MJ Facts EXCLUSIVE: The Jimmy Safechuck Story

Written by guest contributor Desiree (DSSL)

Update November 29 2015:

MJ Facts has uploaded James Safechuck’s first amended complaint for childhood sexual abuse in the civil case against Michael Jackson’s companies.

Update March 21, 2015:

Though the following article is based upon other court filings in James Safechuck’s late claim bid, read his newest Declaration as part of the Resources on this website: Supplemental Declaration of Claimant/Creditor James Safechuck in Support of Amended Petition for Order to Allow Filing of Late Claim Against Estate (filed March 18, 2015).

His Declaration does not touch upon details of the sex abuse (read details of that below), but notable in the document are James’s description of Michael Jackson’s trial telephone calls; his very veiled confession to his mother; and his psychological injury (he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder — “PTSD” — and for a time used drugs to numb his mental anguish and fear). James also confides that Jackson’s enormous celebrity stature and virtual omnipresence compounded the years of grooming and intimidation tactics, keeping James silent until his disclosure in 2013.


In the winter of 2011, as James Safechuck was living an unassuming life as a happily married man and new father in southern California, I discovered something extraordinary — that is, extraordinary to those of us still interested in the Neverland world of Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson and then favorite Jimmy, aged 10.

Back then, the James of our collective conscious was “Jimmy”, a ten-year-old boy with sun-kissed hair and pretty hazel eyes whom Michael Jackson met on the set of a Pepsi commercial the two filmed together. Paparazzi frequently snapped Jackson and his little friend hand-in-hand during outings, and Jimmy would later become Jackson’s companion during the Bad tour. They were inseparable for a few years, but, as is typical with Jackson’s revolving door of ‘special friends’, that, too, was fated to end.

Jimmy Safechuck suddenly was no longer Jackson’s buddy. He became the boy Jackson ‘threw away’, and that was all to his story.

James Safechuck’s Michael Jackson experience was always cloaked beneath thick layers of rumor. Stories of luxury cars purchased for the family and, with La Toya Jackson’s insistence, enormous “checks payable” to his ‘garbage collector’ father had flourished in various states of ambiguity. Even major Michael Jackson biographers J. Randy Taraborrelli and Christopher Andersen knew little else about the boy, though Taraborrelli, in his 1991 edition of The Magic and the Madness, did report that Frank Dileo, then Jackson’s manager, had expressed concern about the perceptual impact of Jackson’s relationship with Jimmy. Worried some may view it as “perverted”, he goaded Jackson to end it. It was unknown whether Dileo’s advice pushed Jimmy out, or if the boy’s expiry date had simply been reached.

So, morale was low for Jimmy Safechuck, being the boy Jackson forgot and traded in for flashier models like Macaulay Culkin, until Tom Mesereau mentioned him transiently during a witness’s cross-examination at Jackson’s trial. On March 17, 2005, while questioning former Neverland cook Kiki Fournier, Mesereau stated James was wedded at Jackson’s Neverland Ranch:

2 Q. Okay. Now, the prosecutor for the
3 government asked you some questions about other
4 young boys, as he put it, that Mr. Jackson knew
5 through the years, right.
6 A. Yes.
7 Q. And would you agree that, like most people,
8 Mr. Jackson sometimes became a closer friend of some
9 families rather than others, correct.
10 A. Yes.
11 Q. And the so-called “young boys” the
12 prosecutor referred to would come with their
13 families, correct.
14 A. Yes.
15 Q. In fact, Jimmy Safechuck was married at
16 Neverland, wasn’t he. Do you remember that.
17 A. I didn’t even know he was married.

It was certainly a bombshell, suggesting to anyone paying attention[1] that Jimmy Safechuck, the boy Jackson allegedly ‘threw away’, had not been thrown away at all.

Jackson’s admirers would use James’s purported ‘Neverland wedding’ to buttress “Michael Jackson was innocent” narratives. They reasoned that, in spite of anecdotes from Neverland employees like Mark Quindoy and Blanca Francia who, years earlier, claimed to have seen Jimmy and Jackson in compromising positions, it was inexplicable an abused boy — now a man — would share such an intimate milestone with his molester.

Mesereau’s inclusion of this significant detail served the same purpose. But in burying the revelation among other questions[2], not many learned of Jackson and James’s sweet years-long friendship. None of us knew the date of this alleged wedding, either, and James did not show up at trial to testify.

In the winter of 2011, it became clear why Mesereau’s question seemed like a throwaway at trial: it wasn’t true — James, alternately, was married on October 18, 2008 in Chicago, Illinois, to his current wife.

For days I poured over these details, racking my brain as I tried to find a way to redeem Mesereau — to figure out if there was a possibility he had not hatched the claim out of his own imagination for the sake of his beleaguered client[3].

In so doing, I weighed Fournier’s sporadic employment history at the Ranch, which spanned from September 1991 to September 2003, against when, exactly, this wedding could have occurred. Was it possible, I asked myself, that Kiki had merely missed the Big Day? James’s age also became a factor to consider. He was twenty-five when Jackson was booked on a second round of sex abuse charges in late 2003, which marked that year as a logical cutoff — it was doubtful anyone would want to celebrate matrimony at the Ranch after it had been blighted by the Arvizo ordeal. This made the interim between arrest and trial unlikely.

Additionally, the Martin Bashir documentary Living With Michael Jackson aired in early February 2003 after being filmed for approximately eight months beginning in mid-2002. Because the special was intended to be a flattering career booster after Invincible bombed, Jackson would’ve likely included at least some footage of James Safechuck’s wedding at the Ranch had it occurred while Bashir & Crew were present. Such a spectacle would’ve went a long way in proving Jackson hadn’t only been interested in ten-year-old Jimmy’s body years earlier. After all, Jackson had utilized Gavin Arvizo’s cancer story in the film, though he hadn’t spoken to the boy in months. But with James’s age decreasing as time reversed, it wasn’t looking good for Mesereau; my resolve that James could have had a previous spouse was dampened considerably. Coupled with his own parents’ decades-long marriage — a positive example he could emulate — it seemed improbable that James Safechuck had ever taken a bride beneath the shady trees of Neverland.

The realization of this fact was a blow to those whose only interest in James was how he could improve Michael Jackson’s reputation. Without a ‘Neverland wedding’ to vindicate Jackson of the ‘special friend’ he threw away, ten-year-old Jimmy returned to his place as a shadowy specter lingering above Jackson’s innocence. It made matters worse that James had been mentioned by Jordie Chandler during a 1993 interview with psychiatrist Dr. Richard Gardner. The thirteen-year-old told the doctor that Jackson had confided that many boys had masturbated in front of him, including “a boy who went on the Bad tour with him,” Jordie explained.

Jordie’s credibility got a boost when Jackson settled his case. The multimillion-dollar move would suddenly make the kinds of gifts Jackson was rumored to have given Mr. and Mrs. Safechuck — indeed, any parent of Jackson’s ‘special friends’ — look like money-for-child deals, even if the parents remained ignorant of that reality.

A few years later, in the spring of 2013, Michael Jackson’s admirers suffered another massive attack to their defense armaments. Once a shining star for Jackson’s side at trial, dancer-choreographer Wade Robson, a rhythmic prodigy like Jackson himself, accused his mentor of sex abuse. Unlike Jordie Chandler, who was allegedly molested over a few months, Wade claimed Jackson committed multiple felonies against him, including anal sodomy and coerced submission to other peculiar sex acts, from age seven to fourteen.

Then, one year after Wade Robson, there was Jimmy.

According to documents filed in Probate Court (case number BP117321), in the days following Wade Robson’s brief interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer, in which Wade, with a bold, anger-tinged voice, referred to Jackson as a “pedophile and child sexual abuser”, James began to feel considerable panic — a condition from which he’s suffered for years — as Wade’s story circulated and questions of Jackson’s conduct with his ‘special friends’ was given new prominence. He sought treatment with a therapist. In October 2013, he’d mustered up the courage to contact Wade’s lawyers.

Longtime Jackson chronicler Diane Dimond broke the story of James Safechuck’s filing against the Estate for The Daily Beast in May 2014. Not much was known about James’s own allegations, only that he was no longer going to let the likes of Tom Mesereau tell stories about his relationship with Michael Jackson.

Dear Jimmy,

Thank you for your letter. It was nice hearing from you again! I’ve been busy working on a new video for my album and have been really busy.

It was fun working with you on the Pepsi commercial! Maybe we can work together again. I’d like to have you come and visit me on the set sometime or when I have some free time you can come to my house.

Keep sending me letters! I love to hear from you!

Speak with you soon, [Michael Jackson]

— Letter from Jackson to James Safechuck, March 10, 1987

There were sweet letters in the beginning, as ‘sweet’ as letters could possibly be between a nine-year-old boy and a 28-year-old man, followed by frequent phone calls and visits to Jackson’s Hayvenhurst mansion. Before long Jackson started doling out gifts to Jimmy. On the first family visit to Hayvenhurst and while Jackson and Jimmy were alone, he gave the boy a globe and, in secret, $700 in cash. (Mr. and Mrs. Safechuck admonished Jackson when they later learned of the money; Jackson “giggled” an apology and “said that he could not help himself”.) Jackson spent Thanksgiving at the Safechuck home in 1987 and later took the family on first-class, cross-country vacations — young Jimmy and his parents, according to James’s Petition with the court, were thrilled to be “with someone who was a ‘star’ with celebrity status and wealth”[4]. (The infatuated Jackson would also give Jimmy one of his Thriller jackets. Jackson took the jacket back years later since it was slated to be on show at a museum, but he promised the boy the display would bear the sign “On loan from Jimmy Safechuck”. Jimmy got to keep other jackets and costumes, which he claims he still has.)

For his part in this seduction process, Jackson also expressed affection for his new friend and adopted family, as transcribed from part of a chat between the two taped on the boy’s cassette recorder in February 1988:

Plaintiff: “What do you think about lying?”

Decedent: “People make up stories about [Michael Jackson].”

Plaintiff: “Do you like performing?”

Decedent: “Favorite things are writing songs, performing, and being with Jimmy.”

Plaintiff: “Any new plans?”

Decedent: “Smooth Criminal short film, new Pepsi commercial, best Pepsi commercial was the one with Jimmy because he had heart, best thing about Hawaii was spending time with Jimmy, love Jimmy’s family and want to spend time with them.”

— Complaint, p. 6 – 7

(According to the Complaint, Jackson referred to James as “Rubba”, and in other portions of the above “mock” interview conducted and recorded by Jimmy, Jackson uses this pet name. James states Jackson explained “Rubba” was short for “Rubberhead”. Eyewitnesses to Jackson’s relationships with boys suspected the nickname had a sexual undercurrent.)

Jackson and Jimmy on that Hawaii trip in February 1988. (Photo credit: Alan Light.)
Jackson and Jimmy on that Hawaii trip in early February 1988. (Photo credit: Alan Light.)

The vacation Jackson referenced was the first of many spoiling, all-expenses-paid trips for the Safechuck family. What began as a business excursion — Pepsi held its annual convention in Hawaii that year — turned into an opportunity for Jackson to “spend time” with his new friend Jimmy. Reports of Jackson’s visit in local newspapers recount he and the boy walking along the beach and visiting a shopping mall. In Hawaii was also the first time, James says, that Jackson asked if the boy could sleep with him in his hotel room. Prudently, Mrs. Safechuck rebuffed the request. He would try again in March 1988, approximately one month later, when Jimmy and his mother joined Jackson in New York. Paparazzi snapped one outing during that trip, as all three were accompanied by Liza Minelli to a Broadway showing of The Phantom of the Opera; Jackson and Jimmy were photographed holding hands and he later spoiled the boy with a shopping spree at the FAO Schwartz toy store. James recalls that while they stayed at the Trump Tower hotel in Manhattan, Jackson again pressed Mrs. Safechuck about the sleeping arrangements, and again she told Jackson that her ten-year-old son would stay with her.

At the Phantom of the Opera show, March 1988, in NYC.
At the Phantom of the Opera show, March 1988, in NYC. Mrs. Safechuck didn’t let Jimmy sleep with Jackson…yet.

But with Jackson nurturing what would become an inseparable bond between he and his new ‘special friend’, James’s Petition recounts that “as soon as James woke up in the morning, he went to stay in Decedent’s room with him.”

Submission to the one-on-one sleepover was a crucial part of being Michael Jackson’s ‘special friend’, and if Jackson planned to keep Jimmy around, the question of bed-sharing would need to be resolved.

Jackson did manage a small victory in-between the Hawaii and New York City trips, however. While Bad tour rehearsals were underway in Pensacola, Florida, Jackson flew the Safechucks out for a vacation. Accommodations were houses rented near the Pensacola Civic Center where Jackson practiced. Stealthily, he convinced the Safechucks, described in court documents as “unsophisticated”, to allow he and ten-year-old Jimmy to stay in one house while they stayed in another. James recalls that this was the first time he had ever stayed with Jackson during a trip, though, apparently, Jackson had yet to get Jimmy in his bed.

When Jackson began staying over at the Safechucks’ Simi Valley home, James says his parents allowed he and Jackson to sleep together in James’s room or share a makeshift tent set up in the living room if the bedroom scenery bored them. James remembers Jackson “using white bandage tape … to form a shell to cover his nose” as a before-bed ritual, a testament to how close the pair became. It’s unknown why the Safechucks allowed their son to sleep over with Jackson on some occasions and not others (Jackson would later abuse Jimmy in the boy’s home bedroom once Jimmy was ‘initiated’); perhaps in the rented Pensacola house with many other rooms from which Jimmy could choose and in their own home where they were constantly present, they felt secure. But a slow and dangerous tide was coming in.

Jimmy Safechuck's 'mullet' hairstyle matches Jackson's.
Jimmy’s ‘mullet’ hairstyle matches Jackson’s.

In the meantime, Michael Jackson and Jimmy Safechuck had officially become an item, a conjoined twosome who began to resemble each other, as is typical of all of Jackson’s ‘special friends’. According to James’s Complaint, “Decedent encouraged Plaintiff to dress like him and grow his hair long like Decedent’s. Decedent had coaxed Plaintiff to become a ‘miniature version’ of Decedent. Plaintiff did.” James says he and Jackson spent more and more time together as 1988 progressed. Expectedly, Jackson didn’t want to be away from the target of his affections, and, as he did with the earlier cross-country vacations, the ten-year-old and his parents were invited to join Jackson on the Bad tour.

The Safechucks joined the Bad entourage in Paris at the close of June 1988. It was very soon after their arrival, James says, that the sex started.

