited Plaintiff to a convention in Hawaii at which the Pepsi commercial they had both appeared in was being featured. Plaintiff attended the Pepsi convention with DECEDENT and appeared with him on stage. DECEDENT and/or MJJ PRODUCTIONS and MJJ VENTURES made all the arrangements and paid· all the ·expenses for Plaintiff and his mother to fly first class to Hawaii, travel by limousine to the Kahala Hilton Hotel and for all of their accommodations and expenses during the convention. Plaintiff and his mother travelled together with DECEDENT’s entourage. Plaintiff stayed with his mother in her hotel room on that trip. On later trips, when Plaintiff travelled with DECEDENT, his parents would never have a room near DECEDENT’s room, and would be on a different floor.
16. During the convention, Plaintiff spent a great deal of time with DECEDENT and got to know him well, and their friendship deepened. On this trip, DECEDENT asked if Plaintiff could sleep over in his room, but Plaintiffs mother did not permit it. This was the first time DECEDENT asked if Plaintiff could “sleep over” in his room.
17. While they were in Hawaii, DECEDENT rented a helicopter to take Plaintiff and his mother on a tour. Plaintiff got airsick 5-10 minutes after take-off, so they had to land. DECEDENT asked Plaintiff to stay in his room when they got back to the hotel, but Plaintiffs mother said no. DECEDENT had also rented out an amusement park for everyone to visit. Plaintiff met Michael J. Fox at the convention, and for the entire time he was treated on a V.I.P. basis.
18. The Hawaii trip lasted a weekend. On the return flight to Los Angeles, California, Plaintiff conducted a “mock” interview of DECEDENT, using his cassette recorder. In that recorded interview, Plaintiff asked DECEDENT a series of questions, and DECEDENT provided responses, as follows:

Plaintiff: “What do you think about lying?”
DECEDENT: “People make up stories about [DECEDENT-referring to himself in the third person].”
Plaintiff: “Do you like performing?”
DECEDENT:. “Favorite things are writing songs, performing, and being with Jimmy [Plaintiff].”
Plaintiff: . “Any new plans?”
DECEDENT: “Smooth Criminal, short film, new Pepsi commercial, best Pepsi commercial was the one with Jimmy [Plaintiff] because he had ‘heart,’ best thing about Hawaii was spending time with Jimmy [Plaintiff], love [Plaintiffs] family and want to spend time with them.”

During this interview, DECEDENT. referred to Plaintiff by the nickname “Rubba.” This was a nickname that DECEDENT used to refer to Plaintiff early on in their relationship, and one that DECEDENT used to refer to other children, short for “rubber head”.
19. In 1988, Plaintiff first started dancing with DECEDENT. DECEDENT brought Plaintiff to his private dance studio and let Plaintiff watch him rehearse. DECEDENT told Plaintiff that he was the only person who was allowed to watch him rehearse. DECEDENT would rehearse 1/2 to 1 hour every Sunday- it was his ritual. If Plaintiff was around, he would be invited to attend the rehearsals to watch, and as time progressed, DECEDENT allowed Plaintiff to dance with him. Even though Plaintiff did not have formal dance training, DECEDENT would coach and teach him, and DECEDENT tQld Plaintiff that he had rhythm.
20. In 1988, DECEDENT began sleeping over at Plaintiffs family home. The first night that DECEDENT slept over, he stayed in Plaintiffs bedroom. DECEDENT ended up sleeping in Plaintiffs bedroom with him on a regular basis, which Plaintiffs parents knew. Plaintiff and DECEDENT would also sometimes pitch a tent in the living room and sleep in there. Plaintiff observed DECEDENT’s nightly regimen before going to sleep- taping his nose using white bandage tape, to form a shell to cover his nose. DECEDENT also used the empty bedroom of Plaintiffs older brother to meditate.

james-safechuck-43521. On March 11, 1988, Plaintiff and his mother accompanied DECEDENT as his guests to attend a performance of The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, and both before and after the performance they all spent time together with Liza Minnelli. After the show, they all went backstage to meet the stars of the show, including Michael Crawford. Jolie Levine again made all the arrangements through MJJ PRODUCTIONS for them to fly to New York and DECEDENT and/or MJJ PRODUCTIONS paid for all of their expenses for the trip. Plaintiff and his mother stayed at the Trump Tower in Manhattan for the weekend. They went to FAO
Schwartz, the famous toy store, in addition to attending with him the performance of The Phantom of the Opera. Plaintiff stayed in his mother’s hotel room. Again DECEDENT asked for Plaintiff to stay in DECEDENT’s room with him, but Plaintiffs mother said no. But as soon as Plaintiff woke up in the morning, he would go to the DECEDENT’s room and stay there with him.
22. In or about 1988, DECEDENT invited Plaintiff to meet him in Pensacola, Florida, where DECEDENT and his band were rehearsing. DECEDENT and MJJ PRODUCTIONS
and/or MJJ VENTURES arranged for Plaintiff and his parents to travel to Florida, and stay in one of the houses that DECEDENT and MJJ PRODUCTIONS and/or MJJ VENTURES had rented there. Plaintiff stayed with DECEDENT in one house, and Plaintiffs parents stayed in one of the other houses. This was the first time that Plaintiff stayed with DECEDENT on a trip. DECEDENT also took Plaintiff and his parents for a side visit to Disney World.

Mj-safechuck23. The time that Plaintiff and DECEDENT spent together in 1988 increased significantly. DECEDENT encouraged Plaintiff to dress like him and grow his hair long like DECEDENT’s. DECEDENT had coaxed Plaintiff to become a “miniature version” of DECEDENT. Plaintiff did. DECEDENT gave Plaintiff many gifts of his clothing, some of which remain in Plaintiffs possession to this day. The “Thriller” jacket in which DECEDENT he had famously performed, was given previously to Plaintiff but DECEDENT later took it back. DECEDENT had become part of Plaintiffs family circle. However, DECEDENT never introduced Plaintiff or Plaintiff’s family to his own- Plaintiff saw Jermaine Jackson once at the Hayvenhurst house, and met Janet Jackson once when Plaintiff spent a weekend at Neverland when Janet Jackson and her husband, Renee; were also there.
24. In the early part of 1988, DECEDENT invited Plaintiff to join him on the “Bad” Tour. Plaintiff spent six (6) months·on the “Bad” Tour with DECEDENT, accompanied by his mother. Plaintiff joined DECEDENT for the second leg of the “Bad” Tour- in June (Europe) and stayed on the tour through December (where it concluded in Japan). During that 6 month period, Plaintiff returned to the U.S. to go back to school for several months. For the Japan portion of the tour, Plaintiff received course and homework from his school in Simi Valley so that he could keep up with his studies.
25. On the tour, Plaintiff performed nightly with DECEDENT on stage. He was not paid for his services, but DECEDENT and MJJ PRODUCTIONS organized and paid for all hotel and other accommodations; made and paid for all travel arrangements for Plaintiff and his mother (and also for Plaintiff’s father who joined the family for certain portions of the tour), and obtained multiple entry/exit visas to both France and Japan for Plaintiff; and paid for all food, entertainment and shopping sprees for Plaintiff and his parents. Jolie Levine was the point person for DECEDENT and MJJ PRODUCTIONS to make all the arrangements.
26. The first portion of the “Bad” Tour that Plaintiff attended was in Paris, France in approximately June 25-29, 1988. A replica of DECEDENT’s “Bad” Tour outfit was specially made by Michael Bush for Plaintiff to wear when he performed onstage with DECEDENT and for publicity events. During the “Bad” Tour, Plaintiff’s parents would go out to see tourist attractions- sometimes alone, and sometimes with other members of DECEDENT’s entourage and/or other employees of MJJ PRODUCTIONS and MJJ VENTURES. Plaintiff could not go, because if he went out in public, he would be hounded by the paparazzi and fans because of his
role on the tour with DECEDENT. No children participated on the “Bad” Tour other than Plaintiff.
27. The first incident of sexual abuse occurred during the Paris portion of the “Bad” Tour in June 25-29, 1988. At the time, DECEDENT was 29 years old and Plaintiff was 10 years old. DECEDENT [REDACTED] while DECEDENT and Plaintiff were together in DECEDENT’s room at the Hotel de Crillon in Paris. It was dark in the room. [REDACTED]
Later on, DECEDENT told Plaintiff when other sexual acts were involved, it was a way of “showing love.”
28. After the first incident of sexual abuse, Plaintiff began sleeping in DECEDENT’s room in bed with him on a regular basis during the rest of the “Bad” Tour.

article-2626762-1DC9A9D700000578-110_634x42529. On another occasion during the “Bad” Tour in 1988, [REDACTED]. DECEDENT referred to this activity as “selling me some,” because DECEDENT would give Plaintiff jewelry after he did this, as a “reward.” Plaintiff still has some of the jewelry DECEDENT gave to him after he abused him, which included a necklace with a medallion bearing DECEDENT’s face.
30. During the “Bad” Tour, DECEDENT taught Plaintiff code words to use so that other people would not know what they were talking about when they were referring to their sexual activities, including the phrase: “bright light, brick city” which referred to a “hard-on,” named for the motion picture Bright Lights, Big City. If Plaintiff and DECEDENT were holding hands, DECEDENT would also scratch the inside of Plaintiffs hand with one of his fingers—that was a sexual cue .
31. The “Bad” Tour ended in 1988 after Christmas in Japan. DECEDENT then flew Plaintiff to New York to spend time alone with him after DECEDENT performed at the Grammy’s in February 1989. Plaintiff travelled by himself. DECEDENT would occasionally arrange through MJJ PRODUCTIONS and MJJ VENTURES to have Plaintiff flown to see him at whatever location he was performing. During those visits, Plaintiff would sleep with DECEDENT in his hotel room, and ongoing sexual abuse would occur.

images32. From 1988 when the sexual abuse first began through 1992, DECEDENT engaged in ongoing sexual abuse of Plaintiff. DECEDENT would repeatedly instruct Plaintiff to be confident and to deny everything if ever asked about the abuse. DECEDENT told him to be quiet about it and not tell anyone, even his parents, about their relationship. DECEDENT told Plaintiff that he did not have to answer questions about what they did; that he should be vague and not give real answers to questions; and that if the police ever told Plaintiff that DECEDENT

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had “already confessed,” they were lying and trying to trick Plaintiff. DECEDENT would repeat over and over again to Plaintiff that their participation in sexual acts together was Plaintiff’s idea. He would drill that into Plaintiff over and over again throughout their relationship. DECEDENT would tell Plaintiff that it was okay to lie to other people, because nothing would happen if you lied.

33. DECEDENT frequently told Plaintiff that he would need to get married to protect his public perception. DECEDENT confessed to Plaintiff that his own father, Joseph Jackson, beat him when he was growing up if he “messed up” or did not rehearse, and that Plaintiff was now giving DECEDENT the childhood he never had.
34. By the time Plaintiff’s parents had a sex education discussion with him, he had already been abused by DECEDENT. Over time, the sexual abuse gradually escalated and became a “normal” part of the relationship Plaintiff had with DECEDENT. The sexual abuse continued in the same pattern of activity, with DECEDENT adding new components to the abuse including [REDACTED].
35. Plaintiff was confused about his sexuality, and wondered if he was gay. He did not think he was gay because he experienced feelings of having a “crush” on Sheryl Crow, who at the time was working as a back-up singer for DECEDENT. DECEDENT was jealous of Plaintiffs “crush” on Sheryl Crow, and told him that he should not like her. DECEDENT showed Plaintiff photographs of Sheryl Crow without her make-up on in an attempt to dissuade him from finding her attractive. DECEDENT was jealous of Plaintiffs attraction to females and any relationships with females that he had. DECEDENT consistently talked about women in a negative manner, and would point out to Plaintiff what he considered to be their physical flaws. DECEDENT told Plaintiff that women were smart, conniving and not to be trusted.

36. When DECEDENT purchased the Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara County in 1988, Plaintiff was the first guest to stay overnight. At that time, there was no large “Neverland Ranch” sign, only the main house, pool and a trampoline. DECEDENT told Plaintiff when he bought it that it was Plaintiffs “home.” Whenever Plaintiff visited Neverland, he slept in DECEDENT’s bedroom. DECEDENT and Plaintiff would “mess up” the upstairs bedroom to make it look as though Plaintiff had slept there, when in actuality he stayed with DECEDENT in his bed.
37. DECEDENT eventually installed chimes in the hallway to his bedroom so that he could hear and be warned when people approached. DECEDENT later installed video cameras.
38. DECEDENT had a secret closet in his bedroom at Neverland which required a secret passcode to open. DECEDENT kept jewelry inside the closet, and would often abuse Plaintiff there. There was another closet on the other side of his bedroom which was larger, and DECEDENT would lay down a blanket in there so that there was more room to engage in sexual activities with Plaintiff. DECEDENT’s bedroom was located next to the library, and had a private bathroom to the right.
39. DECEDENT had the telephones at Neverland tapped so that he could listen to incoming and outgoing calls. On one occasion, DECEDENT had Plaintiff secretly listen in on a telephone call between Plaintiffs mother and aunt where Plaintiffs mother had said something negative about Plaintiffs father. After Plaintiff listened to the call, DECEDENT stated: “look how mean women are.”
40. DECEDENT also had all of the telephones in the guest houses at Neverland tapped. It was

common practice for DECEDENT and Plaintiff to listen in on telephone calls at Neverland.
41. On several occasions, Plaintiff took his best friend from school, Luke Martinez, to visit Neverland. During one of Luke’s visits; they had a slumber party and game-type activities. DECEDENT and Plaintiff would “sneak off’ to be alone and where sexual abuse would occur, but they were always careful to avoid getting caught. DECEDENT and Plaintiff were always careful when other people were around.
42. In a witness statement taken by the Santa Barbara County Sheriffs Department (“SBSD”) on September 22, 1993 in connection with the criminal investigation into the allegations of childhood sexual abuse made by Jordan Chandler against DECEDENT (SBSD Case No. 93-14563, the “Chandler Investigation”), [REDACTED] informed the SBSD that he had witnessed several incidences of suspicious activity between DECEDENT and Plaintiff at Neverland, including finding DECEDENT’s and Plaintiffs underwear lying next to DECEDENT’s bed, and seeing DECEDENT put his hand down the front of Plaintiffs shorts while the two were bathing together in a Jacuzzi. Mr. [REDACTED] informed the SBSD that there was gossip amongst the Neverland staff that DECEDENT was “having an affair” with Plaintiff and that they were sleeping together. Mr. [REDACTED] also stated that Norma Staikos (MJJ PRODUCTIONS’ Executive Director and head of operations at Neverland) told Mr. [REDACTED] and his wife never to leave children alone in a room with DECEDENT. (A true and correct copy of Mr. witness statement is marked as Exhibit A and contained in the separate Appendix filed herewith under seal)

