Wade Robson September 4th Hearing

September 4 saw another hearing regarding Wade Robson’s civil case against the Estate in Room 51 of the Superior Court of California, in front of Judge Beckloff.

The purpose of the hearing was for the judge to rule on Wade’s discovery requests. Wade is looking for the Estate to agree to turn over any files related to Jackson’s 2005 molestation trial – Robson has asked the judge to allow access to Jackson’s criminal files to “show that Michael Jackson had a distinct and repeated modus operandi which is often the signature of serial pedophiles…Any evidence that Michael Jackson sought opportunities for his alleged crimes and planned and prepared them in a habitual, customary manner (or that Michael Jackson did not reasonably and in good faith believe that any of his alleged victims consented to sexual acts) will be admissible, and the subpoenas are reasonably calculated to lead to the discovery of such evidence.”

“Proof of childhood sexual abuse, sexual trauma and threats will be presented by direct evidence, corroborating evidence and evidence of Michael Jackson’s intent, plan, habit, and custom, which in the case of a pedophile, have a unique signature. Wade Robson’s subpoenas are reasonably calculated to lead to the discovery of admissible evidence.”

Judge Beckloff did not make a decision on the 4th, but according to a source who was at the courthouse, Judge Beckloff said he would make a ruling “soon”, and definitely before the next hearing in the case which is on November 6th.

Meanwhile, in the civil case against MJJ Ventures, Inc. and MJJ Productions, Inc., there will be a hearing on October 28th in relation to the Motion for a Protective Order put forward by the attorneys for the two companies. The protective order seeks to limit Wade’s special interrogatories (of which there were 143) and requests for admissions (of which there were 93) to the first 35 of each, as the lawyers find the large numbers “unduly burdensome, oppressive, harassing, excessive and unwarranted”.

Motion for Protective Order here