Jackson’s Hotel de Crillion suite was described, eerily, as “dark” when Jackson made his first move on ten-year-old Jimmy. In court papers filed later, it was revealed that this first act involved 29-year-old Jackson “teaching [Jimmy] how to masturbate.” (“Teaching” would later become emblematic — Jackson often told Jimmy that the boy was the sexual aggressor in their relationship, not Jackson, with sayings like, “You’re teaching me,” and “This was your idea, remember?”) It’s unclear whether the Safechucks’ previous ‘no hotel-room sleepovers’ dictum was still in effect when Jackson allegedly took it upon himself to introduce his prepubescent friend to adult pleasures, but, according to James, he regularly shared a bedroom — and a bed — with Jackson thereafter for the rest of the Bad tour.

In fact, biographer Christopher Andersen notes in Michael Jackson: Unauthorized (p. 230) that Jackson’s Bad tour assistant Jolie Levine[5] noticed only one bed seemed to be in use within the suites in which Jackson and Jimmy slept, though two were usually available. “When [Levine] saw Michael at the end of the day,” Andersen writes, “her pajama-clad employer would be back in bed in his hotel room — again with his young companion.” Perhaps these repeated sightings were what led Levine to candidly refer to her former boss as a “chickenhawk” to police in 1993.

With the masturbation accomplished — another cardinal rule among Jackson’s ‘special friends’ — Jackson had the young boy hooked into his Neverland world, leading him to believe that sex between the two “were ‘acts of love’ and instigated by James himself, rather than Decedent.” James recounts that after this initial intimacy, the abuse increased not only in frequency but also in variety. On another occasion during the Bad tour, Jackson and Jimmy engaged in a sex act redacted in his pleadings but one which Jackson “referred to … as ‘selling me some’.” Seemingly like a common escort, James says Jackson would “give James jewelry after [James] did this, as a ‘reward’.”

Joy Robson wears the 'Jackson medallion'.
Joy Robson wears the ‘Jackson medallion’.

James claims he still owns some of the jewelry Jackson gave him in exchange for sex, including “a necklace with a medallion bearing Decedent’s face.” It’s an interesting gift indeed. In Victor Gutierrez’s Michael Jackson Was My Lover (p. 135), Gutierrez recounts a June 1992 impromptu meeting with Wade Robson and the boy’s mother Joy on the Venice Beach boardwalk during the ‘investigation stage’ of his book. He stated Joy adorned herself with a similar piece of jewelry:

While I was introducing myself, I noticed she had a gold chain with a medallion about two and a half inches in diameter; it had Jackson’s profile on it. I asked her if Jackson had given it to her and she said that he had given it to her son, it was just that she liked to wear it.

Given that Wade Robson has also accused Jackson of molestation and also received a ‘Jackson medallion’ necklace, it is a wonder whether that trinket — like Jackson’s secretive code language of “duck butter” for semen, “bright light, brick city” for an erect penis[6], and “scratch[ing] the inside of Plaintiff’s hand with one of Decedent’s fingers” as a “sexual cue” — possessed its own very private symbolism.

When the Bad tour ended, Jackson’s interest in Jimmy had not. In wanting to maintain the connection built since the consummation of their friendship back at the Hotel de Crillion, Jackson took it upon himself to send for James, alone, to be with him whenever he was away from California. One such trip was to New York City following Jackson’s February 1989 Grammy Awards performance. James recalls that on these out-of-town visits, Jackson would sexually abuse him in their shared hotel room bed.

As Jackson’s obsessive love and alleged sexual desire for Jimmy Safechuck intensified, so, too, did the boy’s “emotional attachment” to Michael Jackson — at one point, James remembers wishing Jackson was his father, not James Safechuck, Sr., the lowly ‘garbage collector’ lacking a college education. Jackson promised Jimmy “that he would take care of him” and declared his devotion to the boy — Jimmy responded in kind. These love pledges became a ritual of sorts, James says, recited like special chants when he and Jackson were “physically together” or over the telephone when they were apart. Jackson had to hear that his boy loved him.

At some point, Jackson — perhaps in an agitated state of infatuation with Jimmy Safechuck and needing to solidify his hold over his ‘special friend’ — held a secretive wedding ceremony and married Jimmy[7], “complete with a wedding ring and a signed document.” James says in his Complaint that Jackson referred to their union as a “faux committed relationship” that had to stay between them only and required monogamy, at least on Jimmy’s end.

It would get more bizarre between them, however, due to Jackson’s increasing possessiveness of his new ‘special friend’ and his own guilty paranoia.

The fabled Neverland Ranch would become synonymous with different things to different people. To some, the property was a palatial and relaxing oasis; to underprivileged children visiting the Ranch on field trip, it was a playground, complete with zoo, carnival rides, and a fully-stocked candy counter in the theater. To police raiding the Ranch in 1993 and 2003, it was a sinister porn- and booze-filled lure where hundreds of felonies had been committed by its eccentric pedophile owner.

But for Michael Jackson, who spent $17 million for the property and secured the deed in April 1988, Neverland Ranch was his fantasy world where no behavior was off-limits as he attempted to recapture his supposedly lost childhood. James says in his Complaint, “Decedent confessed to Plaintiff that his own father, Joseph Jackson, beat him when he was growing up if he ‘messed up’ or did not rehearse, and that Plaintiff was now giving Decedent the childhood he never had.”[8]

Jackson said Neverland was "Jimmy's home", too, says court documents.
After purchasing the Ranch, Jackson told his boy Neverland was “Jimmy’s home”, too, court documents allege.

Neverland would also become a portal of descent into the reclusive star’s self-created madness.

Jimmy was the first guest to stay overnight at the Ranch, but before its amenities and typical features had been added. There was “no large ‘Neverland Ranch’ sign, only the main house, pool, and a trampoline,” James recalls of the then threadbare mansion. Though the house was sold to Jackson as-is, the infamous hallway chimes that became a part of Neverland’s dark mythology did not come with the property; according to James, they were set up as a function of Jackson’s paranoia: “Decedent eventually installed chimes in the hallway to his bedroom so that he could hear and be warned when people approached. Decedent later installed video cameras.”

Mannequins and a "Do Not Disturb" sign kept Jackson's bedroom off-limits.
Mannequins and a “Do Not Disturb” sign kept Jackson’s bedroom off-limits.

In 1993, police raiding the Ranch were astounded to discover that Jackson’s hallway ‘sang’ as they came close to his bedroom door. It was speculated that, given the 30-foot length of the corridor between the hallway entrance and Jackson’s bedroom, the chimes served to aid in Jackson’s concealment of illicit sex with young boys. Additionally, Jackson’s door could only be unlocked from the inside, and, according to Wade Robson’s Petition, there was an “unspoken rule” that no one could enter Jackson’s bedroom if Jackson was inside and a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign swung from the doorknob.

There was more than one bed available in Jackson’s two-story bedroom, but Jimmy, like many other ‘special friends’ before and after him, always slept in bed with Jackson when he visited the Ranch. Though the boy was slated to sleep in the upstairs Shirley Temple bedroom, he did not. James recalls he and Jackson “would ‘mess up’ the upstairs bedroom to make it look as though Plaintiff slept there,” apparently in an attempt to disguise their bed-sharing from Jackson’s chambermaids. It was an ironic move considering Jackson later said in interviews with Diane Sawyer, Martin Bashir, and Ed Bradley that his sleeping habits with unrelated children were a “pure” and “innocent” way of “sharing a love”.

It seems this ruse was abandoned after a while. In a diary later handed over to the police investigating the Jordie Chandler case in 1993, former Neverland employee Mark Quindoy, who, alongside his wife Faye, worked at the Ranch from May 1989 to August 1990, recounted that when cleaning Jackson’s bedroom he noticed the upstairs Shirley Temple bed never looked slept in. He concluded Jimmy was sleeping with Jackson.

On two other occasions — marked off as June 25, 1989 and May 5, 1990 in Quindoy’s diary — the Ranch manager wrote down that he’d seen Jimmy’s underwear on the floor near Jackson’s bed.

Though they may have failed in disguising their activities from Mark Quindoy (Quindoy would later record an actual sex act in a diary entry dated August 12, 1989, in which he observed Jackson and Jimmy standing up in the Jacuzzi embraced “like they were newlyweds”, he writes, with Jackson fondling Jimmy’s genitals beneath the boy’s swim trunks), Jackson instituted a stringent regimen of secrecy James would follow until his disclosure years later.

As an exercise of how well his boy had adhered to the programming, Jackson regularly had Jimmy run what Jackson coined “drills”, in which Jimmy would “practice putting on his clothes very fast and practice running away quietly so people would not hear him.” This, no doubt, came in handy if a school friend accompanied the boy on his trips to Neverland. Best friend Luke Martinez tagged along on several visits, and during one overnight stay while the boys enjoyed a “slumber party and game-type activities” with Jackson, Jimmy and Jackson would discreetly “‘sneak off’ to be alone”. Away from Luke in some secluded spot at the Ranch, sexual abuse would occur, James remembers. Luke never found out why his two sleepover buddies had slipped away; Jimmy and Jackson “were always careful when other people were around.”

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Indeed, discretion was Jackson’s number one priority, as the hallway chimes and phone-tapping to eavesdrop on his employees and Ranch guests indicate. In spite of his efforts to keep Jimmy quiet about the sex, Jackson didn’t completely trust the eleven-year-old’s ability to stay mum. He was paranoid, as James remembers it; he’d even fired a limousine driver whose job it was to chauffeur the boy between the Safechuck home and Jackson’s residences, simply because the woman “had asked [Plaintiff] questions about Decedent…. After that, Decedent started driving over to Plaintiff’s house himself to pick him up and drop him off for visits,” the Complaint says. Jackson had grilled Jimmy about his talks with the driver, but apparently considered it a safer bet to send her off to the unemployment line.

Jackson must’ve known he was a criminal — that what he was allegedly up to with Jimmy behind the walls of his Neverland fortress would land him in prison — even if he believed sexually abusing ‘special friends’ was one aspect of ‘childhood’ on which he’d missed out and deserved to rekindle. With Jackson’s acute fear of discovery, his campaign of brainwashing Jimmy — instilling fear within the eleven-year-old that “if anyone found out what they were doing, ‘their futures would be over’” — made the boy “careful to make sure that no one found out.”

"He also told James that he did not have to answer questions about what they did .... If the police ever told him that the Decedent had 'already confessed,' they were lying and trying to trick James," the Petition says.
“He also told James that he did not have to answer questions about what they did …. If the police ever told him that the Decedent had ‘already confessed,’ they were lying and trying to trick James,” the Petition says.

But Jimmy’s lies didn’t bother Jackson. When Jackson told the boy “it was okay to lie to other people because nothing would happen if you did,” it was merely another essential ‘special friend’ maxim.

Ironically, in the context of all his obsessive ‘keep it in the closet’ messages, Jackson seemed to revel in what he believed to be his own skilled ‘evasion of capture’. Jackson, the consummate “jokester”, as James called him, who reportedly pulled stunts such as spitting on socks and hurling them over balconies at his admirers or using laser guns to shoot beams of red light into the adjacent rooms of fellow hotel guests, revealed his own narcissistic depravity through a perverse prank he played on his impressionable little friend. James recounts that while he and Jackson engaged in sexual activities, Jackson would trigger a flashbulb set up behind his bedroom window curtain “to resemble a camera bulb flashing.” Jimmy, who’d jokingly been informed by Jackson that paparazzi were snapping photos of them in the act, cried at the trick, and “Decedent was surprised by his reaction.”

Jackson teased the boy he claimed to love with this prank on both the Bad tour and at Neverland, James remembers.

“No wenches, bitches, heifers, or hoes” was the first of the so-called ‘six wishes’ Jordie Chandler was allegedly instructed by Michael Jackson to recite three times a day. The boy also told Dr. Richard Gardner in their October 6, 1993 session that Jackson “didn’t like it if I would want to call a girl or something.” James Safechuck paints a similar picture of life with his possessive older friend.

At ten, Jimmy noticed the opposite sex. He was good-looking and friends with a pop superstar — naturally, young girls also possessing pubertal awareness would dig a boy like Jimmy. But Jackson wasn’t too pleased with the nature of those kinds of things and became upset upon finding out that, beyond their secretive Neverland world, Jimmy had been taken ‘off the market’ by a little school-aged girl. “When Plaintiff was in the fourth grade, he had a ‘girlfriend’,” says his Complaint. “When Decedent found out, he told Plaintiff he could only have a relationship with him.”

As James remembers it, Jackson was “jealous of Plaintiff’s attraction to females and any relationships with females that he had.” Monogamy, apparently, was another important rule Jackson stressed for his ‘special friends’ and ‘Rubbas’.

But if a nine- or ten-year-old girl didn’t stand a chance against Jackson’s possessiveness of Jimmy, Jackson was comparatively more vindictive about the boy’s “crush” on then Bad tour back-up singer Sheryl Crow. Jackson’s plan to hoard his boy’s ardor involved bombarding Jimmy with no doubt stealthily-captured photographs Jackson himself had taken of Crow without makeup, all in effort to convince the boy that the blond, poodle-haired singer was simply too ugly and, therefore, undeserving of his boyhood fantasy-affections. Jackson didn’t want competition.

Jimmy liked Sheryl Crow, not Jackson. Jackson thought she was 'ugly'.
PRESS: “Jackson likes Sheryl Crow.” REALITY: Jimmy liked Crow, Jackson thought she was ugly, and Jackson liked Jimmy.

His manipulation of Jimmy against Crow provides an amusingly ironic foot note to what biographer Christopher Andersen reported in Michael Jackson: Unauthorized. Andersen, who was an editor at People magazine and Time, kept his finger on the pulse of tabloid rags during Jackson’s Bad tour. He noted that Jackson and Crow were frequently rumored to be an item, their on-stage performance art likely responsible for the gossip (though Andersen suspected Jackson’s public relations team had been behind those stories). The two never dated in spite of caressing each other before concert-goers; perhaps, outside of his own alleged homosexuality, Jackson found her unattractive. As he did with Crow, Jackson enjoyed pointing out women’s “physical flaws”, James says — a significant contrast to oft-repeated anecdotes of Jackson’s putative heterosexuality being ‘proved’ because he’d made positive, allegedly virile-masculine comments about women’s looks.

James recalls that being around Jackson caused him to question whether he was gay, like Jackson seemed to be. The one-two punch of Jackson’s oppressive jealousy and disdain for women along with the inexplicably pleasurable sex abuse no doubt was the source of his confusion.

With Jackson’s efforts to confound James’s sexuality with misogynistic jabs about women being “smart, conniving, and not to be trusted” (sentiments Jackson later repeated in The Michael Jackson Tapes), it’s not surprising that Mrs. Safechuck also failed to escape Jackson’s fire-breathing censure. “On one occasion,” James’s Complaint says, “Decedent had Plaintiff secretly listen in on a telephone call between Plaintiff’s mother and aunt where Plaintiff’s mother had said something negative about Plaintiff’s father…. Decedent stated: ‘Look how mean women are.’”