43. In a witness statement taken by the SBSD on April 15, 1994 in connection with the Chandler Investigation, [REDACTED] stated that after Ms . Staikos took charge of operations at Neverland, she changed the security protocol with respect to DECEDENT’s arrival at the ranch gate in a vehicle. She said that under Ms. Staikos’ predecessor, the protocol was to stop DECEDENT at the gate and look inside his vehicle to ensure that DECEDENT had not been accosted or kidnapped and forced to drive to the ranch at gunpoint. However, after Ms. Staikos took over, security was told not to detain DECEDENT upon his arrival, and they would simply receive a phone call from Ms. Staikos telling them that DECEDENT was coming and who he was with, which was usually a juvenile boy. They would be given names such as “Jimmy” or “Wade.” Ms. [REDACTED] further stated that there were occasions when DECEDENT would enter. the ranch with a small boy and security would not be informed of the boy’s identity. On these occasions, Ms. Staikos would call security and tell them that DECEDENT was coming and that there was no reason to detain him. DECEDENT would then pass through the gate and drive up to the main house without stopping. When the identity of the boy accompanying DECEDENT was disclosed to security, they would greet DECEDENT and his guest upon arrival at the main house and help DECEDENT with his luggage. However, when DECEDENT would arrive unexpectedly with an unidentified boy, then the protocol would be for security to vacate the area around the main house so that they would not be physically close to DECEDENT or close enough to identify the boy. DECEDENT would generally arrive at night, between 10:00 p.m. and 2:00a.m. (A true and correct copy of Ms. [REDACTED] witness statement is marked as Exhibit B and contained in the separate Appendix filed herewith under seal)
44. Ms. [REDACTED] further stated that.on one occasion, DECEDENT arrived at the ranch gate while Ms. [REDACTED] was working there. As Ms. Staikos had not called to say that DECEDENT was arriving, Ms. [REDACTED] stopped his vehicle and approached the driver’s window. DECEDENT lowered the window just enough for Ms. [REDACTED] to see his eyes, and Ms. [REDACTED] also saw a young boy on the floor between the two front seats. As she looked at the boy, he moved behind the driver’s seat in an attempt to hide from her. DECEDENT told her to “make sure the front door is open.” Ms. [REDACTED] then called Ms. Staikos to inform her that DECEDENT had arrived, and Ms. Staikos “flew off the handle” when she heard that DECEDENT had arrived without her knowledge.
45. In a witness statement_taken by the SBSD on October 4, 1993 in connection with the Chandler Investigation, Blanca Francia, [REDACTED] informed the SBSD that Ms. Staikos “was the person who arranged things with the children and their families.” Ms. [REDACTED] stated that Ms. Staikos would arrange for a limousine to pick up Plaintiff and other children and take them to “The Hideout” to see DECEDENT. Ms. [REDACTED] said that Ms. Staikos “was in charge.” When Ms. Staikos began working for DECEDENT, she forced Ms. [REDACTED] to sign a confidentiality agreement. (A true and correct copy of Ms. [REDACTED] witness statement is marked as Exhibit C and contained in the separate Appendix filed herewith under seal).

images (1)46. In a witness statement taken by the SBSD on April 18, 1994 in connection with the Chandler Investigation, [REDACTED] informed the SBSD that she first heard about DECEDENT’s reputation regarding children soon after she began working for MJJ PRODUCTIONS in September 1989. Ms. [REDACTED] stated that while she was being given a tour of Neverland by Ms. Staikos, Ms. Staikos stopped near the door to DECEDENT’s room and told Ms. [REDACTED] “Never leave alone with Michael Jackson.” Ms. Staikos also told Ms. [REDACTED] that “That kid [DECEDENT] better be glad I understand his problem.” (A true and correct copy of Ms. [REDACTED] witness statement is marked as Exhibit D and contained in the separate Appendix filed herewith under seal).
47. Ms. [REDACTED] witness statement further confirms that Ms. Staikos exercised a significant degree of control over DECEDENT’s affairs in her capacity as the Executive Director of MJJ PRODUCTIONS. Ms. [REDACTED] stated that she was terminated by Ms. Staikos for appealing to DECEDENT regarding a request for a raise which Ms. Staikos had denied, and that DECEDENT later admitted to Ms. [REDACTED] that Ms. Staikos had forced DECEDENT to agree to the termination against his wishes.
48. In a witness statement taken by the SBSD on February 15, 1994 in connection with the Chandler Investigation, [REDACTED] further confirmed Ms. Staikos’ position of authority at Neverland and her control over DECEDENT’s affairs. Mr. [REDACTED] stated that Ms. Staikos would terminate any Neverland employee who got close to DECEDENT or anyone close to DECEDENT. (A true and correct copy of Mr. [REDACTED] witness statement is marked as Exhibit E and contained in the separate Appendix filed herewith under seal).
49. When Plaintiff was in the fourth grade, he had a “girlfriend.” When DECEDENT found out, he told Plaintiff that he could only have a relationship with him. DECEDENT called it a “faux committed relationship” that had to be kept secret.
50. DECEDENT would run “drills” regularly with Plaintiff and make Plaintiff practice putting on his clothes very fast and practice running away quietly so people would not hear him.
51. DECEDENT engaged in an ongoing campaign to instill fear in Plaintiff – he repeatedly told Plaintiff that if anyone found out about what they were doing, DECEDENT’s and Plaintiffs “futures would be over.” DECEDENT reminded Plaintiff of this on a constant basis.
52. DECEDENT was paranoid about what Plaintiff might tell other people. DECEDENT would constantly grill Plaintiff to tell him exactly what was said in conversations he had with other people. On one occasion, DECEDENT asked Plaintiff what was said in a conversation between Plaintiff and a female limousine driver that DECEDENT would regularly send to pick up Plaintiff for visits. When DECEDENT learned that she had asked him questions about DECEDENT, DECEDENT terminated her employment. After that, DECEDENT started driving over to Plaintiffs house himself to pick him up and bring him back for visits.

406d253cb59ca1738b98cd9dbdeac72b53. As time progressed, DECEDENT became more and more possessive of Plaintiff and escalated the nature of their relationship and the frequency of the sexual abuse. In addition to DECEDENT’s nickname for Plaintiff of “Rubba,” DECEDENT expanded their secret language and created sexual “codes.” DECEDENT referred to semen as “duck butter.” DECEDENT would scratch the inside of Plaintiffs palm as a sexual cue. DECEDENT performed a fake “marriage” with Plaintiff complete with a wedding ring and a signed document to pretend that they got married. DECEDENT would sometimes be a “jokester” with Plaintiff, saying that people were taking pictures of them while they were engaging in sexual activity, and had a light outside of his bedroom window at Neverland that he would flash to resemble a camera bulb flashing. DECEDENT also did that on the “Bad” Tour – he placed a small flashbulb on the other side of the hotel room curtain and made it flash. Plaintiff cried when he did that, and DECEDENT was surprised by his reaction.
54. DECEDENT trained Plaintiff to exchange declarations of love with him – it became a regular occurrence for them to say that they loved one another all of the time they were physically together, and over the many telephone calls they had. Once they became close, DECEDENT encouraged Plaintiff to stay away from an acting career and the spotlight. Plaintiff developed a significant emotional attachment to DECEDENT; DECEDENT always told Plaintiff that he would take care of him. Plaintiff began to wish that DECEDENT were his father.
55. DECEDENT engaged in sexual acts with Plaintiff hundreds of times – on tour, at Plaintiffs home, at DECEDENT’s apartment/condominium on Wilshire Boulevard in Westwood, at DECEDENT’s Century City condominium which was nicknamed “The Hideout,” and at Neverland.
56. In 1990-1991, Plaintiff spent time with DECEDENT at his apartment/condominium in Westwood and later at “The Hideout” in Century City, California. During this time frame, Plaintiff was 12-13 years old.
57. Plaintiff became a regular companion of DECEDENT. DECEDENT took Plaintiff on shopping excursions with him, including a shopping spree at The Sharper Image store in Studio City. DECEDENT frequently took Plaintiff shopping at stores on Ventura Boulevard and on Hollywood Boulevard, including a magic shop and costume store.
58. DECEDENT possessed many recording devices and high-tech briefcases equipped with recording devices. Plaintiff thought of them as high-tech “kids’ toys,” but DECEDENT used them in a manner that created a sense of paranoia of other people.

59. At or about the time Plaintiff turned 12, a transition period began where DECEDENT began to focus his attention on a younger boy, Brett Barnes (“Brett”). Get-togethers at The Hideout became more frequent, with other young boys that DECEDENT had invited in attendance. When DECEDENT was alone with Plaintiff at The Hideout, DECEDENT served Plaintiff pink wine, which was sweet, and together they would watch porn films. Some of the porn films were heterosexual in nature as were the pornographic books that DECEDENT showed to Plaintiff. Plaintiff was told by DECEDENT that these books were “foreign” books. DECEDENT also showed Plaintiff movies in which children were masturbating, and told him that they were “not really porn.” The movies that DECEDENT referred to as “porn” involved
adult sexual activities, whereas the films where children engaged in sexual activities were “not porn”.
60. When Plaintiff started puberty. at age 12, DECEDENT began to prepare Plaintiff for separation – telling him that he would “have other friends.” Plaintiff was upset hearing this and tried to preserve his relationship with DECEDENT by being extra nice and trying to befriend Brett Barnes, a younger boy with whom DECEDENT began to spend more time. Plaintiff became inwardly jealous of Brett because of the time and attention DECEDENT began devoting to him instead of Plaintiff.
61. On one of the weekends that Plaintiff spent with Brett and DECEDENT at The Hideout, Plaintiff began to feel as though he “was on the outs” with DECEDENT. The DECEDENT had spent the night in his bedroom with Brett, instead of with Plaintiff, and Plaintiff spent the night on the couch. Plaintiff experienced feelings of jealously as a result of being replaced by Brett.
62. As Plaintiff neared puberty, DECEDENT started grooming him for separation. This grooming period spanned several months. DECEDENT told the Plaintiff that he would be “seeing [the DECEDENT] with other people” but that they would continue on together “later on.” When Plaintiff fully reached puberty, DECEDENT began spending his time with Brett instead of with Plaintiff, and DECEDENT’s sexual abuse of Plaintiff finally stopped.
63. Once he reached puberty, and the sexual abuse stopped, Plaintiff would speak to DECEDENT less frequently. DECEDENT remained active in his life, however, and paid for the Plaintiff to direct several movies in high school. DECEDENT turned Plaintiffs focus away from scholastics and towards becoming a director. DECEDENT hired a professor from NYU to teach Plaintiff on the weekends how to direct films. DECEDENT told Plaintiff that “one day, we’re going to make movies together.” He also told Plaintiff to “study hard and be extraordinary” and that “[the DECEDENT] will be there to get [the Plaintiff’s] foot in the door” of the entertainment industry and motion picture business. DECEDENT and/or MJJ PRODUCTIONS and MJJ VENTURES arranged and paid for John Lugar to spearhead Plaintiff’s filmmaking and planning; hired Gretchen Sommerfeld to teach directing to Plaintiff; and also hired Craig Thorton to teach script writing to Plaintiff. DECEDENT arranged for Ms. Sommerfeld and Mr. Thorton to go to Plaintiff’s house on weekends to teach him about the filmmaking process.
64. DECEDENT told Plaintiff’s parents that he did not need to go to college, and convinced them to remove Plaintiff from his Advanced Placement (“AP”) courses. At the time, Plaintiff was very knowledgeable and skilled in mathematics. Nevertheless, he was taken out of his AP classes, and instead re-focused on directing by DECEDENT. Because Plaintiff’s own parents had not attended college, they were ill-equipped to guide their son in his scholastic endeavors, and were persuaded by DECEDENT to steer Plaintiff away from school and into directing.
65. In conversations with the DECEDENT about dropping AP classes, Plaintiff’s mother stated that her son would end up doing what the DECEDENT was doing in his career, to which DECEDENT agreed, stating that day would come, and when Plaintiff became a filmmaker, there would be “a line around the block” to see him. DECEDENT told Plaintiff to de-prioritize school, focus on movie-making, and not to worry because DECEDENT could get Plaintiff into college if he still wanted to go.
66. In 1992-1993, the DECEDENT and MJJ PRODUCTIONS arranged for the Plaintiff, and Plaintiff and his parents to take several trips. In 1992, Plaintiff and his parents went to Boston to attend a Deepak Chopra meditation retreat. Plaintiff and his family used the cover name “Andrews” when travelling to protect their identities from the media. In 1993, Plaintiff went alone to Washington, D.C. and DECEDENT arranged for the Plaintiff to visit the White House. Then, on the second leg of that trip to Chicago, when DECEDENT was doing the “Jam” video shoot, other boys were there, including Brett Barnes and also Wade Robson, who Plaintiff met for the first time. Plaintiff was sent home early from the trip, but Brett was allowed to stay. Brett slept with DECEDENT in his hotel room, and Plaintiff was upset about it and cried. DECEDENT saw Plaintiff crying, and within one to two days afterwards, Plaintiff was told by Bill Bray, DECEDENT’s longtime head of security/body guard, that he was going to be sent home, and that next day Plaintiff was on an airplane returning to California several days earlier than his scheduled departure.
67. In 1993, Plaintiff provided a witness statement to the police in connection with the criminal investigation of Jordan Chandler’s allegations against DECEDENT. DECEDENT told Plaintiff and his parents that the claims were complete extortion on the part of the Chandler family. Plaintiffs parents believed DECEDENT, and were convinced that he could do no wrong. Plaintiff met with one of DECEDENT’s lawyers at his office and rehearsed questions and testimony with him.

