Michael Jackson’s Neverland Favourites, an All Boy Video Anthology – Whose tape was it?

Anybody who has seen Michael Jackson’s FBI file released in 2009 would be familiar with a curious file titled 95a-hq-1148159.pdf, about a supposed child pornography video.

Click on the file link below to see the FBI document relating to the video.

95a-hq-1148159.pdf 95a-hq-1148159.pdf
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Type : pdf

This file detailed an analysis by the FBI for the US Customs Service on a video titled “Michael Jackson’s Neverland Favourites, an All Boy Video Anthology”, to see if it was a first generation copy or a subsequent copy. The title of the video is certainly puzzling – this video was not seized from Jackson, and there is no evidence that Jackson had any involvement in it. However it seems bizarre that anybody would use this title, unless they felt it was applicable in some way or another.

There has been much speculation about exactly what was on the videotape – although the FBI file’s subject is listed as child pornography, the FBI file says nothing about what is on the tape. Some have speculated that it is merely video of children playing at Neverland, or innocuous home videos of Jackson’s children. We can reveal, however, that we have obtained a file which shows exactly what was on the videotape. This file is the original request from the US Custome Service to the FBI and details the contents of the tape.

Not surprisingly, considering the name of the individual in the title, the video is dedicated to boys. The tape is nearly 6 hours long, and includes:

  • Swim Party – “Male youths (pre-teen?) cavort in and around pool, later have snake” – actually a 70’s film from Lyric International, known for it’s films about boys which are still collected by pedophiles today.
  • Summer Freedom – “Eight pre-teen(?) boys at beach” (another Lyric International title)
  • Title redacted – 7 minute film of 2 boys on a bed.
  • Untitled
  • Dear redacted
  • Action Boys
  • Das redacted
  • Das redacted
  • Title redacted
  • Czech Mates – listed elsewhere as a “nudist documentary featuring boys”
  • You Are Not Alone – a 1978 Danish coming of age film set in a Danish all-boys boarding school
  • Untitled
  • Untitled
  • Redacted Diary
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Whether the video actually contains any child pornography isn’t made clear, however it seems unlikely as many of the films feature a favourite pedophile meme – nude boys doing fun things. Contrary to popular belief, most pedophiles do not collect child pornography for a couple of reasons – most find it distasteful, and/or they don’t want to be caught collecting illegal material. See the nude boy “art books” and nude photos of his young friends that Jackson collected.

Actually, after rereading that page, I’m starting to get an idea why this videotape had Jackson’s name in the title.

See the US Customs file here

95A-HQ-1148159-1-b.pdf 95A-HQ-1148159-1-b.pdf
Size : 0.530 Kb
Type : pdf


  • TokioHotalien

    You DO know that Michael Jackson was sent countless of stuff by people right? He had no control over what he owned and what not and all of them were stored in a room. His fans knew that Michael likes children and they sent bunch of stuffs that their idol would like. Later on, it was portrayed as if Michael collected those or explicitly bought those things which is bullshit. You call your site MJfacts but what you have are only speculation by someone who wants him to be a pedophile for whatever reason. Michael Jackson was innocent and THIS is a fact

    • Wade Robson Allys

      Really he had no control. So essentially you are saying if some crazed lunatic wanted to send him a envelope filled with Anthrax that no handler on his staff would inspect his mail. MJ was one of the most paranoid celebrities on the planet and said on several occasions he could not trust people because of anterior motives but yet random mail coming to his home was just delivered in trucks and dumped on his lawn. Every high profile celebrity has handlers who go through mail etc. This was even reported on that one of his security guards would check his mail and bring back items he felt Michael Jackson would like. Just use basic common sense

    • silverspirit

      MJ had control and no he’s not innocent. He’s dead actually. Your bull shit was debunked. You weak attempt to make it seem like MJ had no control over anything does him no favors. There are no facts from you. That is a fact. Hammertonhal, if this site stinks? Why do you stalk it all the time?

    • silverspirit

      Luna, you paint a picture of a man that only exists in your had. You junk was and will always be debunked. MJ was not innocent. That’s a fact. He admitted it on National TV that he loved taking boys to his bed. Also, court docs behoove you. So, your argument is weak at best. If you hate this site because it exposed MJ for what he was. Perhaps you should stop making new accts and trolling here.