"The Kiss", MTV '94. Jackson tacitly revealed the 'Marriage Ruse' when he said, "They said it wouldn't last," only 4 months into the union. Perhaps he (and Jimmy) knew something the public didn't.
“The Kiss”, MTV ’94. Jackson tacitly revealed the ‘Marriage Ruse’ when he said, “They said it wouldn’t last,” only 4 months into the union. Perhaps he (and Jimmy) knew something the public didn’t.

In perhaps the most astounding revelation, James states Jackson had repeatedly confided in him what appears to be a significant clue behind Jackson’s short-lived, suspiciously-timed, and unsuccessful marriages: Jackson’s use of matrimony as a PR tool. “Decedent frequently told Plaintiff that he would need to get married to protect his public perception,” the Complaint says.

If Jackson’s cynicism is true, it is then interesting to note that Jordie Chandler’s sex abuse allegations likely made Jackson’s need for the ruse more urgent. His marriage to Lisa Marie Presley in May 1994 commenced roughly four months after the Chandler case was settled; in interviews, the couple claimed they’d been dating approximately four months before the marriage — Jackson had quickly kicked his plan into action. The union was rocky and collapsed in less than two years.

Mom, Dad, and two kids. An ideal cover-up for a pedophile.
Mom, Dad, and two kids. The ideal cover-up for a pedophile.

His marriage to nurse Debbie Rowe followed shortly thereafter in November 1996, when the two exchanged vows during an unromantic ceremony performed in an Australian hotel suite. Rowe was several months pregnant during their nuptials. It was an important step for Jackson: California law would grant Jackson de jure fatherhood if he wedded a pregnant woman prior to the birth of her baby — he could then askew not only ancestral requirements but also the rigorous background checks required by American adoption agencies, ones Jackson would have likely failed.

To the public, that marriage, too, seemed phony: Jackson was effeminate and thin; Rowe was, by many accounts, unattractive, heavyset, and mannish with a foul mouth. Once Rowe birthed both of Jackson’s children, she disappeared from their lives and received a stipend in the millions for her services.

Conspicuous around both of these unions were boys like Frank and Eddie Cascio and Omer Bhatti, the latter whom Jackson would move into his Neverland Ranch in 1997 under the guises of ‘dance prodigy needing mentor’ and, worse, ‘long lost son’.

As with any closeted Hollywood star, Jackson had to cloak his peccadilloes beneath a blanket of feigned heterosexuality — in this case, Jackson’s sought to camouflage being a ‘boy-lover’ by looking like a married father and family man.

Spanning four years from 1988 to 1992 when James Safechuck was age ten to fourteen, he and Michael Jackson allegedly engaged in sex acts well “over 100 times” following that first encounter in Paris. When the Safechuck parents later gave Jimmy a “sex education discussion”, the boy was regrettably well practiced in the art. This physical component of he and Jackson’s ‘friendship’, James says, quickly became normal and routine as it would’ve been with any other couple — except, of course, for the fact it was illegal ‘lovemaking’ between a man and a boy.

Though the specific details of these acts — and the charging statutes supporting them — have been redacted from James’s court filings[9], he alleges that beyond those initial engagements during the Bad tour, Jackson sexually abused him at all of the star’s dwellings: at Neverland Ranch, at Jackson’s Westwood, Los Angeles, condo in the Westford building on Wilshire Boulevard, and at his aptly-named “Hideout” in Century City.

At the Ranch, James recalls Jackson’s ‘closet within a closet’ — the mythologized ‘secret room’ used by the original owners of the Ranch to store expensive fur outerwear. Jackson not only kept jewelry within this passcode-secured closet, but also used it as a secluded place to molest the boy. In a larger closet located on the other side of his two-story bedroom, James remembers the star would lay a blanket down on the floor in preparation for the abuse, to make for “more room to engage in sexual activities with Plaintiff.”

At Jackson’s secretive Hideout, the two drank alcohol and looked at pornography. Some of the material were explicit “foreign books” of adults engaged in sex acts; some were movies. James says Jackson divided these latter ‘films’ into two categories. “Porn” was heterosexual and adult; other movies, “in which children were masturbating”, Jackson insisted the images were “not really porn”.

Jackson’s distinction between the two groups of filmed sex undoubtedly came from the fact these pedophilic movies were merely explicit foreign films and, therefore, not illegal to own. In Michael Jackson Was My Lover (p. 57-58), author Victor Gutierrez noted Jackson’s use of alternative video rental store Video West, located in Los Angeles’s historic gay West Hollywood near Jackson’s Larrabee recording studio and known for its extensive homoerotic film collection:

The store has a great variety of videos with sections on homosexual pornography, other gay themes and cult films, among them various films dealing with the subject of pedophilia. Films such as ‘The Flavor of Corn’, ‘You Are Not Alone’ … and ‘A Special Friendship’ were personally rented by Jackson in this store.

…. Some of the other films which Jackson rented were ones in which young boys appeared nude or half-nude in more than a few scenes. Most of these were European films such as ‘Robby’ and ‘Pelle the Conqueror’. There were also liberal historic and foreign themes about minors who prostituted themselves, some who were abused and ran from their homes wearing only underwear, and others who ran around naked and masturbating, in such films as: ‘Acla’, ‘Lakki’, ‘The Orphans’, and ‘Freedom is Paradise’.

Though police found hundreds of videocassettes in Jackson’s film library in 1993 (and in 2003), they were unable to recover any movies — even legal ones — showing children engaged in sex acts. They did find, however, books featuring nude boys, the same ages as Jackson’s ‘special friends’ and bedmates, with their pubescent buttocks and genitals exposed; these had been hidden away in a locked filing cabinet in one of Jackson’s bedroom closets. When police later learned that Jackson’s devoted chauffeur Gary Hearne had ‘confiscated’ a suspect briefcase and suitcase from the singer’s Hideout apartment under the orders of Jackson and his private investigator Anthony Pellicano (it was delivered to Pellicano who subsequently denied possessing the items), they suspected a conspiracy of deliberate concealment[10].

Away from the hectic pace of the Bad tour, Jimmy Safechuck was Michael Jackson’s constant companion from 1989 – 1991 back home at Neverland. The pair were frequently spotted together on shopping sprees at costume stores, magic shops, and The Sharper Image, including, as James remembers, the famous Zales jewelry store trip in May 1989. There shopping for rings (it’s unknown whether this outing to Zales was to purchase the wedding ring Jackson allegedly gifted to James in their symbolic ‘marriage’ ceremony), the disguise Jackson wore frightened store merchants in mostly-white Simi Valley, who then called the police.

But between 1990 and 1991, simultaneous with Jimmy entering puberty, Jackson began a “transition” phase with the twelve-year-old. He warned the boy that he would “have other friends” in addition to Jimmy, and that Jimmy would be “‘seeing [Decedent] with other people’ and that they would continue ‘later on’” — Jackson’s subtle and allusive signals not only intended to quell Jimmy’s jealousy at seeing other boys occupy the place on Jackson’s arm he’d filled since 1987, but also that he’d eventually be pushed out of Neverland’s nest.

Jackson had acquired several ‘special friends’ during his transition period with Jimmy Safechuck. In 1990, seven-year-old dance prodigy Wade Robson entered his life. After seeing Home Alone in 1991, Jackson began hanging out with eleven-year-old Macaulay Culkin, a spritely blue-eyed blond with full red lips; he later tagged along with the Culkin family to Bermuda, a trip dubbed “The Honeymoon” in the tabloid press. In December 1991, Jackson finally met nine-year-old Brett Barnes after four years of calls and letters. Brett, a tan-skinned Australian boy, would figure prominently in the dissolution of Jackson and Jimmy’s ‘special friendship’ and mark the end of James’s sexual abuse.

Jimmy’s increasing age and physical maturity presented a problem for Jackson. Though Jackson was later forced to defer to his Rolodex of former ‘special friends’ after the Jordie Chandler scandal ended his ability to run around hand-in-hand with newer, younger boys each year (Jackson got a lucky break in 1996 during a HIStory tour stop when he discovered tiny thirteen-year-old Omer Bhatti loitering in the lobby of his Tunisian hotel), he preferred prepubescent and small pubescent boys. Jimmy was getting too tall and too old.

Brett Barnes: Jackson's new favorite 'special friend'.
Brett Barnes: Jackson’s new favorite ‘special friend’.

By 1992, Brett Barnes’s star was rising, an intrusion that saddened young teenaged Jimmy Safechuck. Brett was nearly four years younger and had already began sleeping with Jackson in Jackson’s bed by the end of the first week of his very first stay at Neverland the prior year. James says he “inwardly became jealous of Brett because of the time and attention Decedent began devoting to him instead of Plaintiff.”

A vain attempt by the thirteen-year-old to befriend newly ten-year-old Barnes and “[be] extra nice” around Jackson didn’t alleviate the prospect of or the boy’s distress over the impending ‘break-up’ — Jackson was losing interest fast. When bedtime rolled around one weekend evening while Jackson, Jimmy, and Brett were at Jackson’s Hideout apartment, Jackson and Brett retired together behind Jackson’s bedroom door, while James was left to sleep alone on the sofa. (It’s unknown whether James believed Brett Barnes and Jackson engaged in sexual activities that night, but if his own trajectory in Jackson’s world was any indication — with bed-sharing an essential part of ‘special friend’ sexuality — it may have crossed his mind.)

Brett Barnes would also factor into Jordie Chandler’s relationship with Jackson. Brett had been Jackson’s chosen ‘special friend’ in the year before Jordie came into the star’s life, and, as the boy told Dr. Richard Gardner, Jackson attempted to use Brett’s ‘experience’ against him:

He said that, um, like, if he wanted me to do something with him, he would say that [Brett] did that with him, so that I would do it. And, like, if I didn’t do it, then I didn’t love him as much as [Brett] did.

In another part of the interview, Jordie says:

But somewhere on the trip I said, ‘I didn’t like when you put your tongue in my ear and grabbed my butt.’ Once again, he started crying and making me feel guilty, and saying there’s nothing wrong with it, and referring to the levitators and [Brett]. I think he referred to [Brett] and said [Brett] wouldn’t care if I did that to him.

Jordie had the luxury of being ‘new’, even if he was difficult. But for Jimmy, though willing and compliant after years of Jackson’s grooming, it would all end, cruelly, in April-May 1992 during Jackson’s “Jam” music video shoot in Chicago. Brett and his mother accompanied Jackson while the video was filmed with basketball star Michael Jordan and ‘90s kids hip-hop group Kriss Kross. Wade Robson was there to dance for the video, though the boy only managed a split-second on-screen feature.

James, now fourteen, arrived later to the set from Washington, D.C., a trip Jackson had organized and funded for the teenager.

By all accounts — James’s included — if Jackson wasn’t working on the video, he devoted his time to Brett Barnes. Joy Robson also recollected in 2005 during Jackson’s child molestation trial that she and her son only saw Jackson on set, perhaps not even for lunch, and didn’t know what hotel he’d booked for the stay.

James knew, however. Brett Barnes slept with Jackson in Jackson’s hotel room, and, as he had when the three of them were together at the Hideout, Jimmy was consigned to a room alone. He was jealous and the rejection was upsetting, James remembers — he cried about it. Jackson was annoyed. “Decedent saw Plaintiff crying,” James’s Complaint says, “and within one-two days afterwards, Plaintiff was told by Bill Bray, Decedent’s longtime head of security/bodyguard, that he was going to be sent home, and the next day Plaintiff was on an airplane returning to California several days earlier than his scheduled departure.”

James says the sexual abuse stopped completely as Jackson became more interested in his ‘special friendship’ with Brett Barnes. Call frequency diminished.

Lemarque couple interviewed.
Lemarque couple interviewed.

Jackson’s disinterest in Jimmy was also testified to by the French couple Philip Lemarque and Stella Marcroft. The couple worked for nine months as cooks at the Ranch and tried to sell an eyewitness account of Jackson groping Macaulay Culkin one late night in the Arcade room at Neverland to the National Enquirer tabloid; unfortunately, it was 1991 and, with Jackson seen more as an eccentric man-child whose love for children had yet to be considered sinister, the paper didn’t bite.

In an interview dated August 28, 1993 (cataloged two days later by the Los Angeles Bureau of Investigation and filed under receipt number 08860 by Det. Carlos Perez), Philip and Stella mentioned Jimmy[11]:

STELLA: Yes. [Jimmy Safechuck] was there very often, but then he got too old and stopped coming to the ranch.

PHILIP: He would call all the time, but Michael would say, “Tell him I’m not here.” Then he’d smile about it.

PI: A sinister reaction. That’s dark and cold.

They repeated a similar story in the 2005 UK documentary Michael Jackson’s Boys, which turns out to be quite in-depth in its coverage of Jimmy Safechuck. Lemarque and Marcroft said the following about one weekend when Jimmy came to the Ranch and Jackson was nowhere to be found:

PHILIP: I set up the table like Michael is going to be there, you know, at dinner. And we did that for the whole weekend, but she said [looks at Stella] — (inaudible) —

STELLA: Yeah. He will not — he was not coming, yeah —

PHILIP: Yeah, he was not coming —

STELLA: Yeah, he was in Los Angeles.

PHILIP: Just don’t tell them he’s not coming, that’s all.

Later, they offered their reasoning:

STELLA: Too old.

PHILIP: Too old.

[Stella laughs and shrugs.]

Michael Jackson saw little need for James Safechuck — sexually or otherwise — with Brett Barnes around. But in 1993, when Jackson was accused of child molestation by Jordie Chandler, his most recently acquired ‘special friend’, he would need all of his previously cast-aside boys, and desperately so.

Under Anthony Pellicano’s orchestration, eleven-year-old Brett Barnes was plopped in front of TV cameras to speak out against Jordie in Jackson’s defense, though he let slip Jackson’s habit of sleeping in bed with young boys, himself included. Ten-year-old Wade Robson followed Brett’s lead, making similarly dubious statements about bed-sharing. But with absurd tales of a “really big bed” that was simply too wide for Jackson to have touched any of his boy-bedmates with a mere toe — let alone lecherous hands and other body parts — both boys’ media appearances backfired. The public must’ve found it peculiar that Jackson slept in bed with unrelated children at all.

Jimmy Safechuck, then fifteen, did not speak on television but was led by Jackson in the direction of his dream-team of lawyers. Jackson had groomed the Safechuck family into believing that “the claims were a complete extortion attempt by the Chandler family,” the Petition says. “Claimant’s parents believed Decedent, convinced that he could do no wrong.” It was decided: they would help.