68. In 1994, Plaintiff worked as an intern/shadow director in Budapest, Hungary for DECEDENT’s “HIStory” promo video. Again, Plaintiff travelled and worked under the cover name “Jimmy Andrews” to protect his identity. Plaintiff appeared as “Jimmy Andrews” on the call sheets for the “HIStory” promo video and was employed as a production assistant. Plaintiffs mother accompanied him on the trip to Budapest, which lasted one-two weeks. DECEDENT and MJJ PRODUCTIONS arranged and paid for the travel and accommodations.
69. In 1995, Plaintiff was employed by the DECEDENT and/or MJJ PRODUCTIONS and MJJ VENTURES as an intern/shadow director for DECEDENT’s “Earthsong” video. Again, Plaintiff appeared on the call sheets for this video, which was filmed in New Jersey. Plaintiff was a wardrobe double on this shoot, and also appears as a hand double in the video for DECEDENT.
70. In late-1995 – early-1996, Plaintiff was again employed by MJJ PRODUCTIONS as a director for a short 35mm film, which was shot at Neverland. Plaintiffs employment on this shoot is reflected in a memorandum from the producer John Lugar to Evvy Tavasci at MJJ PRODUCTIONS.
71. In the years following 1995, after Plaintiff reached the age of 17, his relationship with DECEDENT tapered off. In 1997, Plaintiff enrolled in Moorpark Community College in an attempt to get good enough grades to enable him to seek admission to USC. That never came to fruition. Plaintiff never got the university education that he wanted; instead, his education had been derailed by DECEDENT’s persuasion of him and his parents that college was a waste of
time and that Plaintiffs future was in film direction.
72. During the time that Plaintiff was attending Moorpark Community College, he began having panic attacks. One occurred during a Spanish tutoring session. Plaintiff had no idea what was wrong with him. To stabilize his panic, he would excuse himself from wherever he was when he began to experience the attacks, and walk around until he could calm down enough to rejoin whatever he had been doing.
73. In 2005, DECEDENT contacted Plaintiff, and asked him to testify on his behalf in the criminal trial against DECEDENT in Santa Barbara for criminal sexual abuse. Plaintiff was approximately 27 years old at the time. DECEDENT started out the telephone call by saying that he wanted to help Plaintiff with his music and directing. He then asked Plaintiff to testify at trial on his behalf. When Plaintiff said no to the request, DECEDENT got angry and threatened him. Plaintiff told DECEDENT never to call him again, and that he wanted a normal life. DECEDENT got very angry and continued to threaten Plaintiff, telling him that he had the best lawyers in the world and that they would get Plaintiff for perjury from the 1993 Chandler investigation. Plaintiff had never experienced DECEDENT being so angry. Plaintiff was also panicked about DECEDENT talking to his mother—fearful that she would find out about his abuse by DECEDENT and be threatened by DECEDENT’s lawyers.
74. A few days after this telephone conversation, DECEDENT called Plaintiffs mother to try to get her to convince Plaintiff to testify on his behalf at the criminal trial. DECEDENT also wanted both of Plaintiffs parents to testify on his behalf. One to two days prior to DECEDENT’s call to his mother, Plaintiff had told his mother about the call he had received from DECEDENT and that he had declined to testify at the criminal trial. Plaintiff talked to her about the call and told his mother that DECEDENT was a “bad man,” but was unable to tell her any details or say anything but the very briefest statement that he had been abused. Plaintiff told his mother not to let DECEDENT know that she had found out. Plaintiff was panicked that DECEDENT would find out that he had told his mother. When DECEDENT called Plaintiffs mother, she pretended that she was not aware of DECEDENT’s earlier threatening call to her son, or about the abuse.
75. DECEDENT’s lawyers, together with Evvy Tavasci, DECEDENT’s executive personal secretary and an employee of MJJ PRODUCTIONS, contacted Plaintiff and told him that he needed to testify and deny anything that the cooks at Neverland said that they saw happen between Plaintiff and DECEDENT. Plaintiff told them that he did not want any further involvement with DECEDENT.
76. After the call with DECEDENT’s lawyers and Ms. Tavasci, DECEDENT called Plaintiff again. This call was towards the end of the criminal trial. DECEDENT told Plaintiff that that he “was sorry for not being there for [the Plaintiff].” The words that DECEDENT used and the tone of his voice appeared to Plaintiff to be rehearsed, as if the call were being tape recorded. Plaintiff feared that this was a possibility, as he knew from the past that DECEDENT often taped telephone calls on a regular basis. Plaintiff wanted to get off the telephone call as quickly as possible, as the very sound of DECEDENT’s voice made him very uncomfortable and put him into a panic mode. DECEDENT continued to pressure Plaintiff to testify and told him that Gavin Arviso (the victim in the criminal prosecution) was just trying to get money. Plaintiff told DECEDENT not to call or try to talk to him ever again, and then ended the call.
77. On June 25, 2009, DECEDENT died.
78. Upon learning of his death, Plaintiff felt sad because he realized he would never have the opportunity for a normal relationship with DECEDENT, and that his experiences with DECEDENT would never be resolved.
79. After the birth of his son, in late 2010, Plaintiff began to worry that he himself would have pedophilic urges. Plaintiff started to see how innocent children really were. Plaintiff had married a woman he worked with in 2007. He had never told her about his sexual abuse. During his wife’s pregnancy, Plaintiff had sought help from Dr. [REDACTED], a general practitioner, who prescribed Xanax to help with his anxiety. Plaintiff did not discuss the abuse with Dr. [REDACTED], nor did he equate his anxiety with the abuse. Plaintiff had coped with the abuse for many years by compartmentalizing what had happened during his relationship with DECEDENT.
80. Shortly after May 1, 2013, Plaintiff saw on the news that Wade Robson (“Wade”), who he had met in 1993, had filed a lawsuit against DECEDENT for claims of childhood sexual abuse. After learning that Wade had made public the sexual abuse that he had suffered at the hands of DECEDENT, Plaintiffs feelings of panic and anxiety heightened, and he thought that he might need help. By this time, Plaintiff now also had a newborn baby daughter, and his fears increased about his own children and what could happen to them.
81. Plaintiff never thought the feelings of panic and anxiety he had been suffering were the result of the sexual abuse by DECEDENT. Rather, he thought they were just a part of who he was. He had spent his entire life holding on to DECEDENT’s words that talking about what happened between them “would wreck [their] lives.”
82. Plaintiff first met with a psychiatrist, Dr. [REDACTED], on May 20,2013. He was finally able to discuss the abuse during his treatment. Plaintiff has been diagnosed with [REDACTED]. He is going to therapy one a week. Plaintiff tries to appear that he has “it together”, but struggles on a daily basis with his panic, depression and anxiety. He did not realize how “sick” it was that DECEDENT did the things he did to him as a child until he began therapy. Until he had his own children and realized how innocent they were and what “blank slates” they were, he did not appreciate that when you are made to think as a child that something was “your idea” it did not seem as bad as it actually was, as in the case of his abuse by DECEDENT.

Check out  Mikey, you let me down


83. As used in CCP § 340.1, “childhood sexual abuse” includes “any act committed against the plaintiff that occurred when the plaintiff was under the age of 18 years and that would have been proscribed by Section 266j of the California Penal Code (“Penal Code”); Section 285 of the Penal Code; paragraph (1) or (2) of subdivision (b), or of subdivision (c), of Section 286 of the Penal Code; subdivision (a) or (b) of Section 288 of the Penal Code; paragraph (1) or (2) of subdivision (b), or of subdivision (c), of Section 288a of the Penal Code; subdivision (h), (i), or (j) of Section 289 of the Penal Code; Section 647.6 of the Penal Code … ”
84. As set forth more fully above, DECEDENT intentionally committed the following act against Plaintiff that occurred when Plaintiff was ‘under the age of sixteen ( 16) and which would have been proscribed by [REDACTED].
85. On multiple occasions, as set forth more fully above, DECEDENT intentionally committed the following act against Plaintiff that occurred when Plaintiff was under the age of fourteen (14) and which would have been proscribed by [REDACTED].
86. On multiple occasions, as set forth more fully above, DECEDENT intentionally committed the following act against Plaintiff that occurred when Plaintiff was under the age of fourteen (14) and which would have been proscribed by [REDACTED].
87. On multiple occasions, as set forth more fully above, DECEDENT intentionally
committed the following act against Plaintiff that occurred when Plaintiff was under the age of eighteen ( 18) and which would have been proscribed by
88. On multiple occasions, as set forth more fully above, DECEDENT intentionally [REDACTED].
committed the following act against Plaintiff that occurred when Plaintiff was under the age of eighteen (18) and which would have been proscribed by
89. On multiple occasions, as set forth more fully above, DECEDENT intentionally [REDACTED].
committed the following act against Plaintiff that occurred when Plaintiff was under the age of eighteen (18) and which would have been proscribed by
90. On multiple occasions, as set forth more fully above, DECEDENT intentionally [REDACTED].
committed the following act against Plaintiff that occurred when Plaintiff was under the age of eighteen (18) and which would have been proscribed by
91. On multiple occasions, as set forth more fully above, DECEDENT intentionally [REDACTED].
committed the following act against Plaintiff that occurred when Plaintiff was under the age of fourteen (14) and which would have been proscribed by
92. On multiple occasions, as set forth more fully above, DECEDENT intentionally [REDACTED].
committed the following act against Plaintiff that occurred when Plaintiff was fourteen (14) years old or older, but under the age of eighteen ( 18), and which would have been proscribed by [REDACTED].
93. On multiple occasions, as set forth more fully above, DECEDENT, intentionally committed the following act against Plaintiff that occurred when Plaintiff was under the age of eighteen (18) and which would have been proscribed by [REDACTED].
94. On multiple occasions, as set forth more fully above, DECEDENT intentionally committed the following act against Plaintiff that occurred when Plaintiff was under the age of eighteen (18) and which would have been proscribed by [REDACTED].
95. On multiple occasions, as set forth more fully above, DECEDENT intentionally committed the following act against Plaintiff that occurred when Plaintiff was under the age of sixteen (16) and which would have been proscribed by [REDACTED].
96. On multiple occasions, as set forth more fully above, DECEDENT intentionally committed the following act against Plaintiff that occurred when Plaintiff was under the age of fourteen (14) and which would have been proscribed by [REDACTED].
97. On multiple occasions, as set forth more fully above, DECEDENT intentionally committed the following act against Plaintiff that occurred when Plaintiff was under the age of eighteen (18) and which would have been proscribed by [REDACTED].
98. On multiple occasions, as set forth more fully above, DECEDENT [REDACTED].
99. On multiple occasions, as set forth more fully above, DECEDENT [REDACTED].


100. Plaintiff is informed and believes, and on that basis alleges, that at the time DECEDENT’s violations of the Penal Code and Civil Code alleged in paragraphs 84 through 99 were committed, Defendants MJJ PRODUCTIONS, MJJ VENTURES and Does 4 through 50, inclusive, had actual knowledge of, or were otherwise on notice of, prior acts of childhood sexual abuse committed by DECEDENT, and despite such knowledge and/or notice, placed Plaintiff in DECEDENT’s custody and/or made Plaintiff available to DECEDENT and then failed to take reasonable steps or implement reasonable safeguards to protect Plaintiff from DECEDENT’s acts of abuse. Plaintiff is further informed and believes, and on that basis alleges, that these acts and/or omissions on the part of Defendants MJJ PRODUCTIONS, MJJ VENTURES and Does 4 through 50, inclusive, were committed in spite of their ability to exercise control over the personal and business affairs of DECEDENT. Accordingly, Defendants MJJ PRODUCTIONS, MJJ VENTURES and Does 4 through 50, are liable for DECEDENT’s acts of childhood sexual abuse in that their wrongful, intentional and/or negligent acts were a legal cause of the childhood sexual abuse within the meaning of CCP §§ 34Q.1(a)(2), (3) and (b)(2). 101. Given the knowing failure of Defendants MJJ PRODUCTIONS, MJJ VENTURES and Does 4 through 50, inclusive, to protect Plaintiff as alleged herein, pursuant to CCP § 340.1(b)(2), the statute of limitations applicable to Plaintiffs claims against Defendants MJJ PRODUCTIONS, MJJ VENTURES and Does 4 through 50, inclusive, is that provided in CCP § 340.1 (a), “within three years of the date the plaintiff discovers or reasonably should have discovered that psychological injury or illness occurring after the age of majority was caused by the sexual abuse.”


102. As a direct and proximate result of the wrongful, intentional and/or negligent acts of Defendants as alleged above, Plaintiffs inter-personal relationships and ability to work has been detrimentally affected.
103. As a direct and proximate result of the wrongful, intentional and/or negligent acts of Defendants as alleged above, Plaintiff has suffered and will continue to suffer (a) severe mental and emotional distress including, but not limited to, severe anxiety, stress, anger, fear, low self-esteem, shame, humiliation, depression and physical distress; (b) expenses for mental health professionals and other medical treatment; and (c) loss of past and future earnings and other economic benefits according to proof at the time of trial.
104. The conduct alleged above included intentional, outrageous, malicious, despicable and oppressive acts beyond the bounds of decent behavior, which were undertaken, wantonly, oppressively and with a conscious disregard for Plaintiffs rights as a child. Plaintiff is therefore entitled to an award of punitive damages in an amount sufficient to punish, deter and make an example of those Defendants engaging in such behavior according to proof at trial.

(Childhood Sexual Abuse- Negligence as to all Defendants)

105. Plaintiff repeats, re-alleges and incorporates herein by reference paragraphs 1 through 104, inclusive, as though fully set forth herein.
106. As more fully set forth above in paragraphs 9, 15, 21, 22, 25, 31, and 45, the conduct and actions of DECEDENT and Defendants MJJ PRODUCTIONS, MJJ VENTURES and Does 4 through 50, inclusive, served to create an environment in which DECEDENT was afforded continuous access to Plaintiff over a period of approximately four (4) years. These actions include, but are not. limited to: arranging for Plaintiff to have dinner at DECEDENT’s home on Hayvenhurst Avenue; arranging and paying for Plaintiff to travel to Hawaii, New York and Florida to attend events with DECEDENT; arranging and paying for Plaintiff to go on tour
and perform with DECEDENT in Europe and Japan for a period of six months; and arranging for limousines to transport Plaintiff to DECEDENT’s “Hideout.”
107. As more fully set forth above in paragraphs 42 through 46, Defendants MJJ PRODUCTIONS, MJJ VENTURES and Does 4 through 50, inclusive, were aware and/or on
notice of DECEDENT’s proclivities for engaging in sexual acts with young boys prior to the first occasion on which Plaintiff was placed in DECEDENT’s custody through the acts of Defendants in or about 1988. Accordingly, at the time DECEDENT and Defendants MJJ PRODUCTIONS, MJJ VENTURES and Does 4 through 50, inclusive, performed the acts alleged herein, it was or should have been reasonably foreseeable to Defendants that by continuously exposing and making Plaintiff available to DECEDENT, Defendants were placing Plaintiff in grave risk of being sexually abused by DECEDENT. By knowingly subjecting Plaintiff to such foreseeable danger, and by subsequently assuming the position of Plaintiffs employer, Defendants MJJ PRODUCTIONS, MJJ VENTURES and Does 4 through 50, inclusive, were duty-bound to take reasonable steps and implement reasonable safeguards to protect Plaintiff from DECEDENT. Furthermore, as alleged herein, Defendants MJJ PRODUCTIONS, MJJ VENTURES and Does 4 through 50, inclusive, at all times exercised a sufficient degree of control over DECEDENT’s personal and business affairs to prevent the acts of abuse by keeping DECEDENT away from Plaintiff. However, Defendants MJJ PRODUCTIONS, MJJ VENTURES and Does 4 through 50,
inclusive, failed to take any reasonable steps or implement any reasonable safeguards for Plaintiffs protection whatsoever, and continued to make Plaintiff accessible to DECEDENT for the purposes of sexual abuse for a period of approximately four ( 4) years.
108. As a direct and proximate result of the failure of Defendants’ MJJ PRODUCTIONS, MJJ VENTURES and Does 4 through 50, inclusive, to protect Plaintiff from
the acts of childhood sexual abuse to which he was subjected by DECEDENT, Plaintiff has suffered and will continue to suffer (a) severe mental and emotional distress including, but not limited to, severe anxiety, stress, anger, fear, low self-esteem, shame, humiliation, depression and physical distress; (b) expenses for mental health professionals and other medical treatment; and (c) loss of past and future earnings and other economic benefits according to proof at the time of trial.
109. As the gravamen of Plaintiffs claims for negligence against Defendants MJJ PRODUCTIONS, MJJ VENTURES and Does 4 through 50, inclusive, is childhood sexual abuse, and Plaintiff has fulfilled the requirements of CCP § 340.1 (b )(2) as set forth above in paragraphs 100 and 101, the statute of limitations applicable to these claims is that provided in CCP § 340.l(a), “within three years of the date the plaintiff discovers or reasonably should have discovered that psychological injury or illness occurring after the age of majority was caused by the sexual abuse.”

(Childhood Sexual Abuse- Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress as to all Defendants)

110. Plaintiff repeats, re-alleges and incorporates herein by reference paragraphs 1 through 109, inclusive, as though fully set forth herein.
111. As set forth more fully above in paragraphs 9, 15, 21, 22, 25, 31, and 45, Defendants MJJ PRODUCTIONS, MJJ VENTURES and Does 4 through 50, inclusive, continuously made Plaintiff available and accessible to DECEDENT over a period of approximately four (4) years despite their prior knowledge of DECEDENT’s proclivities for sexual acts with young boys, and failed in their concomitant duty to take reasonable steps and implement reasonable safeguards to protect Plaintiff from DECEDENT. Defendants MJJ PRODUCTIONS, MJJ VENTURES and Does 4 through 50, inclusive, at all times knew or should have known that their negligent acts and/or omissions were substantially certain to lead to DECEDENT’s acts of childhood sexual abuse, thereby resulting in severe emotional distress to Plaintiff.
112. As a direct and proximate result of the failure of Defendants MJJ PRODUCTIONS, MJJ VENTURES and Does 4 through 50, inclusive, to protect Plaintiff from the acts of childhood sexual abuse to which he was subjected by DECEDENT, Plaintiff has suffered and will continue to suffer (a) severe mental and emotional distress including, but not limited to, severe anxiety, stress, anger, fear, low self-esteem, shame, humiliation, depression and physical distress; (b) expenses for mental health professionals and other medical treatment; and (c) loss of past and future earnings and other economic benefits according to proof at the time of trial
113. As the gravamen of Plaintiffs claims for negligent infliction of emotional distress against Defendants MJJ PRODUCTIONS, MJJ VENTURES and Does 4 through 50, inclusive, is childhood sexual abuse, and Plaintiff has fulfilled the requirements of CCP § 340.1 (b)(2) as set forth above in paragraphs 100 and 101, the statute of limitations applicable to these claims is that provided in CCP § 340.1(a), “within three years of the date the plaintiff discovers or reasonably should have discovered that psychological injury or illness occurring after the age of majority was caused by the sexual abuse.”

(Childhood Sexual Abuse- Breach of Fiduciary Duty as to all Defendants)

114. Plaintiff repeats, re-alleges and incorporates herein by reference paragraphs 1 through 113, inclusive, as though fully set forth herein.
115. As set forth more fully above in paragraphs 9, 15, 21, 22, 25, 31, and 45, Defendants MJJ PRODUCTIONS, MJJ VENTURES and Does 4 through 50, inclusive, in
concert with DECEDENT, recruited, enticed, and encouraged Plaintiff and Plaintiffs parents to give their trust and confidence to Defendants and DECEDENT so that Plaintiff could be taken from his parents’ care and supervision and placed under the care and supervision of Defendants and DECEDENT. In so doing, Defendants MJJ PRODUCTIONS, MJJ VENTURES and Does 4 through 50, inclusive, entered into a fiduciary relationship with Plaintiff whereby Defendants owed Plaintiff an in loco parentis duty of care to take all reasonable steps and implement all reasonable safeguards to protect Plaintiff while he was in the custody of Defendants and/or DECEDENT.
116. Plaintiff and his parents agreed to place their trust and confidence in Defendants MJJ PRODUCTIONS, MJJ VENTURES and Does 4 through 50, inclusive, in the expectation that Defendants would properly supervise Plaintiff, regulate his activities and behavior, and ensure his safety. Further, Plaintiff and his parents agreed to this because they believed in the integrity of Defendants MJJ PRODUCTIONS, MJJ VENTURES and Does 4 through 50, inclusive, and therefore felt comfortable in entrusting the minor Plaintiff to the care and custody of Defendants.
117. As alleged herein, DECEDENT breached his duty to Plaintiff by repeatedly subjecting Plaintiff to acts of childhood sexual abuse. As further alleged herein, Defendants MJJ PRODUCTIONS, MJJ VENTURES and Does 4 through 50, inclusive, breached this duty to Plaintiff by failing to take any reasonable steps or implement any reasonable safeguards to protect Plaintiff from DECEDENT, and by allowing Plaintiff to be sexually abused by DECEDENT on a regular basis for approximately four (4) years.
118. As a direct and proximate result of Defendants’ MJJ PRODUCTIONS, MJJ VENTURES and Does 4 through 50, inclusive, breach of their fiduciary duty to Plaintiff, Plaintiff has suffered and will continue to suffer (a) severe mental and emotional distress including, but not limited to, severe anxiety, stress, anger, fear, low self-esteem, shame, humiliation, depression and physical distress; (b) expenses for mental health professionals and other medical treatment;
and (c) loss of past and future earnings and other economic benefits according to proof at the time of trial.
119. As the gravamen of Plaintiffs claims for breach of fiduciary duty against Defendants MJJ PRODUCTIONS, MJJ VENTURES and Does 4 through 50, inclusive, is
childhood sexual abuse, and Plaintiff has fulfilled the requirements of CCP § 340.1 (b )(2) as set forth above in paragraphs 100 and 101, the statute of limitations applicable to these claims is that provided in CCP § 340.l(a), “within three years of the date the plaintiff discovers or reasonably should have discovered that psychological injury or illness occurring after the age of majority was caused by the sexual abuse.”

Wherefore, Plaintiff prays for Judgment against Defendants as follows:
1. For compensatory damages according to proof;
2. For punitive damages according to proof;
3. For an award of interest, including prejudgment interest, at the legal rate;
4. For an award of attorneys’ fees, to the extent permitted by law;
5. For costs of suit incurred herein; and
6. For such other and further relief as the Court deems just and appropriate.

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  • To’Shari

    Imo, Michael was just plain devilish. I just wonder when did he truly began having these pedophilia desires? I heard, some where, it dated back to 1978 (when mj was about 20yo) in regards to rumors of alleged molestation of 2 young Hispanic boys but I get the feeling his pedophilia desires may have began earlier, in his teens (16-18 y.o). Michael been around a lot of sexual images/experiences throughout his entire life. And since living in and growing up in the Hollywood Industry including his family, whatever he seen or experienced, he, imo, trained himself to be a smooth criminal & use it to his advantage over his special male friends or truly believes this is normal because this what goes on in the Hollywood society or taught as a kid (been a victim himself). The phrases he uses, “it how we show our love” or ” it natural” reminds me of what I read on what Corey Feldman wrote in his book regarding a male actor molesting a then teen, Corey Haim on the set of Lucas movie. Where the male actor (everyone pointing at Charlie Sheen) tells Corey it was normal or natural when older male and young boy have sexual relations with each other. The same thing Michael would convince these young boys. And treating his special friends like having a girlfriend; he woo them, wine them and dine them, show them the world, sweep them off their feet and engage in the things Michael did with them and once their time is up, dumps them and move on to the next like what you do to a girl (love them and leave them but convince them they wanted it more than he did). I think this is where the fans are confuse, Michael treats his victims like lovers. The boys consent/agree to Michael sexual engagements where Michael don’t have to force himself on his victims though the boys at the time didn’t feel like victims (or Michael make sure they don’t feel like victims of molestation) but in a “love” relationship with him. It just terrible & sick he put this mess in these male children’s head dismantling their childhood while whining missing his own and wanting to re-live it thru them. Using his fame and money and threats to get away with it. Okay i’m done. Thanks for the update on J.S. lawsuit MjFacts.

    • Andreas Moss

      I was listening to The Opperman Report, a podcast which is ran by an old detective, and he was having Diane Dimond as a guest in an episode from 2014. (Its on ITunes, if anyone is interested!) He said he had heard rumors way back in the day before the 93 allegations that Jackson was actually caught redhanded with a little boy on one of the tours in the early 90s, but it was all covered up. The story of enablers, or people who simply looked away from what Jackson was doing, is quite astonishing.

      Diane Dimond said she believes Michael Jackson was molested himself when he was a kid, and was being passed around to elder business men in power, in exhange for the success of Jackson 5. Everything in direct control of the father, like a common pimp.

      Here’s a supposed quote from a draft of Jermaine Jackson’s book about Michael Jackson, supposedly called “Legacy”, which corraborates this theory.

      “There were times when Joseph and some of these men he’d describe as very important business people would meet late at night in our hotel suite with Michael and Michael alone. I always felt something was wrong with that and Michael would always be sick for days after these meetings.”

      Sad, but it sort of makes sense. Perhaps all this endless talk of him never having any childhood had more to do with the sexual abuse he endured from a young age, more than having to work a lot. Many people who has been sexually abused from a young age describes it as having their childhood robbed from them. It also could explain the extreme hatred for his father.

      According to NAMBLA, who probably should know, there is a common correlation between being molested as a child and becoming interested sexually with children themselves when they get older. Both Wade and James seemed to talk about such disturbing urges too.

      • ShawntayUStay

        I agree with you, Andreas. I think the undercurrent of MJ’s “lost childhood” narrative was partly because his innocence was taken from him when he was a child, although MJ never said it. Perversely, perhaps he was avenging the wrong done to him and taking back his innocence by taking these boys’ innocence? I know it sounds crazy, but I’ve read about some pedophiles/child molesters enjoying the concept of defiling that which is considered “holy” and “sacred”: children. I guess it would be similar to the concept of eating animal genitalia to increase sexual stamina, like in Chinese medicine (not linking Chinese medicine to pedophilia, FYI!).

        According to J. Randy Taraborrelli, MJ began to hate his father because of all the beatings and lack of love Joe Jackson showed to his kids. Joe Jackson also was very eager to get his boys in show business. He would spend all of their money on whatever it took to make them better. Even Katherine was in on it. I suspect that Joe’s attitude would make it highly likely that he’d allow perverts to hurt young MJ; when they finally signed the contract with Berry Gordy, he didn’t even read the fine print which contained a lot of unfair bullshit! He was beyond the bounds of most stage parents.

        • Andreas Moss

          Yeah, MJ goes into detail about it himself in one of those Rabbi Schmuley books too, about his father. Lack of love and extreme beatings is the ‘official story’. He doesn’t speak of any direct sexual abuse, but interestingly the abuse he describes in the interview sounds sexualized still. Michael, in his own words, says he was oiled up, in nude, while tied up, and whipped brutally by Joseph.
          Was that a kusher practice of old fashioned beatings back in the day? I don’t know much about traditions of punishing of children, so if that’s the case that might change things, but to me it sounds sexualized to be oiled up in nude while whipped.

          Both La Toya and Rebbie has confessed their father sexually abused them from a very young age, and Joseph reportedly was betraying his wife all the time back in the days, so he seems to have been sexually deviant enough for anything, does he not? If putting little Michael in a hotelroom with some important businessman at night, and that would further the career of Jackson 5 I’m sure he wouldn’t hesitate for long. Michael was a cute boy as a child, and as many has said, pedophilia is the biggest secret in the game of Hollywood.

          I am not sure the grown up Michael Jackson saw molesting boys as ‘avenging’, although thats an interesting suggestion. Perhaps. I would have guessed in his own damaged way that was somehow how he had matured to look at sex from a young age.

          I think perhaps he would have been gay in a more normal circumstance, if he had a more normal life. There’s some quite fiendish comments from both his mother on homosexuality, a Jehova Witness(very homophobic branch of christianity) and his brothers, according to Jermaine. They said they hoped he wasn’t gay when he was younger, and probably told him. I don’t think it was accepted in that family.