Jackson’s long-standing insistence on secrecy about the sex proved effective on fifteen-year-old Jimmy. After meeting “with one of Decedent’s lawyers at his office … and [rehearsing] trial questions and testimony,” the boy went on to deny the abuse, as he’d been long conditioned to do, at a civil trial deposition organized by Chandler attorney Larry Feldman in November 1993.

That deposition testimony would become his only statement made in defense of Jackson. But considering the circumstances as alleged in James’s court filings, defending Jackson may have provided the broken and abused boy — still besotted with his pop idol — another opportunity to access Jackson’s affections, at least emotionally.

Several reports pre-dating James Safechuck’s filings in Probate Court gave the impression he’d been thrown off balance by his whirlwind relationship with Michael Jackson. A December 11, 1993 article in the now-defunct British newspaper Today wrote that Jimmy was damaged by having been “put on a pedestal” by Jackson and later knocked from it by newer boys. Michael Jackson Was My Lover (p. 146) cited police and court files noting that Jimmy was “a little screwed up in the head” because of Jackson’s sudden abandonment.

James’s filings appear to confirm these earlier reports.

James, 16, with Jackson and wife Lisa Marie Presley - Budapest '94. Luckily for Presley, James doesn't allege any sex abuse by Jackson during the visit.
James, 16, with Jackson and wife Lisa Marie Presley, Budapest ’94. Luckily for Presley, James doesn’t allege any sex abuse by Jackson during this visit.

Jackson continued to support the boy financially, the documents assert. He funded weekend filmmaking and directing lessons for James with professors and people in the industry, whom James names in his papers, which were a part of Jackson being there “to get [the Plaintiff’s] foot in the door.” (Today also reported on these lessons nearly twenty-one years prior to his filing.) James used the cover name “Jimmy Andrews” while working on Jackson’s 1994 HIStory teaser and 1995 video for “Earth Song”. But given the callous way Jackson dropped James for Brett Barnes in 1992, James’s sudden involvement in Jackson’s work or travels seemed more like an indebted quid pro quo following the sixteen-year-old’s helpful deposition the prior year than a genuine interest in the teenager.

Alternately, Jackson may have worried that if he failed to give “screwed up” Jimmy a little attention, the boy would crack and talk.

Then, at age 17, after these brief connections with his former friend, James’s ‘special friendship’ with Jackson all but vaporized. The exact full-stop on their relationship is not cited in his court filings, but, by that point, the calls had virtually stopped (at fourteen they’d slowed to a molasses drip), and Jackson had no reason to visit James for sex or platonic companionship, as the boy was well-beyond his prime. It was as he attended community college that James started to suffer from panic attacks and anxiety. When an attack would strike him, such as one time during a Spanish tutoring session, he had to excuse himself from wherever he was until he was calm and settled enough to rejoin the activity interrupted by the fear response. James says he had no idea what was wrong with him.

His strong suit wasn’t in filmmaking but in academics. However, with Jackson’s own single-minded interest in film — an interest he also impressed upon Wade Robson and later his son Prince Jackson — James alleges that his “unsophisticated” parents were lead to believe Jackson’s promises of James’s success in the movie business:

Decedent told Plaintiff’s parents that he did not need to go to college, and convinced them to remove him from his Advanced Placement (“AP”) classes…. In conversations with the Decedent about dropping AP classes, Plaintiff’s mother stated that her son would end up doing what the Decedent was doing in his career, to which the Decedent agreed, stating that day would come, and when the Plaintiff became a filmmaker, there would be a “line around the block” to see him.

(James Safechuck, though he started out as a child actor in TV commercials, would never become a filmmaker. Instead, because of his knowledge of mathematics, he is now a computer programmer with a deft touch for code and web design.)

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Nearly ten years passed before Jackson made another self-serving appearance in James’s life.

Michael Jackson was staring down the barrel. In 1994, a multimillion-dollar settlement was all he needed, ultimately, to save his own skin. But with the laws in California changed to bar everything he did to impede a criminal filing, his Gavin Arvizo molestation trial would require a bit more effort if he wanted to remain a free man.

Again, Jackson would have to consult his Rolodex of former ‘special friends’. Prosecutors intended to imply Jackson had molested all of them under the 1108 evidentiary code. An 1108 ruling allowed the State to bring forth evidence of Jackson’s alleged ‘prior bad acts’, via victim and eyewitness testimony, that would lend credence to the allegations made presently against Jackson.

The alleged victims were seven former boys, now men: Jonathan Spence, Jimmy Safechuck, Jason Francia, Wade Robson, Macaulay Culkin, Brett Barnes, and Jordie Chandler.

Jordie Chandler refused to testify, saying he wanted to move on with his life; no doubt that revelation was a relief to the Defense. They’d worked feverishly to de-program the potential jury pool about Jackson’s enormous payout to Jordie, as well as block the Prosecution from noting the exact figures on the checks the Chandlers had received — they knew how all of it looked to rational people. But the Prosecution still had Jason Francia to bolster Gavin’s claims; he alleged Jackson had touched his testicles during tickling sessions and shoved hundred-dollar bills into his pockets as silencing tools. Later, June Chandler would testify as a Jordie substitute.

Jackson managed to convince Brett, Wade, and Macaulay to testify on his behalf — Brett offered, while the latter two men had to be subpoenaed. Jonathan Spence and Jimmy Safechuck were ultimately ‘no-shows’, though the back story remains unknown for only one of them.

Farcically and with zero self-awareness, Jackson called James, then in his mid-20s, several times throughout the trial in an attempt to get James on the stand to “deny everything that the cooks at Neverland said that they saw happen between Decedent and him,” his Petition says. The bid failed spectacularly.

On the first call, Jackson tried to soften James with chat about wanting to assist him with music, directing, and film; when James was a teen, Jackson had promised that “one day, we’re going to make movies together.” Jackson then made the request for James to testify in his defense; James declined.

Jackson became enraged, the Complaint says, and threatened his former ‘special friend’. James told Jackson “never to call him again, and that he wanted a normal life.” Jackson grew angrier at this, James remembers, and escalated his threats — he told James he’d “get [him] for perjury” for statements James had made under oath as a fifteen-year-old at his November 1993 deposition. Jackson was evidently fearful James would decide to tell the full version of their story for the Prosecution in lieu of cooperating in his defense, and attempted to intimidate him with invectives about jailing the boy he once ‘loved’. When the call concluded, James began to panic, his court filings say. He dreaded what his mother could learn about the aspect of he and Jackson’s relationship the star had made him keep secret.

According to several workers at the Ranch, Jackson used the Neverland theater bedrooms with boys. Blanca Francia recalls Jimmy Safechuck.
According to several workers at the Ranch, Jackson used the Neverland theater bedrooms with boys. Blanca Francia recalls Jimmy Safechuck.

It was an understandable fear for a young heterosexual man. Though Mark Quindoy died before getting to testify about what he’d seen on August 12, 1989, when Jackson caressed and fondled eleven-year-old Jimmy in the Neverland hot tub, chambermaid Blanca Francia was very much alive. She’d worked for Jackson long enough to see his boys from Spence through Culkin before quitting in 1991. She claimed to have seen Jackson and Jimmy in one of the ‘cancer-kids’ bedrooms in the Neverland theater, both shirtless with their waists and legs covered in a blanket.

James told his mother about the telephone call with Jackson, saying he would not testify for Jackson and that the star was a “bad man” — a vague descriptor that no doubt confused his mother, who, like other members of the Safechuck family, believed Jackson “could do no wrong.” In explaining his sudden and surprising rejection of Jackson to his mother but still sparing her the grimy particulars, James “was unable to tell her any details or say anything but the briefest statement that he had been abused.”

Jackson later called Mrs. Safechuck himself. He asked the mother not only to convince James to change his mind about testifying, but also if she and her husband would give under-oath testimony in his defense. Mrs. Safechuck kept her son’s secret, and apparently neither of the parents took Jackson up on his request.

Jackson’s lawyers and longtime assistant Evvy Tavasci made the second call to James, but he rebuffed their pleas by stating he wanted nothing more to do with Jackson.

The final call from Jackson, James remembers, seemed “rehearsed”, with Jackson’s tone reminding James of all the listening devices attached to phones at Neverland Ranch. It occurred near the end of the trial, perhaps at a moment when — in spite of his attorney Tom Mesereau’s confidence the Prosecution’s case was full of holes — Jackson feared for his freedom, a tacit acknowledgment that years of bad behavior may have finally caught up with the allegedly ‘smooth criminal’. He needed James. He apologized, James remembers, telling James he was “sorry for not being there for [the Plaintiff].” James suspected the phone call was being recorded and “the very sound of Decedent’s voice made him very uncomfortable and put him into panic mode.”

Jackson pressed, saying Gavin Arvizo — as he’d said about Jordie Chandler over a decade earlier — was only interested in money, but James resisted. He told Jackson “never to try to call or try to talk to him ever again” and hung up.

At trial, Tom Mesereau, arguing against 1108 witness testimony, stated the following on March 28, 2005 — eleven days after his cross-examination of Kiki Fournier where he stated James had been married at Neverland:

18 Six, Jimmy Safechuck, who we are informed
19 says nothing happened. They don’t propose to call
20 him as an alleged victim either, but they’ve got the
21 same old gang again coming in to try and capitalize
22 on the case, people who have been adjudged to be
23 liars, and they are. People who asked for money
24 from tabloids, who’ve asked for money from Mr.
25 Jackson, et cetera.

Of course, it remains uncertain when Jackson’s attorneys and Evvy Tavasci contacted James Safechuck — before or after Mesereau gave the above argument (Jonathan Spence was also alleged by the Defense to have said “nothing happened”). If Mesereau’s argument preceded that call, it was exceedingly premature for Mesereau to insist James’s feelings about Jackson were positive without having spoken to him. He’d already confused legions of Jackson’s admirers into believing Jimmy Safechuck had been married at Neverland.

But if his argument came after the call, it shows the Jackson team to be without any integrity, especially in the face of the ‘Neverland wedding’ claim that made Jackson and James seem on good terms.

Jackson was later acquitted.

Michael Jackson died four years after those disastrous calls. He was a shell of a man, beaten down by the excesses of fame and a lifetime of bad choices, both cosmetic and personal. A ‘freak’ by most honest accounts.

In remembering both the good and the bad, Jackson’s death was met with a confluence of shock, superficial mourning, and the type of lurid fascination that often yokes itself with most kinds of celebrity spectacle. Rumors that he was underweight, covered in bedsores and needle marks from stabs of Demerol, and had died without his allegedly detachable nose flowed in the press before his body was fully on ice.

For James Safechuck, the boy Jackson really had ‘thrown away’, his former friend’s passing left him conflicted. He “felt sad” at the realization that he and Jackson would never be able to have a “normal relationship” and that “his experiences with Decedent would never be resolved.” In spite of the abuse and the ugly note on which they last left, there were still pangs of guilty longing for the man who’d taken ten-year-old Jimmy’s innocence in order to rekindle his own — James had, in fact, “deeply loved and idolized” Jackson.

But James had a life to live as a married man — and never married at Neverland Ranch! — even if something lurked below the surface. As James says, despite his anxiety issues, he always tried to look as though he had “it together”, even if it was a farce in the innermost part of himself — he “just thought it was a part of who I was,” his Declaration says. Things unraveled when he began to have a family. While his wife was pregnant with their son in 2010, he was prescribed Xanax, a short-term drug ‘fix’ that masks anxiety by dulling its symptoms. Apparently it didn’t help and worries resurfaced; in late 2010 after his son was born, James “began to worry that he himself would have pedophilic urges.”

It was reported last year in the bottom-feeding online tabloid media that James experienced “pedophilic urges”, which morphed into gossip about his using anti-anxiety drugs to block nascent impulses so that he wouldn’t molest his own children. This overly-dramatic speculation, used intentionally to hurt James’s perception in favor of boosting Michael Jackson’s, was based upon the following poorly executed sentence from the Jackson Estate’s demurrer against James’s Petition:

Safechuck alleged that he became concerned about having pedophilic urges when his son was born and that he was prescribed Xanax during his wife’s pregnancy in 2010.

The Estate had (sloppily) summed up the facts as presented in James’s pleadings. The original source documents, however, do not at all support the idea that James Safechuck ever had so-called “pedophilic urges”. Instead, James was moved by the innocence of his children — their inherent and fragile vulnerability — and, with paranoid dread, his mind drifted to the worst case scenario. Though he may have pointed a finger at himself during his darkest ruminations, the documents do not comport with a notion that something constitutive about him would’ve ever put his son and daughter at risk.

But James kept these fears to himself. Outside of that quick admission to his mother in 2005, no one else knew, the documents insist, not even his wife who, no doubt, saw the consequences of his private struggle but didn’t know its cause.

As the story has been told since May 2014, Wade Robson’s confession triggered James’s longstanding panic and anxiety issues and nightmarish worries about what could happen to his own children, and, like a domino effect, those issues led him to seek treatment with a therapist.

James has been decimated by the abhorrent actions of the Decedent, the very person he loved deeply and idolized. He has been robbed of a normal childhood and left shattered as an adult to pick up the pieces of his life. He has suffered for years and continues to experience significant feelings of guilt; shame; self-hatred; low self-concept and self-esteem; the inability to trust others; distress and alienation in social situations; difficulty expressing intimacy, affection and sexuality; and has a negative view of people, especially men, and of the world. His life’s dreams and his sense of self in the world have been brutally compromised and his ability to be a secure and loving father and husband is at risk.

— Petition, p. 6

James Safechuck says quite poignantly in his filings that reflection on his experiences with Michael Jackson (a year and a half of pre-molestation grooming, roughly three years of abuse) and, especially, seeing his own kids, underscored to him that children were “blank slates”, that if told something was “[their] idea”, whatever occurred in that moment — after that false consent — seemed less bad than it was in reality. Jackson had told him, “You are teaching me,” “This was your idea, remember?”, and “This is how we show our love.” With the aid of a therapist, recognition of that kind of insidious grooming awakened James to the fact that what Jackson did to him “as a child” was “sick”, the documents reveal.

In fact, it is the ability to make those kinds of connections that will become the star issue in James’s case (Wade’s, too).

Because many victims were arguably too ‘well-groomed’ by their abusers to speak out, California law (CCP Section 340.1) recognizes that a victim’s cognition of a linkage between their psychological illness or injury and the sex abuse suffered is a crucial step in having the awareness to sue an abuser for damages, and it takes both time and often psychotherapeutic intervention to meet that litmus. If James Safechuck is to successfully file a late claim despite the statutory limits defined in Probate Code Section 9103 and CCP Section 366.2, he would have to convince the Judge: (a) that it was only with recent therapy — significantly after the administration of the Estate — that he could fully understand that the sexual abuse by Michael Jackson led to his “panic, depression, and anxiety”; and, importantly, using equitable estoppel, that (b) the delayed onset cognition of that abuse-injury linkage was due to Jackson’s brainwashing and threats that kept him silent.