          There’s also an interesting passage in the Schumely book where he says he felt he couldn’t date women, because he was afraid it would hurt his career, and he that would lose his female fans. He seemed to think it was his chosen position to be loved and desired by as many women as possible, as that would rocket his fame… but as a consequence he could not date any of them individually, because if he did, his other female fans would get jealous. According to his own words.

          Now, I am on the fence if he was attracted to women at all, probably not, but it still kind of reminds me of catholic priests that aren’t allowed by their pact with their stricts beliefs to marry or date women… and ends up sexually abusing little alter boys as a result.

          • ShawntayUStay

            It was (and still is) a common practice in the Black American community to discipline children with corporal punishment, although today’s “experts” say that hitting children is not productive but I think that it may depend on how much the physical punishment is balanced with affection, love, and attention (Condoleeza Rice, for example, is a very successful accomplished woman who credits discipline for keeping her on the straight and narrow, so I guess it depends on the parents). According to JRT, Katherine Jackson was able to balance love and discipline but Joe Jackson wasn’t. I’ve never heard of oiled whippings outside of MJ but I do remember the rapper Flavor Flav, from the group Public Enemy, saying that as a kid, he was stripped naked and whipped and he didn’t make it seem especially sexual — perhaps the nudity was for humiliation purposes or so it would hurt more so they’d never be bad again. Flavor Flav is around MJ’s age so it could be a time period thing, too.

            I don’t know if MJ was sadistically reclaiming his innocence by molesting boys, but I have wondered how the molestation fits into the lost childhood thing. I know some people believe that his building of Neverland was to lure children for sex abuse, but I doubt that was the goal — I think he truly wanted to recreate the child fantasy world he always had in his head. The fact that the place did attract kids was probably more serendipitous than anything else.

            But if you read the Rabbi’s book, one gets the impression that MJ say kids as ‘drugs”, so to speak, as if they were solely put there to relieve whatever mental or spiritual pain he was experiencing at the moment; kids seemed to be very much objectified. And as we see in his relationships with his various “boy du jour”, we can see that was true and he’d toss the kid when they were no longer useful to him (even the likes of Corey Feldman, who wasn’t molested by MJ but MJ changed his number and stopped calling Corey once he determined there was no “point” to continue with him). That’s why the idea that he was actively siphoning the innocence of these boys by molesting them, among other things, is intriguing because I can see how it could fit with his overall pattern of objectifying kids for his own need(s) at the moment. He told Emmanuel Lewis that he was is “inspiration” and he told that to Jordie Chandler as well…but he’d dump all these boys eventually and get a new one. Kids were “inspirational” until they weren’t.

            I agree about him being sexualized at a young age. Joseph and his brothers’ philandering was always a sore spot for MJ, according to available info. But curiously enough, MJ always blamed women for the infidelity he witnessed, never his father or brothers; this idea is very much prevalent in not only MJ’s own comments (like in the Rabbi’s books, as you mentioned, and even some of the comments he made to James Safechuck), but also in his music. Women are always portrayed as “Delilahs” out to destroy using their feminine wiles, and men as hoodwinked “Samsons”. So it is quite strange, to me, that he was a Jehovah’s Witness and yet he scorned heterosexual interaction! But MJ was always “light in the loafers” so, like you say, he might’ve been a happy, well-adjusted gay man if he hadn’t been in a religion that scorned his true self and if he gotten help for his early childhood trauma. But he’s from the old school; even Liberace (a friend of MJ’s!) put out PR that he was heterosexual, claiming for instance that he lost his virginity at 16 to a girl when it really was to a football jock (LOL), and that he was engaged to a figure skater — when he was really shacking up with various younger and younger men. People had to pretend. MJ talking about not dating women because the fans would get jealous never stopped any other artist, so we know that was an excuse for his lack of interest, just like him playing “asexual” and pretending he was dating Brooke Shields when she was really with Dean Cain. Poor MJ, LOL.

            Now, I am on the fence if he was attracted to women at all, probably not, but it still kind of reminds me of catholic priests that aren’t allowed by their pact with their stricts beliefs to marry or date women… and ends up sexually abusing little alter boys as a result.

            This reminds me of an excellent documentary about the Catholic Church called “The Secrets of the Vatican”. They talk about the celibacy vow and the pedophilia problem as how it was handled under various priests, with emphasis on Pope Benedict’s reign. They uncover some pretty controversial things, including the revelation that there are many, many gay men in the highest echelons of the church in Rome and many of them are actively sexual. I believe gays were allowed in a “don’t ask, don’t tell” manner back in the 1960s and many came in because they were trying to hide and of course, the vow of celibacy made it easy for them to explain why they didn’t have wives/girlfriends or looking to get married. In the documentary, Pope Benedict was very much concerned and disgusted with the abuse of children and he hired researchers to understand the problem. One researcher was a Harvard doctor and he said that if a priest molested very young children, the gender of the children was not representative of the priest’s “overarching” sexuality. However, if priests molested pubescent and post-pubsecent children — typically 10-12 and up — it was representative of their over-arching sexuality (homosexual or heterosexual) because typically this is when pedophiles have defined preferences and male and female children diverge in body appearance (this finding is supported by Ken Lanning and other pedophile researchers like Ray Blanchard). It made me think of MJ’s special friends and their ages, plus all the evidence pointing to his lack of interest in women.


            (If you can’t watch it, you may need to view through a proxy based in the US).

          • Andreas Moss

            Thank you for the documentary about the vatican. Didn’t need proxy. Very interesting documentary.

            Yes, just saying he built Neverland only to have access to children and to molest children is perhaps a bit simplistic, I agree. People are more than their sexuality, and I’m sure he saw some kind of personal and spiritual meaning in building it too, for his own selfish amusement maybe, and perhaps even for unfortunate children visiting, like he said, who knows. Its quite possible some of his philantropy was quite genuine.

            Still, it is ALSO true that pedophiles often build up places, like their homes, outside their homes, full of toys, videogames, and so on, and that they seek out places and workplaces where children play around frequently, and Neverland was obviously perfect for that. I’m sure he didn’t plan it to just be for him. I’m sure he foresaw it being full of children already when he was dreaming about it. If he just wanted a lot of amusementrides for himself, he probably could have rented Disneyland for a day when he wanted, or something.

            Both Investigator Sandra Sutherland and Bill Dworin has compared Jackson Big Toy-land and child paradise to a larger scale of what they have seen at other child molesters. So there is a pattern.

            Perhaps there’s some kind of duality pedophiles have? Many of them really love childlike things, relates to children, care for children, but are also attracted to children sexually. Neverland could have had a dual function, which to a child molester is one reason, since they usually don’t see any wrong doings with sexually abusing children.

            I’ve been reading about Lewis Caroll, author of Alice In Wonderland, and his biographers have a similiar debate, because he was most likely a pedophile too. A couple of his biographers seem to be in denial tough, because they reckon Caroll seemed like he cared for children too much, and otherwise seemed too shy and “nice”, like one thing ruled out the other. Sounds familiar?

            When you listen to Michael Jackson in interviews and otherwise, he seems so nice, so harmless, so naive. Like a little lamb… So vulnerable. He presents himself as a child in many ways. Quite a few people claim that if he indeed was molesting children it would be purely “accidental”. That he he didn’t understand what he was doing, didn’t understand some limits, or it happened almost beyond his control somehow. Like that he was some sort of “accidental” child molester, since he was just a child himself.

            I used to think so too, at one point. But thats part of the puzzle with him that I think must be incorrect. He seemed to be extremely calculating and strategic in his goals, if we look at his actions as a whole. The Chandlers learned this the hard way, and in retrospective they understood how he masterely played the parents and their spouses, against eachother, how he manipulated the mother with all this mushy talk about trust and being a family, crying devestated over not being trusted, but it was not genuine. In the end he molested Jordy, and had lied to everybody.

            Like a trained chessplayer he had many moves planned in advance in his head, but to June and Evan it just looked like he was playing innocently with Jordy and his siblings in an innocent and quite shy way, like another child visiting, and that was it. When they saw it in retrospective its obvious everything he did was planned in great detail.

            It should be obvious though. Like Ray Chandler said. The “child in a mans body”, if it was 100% real, couldn’t have survived in a cuthroat music grown up business. It makes no sense. To succeed in such a business, talent isn’t all, its also involves a lot of strategy, knowledge, a lot of fierce competing.

            I also noticed Michael was telling Rabbi Schmoley that LMP didn’t share his ideals that all children were as important as their (potential) children, and that all children needed attention and love. ALL children. So they needed to visit hospitals, and spend time with all kinds of children, and they needed to do this all the time. LMP didn’t seem to agree, according to Michael. She had her own children, and she put them first, and she didn’t get Michaels glorious philosophy of being a caretaker and protector of absolutely all children around the world. According to MJ that was one of the problems that lead them to break up. Hm.

            Other sources describes it a bit more crude though. LMP was really being confused why all the little boys took so much of his time, and probably was suspicious. At this point in the timeline Jackson in reality was juggling with several little boys. too.

            Part of me wonders if this is all Jackson making beautiful charitable smokescreens so he could continue to access and molest little boys, or if he was genuinly that philantropic to all children, and he just happened to also be a child molester as a destructive part of it.

            I sort of interchange my position on that question. But I do think its evident he was a compulsive liar, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was an act. I’ve known people who lied so much, they started to really dwelve into their lies, to a point where they can’t be upfront about what is true or not anymore. I think Jackson was a person like that.

            His favorite character was also Pinocchio, which is interesting, isn’t it? Jermaine Jackson’s ‘lost drafts’ also mentions a situation where Michael Jackson was watching Pinocchio with his children in a hotel, and suddenly flips, gets extremely upset and started throwing and destroying stuff in the room, like he reacted to something within the story.

            Was the story about the little wooden boy who lied, getting under his skin? Could the story about a boy who got a bigger nose for every time he lied, make a mentally unhealthy person like Jackson want to operate his nose down to almost nothing? Perhaps he thought a smaller nose looked more innocent? Who knows.

            Yes, he did objectify children. He almost didn’t seem to look at them as individuals at all. I heard he often nagged on nurses in hospitals to let him come into the nursery room so he could come in and stare into the eyes of new born babies. Thats quite creepy, but it says a lot about him.

          • carlos

            He definately objetify them.The whole mini-me thing of them wearing like him is a worshipping selfish and in some way submisive thing.Also remember he would call all of them with the same nick names..apple head”…It had to be very sad to aadmire and love your musical idol,and then having to compete with all those other kids to be his favourite.MJ loved being in that position,be adored by kids just like that painting where he is seminude surounded by children.Like an asexual greek God.The Peter Pan obsession needs a whole chapter alone. This guy was so damaged at so many levels. And yes he believed his lies.HE believed his 2 plastic surgeries,he was in denial about drugs,he was homophobic but gay.He was a proud afroamerican but did everything he could to look caucasian.He was a contradiction himself.Talking about purity and inocense and then porn alcohol and drugs..He wasa complete mess.
            But I dont agree with some people painting only the monster side. YEs,he was all thata lier,a junkie,a child molester.But he was also compasionate sweet,caring,polite,brilliant.generous. And it wasnt only for the show,he was very generouss and respectful with people working for him,with his colleagues,and with people he barely knew and got nothing in return from them.He didnt abuse each and every child he helped.He helped finantially many,burn victims and all.
            So if this website is about the facts I think its fair to always remember there was a good side to Michael Jackson. Everything was not done to seduce kids and abuse them. Did he have a dark side? was he manipulative selfish?did he played the victim? YEs. But of all those different personalities he built there was one he desperately wanted to hold on to.That pure loving generous innocent MJ that wanted to folow Jesus steps.The struggle was real forhim.He fought lust with all his heart but he was sick and a victim himself that ended victimizing others. Its a very sad sad story.How he ended up destroying himself and his career ad ruining the life os so many kids.He had to go to jail in 2005.It would have been a reality check and he would have recieved the treatment he needed to safe his life and the punishement he needed for his crimes

      • To’Shari

        I always wonder why either na employee of Michael’s or the LAPD, have one of his employees who witnessed strange behavior from Mike, to put on a wire or have a undetected body camera of some sort or put secret recording devices in his home/bedroom to tape of what goes on then they can finally catch him that way. It’s a shame that he have been caught (well multiple times according to maids and guards) and it covered up.

      • Berta

        I just spent an hour listening to that Opperman report episode. Very interesting (and shocking at times). The baby diaper thing was gross, but, again, falls in line with the narrative I’m used to re: MJ at this point. :/

    • ShawntayUStay

      I think his pedophilia may have started during his teenage years. His first boy was really Rodney Allen Rippy; he was 5 and MJ was around 15-16 and according to Rippy, MJ wanted to trade phone numbers with him after they met at the American Music Awards. MJ would call him on Saturdays and Rippy’s mother wondered why MJ didn’t have friends his own age…understandably, it’s pretty weird to want to talk on the phone with a 5 year old.

      Also, recently, in 2014, an auction of Jackson family stuff was held and one of the items belonging to the Jackson family (I think it was stuff that they accumulated at Hayvenhurst from the 70s onward, I believe) was a head shot/bio of Rodney Allen Rippy! It’s weird to say the least because as far as I know, MJ may have been the only one (briefly) interested in him, so I suspect this is from MJ’s possessions.


      • To’Shari

        oh, i forgot about this kid. Rodney Rippy did mentioned that he use to a lot of phone chats with Michael.

      • The Queen Of Swords

        I remember Rodney talking about their “friendship” in VH1’s “Michael Jackson’s Secret Childhood”.

        Maybe MJ started even before 1974 when he was 15/16-years-old, but Rodney was his first famous “special friend”. I wouldn’t doubt it.

        [*** Most Adult Child Sexual Abusers start before age 18, and over 50% of Child Sexual Abuse is Child-On-Child Sexual Abuse.]

        • The Queen Of Swords

          Here is the “Michael Jackson’s Secret Childhood” Documentary, where Rodney discusses his childhood “friendship” with Michael Jackson:


          Here is Ricky Segall discussing his childhood “friendship” with Michael Jackson, too:

  • NilsH

    “DECEDENT would repeatedly instruct Plaintiff to be confident and to deny
    everything if ever asked about the abuse. DECEDENT told him to be quiet
    about it and not tell anyone, even his parents, about their relationship.”

    Just one audio recording of something like this would shatter MJ’s career and life forever. He really was risking everything with these boys. Boys made him crazy.

    • CandyC

      It’s somewhat proof how far Michael was willing to go for his provoclivites; endangering his entire career and reputation (supposedly as being a shy man-child who was asexual) for the sake of pre-pubescent boys. His career was undeniably very successful for the most part, so when you think about it, it was a huge risk he took but it’s evidence how strong his apparent NEED was.

      Heck, even when he was caught, he still continued his behaviour, he needed boys and IMO, his “box of secrets” being exposed led to excessive drug use and it’s what what killed him, he drugged his pain away, it’s sad but he wasn’t joking when he said he couldn’t live without children as companions.

      • sam

        I don’t recall Jackson still prancing around with young boys after he had his own children. Obviously the birth of his children changed him a lot as it does with any person who becomes a parent.

        • NilsH

          Well, he had Omer Bhatti living with him since 1997. There was Gavin and his brother as you could see in the Living with MJ docu. There was little Juju. There were a lot of boys around even after MJ had his ‘own’ children. It must have been pretty weird for Prince and Paris, seeing your dad hang out with a boy your own age.

          • peter

            I never understood leaving ur kids with nannies and go to play with some other kids but if u keep in mind they wer not biological I dont think he loved them more than he loved any other children,the only thing is he was not alowed to spnd full time with unrelated childrenbut he could with prince and Paris..again selfishness.he had those kids out of selfishness literally bought them to play to be a daddy.People usually have children if they canthey do not own them like a car

        • Pea

          Sam, just to reiterate what NilsH said, Jacko did not stop being interested in boys once he had his children — the facts don’t comport with that idea.

          Prince was born in Feb ’97. Jacko had met Omer Bhatti in late 1996 but moved the boy in with him in Nov 1997. (Paris was born in April 1998.) Omer became a ‘special friend’ — dubbed “secret son” — in spite of Jacko’s kids being there. If you’re suggesting that Jacko supplanted boys with kids of his own, what was the purpose of having 13-year-old Omer around? Certainly not to babysit!

          Sometime in late 1998 or so, you’ll recall the allegations of Alex Manchester. http://www.sbscpublicaccess.org/docs/ctdocs/042005pltmotmanchester.pdf

          At the most innocent, you still have a man who now has two children going off alone with a 6-year-old boy. That, too, is inconsistent with your “He’s got kids now” theory.

          Though the date is at least within six months of recording the song, Jacko dedicated “Speechless” from Invincible to 14-year-old Anton Schleiter, after playing with he and his sister. The song is tender and romantic. It must have made the folks at VIBE magazine shake their heads when Jacko said “Speechless” was inspired by a boy:

          VIBE: Tell me about the inspiration for “Speechless”. It’s very loving.

          MJ: You’ll be surprised. I was with these kids in Germany, and we had a big water-balloon fight – I’m serious – and I was so happy after the fight that I ran upstairs in their house and wrote “Speechless”. Fun inspires me. I hate to say that, because it’s such a romantic song. But it was the fight that did it. I was happy, and I wrote it in it’s entirety right there. I felt it would be good enough for the album. Out of the bliss comes magic, wonderment, and creativity.

          While I am uncertain about the veracity of the Arvizo allegations as a whole, there is no doubt that Jacko was inappropriate with those two boys, showing them porn as 10- and 11-year-olds during their first visit to the Ranch. At that point, Jacko had 2- and 3-year-olds to take care of. What was the point of Jacko having the boys staying in his bedroom, even if Frank Cascio was there with him? Need, perhaps?

          In approximately late 2001 or early 2002, Jacko shared a bed with 19-year-old Brett Barnes for what seems to be the last time. Brett gave the same “He’s got kids now” explanation, too, lol.

          In the Summer of 2003 (by then Blanket was already around), Jacko used his bed/bedroom with boys two other times. He allegedly asked 15-year-old Aaron Carter to stay in his room, provided Aaron a cot when Aaron agreed to stay, and, when Aaron fell asleep, Jacko got out of his bed to join Aaron. As we all know the story by now, Aaron Carter woke up to Jacko at the foot of his bed; then, after being questioned about what he was doing, Jacko apologized profusely — “Oh I didn’t know, I didn’t know!” During that same summer, 7-year-old Juju Elatab stated that he and Jacko slept in bed together, with Jacko “hugging” Juju, “not touching me on the parts,” as Juju qualified.

          It’s incredible that those two events took place after Jacko was accused of being a pedophile for his affect in the Bashir documentary. Yes, he had kids, but, evidently, he had “needs”, too.

          Juju, a boy about one year older than Prince Jackson, was sleeping in Prince’s Daddy’s bed. How embarrassing!

          Oh! — I’m sure you’ll recall the boys Jacko “entertained” while in Las Vegas, circa Nov 2003: http://www.mjfacts.com/paul-anka-vindicates-diane-dimond-story-on-jackson/

          Let’s not also forget that Jacko had local Los Olivos boys spending time with him in his bedroom, too. According to Jesus Salas, only boys stayed in Jacko’s room. As Desiree of DSSL broke the story back in 2010, it’s no doubt those 2 foreign semen stains found on Jacko’s bed mattress (and a third in sheets & underwear kept with his own soiled underwear) were from boys, unless Jacko was having adult gay sex, which is possible but doubtful.

          So, no, Jacko never gave up boys because of his kids. You’d have a better argument saying Jacko gave up boys after the trial. But even then, it’s strange that he brought one of his old time boys to L.A. back in January 2009 — one of the South African Cohen brothers. The boy was a teen and shopping on Jacko’s dime, calling him “cousin”. Certainly there was something in Jacko’s 2007-2009 behavior that made Dr. Conrad Murray intimate Jacko was a pedophile: http://www.mjfacts.com/michael-jackson-suspicions/

          • To’Shari

            The only person left is the nanny, Grace. I wonder what she witnessed. She took care of PPB, hopefully kept them away from some of Michael mess but lord knows what they may have seen especially the oldest child Prince.

          • silverspirit

            She saw too much so her fired her. His lie to his kids “she would climb into my bed. She was in love with me”. He really was a very sick person.

          • To’Shari

            He really told his kids that??? lol. I do know she still has some contact with the kids. There was photo of her with Paris and other family members that was posted on another website. I think it was taken earlier this year or late last year. I see she still in good terms with the kids….

          • silverspirit

            Per Paris’s testimony after he died. “she was sneaky and fanatical”. I know Grace was called in to help with the kids. That didn’t last long.

            Grace was kicked the curb for daring to challenge MJs alcohol & drug use.

            Here is a link:


          • yaso
          • Mahoney

            What did she see?

          • silverspirit

            She worked for the pedophile for 20 yrs. One can only imagine. Wish she would write tell-all that exposes him for the creepy fraud he was. 20 yrs and all of a sudden she’s “a liar & a creep”? I don’t think so.

            The freak was teaching those kids that “everyone was bad”. While he was their only “threat”.

          • yaso

            I agree, Jacko poisoned his kids’ mind by his sick lies and delusions. That everybody was out to conspire against him and take him down and that Nobody was to be trusted except him. Even the woman who was like a mother figure to his kids, he ruined that for them.

          • Billie Jeans were broken

            thats the most manipulative thing of all when your father isolates you by telling you everybody is bad.My father did not sexually abused us or phisically but he phisically abused my mother,cheated on her and had countless out of marriage children that he did hide from us for years.How did he manage to do it? By not letting us play in the street and be told..by not alowing us going to other peoples home,by not alowing my mother to build real friendships.It was a school-home life.we were only out with him and he showed us around like a trophy. I could be talking to him and he wont listen cause he was so worried about people looking and how we were percieved as the perfect family.and reply:what?…He is a selfish manipulative individual. I’ve mentioned he phisically abused my mother the very few times she had the courage of speak up,when she asked questions,when she didnt feel like going out to perform the happy family act because a letter from another woman came.He first denied it then turned it around and blamed her later when she didnt felt like going out or have sex and beat her. He used to come home many hours after his job was done visibly drunk and happy. As a kid I loved welcoming him back cause he was happy and holding us. Looking back I see he was drunk and he was so selfish that loved to have kids welcoming him home like the macho the king of the kingdom.He enjoyed the adoration we felt but Im not quiet sure he truly loved us back that much.He was sure coming from drinking and spendin time with another woman.he was Never home early,by never I mean truly never
            I havent touched on the psicological part…my mother still today decades later is still under his spell.Even though we dont live together she still has that bright light and respect in her eyes when he comes ocasionally on topic as if she was talking about a hero or epic figure.still contact him on dates.The sad truth is that man ruined her life and his childrens(that includes mine).
            For years I tried to carry the load I didnt want to play the victim card,I wanted to carry it all and take charge and responsability of my life not blamin anyone else of my disgrace. Reading Safechuck testimony I understand an abuser influence can be felt many years later even if you dont talk. I need alcohol to be able to face everydayIm not alcoholic but I drink everynight so I dont go to bed thinking about the drama
            As to psicological abuse he didnt call us names but it was just never good enough,no matter how good we were at school he would never alowed us to see him feel happy about it proud or congratulte us with few exceptions. I guess he didnt want us to have a high selfsteem so he could dominate us and also have us keep seeking for his aproval.He was like our God.He was always right,any plan he came up with was the best…He would spend money on stupid projects that were a complete failure projects tha tmy mother invested in for the most part…She was the bread winner but he played the king role.Yes my father is a clown and a selfish ass.At least today Im able to write this and see him for who he really is so the manipulation has come to an end.For years I kept idolizing him and sugarcoating my childhood.
            I dont have childhood friends outside school we were isolated.Im the exactly oposite,generous.I would hate to be the selfish ass he is.even with your own children. Today I feel compassion towards him.The man ruined his family and now he is old sick and alone.I cant go onto too much detail but because of the traumatic upbriinging I cant trust anybody.After your father failing you its imposible to trust.Im not going to have childrenI dont feel Im capable of doing it Im stack in my 20s.It has affected me on a personal and profesional level.Sometimes I think I may need psicological help but the truth is the drama wont dissapear.m ylife is what it is.At least I dont blame myself anymore and I face everyday with a positive attitude.If somebody calls me and tells me he is dead…I dont know how I would feel.Sad for sure but also impotence frustration,selfhate and wonder if there was something I could have done.Internally I keep blaming myself.I keep loving him and wondering why he had to mess everything up,why he had to ruin my life. Most part of the time I try not to think and just live in the moment.I got no past and no future to dream about.just the hope of an emotionally healthy life,thats my only goal.I dont crave a big car and a successful career probably cause it reminds me of him.i just want a quiet humble life.I spent many years doing things to make him feel proud.Not anymore I dont care how he feels about me.I finally took charge of my life.I understand Jimmy trying to build his own life outside of Neverland and MJs influence.He was another selfish manipulative individual.Those are destructive and the sad part of it is victims end up enjoying the manipulation adoring these people and not able to let go. They play the victim themselves.They always use..put yourself in my position.But they never put themselves on anyones. MJ was the perfect vitimized manipulator. Long before Gavin as a fan I realized how he literraly used friends and kick them out fo rno reason.All of a sudden people dissapeared form his entourage.But he always claimed to feel lonely.and have no friends. He just wanted the “poor Michael” image. a master manipulator its repulsive what he did to so many people making them feel special use them and kick them out.He did it with both children and adults,men and women

          • The Queen Of Swords

            Prince has expressed a desire to work as a director since he was 9 so he could “work with my daddy”. Today, he is pursuing directing as a career.

            Since Wade and James both said Jackson was obsessed with them being directors so they “would do great stuff together”, I am concerned and I think Jackson may have sexually abused Prince and was starting on Blanket, like he sexually abused Wade and James.

          • To’Shari

            And with the story of Mr. Manchester, He should have been aware of the stories about Michael w/young boys including the 1993 accusation & payout and be very cautious of having Michael around his own son. As soon as Michael became in contact Alex Manchesters’ son, becoming his “hide-n-seek” buddy and started calling the child at extreme times/hours, this should have been a big red flag to distance your son (and himself) from MJ and/or keep his relationship with Michael strictly business. If someone would have warned Mr. Manchester that if brought his son to Neverland, that there will be no boundaries between his son and Michael whether he like or not, would he still brought his son with him? Alex tried to put his foot down in saying “no” to Michael but with Michael’s charisma, charm, power of persuasion, his celebrity stat and threatening body guards , I know Alex wish he should had known better and use more common sense.

        • Pea

          And “Sam”…. you were asked to explain what evidence doesn’t support Wade Robson’s claims in this comment by MJFacts: http://www.mjfacts.com/misconceptions-and-misunderstandings-can-wade-win/#comment-2386056621

          We would still like to hear your thoughts!

  • To’Shari

    Hi Kitty, I’m definitely not implying this is Ok for men to treat women this way but there are some (NOT all) men that are this way towards women. and I’m definitely NOT saying it’s ok for man/boy relationship to be this way either. In Michael’s case I just wanted to give an example, based on what I see and read about all of this over the years, is how he treats young male-kids he became close to, his “special friends”. His methods and motives toward these young boys. I try to figure out what’s going on in Michael’s mind, since he may not had a real relationship with women (his 2 marriages staged- don’t count), but the young boys takes their the place in Michael’s life (excuse me for not able to explain this correctly). I may not know Michael but I demonized his actions and his behavior with these young boys. Michael don’t set boundaries between himself and unrelated children. He had people in his camp that can set rules of some sort for him and the fan child, making sure nothing foul happens or limit the amount of time they have with the superstar in his home or any where else. But that’s not the case with Michael and he definitely doesn’t want that. He’s the boss and he set the rules, his people follow and removes the boundary tape from himself and the child knowing this could hurt his image & reputation. Also, this can cause confusion with the child especially when parents always tell their kids to be careful with strangers or don’t go alone with strangers etc, but Michael may be a superstar but he was still a stranger and the parents/child didn’t really know him as a person because of his celebrity status and they was starstruck. Michael was letting the world/his fans believe he’s all for the innocence & purity of children and see god thru their eyes and Neverland was suppose to this perfect place for children where they can escape the harsh world and be kids, but instead he takes a young boy he became too close to and takes them from there own child environment and sense of what is right & wrong and taking their innocence, having them to lie. If Michael wasn’t a pedophile and wanted to do sleepovers he could have done it out in the open, in his living room or any open space with other people (witnesses) like with the boys family or have surveillance camera in that space (evidence to prove nothing inappropriate happened) and not alone w/them in his bedroom, alone w/them in his hotel room or alone w/them in his “secret hide out” condos. Look at the number of alone sleepovers he had with each boy, extremely excessive don’t you agree? Plus, of what they found his in Neverland ranch, excessive amount of “loose” porn and nude photo of a young boy in his private bedroom (in his bathroom, I believe) and loose alcohol in his bedroom as well, the list goes on. (And what I mean by “loose” is, it’s easy to have access to). How can he have this kind of stuff “loose” in his house (mostly in his bedroom) knowing kids are going be there and can find it. I been raising my eyebrows on him ever since the first allegation.
    Expressing my thoughts in a blog is kinda strange for me especially I keep forgetting on what I wanted to say or add in but hopefully I explain it okay.