But, however true, that is the argument the lawyers have to make.

As of this writing, James’s attorneys have been sent back to Start to file an amended petition with new (or stronger) arguments. According to news reports, the Judge was likely hung up on the incongruity between Safechuck attorney Maryann Marzano’s insistence in the Petition that “Claimant lacked any cognizance that his long-term childhood relationship with Decedent was filled with over 100 acts of sexual abuse, beginning at age 9-10 and lasting until he reached puberty — the acts giving rise to this claim — prior to late May 2013,” and the fact that James told his mother in 2005 that Jackson was a “bad man” who abused him.

Marzano clarified in her Declaration in Support of the filing that it was Jackson’s “brainwashing and intimidation techniques” that had blurred the “distinction between the sexual abuse and real love and affection” in the minds of both young Jimmy and adult James. He was made to believe “the sexual activity between a child and an adult [was] normal and that the child [was] responsible for the abusive behavior.” It was for this reason, Marzano argues, that James was unable to appreciate the serious, non-consensual nature of his relationship with Jackson until therapy demonstrated the causality between the sex abuse and his psychological suffering. The doctor who authored James’s Certificate of Merit and interviewed him for thirteen-and-a-half hours over four sessions came to a similar conclusion (she found him credible).

But the attorney has a history of conflating Wade Robson’s story with James’s, copying-and-pasting between the claims as if they both have the same underlying sets of facts. They don’t.

Because Marzano has argued identical positions for both men’s claims, namely that both didn’t realize until recently that they were abused (CCP Section 340.1, for the record, does not preclude an understanding that one was touched or fondled), the Judge understandably wondered how James Safechuck could have had two realizations: the first brief acknowledgement to his mother and the second fuller one with a therapist roughly eight years later.

Indeed, in terms of filing, that may be an important issue. But here in reality, away from court rules and red tape, the 2005 “bad man” reference seemed to be the tortured confession of a man worried his mother would learn his secret before he was ready to tell. He made a preemptive strike. Ironically, had Jackson not died of a propofol overdose, filing lawsuits against him for sex abuse would be extremely easy, and this writer suspects Jackson would settle with both James and Wade, as he did with Jordie Chandler over twenty years ago.

Though the law may turn out to be unforgiving of those filing late claims, James Safechuck’s story is utterly compelling and unimpeachable. I only wish that, back in 2011, when I tried without success to contact James to confirm the ‘Neverland wedding’ story, I had known his silence masked a dark and painful secret.


1. Though they both sat in the courtroom the entire trial, attempts at confirmation of James’s “Neverland wedding” with Maureen Orth and Diane Dimond back in 2011 yielded negative results. Mesereau’s quip about a ceremony at Jackson’s home didn’t even register with either journalist.

2. It is important to note how James Safechuck became a subject of Fournier’s testimony. During direct examination, Prosecutor Gordon Auchincloss ran through a list of boys Fournier might have seen Jackson with during her approximate twelve-year tenure at the Ranch. James was one of them. Auchincloss then emphasized the age similarity of these boys; Fournier testified James appeared to be approximately ten to 13- or 14-years-old while he was visiting the Ranch, typical of nearly all of Jackson’s ‘special friends’. Perhaps in a maneuver to de-emphasize Jackson’s obvious sex and age preferences, Tom Mesereau then brought up James’s alleged “Neverland wedding”.

3. In my original 2011 investigation into the “Neverland wedding”, I came to the conclusion that because James Safechuck wasn’t married at Jackson’s Ranch, no ‘special friend’ wedding ever took place (at that time, there was little evidence disputing my findings). As of this writing nearly four years later, however, it has since been asserted that Mesereau “misspoke” during his questioning of Fournier, and actually meant to say that Jonathan Spence — rather than Jimmy Safechuck — had been married at Neverland Ranch. The source underscoring the idea of Mesereau’s “J.S.” switcheroo is Jonathan’s mother Marion Spence, who’d supposedly been contacted by one of Jackson’s admirers in July 2013.

Assuming this information is true, and Jonathan Spence had been married at Neverland at some as-yet-to-be-determined date (the fan failed to extract the exact date of the ceremony from Mrs. Spence), Mesereau possibly confused the two ‘special friends’ or was slipped the information by Jackson himself while Auchincloss was busy questioning Kiki Fournier — it could’ve even been Jackson who’d provided his attorney the wrong name. The latter could explain Mesereau’s conversations with Jackson biographer Randall Sullivan. The Untouchable author asked Mesereau about James’s alleged wedding at Neverland after reading this writer’s discoveries confirming that it never happened; Mesereau could not tell Sullivan where he’d heard the information about James. Alternately, Sullivan writes in his Chapter 10 Book Notes that, according to his own sources, he doubted James had ever been married at Neverland.

But if it was a Jonathan wedding and Mesereau is absolved of “lying” to protect his client, nothing would change for Jackson in James’s story. Jackson’s admirers will shift James’s previous usefulness as a ‘vindication tool’ onto Jonathan — though how important is a Neverland wedding in the face of a nude photo of Jonathan found in Jackson’s Hayvenhurst bedroom back in November 1993? James Safechuck, on the other hand, was the boy employees witnessed being molested, the boy Jackson abandoned, and the man now accusing his idol of abuse.

4. In an August 1993 report by caseworker Ann Rosato, Jordie Chandler’s mother June “acknowledged that she loved the attention paid to her by a star.” The Safechucks’ star-struck reaction to Jackson’s generosity is not unusual, even if it was part of what blinded them to his alleged misdeeds with Jimmy.

5. Jolie Levine is mentioned frequently in James Safechuck’s legal papers, which is expected given that she was his executive secretary for much of the time Jimmy was Jackson’s favored ‘special friend’. Specifically, she’s cited as making arrangements for the Safechucks on Jackson’s behalf. In a December 2004 motion regarding the admission of 1108 evidence at Jackson’s trial, Levine reportedly told investigators that, by her own eyewitness account, Jimmy Safechuck was very attached to Jackson.

6. No doubt much teeth-gnashing is to occur at the congruity between Jordie Chandler’s and James Safechuck’s sexual ‘codes’, as if the latter copied the former. A simpler explanation is that the congruity lies in the fact the originator of the words was the same person. Though “duck butter” for semen is the same, James’s version of Jackson’s reference to an erect penis — “bright light, brick city” — differs from Jordie’s “lights”, which was noted in in the boy’s October 1993 interview with a psychiatrist. James was told “bright light, brick city” was inspired by the film Bright Lights, Big City. Jackson evidently shortened the term to “lights” by the time he was with Jordie Chandler.

7. In Evan Chandler’s chronology, he reports that his son Nicholas (formerly known as “Nikki”) conferred to he and the boy’s mother Nathalie about whether “two boys” could get married. Nikki was then a five-year-old, and slept on the top bunk of a bunk-bed he and Jordie shared. At the time of his question, Michael Jackson also slept in the boys’ room, and Jordie later claimed Jackson sexually abused him in that bed while spending evenings at the Chandler home. It’s not difficult to conclude that Nikki Chandler bore witness to conversation or activities between Jordie and Jackson that triggered his curiosity. In seceding months, according to Evan Chandler, Nikki told his parents, “Michael Jackson is bad. He did bad things to Jordie.” Interestingly, in Randall Sullivan’s book Untouchable (p. 529), Nicholas and Jordie’s half-sister Emmanuelle were said to have seethed with animosity at Jackson during a Thanksgiving dinner party in 2009, according to a source of Sullivan’s who was there, and “couldn’t speak his name without cursing him.” They believed Jackson had both violated their brother and destroyed their family, the author wrote.

8. When Jordie Chandler told Dr. Richard Gardner that Jackson believed he was Peter Pan and was attempting to relive his childhood, the child abuse expert was perplexed at the inexplicable psychological dualism of Jackson’s desire for both young boys and never growing up. Gardner wondered if Jackson had been sexually abused and, therefore, had sexualized childhood:

DR. GARDNER: You say, psychologically, he believed he was a child? When you were with him — you described the video games — he would play with you child games. Did he ever give any explanation as to why he did that?

JORDIE: Because he’s, like, when he was young, like my age, his father would continuously make him work, and like, his father would like beat him and stuff, and he’s trying to relive what he didn’t have as a young boy. Peter Pan is his idol.

DR. GARDNER: Why is that?

JORDIE: Because Peter Pan is forever young, and he goes on adventures and stuff.

DR. GARDNER: He could relive all the experiences he didn’t have, but what about the sexual part? How does that fit into reliving? Did he say he had sexual experiences of any kind as a child with some older person?”

JORDIE: No, not that I know of.

9. Based on the statute scheme as listed in CCP Section 340.1 and pattern recognition through comparisons with Wade Robson’s Complaint, from which the lawyers frequently copy-and-paste, it was easy to glean, through the redactions, what James Safechuck alleged against Jackson: 266j; “lewd and lascivious acts”: 288(a) and 288(b)(1); “oral copulation”: 288a(b)(1), 288a(b)(2), 288a(c)(1), 288a(c)(2)(A), 288a(c)(2)(B), 288a(c)(2)(C), and 288a(c)(3); “sexual penetration”: 289(h), 289(i), and 289(j); “molesting or annoying a child”: 647.6. He was spared anal sodomy.

10. Bill Dworin said of the 1993 Neverland raid: “We knew they had time to prepare. And, uh, our feeling was — it’s a strong possibility that something was removed. There was one room dedicated to Jackson’s videotape collection. And, he had bookcases — built in bookcases, and one section of those bookcases there was (sic) no videotapes.” Diane Dimond wrote in her book Be Careful Who You Love (p. 71) that sources informed her the items inside the briefcase and suitcase confiscated by Gary Hearne were “pornographic magazines and videos”.

11. The Mirror tabloid dubbed boys’ names in a story featuring Lemarque and Marcroft’s interview with an investigator. Based on their employment at the Ranch, during approximately 1990 – 1991, “Boy C” is likely James Safechuck, as I’ve amended above. “Boy A” was Macaulay Culkin; “Boy B” is unknown, though it may have been Wade Robson.

  • CandyC

    Berta, I’m not sure if you’re still active on your account but you’re not alone. I used to absolutely adore Michael, almost in an unhealthy way. He was very manipulative towards his fans, making you believe he was some perfect angel sent to the world.

    It is so difficult to get into reading about this stuff when you look up to Michael so much, you go through a stage where you feel hurt and almost betrayed, you realise you were lied to, deceived and worshipped someone who never deserved it one bit. I’ve always been icky about putting up pictures on my walls of him (many f’loons have posters etc) because I always felt something was “off” about him, like he had a dark side and now my suspicions have been proven.

    I was crazy about Michael for YEARS so I can understand both the fan mindset but also the realist mindset, the latter makes much more sense to me.

    Anyway, I think the majority of fans live in very deep denial, they stick with their own “vindication” websites to reassure themselves of that they don’t love someone who would commit such heinous crimes and when they come across a blog that doesn’t kiss Michaels ass they don’t read, they just comment their nonsense. I know most fans are too afraid to read what is on this website and what was previously on Desiree Speaks So Listen, they are afraid and will never consider the truth because their lives are revolved around their idol – Michael Jackson.

  • ShawntayUStay

    My facts are straight. You pointing to a single case of novel vitiligo treatment using a steroid does not disprove what I said.

    Firstly, the typical treatment of universal vitiligo is depigmenting the few remaining dark patches, and that requires the use of topical aids such as hydroquinone. This is a known carcinogenic compound only meant for external use. The article posted by Helena of VMJ mentioned use of these types of compounds being injected.

    Secondly, the prosecution obviously talked to doctors about any well known vitiligo treatments that involved injections into the body and they were “reliably informed” there weren’t any, so again pointing to a lone case study of a single patient from 1999 doesn’t cut it.

    And finally, the lesions on MJ’s ass that the defense tried to claim were from injecting “vitiligo medicine” do not comport with that study you linked. Why? Because the woman in the study was given intravenous injections of the steroid, meaning medicine was put in through a vein. MJ’s ass wounds were caused by intramuscular injections, i.e. through one of the gluteus muscles composing the buttock. There is zero similarity between IV and IM injections, LOL. What is consistent with MJ’s intramuscular injection lesions is a shot of Demerol to the ass. According to one of MJ’s doctors’ video recorded depositions, MJ’s ass was so scarred over and callused from repeated self injections of Demerol and the occasional broken needle, resulting in skin infection.

    So yeah. Those wounds are from drug abuse, not a rare, novel intravenous vitiligo treatment. Now take a seat…;-)

  • Do you remember Joseph Bartucci? Or Daniel Kapon? Both of these men put forward claims that they were molested by Michael Jackson, however their claims were quickly despatched by MJ’s legal team because it was easily proven they were lying. Even a boy put forward by Rodney Allen as being molested by MJ, who had been thoroughly coached (even down to the layout of Neverland), was quickly exposed as never having been touched.

    The point is that anyone making false accusations against MJ are quickly weeded out. This adds to the strength of the stories of the ones who get through. Imagine how strong Jordan and Jason’s stories were to not only have made it through the initial vetting stage but to progress to multi million dollar payouts from MJ to help keep them silent.

    It was, and is, in no way EXTREMELY EASY to lie and falsely accuse MJ of a crime. Molestation claims against him always needed a strong foundation to prevent them being immediately and easily dismissed by his lawyers – lawyers who are paid millions to prevent these kinds of accusations from gaining traction so that the MJ gravy train doesn’t come to a screeching halt.

    • CandyC

      That is VERY interesting, MJfacts, and not something I was aware of. It’s quite telling that numerous people were denied to go further with their complaint (let’s be realistic, I’m sure there would have been a huge amount of people with the wackiest claims agaisnt MJ that would have to have been dismissed immediately) while some were given multi-million dollar payouts (there were also payouts to boys the public doesn’t know about) given to some to silence them, it further discredits MJ’s supposed innocence. Add to that confidentiality agreement etc.

      It’s difficult to make a believable story of molestation that goes on for months and months that’s very detailed if you’re lying, it just doesn’t really happen. Add to that MJ was a mega star then it would have been even more difficult to accuse him of a crime. I don’t know any innocent person that gives compensation to alleged ‘victims’ and yet refuses to prove, beyond any doubt, they’re indeed being falsely accused. It just doesn’t happen, MJ always avoided law enforcement when they wanted to question him about his behaviour with boys, why do that if you’re not guilty?

    • Micky

      Yeah, molestation claims against him always needed a “strong foundation” or more easily a district attorney full of hate and desire for revenge. In fact if you do research at the case that led to the trial (the coached Arvizo’s) it was full of holes and lack of evidence.