    • kitty

      Thank you for your response and for clarifying what you meant as this relates to adult heterosexual relationships.
      I agree that there should have been better boundaries established by MJ and his crew. After all, he was by position in so much power, whereas what limited power does a 10 year old have? But I also hold the parents of the sons responsible at some level, some more than others. Maybe its just me, but I wanted to be part of my child’s life. Even if Mike wanted to have a slumber party with my son (if I had a son), I would have insisted that I also be there if for no other reason than I wanted to be part of the bonding and camaraderie. If for no other reason, all the adults involved should have been proactive so as to prevent even accusations from arising. I remember hearing when the Jordan Chandler news first broke. My thoughts at that time were that unfortunately with the world being as it is, adult men really can never be too friendly with kids because of the possibility of such accusations arising.
      I like it when this blog presents facts, i.e., the actual civil complaint. That is important, and too often there is too much emotion (on both sides)interjected into the never-ending saga of the life and the killing of Michael Jackson. Even a lot of comments posted to the above article are conjectures and suppositions. Although it is fair that his now accusers have a chance to have their say (as to be determined by the court system), I do find it mean spirited when everything Michael Jackson has ever done is questioned as to his motives. Even if one wants to believe everything these now men accusers say about Michael, that does not make Michael the most horrible person ever. I am not trying to minimize the accusations, but I do assert that we all have wrong things we have done which maybe are not illegal in the eyes of the law of our land but are very wrong to God. He was a man who had to deal with many conflicts. He dealt with challenging family circumstances. He dealt with extreme racial tensions (which may have well also affected Joe in the way he pushed the children). He had early economic challenges, and he did not have the best environment to learn in for a young boy since he did not consistently get adequate sleep. He grew up in inappropriate night club environments with immoral behavior certainly present. Then his mom got the family into the Jehovah Witness religion, and he seemed to sink his teeth into that at some level. At some point, from what I read(if true), he was put out of that group by the elders because he had guns in the video “Smooth Criminal” (Hmm, OK). He had his head burned up from an on-the-job accident. There are many and many odd things that happened to him when he was just living his life and not doing anything controversial. And despite what seems to be frequently understated, he was a person who lived in the spiritual realm (and those people are generally not well understood by mainstream folks who really are unfamiliar with the understanding that man is body, mind, and spirit).
      He is the ultimate performance artist, his whole life is an open book whether or not he always chose that. For whatever reason, he was put here for such a time as this. I doubt that there could ever be a situation like that again that would put one man in such a spotlight (for one, at least for now, authorities would probably become involved when he was a child due to what we would now consider is child exploitation). Just in what has been recorded in articles, I find it fascinating how he ended up in these unusual circumstances which then had extremely big impact on his life. It’s like “Someone” was directing his show all along for the world to see.
      Fact: He wrote and performed the (beautiful) song “Will you be there” which is more like a prayer, a man struggling with his relationship with God and asking for direction and reassurance. He is asking God to help his confusion, to save him, to correct him. This song was on the Dangerous album. Interestingly, it is in 1992 he meets Jordan Chandler under the most unusual circumstances. Perhaps had he not met Jordan Chandler, well, who knows… God works in mysterious ways, His ways are not our ways. And be careful what you pray for.

      • ShawntayUStay

        Kitty, I understand your viewpoint. All anyone who has never had the opportunity to meet MJ and be close to him can only speculate about who he was and why he made the choices he did. As MJ sings in “Tabloid Junkie”: “Speculate to break the one you hate/Circulate the lie you confiscate…” so I definitely agree that there are people out there that may relish in the dirt and take inexplicable joy in “trolling” MJ from beyond the grave, but I for one am not one of those people. My speculation is truly to understand MJ and how some of the puzzle pieces of the events in his life fit together with his own explanations. He was the biggest star yet fell so hard; “a swift and sudden fall from Grace” as he sung it in “Stranger in Moscow”. But rather than chalk it up to some unseen force, God, the “KGB” or whatever else, all one has to do is examine the facts. MJ made some peculiar decisions, some no doubt allowed because he was a celebrity. But why though? is the question.

        It would be all to easy to just vilify MJ for his mistakes but I don’t see the point of that, first and foremost, he’s deceased and secondly, as you pointed out, we all do make mistakes. Pedophilia, however, is a hell of a big mistake so even if it seems mean and a bit of old hat, it’s interesting to learn the “man behind the mask”, how much PR was true and how much wasn’t. If you really think about it, the process of hoodwinking the public into believing a created image just so a actor/musician/sports star/politician can continue to make money and be famous off of us is rather alarming. I promptly became a vegetarian after learning the truth of animal abuse in factory farms; likewise, I stopped being a “blind” fan of MJ when I saw that he was most likely a pedo. But of course giving up an interest in a person you once had affection for is difficult, and I still like his music and feel sympathy for MJ, so now I want to know what was behind the squeaky-clean image I fell for. Was it as bad as the media says, if so, what happened to him to make him like that? I don’t think that curiosity is mean-spirited; it’s not for me at least.

        • kitty

          You seem to be very reasonable in what you wrote. I think that there are a lot of people that feel very bad about the whole saga and how it ended, and we wonder how and why it got to that point. I think it’s fair to say we all project an image (and celebrities possibly more so although not necessarily) although for sure it is interesting to know how much of that image is accurate in those we care about. With him, he fought so many battles on many different levels. From a purely humanistic perspective, if you think of the conflicts that a person who had the sensitivity he had (this sensitivity to his environment and his surroundings is reflected in his art and interviews), one would have to be amazed that he survived and even thrived to superstar status that he had attained, and that he lasted as long as he did.
          But I’m not just making a generalized statement of religiosity when I refer to his spiritual battles. He himself was free with his references to God in music and interviews, and some of his music does have Biblical references (although sometimes he was inaccurate about Biblical details). He stated that God gave him his music, his songs, his ideas. He also stated something to the effect that when he danced, something else was taking over. I’m in no way saying in anyway that he was always “dancing unto the Lord” (particularly since his hand would end up at unexpected places). It appears that he was involved in deep spiritual warfare which I could write a lot about but most people would just shake their heads if this was presented to them. He communicated at a higher level beyond words and even beyond music. That might explain his inexplicable draw of many persons (which seems to even have transcended beyond what his music and performance would have elevated him to on its own). I have not seen this spiritual influence much discussed when persons try to explore the “man behind the mask”. I don’t think that most people understand his spiritual connection (or that realm in general), his understanding of God and his (MJ’s) understanding of his purpose in life as this related to why he was here on earth (which he did at times refer to), and how these understandings influenced his life and to what extent. I think that the people who would have a better handle on the spiritual warfare he faced have for the most part not seemed to have any particular interest in MJ (and have remained silent when I have approached them).
          I know that to some persons reading this that might seem “spooky”, “goose bumps”, “psycho”, etc. However, that world is real, what we experience now is a brief tangible reality that is bound by time and “the veil”. He had peeked behind that veil from time to time. And this is relevant to his life and “fall from Grace” because it is the core of his life and being and relates to how he responded to his thorns in his flesh (and what spiritual protection he had and didn’t have).
          On a more positive note regarding MJ, however, I am persuaded to believe that his prayer before the “This Is It” tour was that God would grant him the biggest, most exciting, most unforgettable, most sensational performance ever. God has been answering that prayer.

          • Pea

            Very interesting thoughts, Kitty. I myself am an atheist, but I can respect religion and am not opposed to it. So, I, too, would be keen on learning more about Jacko’s spiritual headspace, as it seems to have impacted him greatly. People can argue about the existence of God but for believers in/of anything, that system is real and therefore significant.

            Jacko used to say, “I’m not saying I’m God, but I try to be godlike.” He always qualified it that way, usually when he was describing something he believed was selfless. One explanation could be that it was by force of habit, a sort of “superstitious” holdover from his days as a Jehovah’s Witness. Alternately, he could’ve truly believed he was something of a demigod.

            It seems to me that Jacko was of two minds about his religion, like many people who begin to feel a conflict between biblical teaching and their “authentic” selves. After putting that disclaimer up on Thriller, I wouldn’t be surprised if he viewed his religion as restrictive, and substituted Jehovah with himself. He was a cute shy religious man who became a drug-addicted and freakish alleged pedophile, the implied consequence being that worshipping his own wants & desires was what took him down?

          • Dani Lee VanBuskirk

            This was a great post..If you are still around I would not mind hearing more on your outlook about MJs “spiritual warfare” and how this not only affected him, but may indeed have attracted more fans/fanatics than just the music..It does seem these days that more fans are into MJ as a person, saying the music is last on the list as to why he is their idol, I myself like the guys music, him as a man well I question.

          • kitty

            Hi. It seems like many of the big draw music stars have a spiritual component that “enchants” their fans.I always found Michael Jackson more interesting than others because he seemed to frequently refer to God in his music and interviews. Not many others even mention God, let alone think about Him so much. I don’t doubt his sincerity in this matter. “Will you be there” sounds like a prayer where he is asking God for His assurance that He will there. Too bad, though, that he was not sure that God is there for all who call upon His name. He did seem to believe that he was put on Earth by God for a big purpose. He never denied his fondness for God, and that itself (given his influence in the world) would have certainly made him a “target” to the negative spiritual entities(i.e., demons and such) that exist in our world, Unfortunately, he did not seem to totally embrace God as God so requires, and thus he did not have fullness the spiritual strength (which would have been God’s divine intervention) to combat the spiritual attacks (since he was dealing with such attacks more on his human strength alone). Again, that he lasted as long as he did suggests to me a divine intervention at some level for whatever reason. I find it interesting (if true) that he supposedly had a meeting in the World Trade Center on the morning of 9/11. He was reported to have overslept and missed the meeting (again, if this is a true story, which I do not know). Also, that he died near the summer solstice is interesting, for in pagan rituals of years gone by there was a ritual of sacrifice at this time, and one culture even sacrificed “kings” at this time. Then his naked body had to be displayed for all to see courtesy of a court trial (along with a detailed report of his autopsy easily accessible for whoever wanted to read). If this was a “planned kill” (and evil was behind this), there certainly was being sent a message to “Do as you or told or this will happen to you!”
            Those are just a few of numerous oddities that could suggest some spiritual significance (then again, some would argue are simply coincidences). Yet from what I have read and hear about Michael Jackson, he seemed to have all sorts of oddities and unusual situations that followed him all of his life (and it was not he who always sought this out).

          • peter

            I think MJ should blame his beloved mother for ruining his childhood without birrthdays and christmas and demonizing sex etc. Most of the confusion he had came from that not from Joes beatings.He ended a drug addict perverted bisexual pedophile cause you are always goin to do what they dont ell you to do.people if you got kids dont be too strict cause it can backfire. Alow them to go out,drink a beer or 2. He couldnt ait to leavve Encino to go wild. I agree with catholic preachers with kids similarity,he was afraid of fans,intimidated by them and scared of them telling the press…he always said he only trusted kids.He knew they were not able to go to a magazine…but honestly did he thought he was going to abuse that many children without any of them tellin their parents? he clearly thought was above everything.he playe dmind control on them its so sad.
            I just feel sorry for all the fans cause all this will come out sooner or later.more kids will come forward write books as they get older and got nothing to loose. Its funny that MJ state did not say that robson or safechuck claims were false.their statement only said its too late and that he defended Jackson in the 2004 trial…They themselves know is true so they were only able to say….sorry too late dude..I dont know if anybody noticed but that says a lot to me.They didnt want to risk their reputation by defending MJ inocense.They just gave a legal statement.Anybody would expect a fight back statement to clean Mjs name.I guess theres so much dirt tha tnobody wants to go any deeper into this mess or asociate his name defending him not even Branca

          • kitty

            I don’t want to blame his mom. I don’t know what it is like to be her or why she was drawn to the religion she was drawn to. At some point Michael had become a man, he had personal responsibility and choices, like we all do when we become adults. We shouldn’t blame our parents for everything at that point, even if we would like to.

      • Kitty, in regards to Michael Jackson and his departure from the Jehovah’s Witnesses it appears the Society wanted to make it seem that MJ left them rather than they kicked him out. I’m not sure of the truth of the matter, but this is a letter the management sent out prior to the 1987 “Trust in Jehovah” District Convention.

        • kitty

          Thanks for the post. Somewhere on the internet I had read a detailed article relating that the elders had been frequently scrutinizing his work. However, the article shared that it was during the making of “Smooth Criminal” that the line was drawn. That was some time after 1987, but I suppose he could have rejoined the organization (again, what really is the truth?) One thing I found interesting, however, is that I did ask questions to a person who knows a lot about the Jehovah Witness religion and beliefs. As I was told, it is not a warm and fuzzy, good will religion. Their works are not largely about helping the poor and downtrodden (individuals might coincidentally do this on this on their own, but it is not something that the religion preaches). Works to the members involves buying and distributing the materials, handing them out as witnesses, doing what the elders and organization tells them to do- I could see how MJ and the organization might have a mutual agreement to end the relationship. I was also curious as to the spiritual aspects of JW’s. From what I was told, the religion does not teach that God would speak directly to the individual but would speak through the organization. I asked what would a “typical” Jehovah Witness think about someone who said that God talked to him, gave him ideas (and songs). I was told that the typical JW would think that that person is lying or has mental issues. I would be interested to hear what a Jehovah Witness might say on this matter.

  • Pea

    Just as an example, you don’t think Jacko moving Omer Bhatti into his home qualifies as “spending lots of time alone” with a boy? Or still having boys sleep in his bedroom? So, since you don’t disagree that Jacko never gave up boys, I don’t totally understand your point of contention. What I’m inferring from what you’ve said — and, by all means, correct me if I’m wrong — is that Jacko was still allegedly sexually attracted to boys but, after his children were born, he no longer needed physical gratification (as sex allegedly always occurred during the trips, hotel room stays, and sleepovers at the boys’ homes) because merely “befriending” them was enough to sate his “desires”.

    Did I get that right, Sam? If so, you certainly haven’t disputed Jacko’s pedophilia.

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  • ShawntayUStay

    Although I see your point, Seabo, and can agree with you, generally speaking, I can’t help but question that if it’s true that MJ allegedly liked women, why did we only see him with young boys or nobody at all? Why hide them? The most logical answer would be that he wasn’t interested in them. Most celebrity males have no problem showing off their wives or girlfriends, but MJ did? His brothers had no problem either. So MJ was so afraid of telling the world about the woman/women he loved, but had zero problem flaunting his little special boy friends off to the paparazzi, holding their hands, caressing them, sitting them on his lap, going on vacation with them? Doing everything in his power to make himself look like the gay pedophile he’d be later revealed to be?

    Can you understand, then, why people would question the validity of the scarce number of individuals that proclaim MJ’s heterosexuality? You’re asking people to reject common sense, to reject what they see with their own eyes, and believe, by faith alone, that MJ was a virile straight man when no one has seen it! It’s far more likely that those with a “MJ was straight” anecdote are either lying because they have a stake in it (e.g. Frank Cascio or the bodyguards [already debunked]), witnessed MJ putting on a false front to impress those he felt he needed to hide his true self from (e.g. Pharell Williams or any black person, I’d wager), or saw something that doesn’t indicate anything (i.e. MJ saying a girl was pretty — that proves nothing).

    Alternatively, Stuart Bacherman knew MJ and said that he wasn’t “built that way” to be in a romantic relationship with a woman and had no relationships that were real, including his 2 wives. He also said that it’s possible that MJ was using the relationship with boys as a way to explore his latent homosexuality. Jason Pfeiffer repeated that MJ would comment on women’s appearances, that they’d go through magazines and MJ would criticize women’s looks. He also said hat MJ thought Lisa Marie was sexy, but in an ownership way not the way in which a lover would speak — she was a like a car. He said that he thought that MJ was mostly gay, and that perhaps MJ believed he could have a relationship but he seemed mostly gay. Are these men also telling the truth about a side of MJ?

    To me those anecdotes gel more with what the public’s eyes could see instead of some secret girlfriend story.

  • yaso

    I wish more boys (who are now Adults) whom Michael molested come forward with the Truth and set themselves free…I’m sure Aaron Carter is one of the countless abused boys..he only admitted that Michael gave him wine and drugs (but later denied it after the crazy MJ fans blasted him) but from his interview you can see very clearly he wanted to say more but couldn’t and at the end he said (I want to say something to Michael if he can hear me, that i will always protect his legacy!) it’s very obvious he meant he would never expose him as if he felt sorry for him and wanted to protect him unfortunately like many other victims.


    • Melissa

      I felt this, too. And how he woke up at three in the morning and MJ was staring at him?! Creepy!

  • Sarah

    The only people these now adult victims should be suing are their own negligent parents.

    • The Queen Of Swords

      Disgusting. Yes, the parents were negligent, idol-whorshippers of celeberity, fame, and money. But they can’t sue the estate of their abuser or the two cooperations that delivered boys up to MJ on a silver plater knowing he was engaging in forcibly kissing, mutual fondling, mutual masturbation, oral rape and even anal rape with these boys? This “man” should haved died in a prison, not in a mansion and yet he did. He died and was celebrated by the world as harassment, bullying, and threats against his first three accusers increased. Where’s the justice in that? If these lawsuits can provide some form of peace and justice for his new accusers, as well as help pay their therapy bills due to the sexual, emotional & psychological pain caused by a predator, who are you to denounce it?

  • Pea

    Why are you talking about “pure”? Have you seen Michael’s porn collection? What’s “pure” about a man owning a DVD with scenes of “Unbelievable Anal”, “Brown Showers”, or “Chicks with Dicks”? Or his owning a book of a woman having sex with two men at once or the art of male-on-male sexuality?

    Not to mention he had many phony prescriptions for various drugs!

    Jacko wasn’t an “angel”; he wasn’t “pure” — he was obsessed with sex and drugs, and, yet, you have no problem with him getting into bed with young boys. You need to to open your eyes. The Jacko you believe in is a figment of your imagination….

    • Aly Borntoolate

      The FBI have already said that stuff is garbage, they said it plenty of times, it was all invented, it was a conspiracy. But you be talking as if you were there examinating his house with the FBI. Wow

      • Pea

        Where did the FBI say the strange porn he owned was “invented” and a part of a “conspiracy”?

  • yaso

    What happened to James Safechuck Lawsuit?! Was it dismissed like Wade’s?

  • The Queen Of Swords

    Wade Robson’s new lawyers have taken on Safechuck’s case and have updated his Lawsuit against MJJ Productions & MJJ Ventures:


    Good luck, James/Jimmy. As a survivor of Child Sexual Abuse & Adolescent Sexual Abuse, I support in you. Many others — including other survivors — support you. SNAP — an organization for Male & Female survivors of Clergy Abuse — supports you.
    We wish you all the best!

  • He did.

  • Stephen von Siebenburg

    Feldman is an asshole and a devious former drug addict/pusher. One look at him explains why MJ never bothered him

  • yaso


    Sex abuse by long-dead Michael Jackson? Judge rejects lawsuit

    A judge dismissed a negligence suit filed by a man who alleged two companies created by the late Michael Jackson shared responsibility for sexual abuses committed against him by the long-dead King of Pop.

    Santa Monica Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff ruled that MJJ Productions Inc. and MJJ Ventures Inc. cannot be held liable for the alleged abuses of 39-year-old James Safechuck by Jackson when the plaintiff was a minor because the companies had no ability to influence or direct the singer’s conduct.

    “As plaintiff cannot plead some ability to control the 100 percent shareholder and owner of the entity defendants who perpetrated the abuse under these circumstances, these causes of action cannot withstand (the defense dismissal motion),” Beckloff wrote in his 18-page ruling on June 28.

    Jackson began abusing Safechuck in 1988 during the singer’s “Bad” tour, the lawsuit alleged.

    Jackson died June 25, 2009, at age 50, of acute propofol intoxication.

    Safechuck’s lawsuit also alleged intentional infliction of emotional distress and that Jackson put his interests ahead of those of the plaintiff. He maintained he was an employee of the two Jackson companies when he was 8 or 9 years old in the mid-1980s and that he was compensated for his work in part with travel, lodging, medical care and clothing.

    However, MJJ Ventures did not file articles of incorporation until February 1991, Beckloff wrote.

    “Plaintiff could not have been employed by that entity defendant until after that time,” Beckloff wrote.

    Safechuck also maintained that he worked for the Jackson entities when he was 16 and 17 years old, after the alleged abuses stopped.

    “This employment appears to the court to have been a more traditional and formal employment relationship than the alleged employment relationship occurring in 1988,” Beckloff wrote.

    “While it is not entirely clear when the sexual abuse ceased, it appears the sexual abuse continued until 1992,” when Safechuck reached puberty, Beckloff wrote.

    Safechuck maintained that a key moment in his realization that he was a molestation victim was when he saw a May 2013 television interview with Australian dancer and choreographer Wade Robson, who also claimed he was sexually abused by Jackson as a child. Safechuck maintained that he did not fully comprehend what happened until he underwent subsequent counseling.

    The 35-year-old Robson also filed a civil suit against the Jackson entities that still is awaiting trial.

    • silverspirit

      I read that. I notice the Judge didn’t say MJ was not a pedophile. Thanks for the info.

      Here is more news today.

      Jordan Chandler, accuser is being sought by lawyers

      Lawyers working on a $100 million sex-abuse lawsuit against Michael Jackson’s former companies are on a global manhunt for the late singer’s first molestation accuser, in hopes of convincing him to testify, reports the NY Daily News.

    • Michael Jeffrey

      Yaso, I think it’s pretty understandable why they dismissed it. When Jimmy worked for Jackson, he was 16/17 years old:
      The abuse had already stopped for 2 years then. The employment and the abuse had no connection, besides that Jackson wanted to make sure that Jimmy doesn’t speak out after the Chandler scandal. Jimmy would probably never have received the job without the allegations. But Jackson’s companies didn’t put Jimmy in danger during 1994/5.
      The employment in 1988 can’t be proven by Jimmy. He only appeared in that Pepsi Commercial before the molestation started. So even if I feel sorry for Jimmy, there is no way the companies are responsible for the sexual molestation between 1988 and 1992, because Jimmy wasn’t working for them in those years.
      Wade Robson should have good chances to win since he appeared in at least 3 music videos of Jackson between the ages of 8 and 10 (while he was abused).

  • BrendaS

    I was watching the documentary Marlon Brando Speaks and it reminded me of a story I read. Marlon Brando’s biographer told a story in his autobiography about Michael. The story goes, Marlon was upset because Michael had told him that he had a wedding ceremony at Neverland where he “married” a young boy. So Marlon and the writer decided the best way to get Michael help was to tape Michael telling the story. When the writer asked Marlon if he had taped Michael, Marlon said the tape failed.

    After watching the documentary, it seemed unusual Marlon would not know how to work the tape recorder. He seemed to record constantly. Can you imagine if there was a recording and it was floating around somewhere?!

    • Guest

      Can you please state which Marlon biography and which page did you read such information? Thank you.

      • Pea

        Unfortunately, that user has been banned from this website for abuse of the comment system. :/

        • Guest

          OK. Thanks.

  • carlos

    I agree that a famous kid has to come forward.BUT Im not that sure MJ abused the famous ones.He knew he couldnt buy their silence,but he also knew that the kids speaking up would destroy their career so I really dont know. Most of those 80s famous kids are bisexuals and have been abused by many Hollywood co-actors casting director coreograph..you name it. Those are hollywood skeletons tha tnobody is going to reveal to the public.everybody swings both ways.Its just the way it is. Ribeiro and Evan ross are definately fluid.Was MJ the first?who knows. Fans are in denial even if M.kulkin revealed the abuse they would say his career is over he needs money for drugs or whatever. Even if katerine herself admits the abuse they would be still in denial

  • andrew

    The aim of thus website is not to just hate on somebody. There is nothing hateful here, just an objective examination. The FBI didn’t find anything, so what? It doesn’t change the fact that he had an abnormal obsession with hanging out with boys, which should raise red flags. Also, they actually found alot of questionable material in his house, so there is still alot of unanswered questions out there. This site is pretty objective and doesn’t attempt to smear anybody. If you can’t deal with the idea that the king of pop could of been a child abuser, reality is harsh.

    • Michele

      If all of his accusers admitted they were “molested” with no uncertain terms, then I would be 100% certain he was a child molester. (I’m not talking about the ones who accepted money vs. going to the police). I’m talking about M. Culkin, Brett Barnes, Emmanuel Lewis etc. Those are some of the ones I have noticed this site wants to confess to “being molested”. There are a lot of things he did that raised red flags, but that doesn’t mean he 100% did anything wrong. I have only been to this site for a couple of days, and I do see comments that are hateful. Such as calling Michael Jackson “Jacko”. I could be looking over some things, but some of the comments posted are flat out absurd and are lies. On the flip side, I have seen posts that have factual evidence. I’m not some fan in denial, because I have an open mind. One component of this website I appreciate is reliable websites/sources. NOT TMZ, Radar online, and the absolutely worst one being the National Enquirer.

  • Michele

    Not exactly, but the parents obviously did not care enough to allow them to sleep in the same bed with a grown a** man.

  • Michael Jeffrey

    After a long time, I finally published a new Jackson related article. It’s kind of random. But there may have been something going on with Anthony Jackson…

    • Andreas

      Interesting. Anthony looks weirdly like Jordy too, doesn’t he? I wasn’t too aware of him.

      • Michael Jeffrey

        Yes. In some of the pictures I have,he looks dangerously alike to Jordy:
        In my view there are sadly a few reasons that lead me to believe that Anthony was most likely victimized:
        1) he looks (as you mentioned) weirdly like Jordy
        2) he was close to Jackson between 7 and 15
        3) boy was fatherless, Jackson considered him his son ( We have seen this with other boys like Wade Robson or Omer Bhatti) son-dad games
        4) He travelled with Jackson in 1996 (on the History tour as an 8/9-year-old), touring with Jackson was never a good sign
        5) In the doc, Anthony claimed that he lived with Jackson and his children at the ranch for a while…
        6) Jackson looked after him financially his whole life (paid him off after the age of 15???)
        7) He is only his second degree cousin, so they aren’t even that closely related. Maybe Jackson lost his inhibitions due to that fact.
        It’s kinda weird. When Jackson was touring with a child, a young male child especially and had that kid around between 7 and 15, had him living at his ranch and considerd him his son….It usually only had the reason that he wanted to molest the kid.
        For people observing who wanna know what we are talking about:
        Like I said, to me it’s absolutely not unlikely that this boy was molested. Jackson usually had two types of victims he went after:
        1) dark-haired and dark-eyed boys with longer hair and a light brown skin color: Wade Robson, Omer Bhatti, Brett Barnes, Jordan Chandler, Anthony Jackson, Gavin Arvizo (just no longer hair), Bryton McClure, Jason Francia, Juju Elatab
        or the complete opposite…
        2) blue-eyed, blonde-haired boys with short hair and pale skin: Macaulay Culkin, Jonathan Spence, James Safechuck, Aaron Carter, Kendall Cunnigham (just brown eyes)
        Then there were few exceptions, even though they all had something in common as well:
        3) brown-haired white boys with brown eyes: Anton Schleiter, Sean Lennon, Frank & Eddie Cascio, Terry George
        He met all of these kids when they were 12 or younger (yes Jordan and Gavin met him at 12 and 10, Frank at 4, Anton at 12 etc). MJ never showed any interest in boys he firstly met at 13. It’s important to notice these pattern, because you can conclude a lot from that.