  • CandyC

    Andreas, I had to comment on your comment about Desiree. I was lucky enough to have had a good look on her blog before it become unavailable. DSSL was incredible and it’s what converted me over to “the other side”, her evidence and writing was so convincing not only to myself but other people. I think she’ll be back eventually but it probably won’t be for quite a while still.

    I know the reason her blog is not available to view on the internet but I’m not sure if I have the authority to tell you, I’d have to get her consent. But yes, the f’loons (MJ fans) always critisize/d her and vehemently spoke out about how much you shouldn’t trust her work and all sorts of nonsense that tried to discredit her excellent blog entires and writing.

    But get this: they were NEVER able to successfully refute any of the writing on her blog, they just sling mud and use ad hominem which can never be substituted for intelligent debate and proof to back up their claims. They are frightened of her and her blog because it threatens their idol worship, something they cling on to so much.

    Des is a force to be reckoned with! I only hope she can push through and get the blog back up. She has to know she has many fans of it.

  • silverspirit

    Do you have any other excuse besides the everyone lied one? Extortion is a crime and no one was charged. He paid millions to keep his victims silent.

    • Micky

      He paid millions (badly advised by his lawyers) to be able to move forward with his life.
      Yes, I have information collected over the years as a fan, you only speculations by tabloids.

      • silverspirit

        Badly advised by a great lawyer? No, that’s a terrible excuse among the many. Innocent people don’t pay. It’s that simple. I’m happy his estate his making money. He sure didn’t pay his bills when he was a live. He died 500 million in debt. Now the victims he left behind can sue him. Maybe I should since you make it sound so easy. Thank you.

        • JessicaSideways

          Precisely. If MJ’s lawyers gave him that advice, MJ would have recourse against those lawyers and could have complained to the bar in California. And he paid not once but twice, that we can be sure of (to Jordy and to Jason Francia).

          I do hope you’re right that he can be sued now that he’s dead and what little pieces of him that were organic are decomposing, his victims can sue. However, I worry that they will be denied recourse due to things such as the Statute of Limitations.

          This is why the UK’s justice system is superior to the US justice system. Gary Glitter got prosecuted for shit he did with Jimmy Saville in the 70s (I think) that was uncovered in Operation Yewtree.

      • I never understood the rationalization that “He paid millions to be able to move forward with his life”.

        A man can never “move forward with their life” if he has unresolved allegations of child molestation hanging over his head, as a result of not facing those allegations head on. Michael Jackson’s advisers and lawyers were the best that money could buy, including Johnnie Cochran, a brilliant lawyer who had successfully defended many seemingly hopeless cases including OJ Simpson (once described as an accused criminal who many white people would have readily accepted a guilty verdict against) and Sean Combs.

        For Jackson’s lawyers, who were extremely savvy, to suggest a settlement if Jackson were innocent was totally out of character and against their usual course of action. They would know that if a settlement were to occur, rather than full vindication in a court of law, the allegations would hang like a pall over Jackson’s life and career for the rest of his days – and they were right. They would have never advised that.

        For this reason it’s likely that Jackson himself decided that a settlement was the only course of action. Whether that was the expediency of avoiding the drama of a trial, or whether it was because he was guilty of the accusations depends on your point of view. However to suggest his lawyers suggested a settlement does a disservice to their professionalism if Jackson was indeed innocent.

        Yes, I have information collected over the years as a fan, you only speculations by tabloids.

        If you want to be taken seriously, you need to refute the claims we make on this website, otherwise you are just wasting everyone’s time. Perhaps you can start here http://www.mjfacts.com/mj-facts-exclusive-jimmy-safechuck-story/.

  • silverspirit

    Exactly! I can barely decipher her point most of the time. It’s all over the place. Did you hear her latest? Lots of people from Australia are hitting on their blog (that is so not true) so that means it’s people in Wade’s camp are watching them. Good grief!

  • silverspirit

    The only relationship Jacko has with woman were for PR purposes and to get children. When DR said she could no longer carry anymore for him. He got rid of her. Even the nanny was cast aside for daring to suggest he stopped his crazy drug use.

  • Neely

    Well, he either WAS the dumbest man on the planet, or Jimmy Safechuck is a creative and gifted liar. His story is so soooo compelling to me. Heartbreaking really. One obstacle I’m having trouble with is, what crafty, savvy, malicious, deceptive, lying pedophile would be dumb enough to call his own victim to testify for him in his defense? Surely Michael Jackson had a bevy of character witnesses to choose from. The whole world knows him, and many people loved him. Out of all the thousands of people he interacted with, he chose a victim to testify in his defense?? Michael Jackson seemed to have made a lot of poor judgement calls, and huge mistakes in his life. But, was he a flat out dumb*ss? Because that’s what we need to believe if Jimmys story is true.

    I know there are contributors here that have a wealth of knowledge about Jackson and his life. I do not, because I was never a fan, or a hater. He simply never appealed to me in any realm. I hope that someone with more knowledge can offer a solid challenge to the obstacle I mention, some factual thing I’m unaware of or overlooking with respect to this.

    • Pea

      It may seem strange, but a crafty, savvy pedophile, who has groomed his victim better than a Westminster poodle, can be reliably confident that said victim will deny allegations when confronted. It’s happened before, and the phenomenon has been noted by child molester experts like Ken Lanning, who spent 30+ years in the FBI covering pedophile cases:

      “Victims not only do not disclose, but they often strongly deny it happened when confronted. In one case, several boys took the stand and testified concerning the high moral character of the accused molester. When the accused molester changed his plea to guilty, he admitted that the boys who testified on his behalf were also among his victims.”

      http://www.mjfacts.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Compliant-Child-Victims.pdf, page 8.

      So, it is within the realm of possibility. One of Jerry Sandusky’s victims — it may have been his stepson, if I’m remembering correctly — even wrote an op-ed in support before later admitting that he’d been a victim, too.

      If you believe Wade Robson, he not only went on the stand and denied it in 2005, but also did it on TV when the 1993 scandal broke. If you believe the claims that Mac Culkin and Brett Barnes were molested (in spite of their denials), as has been alleged by Jordie Chandler and some Neverland employees, they, too, went on the stand and denied it. Jacko wasn’t a dumbass, LOL, but he was confident that the special favor, love, and attention he’d given his boys — as well as the warnings that people wouldn’t understand or that they’d get into trouble — would keep them silent.

      I don’t know if that soothes your suspicion, but I have never really questioned predators believing their victims will keep silent when pressed. As he told James, “nothing bad happens to you when you lie.”

      • Neely

        Thank you Pea. I have so much trouble wrapping my brain around this sort of manipulation. What an incredible risk to assume you’re so good at what you do, that your victim is willing to lie under oath, and to his own family and friends. Baffles me, honestly. And makes me feel kinda sick. 🙁

  • michaeljeffrey

    Brett said he slept in MJs bed as a 19-year-old & he was regulary visiting Neverland as a grown up (he said in court in 2005) So no Brett wasen’t thrown away, that’s probably the reason why he loves MJ so much. Read here the story of Omer Bhatti, they never even became “not as close as before”, he kept this boy around at every age. Doesn’t matter if he was 12 or 24. Scary . Read : https://michaeljacksonandtheboys.wordpress.com/2016/04/23/michael-jackson-and-omer-bhatti-1996-2009/

  • Dante

    You people actually believe this? LMAO weak minded imbeciles; amazing that all these cases are apt to come out after a sudden bout of debt(from the accusers), and an inflation in MJ’s posthumous net worth. Amazing that this kid was molested by a person who was hard to get to up even emotionally (seriously). Like, he has been literally proved non-guilty of all charges, but for arguments sake i won’t use this in logical rhetoric and debating purposes,

    And just how un informed some of you degenerates are on how lawyers actually work, First off, Lawyers are not a race of Platonic, robots that act and function the same..

    Experiencing a custody battle first hand, the lawyer advised my guardian to drop the case and give custody to my mother…. Which i didn’t care about where i live but it gave me a different look on how Lawyers work.. And as for Michael Paying money to the families, the family succeeded in damaging MJ’s reputation, and getting that long awaited money. I mean, one of the accusers father was abusive to his son, and “pressed him to lie about Michael”(this is speculation) but the father later killed himself, as he literally was mentally ‘not all there’

    Now we get expert sociologists and psychologists in here?! Hold this L

    “preferring to be around children over grown ups is a sign of pedophilia”
    My god, that is literally the dumbest thing i have heard in a goddamn while, Many people prefer the liveliness in child hood over the harsh reality of adult hood, there is no evidence to support the latter, Many daycare owners would prefer to be around kids, to have someone to care for, etc. that does NOT mean you are a pedophile; i mean use a better claim than something along the lines of a psychological evaluation you made with no real statistics, or scientific support.

    I Mean, i will In MORE depth look at both sides EQUALLY to come to conclusion, but i will say this site has more aids in one webpage than the continent of Africa. You got kids using fallacies to ‘prove’ a claim. Citing sources to MJ hate pages, New Flash, thats an un-reliable source filled with rampant bias against a certain person.

    • Neely

      With all due respect…..put the pipe down dude. You ain’t makin’ sense.

      • Dante

        What exactly didn’t make sense?

        Like seriously, what did i say that was incomprehinsible? I honestly love looking at kids on the internet pull un supported bias “Facts” out there ass, then post a link to a page called “MJISAPEDOPHILELOLOL” I Find it hilarious

        • Neely

          Copied and pasted so it’s verbatim. You don’t even have to go back to your post. I’m cool like that…..

          1) Amazing that this kid was molested by a person who was hard to get to up even emotionally (seriously).

          2) Now we get expert sociologists and psychologists in here?! Hold this L

          3) And just how un informed some of you degenerates are on how lawyers actually work, ……. ummm, is this a question?

          4) Blatant contradictions like this one…….”Like, he has been literally proved non-guilty of all charges,” and this one, “pressed him to lie about Michael”(this is speculation)”, kind of contradicts the following, don’t you think??…..”I Mean, i will In MORE depth look at both sides EQUALLY to come to conclusion, but i will say this site has more aids in one webpage than the continent of Africa”

          The bad grammar and misspellings had me throwing up in my mouth a little. The insults made me question why you NEED to insult anyone of differing opinion. This, as you probably know, is the hallmark of an indignant, enraged, uninformed child who’s grasping at the very last straw to make a statement, yet simultaneously failing to do so. Name calling and insults toward people you don’t know, who have differing opinions than you, really does tell its own story. You should keep that in mind when attempting in the future to build your case or make a statement of a strong opposing opinion…….if you want to be taken even remotely seriously of course. If you prefer to be regarded as an angry, tantrum throwing, unintelligible toddler, then by all means, carry on my friend. :0)

    • Mahoney

      Hey there munchkin, you’re obviously new here, but I’m afraid there’s only room for one rambling lunatic on this forum and ya looking at him (although I tend to do it with a tad more style/panache – “points for dressage Mr. mahoney”.

      That aside, as an AIDS-ridden-weak-minded-imbecile I’d like to warmly welcome you to the site; have a look around, please leave things as you find them and if you need anything (cup of sugar, some skin-bleaching agent) please don’t be afraid to ask. There is however, a little box at the entrance in which we all put our “misplaced anger” … Appreciated muchly-muchly if you could make use of it.

      Also, can I ask how many of the day-care workers you know, that take all the kids back home to bed with them? For years and years at a time? And shower their parents with elaborate gifts in order to do so? Just a rough estimate… I won’t hold you to it? Five? Ten? A million? It’s a million isnt it? Wow! How red is my face?!?!?

      And also, if you don’t mind me asking… Are you the Dude that made Gremlins, the one from the Clerks movies, the one with the “Peak” or the one that’s always banging on endlessly about his inferno?!?

      Anyhoo, enough of this flirting… gotta go, I’m a married man don’t ya know? Plus those rain forests won’t save themselves. Peace Sista! 👊

      • Dante


    • Fudhux

      Weak minded imbeciles ???! LMAO. If you read more on this site , which I don’t think you did, you would see that no one thought that MJ was a pedo prior to reading COURT DOCUMENTS and not gossip and tabloid stuff like you suggest. So I encourage you to read more on this website first of all instead of coming up rude and immature the way you did in your first comment . You sound so angry and there is no reason to be this angry . Is Michael your religion ? I hope not because if so then there is no cure for that.

      I hope you have an open mind . You will need it . Because of you come up with BS like MJ could not do that he would not he would not hurt a fly kind of stuff , then you are some of this hardore fans that are completely nuts . Whatever.

      When you say that MJ was proven not guilty . It is completely false . Not remotely true. A not guilty verdict means guilt not proven and not innocence proven . This is a very important point since a lot of people use it to defend cases and it just their ignorance . I was gonna say with all due respect but since you called us imbeciles I won’t.

      Then you say that Wade made his claim exactly when MJ worth was revealed. Like no one knew that MJ was worth a lot before …
      This is a stupid argument. No one knows his much Wade is worth ; probably millions too since he is a very successful dancer. You have too agree that Wade has much more to lose that win with these accusations . Money and reputation . He is gonna be forever known as MJ little sex toy. Its not a good thing. No one in their right minds would accuse a dead person of such a horrible crime . Let alone the biggest pop star in the world. Don’t you think wade has a brain . He knows what he put himself into .
      Plus do you think that he would do that to one of his best friends and the only mentor of his life ? Sorry but I don’t by ” he does it for the money thing ” so please stop .

      Whatever I hope you find out the truth about your beloved dead god .

      • Dante

        1.) Yes, you are a weak minded imbecile if you take this story for face value and make an assessment of it. Idiot, you think i give a fuck what’s on the whole website? This thread was the reason i posted, the people saying things in this thread, is the reason i replied.. Im LITERALLY referring to people in this thread..

        2.) Never even implied that, try again.

        3.) When the judge said “Casey Anthony, you are NOT guilty!” What did you think that meant? a pathetically dumb jury came to that decision, therefor giving her innocence from all accounts..

        As for MJ:http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/LegalCenter/story?id=816439&page=1

        AND the definition of Acquitted


        4.) Never ever stated he only did that “When MJ worth was revealed” you’re a buffoon, you really are. I’m saying; maybe, the kid grows broke or his family does, etc.(I’m speculating at this point in my assumption) they use MJ to milk easy money.. in the criminally affected history, almost NO ONE pursues a person to get money, people want justice, they stayed in long enough to get the money, then got their ass out of there.

        So you dismiss lies and such from accusers and dismiss an alternative motive for accusing the pop star. And no I’m not gonna cradle over that nigga, He is(was) A GROWN ass man,

        Why are you trying to use my refute, as a way to say i think MJ is my god? Fucking pathetic..

        Try harder kid <3

        • Fudhux

          If you don’t give a fuck about the website don’t come at all. We don’t want people coming up and throwing insults with no valid point or no intention to debate. If you think I am a ” weak minded imbecile ” because I believe Jackson was a pedophile and that James is telling the thruth . Fine . A lot of people including me think the same of people like you who believe that Jackson was only a victim of money grabbing bastards and that the guy was the unluckiest person on the world to get accused that many times without doing nothing.
          Ouuu poooorrr Jackson how sad…..NOT

          You put the link to the definition of acquitted haha . Honestly you are the biggest idiot out there . It actually proved what I was telling you . Not Guilty DOES NOT MEAN INNOCENT. It means guilt not proven . Actually after yhe trial , some members of the jury came out saying that they thought MJ was guilty. Its on YouTube . OJ was found not guilty . Do you think he was innocent . Go read a other definitions that might help.

          It does not matter how much MJ is worth . Like I told you , money is not always the motive . Especially in this case since Wade has more to lose that to win . Why would he come up saying the while world that he lied twice , that he got fooled by MJ , that he was manipulated and fucked in the ass !!!!!!! And fucked by the girliest man in hollyweird . Don’t you think it humiliating ????
          You are so close minded you can’t even pit yourself in his shoes. Not amount of money is worth what he’s been through after revealing the abuse.

          So you can believe whatever you want but don’t come up om this website calling people imbeciles whenl you don’t even know what we know . If you are not interested in reading stuff and understanding why are you even here ???

          • Dante

            I’m throwing insults because you deserve them you fucking dicklick. Uhhh Alright bro,

            i put the definition to Acquitted and you’re dumbs STILL didn’t read that shit. it literally says innocence, HOT DAMN, ARE YOUR PARENTS RELATED?

            WHAT YOU LITERALLY HAVENT EVEN DONE RESEARCH on how victims act, victims NEVER i literally mean ALMOST NEVER go though a lawsuit for some fucking money… NEVER they people directly affected usually won’t stop till the accused is in prison, but like i said they got their money and got the hell out of there.

            But guess what was Michael jackson a weird dude, HELL YES him and all his brothers speak softly and still seem shy today, seems like the subjects of EXTENSIVE abuse, but hey. But again was Michael a weird ass nigga, yeah, a pedophile? most likely not. i can easily see how the man uses a connection with children to regain his “lost childhood” but if people think that, the same person who is so connected with children is the same guy torturing the kids, i HIGHLY doubt this, unless jackson suffered from split personality.

            in regards to your last comment, what is it that you know that i don’t? i mean this isn’t a secret hate club that has top secret information the info is all over the internet pointing in the exact opposite direction of your prognosis.

          • Fudhux

            You always prove what I said . You sound soooo mad and angry and it just shows that you are obsessed with MJ . Why would anyone get this mad over someone getting accused if you don’t care ??? Respond to that . Yes you are an obsessed fanatic . NO ONE would get upset like that . It’s a sign of obssesion. You said you were just scrolling on the internet and found this website . YEAH…. Right…

            Are my parents related ? Absolutely not rude bitch . How rude can you can .Apparently you have anger issues or maybe your parents didn’t educate you . I’m so over rude people like you . You keep on commenting defending MJ and you dare to tell me that you don’t care ? Get the hell out of there .

            About your definition of not guilty . There is not even the word innocent . You make yourself look so stupid . It’s exactly what I am telling you . Not guilty does not mean innocent and even less proven innocent !!

            How old are you ? 13 , 14 ? Mentally you sound like it .

            MJ suffered a split personnality ?? How about he just acted a certain way to make himself look sweet and nice and adorable . ? But that does not exclude the fact that he had been accused 5 times already . That’s a lot .

            What is you argument to defend someone who had been accused 5 times ????

            The things that you don’t know ? Well you said that you didn’t look around the website because you didn’t care . Which I still wonder why you are here then ? There is a lot of info here and it comes from court document so your the argument ” don’t listen to the tabloids ” is not valid anymore . The fact that you say that MJ is a big kid just shows how little you know about acquittance molesters .

            Poor thing you are ….

          • “…the same person who is so connected with children is the same guy torturing the kids…”

            Why do you think MJ was “torturing kids”? I’m curious where you got that idea, because no child has ever claimed that MJ tortured them. Quite the opposite actually.

        • ShawntayUStay

          How can you “literally refer” to anyone in this thread if you’ve never met anyone here? That’s… strange. Your perception and reality aren’t the same thing.

          Never ever stated he only did that “When MJ worth was revealed” you’re a buffoon, you really are.

          You did say that, son. Don’cha remember? See: “amazing that all these cases are apt to come out after a sudden bout of
          debt(from the accusers), and an inflation in MJ’s posthumous net worth.” Maybe you’re feigning a poor memory because you know that theory is garbage? LOL

          So you dismiss lies and such from accusers and dismiss an alternative motive for accusing the pop star.

          And you’re not doing the same thing in reverse, dismissing alternative explanations for MJ’s objectively weird, constant association with young boys? Given the facts of what transpired in his lifetime, no one is an “imbecile” or “buffoon” for proffering the idea that MJ was a pedophile.

          Why are you trying to use my refute, as a way to say i think MJ is my god? Fucking pathetic..

          Well, there is no other more likely explanation for a random-ass internet person to come on a website and swear up a storm, call commenters AIDS-ridden weak minded imbeciles, and defend a famous celebrity said random-ass internet person has never met, if random-ass internet person didn’t have very strange and undeniably pathetic strong feelings for the famous celebrity. That’s just logic, son.

          • Dante

            1.)Is this thread just stupid, or?

            “How can you ‘literally refer’ to anyone in this thread if you’ve never been here before?”

            What the fuck did i just read? seriously Shawntay honestly explain what the fuck you just said to me.

            if I’m in a debate on a youtube comment video, NO ONE is gonna randomly start accusing me for hating the whole page, when I’m arguing on a singular topic on a SPECIFIC FUCKING ARTICLE.

            2.) “Posthumous” might be to big a word for ya, but at that time i was referring to another case, of the same nature. And thats still a terrible way to say i said something when literally if you scroll the fuck up i literally didn’t even imply such a thing.

            3.) Im now ignoring facts, holy shit. i can’t fucking believe it GWAF, so me “dismissing” these “facts” coming from these families that have again and again been debunked, is the same as you dismissing proven facts?

            4.)So because i called out you degenerates for being just that…degenerates. Im basically waking Michael Jackson? oh my fucking goodness. i came to a random MJ page that i though was interesting.. then the story was like a 1980s tabloids story “marrying little boys” where is the proof for this. I just like making people look dumb on the internet, so yes this website is AIDS,

            “Defend someone i have never met?” I Fucking quit i literally quit, lmao you’ve been joking this whole time? you dirty girl(most likely guy who is 23 with a gender disorder) lol stop kiddin round!

            btw Posthumous is after death..

          • Mahoney

            Err… I think you’ll find that Posthumous is the 2012 Ridley Scott directed prequal to Alien. *fixes glasses*

            Ha… See what I did there? Actually, there is a film called Posthumous, directed by the lovely Lula Wang. Maybe you should watch that instead of being just plain ol’ silly, rude paramecium?!

            btw a paramecium is a one-celled critter with no brain, that can’t fly!*

            *I’ve no idea if that’s true or not… I stole that line from Hook, which, is another film you could watch instead of being a big ol’ grumpy muffin. Actually Hook has a really cool MJ connection… Anyone want to here it? Anyone?


            Fine… If anyone wants some useless pop culture knowledge I’ll be in my trailer.

          • Actually Hook has a really cool MJ connection… Anyone want to hear it? Anyone?

            Biffy, is it the section on this page http://www.mjfacts.com/michael-jackson-suspicions/ about Darlene Craviotto, or something else?

          • Mahoney

            Hi Miffy,

            you look ravishing as usual, not many people can pull-off cargo pants and a neon-pink tabard.

            Nah not that (although that story is just sooo dark), MJ and The ‘Berg became “friends” whilst doing the ET Story Book. So as early as ’83 (Hook was made in ’91) their Peter Pan flick was in development – http://bit.ly/1TGgXOB

            Apparently, there was a rights issue and the project stalled for a few years. When the project geared up again, Spielberg’s vision had changed from the less traditional idea of Pan being the eternal child to it being about a “Grown-Up” Pan – http://bit.ly/27UZ8Qd

            Interestingly, as soon as this idea was floated, MJ immediately balked at the idea of playing and adult!?! Rather telling uh? Oh and imagine this coming through ya bedroom window in the middle of the night! Second star to the left and straight on ’til morning indeed…

          • ShawntayUStay

            That is telling! Even to Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, he said he only wanted to make films about children because he alone can understand them, so of course he’d balk at playing an adult — he doesn’t “understand” adults *rolls eyes*. I know you think MJ wasn’t that bad of an actor but I can’t see him pulling off the depth that Robin Williams achieved in “Hook”.

            You know, I really can’t wrap my head around why MJ was so obsessed with Peter Pan. Was it really the lost childhood thing, or was it the pedo thing of having an army of “lost boys” to do your bidding. He was quite the navel-gazer, that MJ.

            He also was more than a little influenced by Walt Disney. I watched “American Experience: Walt Disney”, a documentary about Disney’s life, and I was really struck at how much MJ took from him. Disney, by the way, was a genius and brilliant beyond measure; it’s inspiring. He was so creative. They showed his blueprint of his “secret idea” for Disneyland and it looked so similar to the map of Neverland I’d seen on the internet. I do know that the train station area at NL is a complete replica of the one at the original Disneyland in California; it’s exactly the same. Of course the big topiary clock, too.

            So, was MJ derivative? Or also a “genius”? I’m starting to have doubts about the latter.

            Which reminds me: everyone wonders why MJ built Neverland to look like an amusement park and a child’s dream. Some say it’s because he wanted to experience all the things he missed as a kid. Others say it was a pedophile’s lure. Now, I do think that MJ built Neverland for himself, but since seeing the Walt Disney documentary, and that NL is basically a small-scale replica, I wonder if he did eventually add all that stuff to get kids to come over. In a rare interview for 1983, MJ said that the reason he goes to Disneyland is to see children because they are his inspiration. So if he copied Disneyland in his own home, wouldn’t it stand to reason that he wanted to have children come to his home and be near at all times? Add that to all the other facts surrounding his “issues” with kids/young boys, I can’t help but think NL was a pedophile’s sinister ploy. He allegedly told James Safechuck that Neverland was his[James’s] home, too. Hmm….

            I know, I know… you are the wrong person to be bouncing this theory off of, LOL. Sorry about that 🙂

          • Mahoney

            “I know, I know… you are the wrong person to be bouncing this theory off of” Pah, you couldn’t be more wrong – I thought we’d all agreed I’m amazing!?!?

            First of all “So, was MJ derivative? Or also a “genius”?” I don’t think they’re mutually exclusive. It’s what you do with the source material/influences that count.

            If we are to take the definition of genius at face-value “exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability”, I think MJ fits the bill as a vocalist at the very least in terms of natural ability and maybe also as a dancer. I think the problem lies in the perception that he was an all-round genius, a master at everything…

            ” A Jack(son) of all trades and a master of all” if you will. And that is clearly not the case. I do agree he was derivative, but not with everything.

            As for Disney, the dude was amazing in many respects (his contribution to American architecture is often over-looked), but also a dark, selfish bastard (If you know anything about how he crippled Adriana Caselotti’s career you’d agree). And if you wanna talk about derivative, not one original story came out of that animation studio) under his reign in terms of feature length movies (I think this may still be true, unless you talk Pixar?). Everything was an adaption…. He built an Empire out of derivation.

            As for Neverland, I think it was a perfectly innocent place and I can’t believe you’d be so mean. MJ was an angel. Put here to save us all. All the secret rooms, porn, animal abuse, alcohol and drugs we’re put there (much like dinosaur fossils) by God in order to test our faith.

            In many ways I think Neverland was the perfect reflection of MJ himself – all happiness, magic and balloons on the surface – but inside, filled with drugs, negativity, abuse and dark content.

            Interesting tidbit, apparently the last words Disney ever wrote were “Kurt Russell”. Lord Knows what MJ’s last written words were… Maybe the same? He was derivative after all! Ha! :):)

          • ShawntayUStay

            I laughed out loud about what you said about Neverland! LMAO! “Put there by God in order to test our faith.” X-D so funny, but it’s true! You should see the apologetics and spin by more unhinged fans about the contradictions…it’s priceless.

            MJ’s voice as a child is probably the best I’ve ever heard from a kid. It was clear and strong. I’d say after Thriller, because of the plastic surgeries, the voice took a nose dive (no pun intended). He was so great prior to the mega-stardom, I tell ya.

            Which reminds me, I was watching (or attempted to watch) Moonwalker on YouTube, and is it just me or is that the most narcissistic thing MJ had ever put out?? Like in the beginning he’s singing “Man in the Mirror”, and shows all the screaming diehards interspersed with scenes of world leaders and other political history moments. It was arranged in such a way that I felt he was saying he was responsible for the “changes” in the world. Very reminiscent of HIStory, IMO. Also, the trip down memory lane from Ed Sullivan to the Bad era. They showed him singing Ben and it was as if the rats were running toward his voice — he was the Rat Whisperer!

            I wonder why he decided to make it so…”braggy”? It’s like, the fans, who are the main audience for this movie, already idolize him, why did he need to seem to self-inflated? What do you think about Moonwalker? Maybe I have been a non-fan too long to appreciate it? LOL. Well, it always seems like he needed to pat himself on the back all the time…..

            I just read about Adriana Caselotti. What a horrible thing, but it seems like Hollywood studios owned actors and actresses back them; nowadays, actors have much more freedom. But she got a raw deal, and it’s crazy that Disney felt he could own a person like that just because of Snow White’s massive popularity. It’s as if he was trying to believe she, Snow White, was real, too, just like the kids who saw the film. Yes, he did use stories from the Western pantheon but he did make it his own, I think.

            I only know Disney based on the documentary I watched (4 hours long, btw), but he was obsessed with recreating the ideal childhood he had for 5 years back in Missouri. He wanted everyone to share in the joy of his version of childhood. So it’s similar to what MJ claimed with respect to Neverland that I wonder if it was more than shear coincidence.

            In many ways I think Neverland was the perfect reflection of MJ himself -all happiness, magic and balloons on the surface – but inside, filled with drugs, negativity, abuse and dark content.

            And it’s that ironic? As the saying goes, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. That goes in MJ’s case, unfortunately.

            Off topic, you mentioned “Death to Smoochy” as a good role by Robin Williams. This is what Roger Ebert had to say; he gave the movie half a star, LOL:

            “Only enormously talented people could have made “Death to Smoochy.” Those with lesser gifts would have lacked the nerve to make a film so bad, so miscalculated, so lacking any connection with any possible audience. To make a film this awful, you have to have enormous ambition and confidence, and dream big dreams.”

            Was it really that bad?? I see it’s directed by Danny Devito. Somehow that’s funny to me, I don’t know why…..

          • Mahoney

            “You should see the apologetics and spin by more unhinged fans about the contradictions…it’s priceless” I believe it! My head would probably explode if I was to ever get into that.

            Do I like Moonwalker? Good question, the truth is, I gotta say… yes. I watched it repeatedly as a young renegade, so nostalgia plays no small a part.

            Do I consider it a good film? Ha… Not really, I’m not even convinced it truly constitutes as a film!! I mean it would be generous to put it into the portmanteau genre, but that’s stretching it! I really love parts of it, specifically Smooth Criminal, but overall it’s just a giant vanity project of an ego run amok… That in and of itself can be seen as a double-side coin also.

            There is a wonderfully truly hideously bad bit at the end – *SPOILERS FOR MOONWALKER* – in which he disappears after inexplicably turning into a giant robot (MJ loved turning into things didn’t he? Sand, cats, werecats, zombies, cars, animated rabbits, white people, drug-addicted-baby-dangler… etc…etc) and seeing off Joe Pesci.

            All the kids are sat around all forlorn and moping, absolutely devastated that he’s gone, he then of course magically reappears and everyone is ecstatic… Yet he’s been gone about thirty seconds at the most! Ha.. It’s like going for a pee and coming back to find out every body is mourning your passing! Awful.

            “Err, was I gone that long? I mean… it was a full Dr. Pepper but…”

            As for Ebert’s review? I’ve seen DTS twice, first time I was kinda meh, but then I caught on TV years later and thoroughly enjoyed it. Maybe it rewards repeat viewings? A lot of the Coen Bros films are like that I find.

            As for Devito, underrated as a director actually, War Of The Roses and Matilda are pretty great. He produced Pulp Fiction as well.

            Ha… Another useless bit of trivia for ya.

            Imagine being stuck in a broken down elevator or on a long-haul flight with me?!?!

          • ShawntayUStay

            I rather liked “Hook”. Robin Williams…great as an actor. “One Hour Photo” and “World’s Greatest Dad” are two of his “more serious” portrayals that were fantastic. Check’em out if you haven’t (although I suspect you’ve seen both 😉 ).

            I suspect MJ would have ruined “Hook” if he made lead actor. He isn’t very good at acting. You saw him in “Men In Black II”…horrible…at least they didn’t need to use special effects! He’s been looking/dressing the part of an extraterrestrial since 1990! LOL.

            Actually, I’ve been thinking about MJ (what’s new? LOL) and he was really corny; he had a very dated outlook on what was “hot” and happening. My mother is two years younger than MJ and she rightly pointed out that MJ was a “TV kid” that grew up fantasizing and crafting an ideal life/world based on what he watched on television, and TV in the 60s and 70s was decidedly different than what would be fashionable in the 80s and 90s. He was obsessed with the Disney aesthetic, a bizarre thing for a grown, “heterosexual” black man. I feel that MJ kind of stagnated. “Ghosts” is hopelessly cheesy, and don’t get me started on the video concept for “Childhood”…ewww! 😛

            IDK what I’m trying to say, LOL, but MJ was cornball and that was another reason, in my opinion, that his celebrity in later years was driven more tabloid infamy than by his artistry. I even think that the only reason he is still mentioned today is due to nostalgia rather than any lasting strong artistic work. Not to say he was worthless, but… is he really any more special than Beyonce?

          • Mahoney

            Yup seen em (quelle surprise!), I can also recommend Death To Smoochy, Moscow On The Hudson and The Fisher King for the darker more serious side of Mr. Williams. One Hour Photo was actually directed by the same dude who did the Scream video dontcha know? All roads lead back to the MJ.

            I love Hook, showed it to the daughter the other week and she loved it also, it’s not perfect, but it’s reputation as being a real stinker is misplaced. I’m a Spielberg fanatic though.

            I actually think MJ was awesome in The Wiz and I also think he gives a fairly natural performance in the B&W segment of Bad (particularly the awkward exchange on the stairs regarding glasses), so I guess we’d have to agree to disagree on that?!?

            As for his appearance in MIB, I agree, but I’m of the opinion that everything he did from around 1999 onward was pretty dire! Ha!

            “I feel that MJ kind of stagnated” I completely agree, he became obsessed with competing with his own legacy, it ruined him. Plus he started to turn down songs that became massive hits for other artists (most notably the Neptune written songs that made up most of Justin Timberlake’s debut – which if memory serves – outsold Invicible). They could’ve been on Invincible, but no… MJ knew better.

          • ShawntayUStay

            LMAO! I laughed out loud over your “all roads lead back to MJ” tidbit. 🙂 That’s actually interesting…

            I didn’t think he was that bad in the beginning parts of “Bad” but I was struggling with his appearance. I think all the plastic surgeries put his dreams of being an actor to bed. The director of “You Rock My World” was allegedly very strategic about where and how they shot MJ’s face because, let’s be honest, he was frightening. Frank Cascio said MJ was sensitive about his looks during the video, too.

            he became obsessed with competing with his own legacy, it ruined him.

            Absolutely. I also think he was lacking “access” to his “inspirations” due to the scandals, so he succumbed to drugs.

            But do you really think singing JT’s songs would have helped him? I don’t think so. They always talk about people passing up roles in movies, but just because the role/song became a hit doesn’t mean it would’ve with the person who passed it up. MJ’s appearance and voice were shot by the time Invincible rolled around; he could hardly sing because of the rhinoplasties closing down his nasal passages. I doubt a hit song would have helped.

          • Mahoney

            I remember watching You Rock My World for the first time, it was SO obvious they were hiding his face, he did look bloody awful though…. I think he looked better before he died than the Invincible era. I’ve no idea what the tits he did to himself during that period, but he’s never looked worse to me.

            “I doubt a hit song would have helped” – You’re very probably right, but my point was more about him not recognizing a hit when it was right under his (I guess you could call it?) nose. Maybe it was ego also? I dunno. The guy was in no fit state to promote an album was he, the drugs had just taken over clearly? And those concerts he performed with his brothers? Yeeesh… I can’t watch them.

            These pics just depressed me when I saw them… he can barely open his eyes, smile or even do up his leather pants!! I mean seriously… The guy shows up like this and they still just wheel him out there to do inferior version of the same ol’ routines?!?!

            Very sad.

            I know it was filmed over two nights, do you recall something about him forgetting the end of the Billie Jean routine?

            In some ways I feel I watched him grow up and then watched him slowly and painfully die. If I was to believe in something as ludicrous as karma and if MJ is truly guilty of the crimes levied at him, then maybe that’s quite apt?

          • Neely

            Mahoney – I didn’t know Michael did any drugs until I started digging in several months ago. Was it widely known by the public in the invincible era? I look at the footage of him and Liz on YouTube and at the virgin record store signing, and the pics you posted and it’s abundantly clear. I’m not at all insensitive to addiction of any kind, and in fact I’m quite passionate about it. For whatever sick sinister reason, I find it funny. It is heartbreaking, so maybe the humor I see is because he and apparently everyone around him, thought he could pull it off without anyone noticing. The little clip of him answering questions with Liz is wildly hilarious. Shoot me. I’m a disgrace to humanity.

            I hadn’t noticed him forgetting Billie Jean moves but, I swear there’s one point when he starts to lip sync and the vocals haven’t begun yet. Then there was the usher tangling when he first came on stage. Perhaps that was unchoreographed movement, I can’t say for sure. I’d like to see the Billie Jean mistake if it was caught on film. 🙂

          • Mahoney

            I don’t recall much discussion of it to be honest, not at the time… I could be wrong though. People knew of the trip to rehab in the 90’s, but I don’t remember much said about it during this era. I just remember that he had become such a dark, distorted caricature of his former-self that people just expected him to show up looking awful and doing bat-shit things it seems.

            I’ve just found the Billie Jean story on Wiki actually, here’s the quote;-

            “To some fans, Jackson appeared more disoriented in the first concert as he only did one short moonwalk and improvised the ending of the Billie Jean performance. To explain Jackson’s disoriented appearance, David Gest claimed in his film Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon that Jackson was on drugs during the concerts. However, Jackson himself stated that he did not rehearse for the first concert. In Jermaine’s book You Are Not Alone: Michael Through a Brother’s Eyes, Jermaine Jackson stated that Michael was taking Demerol, a pain relieving medicine with psychotropic effects”

            So your comment of ” so maybe the humor I see is because he and apparently everyone around him, thought he could pull it off without anyone noticing” is pretty much spot-on!! Personally, at the time I didn’t think of drugs for some reason, I just thought he’d finally cracked-up. Which, may also be the case? ha!

          • Neely

            “Jackson himself stated he did not rehearse for the first concert”
            After doing Billie Jean for 107 years, would he really need to? Someone stated that he hadn’t attended a lot of “this is it” rehearsals because he’d done it all so many times he didn’t need to rehearse it like the rest of the group. Or, maybe he was walking off propofol at home, who knows. I also noticed in the 2001(?) performance that his left hand was really swollen in some scenes. His hands generally appear bony and thin most the time, but not that night. I attributed it to an infiltrated IV, because that’s exactly what it looks like.

          • Mahoney

            “After doing Billie Jean for 107 years” I know right? His performance throughout that whole thing is so off…He’s more concerned with covering his face and looking the other way rather than performing. It’s painful to see.

            I once watched this version of Billie Jean back-to-back with the original Motown performance, it genuinely doesn’t seem like he same bloke… I guess in some ways it isn’t?

            And if memory serves regarding This Is It rehearsals he only attended TWO full ones! Ha. I never noticed his hand, I take it Demerol is administered via IV? Obviously, I know the answer as I’m a medical expert, I’m just erm.. asking for the people at homes’ benefit.

          • Neely

            Screenshot for ya. I watched some of this just now, but the one I saved in 60fps(?) had been deleted from YouTube. I think it’s the one where it was most noticeable. Demerol can be given IV, and of course propofol from the night before. :/. Maybe.

          • Mahoney

            *nods sagely* that’s correct Neely about all that medical stuff and that, glad you’ve been paying attention.

            I’d just like to point out that I didn’t misconstrue IV for being the numerical “four” either, so that proves I’m really clever.

            *puts feet on table*

            I’ve taught you well.

            Seriously though, what do you think of his appearance during this period? As I was finding pics for my recent posts for those concerts I came a cross the one below. Obviously he looks like a dried up blotchy-ball-bag, I’m just wondering what you thought of those pale/white things up his nostrils?

            I doubt it was cocaine (although I wouldn’t be entirely shocked), do you think they may be some sort of supports?

          • Neely

            Bahahaha…..schnoz scaffolding. I am not nearly as suspicious I don’t think, about Jackson’s surgeries as some folks are. I’ve never believed the prosthetic nose story. It does not equate with autopsy findings. He had two incision lines, one on either side of his nose. I’ve never worked plastic surgery or dermatology, (although I did have an infected nipple patient, whose piercing had gone awry. A 3-4 inch lancing did the trick, along with a lot of IV antibiotics and a short stay on the medical floor), so I don’t know the tricks they have up their sleeves. To me, this pic looks like typical nasal mucous membrane, with unfortunate lighting. He looks horrible though. Poor guy seemed so full of self loathing.

            I recently started following a ton of Jackson ‘people’ on Twitter. Karen Faye responded to a pic someone posted, asking her what the leg wound was from. She said a spider bite. I know that was the claim, but jeez, it seems super suspicious to me. He did use his other leg for the IV that caused his demise. I want to say that wound’s borders are too irregular for a necrotizing spider bite, but unfortunately, I never got to dress a bite like that. 🙁
            I should have screen shot it so someone can tell me if it was the dangerous era. Okay, you talked me into it. I’m gonna go retrieve this pic.

          • Neely

            Here’s the leg pic. Is this the dangerous era, anyone??

          • Mahoney

            2003 I think, post Invincible.Helped him skip a court date conveniently. He LOVED his crutches that MJ did.

          • Pea

            I see Mahoney beat me to the jump about the date — approximately the end of 2002 or early 2003 — but here’s a tabloid article about the “spider bite”: http://jetzi-mjvideo.com/books-jetzi-03/03globe/03globe0a.html

          • Neely

            Thanks for the article Pea.
            Dr. Farshchian ‘confirmed’ it was a spider bite?? It resembles latent stages of the bites I googled, but in earlier stages they were 95% symmetrical with pretty concise borders. And if he got bit in 3 places, they’d all react the same. His hand and foot weren’t shown to be affected, only mentioned.

            He talked so much about not taking pain meds, which was entirely unnecessary, that you can’t help but suspect he was. Like anyone cares. I’d be on something heavy duty with a wound like that. I see the article was 2003. We know he was loaded in 2001/2, and I saw a deposition once that he gave re: signing documents while under the influence of pain medication throughout 2003. He said he was taking it for back pain from an accident on stage, and (I think) h said he’d fallen(?) at home. He must have fell onto a giant needle, haha! He never mentioned a spider bite, or being treated for one. He did admit being medicated much of 2003. I remember he also said it wasn’t Farshchian who prescribed it, but rather, it was a ‘local’.

            With respect to Marc Schaffel – I don’t believe his ‘version’ of the story simply because it’s nearly impossible to break a needle. Just like any other metal it requires bending back and forth. I’d sooner believe his version if he said Jackson was carelessly injecting heroin and failed to use sterile technique. But, Heroin is for po’ folks. He had no reason to resort to street drugs with the availability he had at his fingertips for legal drugs. I’m gonna guess he was injecting the expensive legal stuff. 🙂

          • ShawntayUStay

            Infiltration of an IV, huh? Interesting. I always wondered why his hands liked so swollen. But they looked swollen pretty much throughout the 2000s. Some have speculated it was a symptom of a disease (along with the unhealthy nails).

            Allegedly MJ had alpha-1 anti trypsin deficiency, a disease that makes the lungs look like you have COPD. Quincy Jones said MJ talked about having a “blister” on his lung. I never believed it because tabloid writer Ian Halperin first claimed he had the alpha 1 disease, but he also said MJ roamed Lad Las Vegas sleeping with men, including a burly half Asian construction worker, LOL. But then i looked at the autopsy — sure enough his lungs had characteristic conditions seen in smokers, and MJ wasn’t a smoker.

            Sorry, that was random….LOL

          • Neely

            Well, I remember prednisone being on his drug list somewhere, sometime. It wreaks havoc causing all kinds of nasty side effects. I suppose it could be swelling from prednisone, although that usually happens in the face. He had lupus apparently too, so perhaps it’s just systemic inflammation. My first reaction was an IV infiltrate, however, I’m reluctant to say with certainty because who would stick an IV in his hand right before a performance?……given all the other sites to choose from. It was in his shin when he died……the good shin. :-/

          • ShawntayUStay

            Oh ok. I still think you’re onto something, though. How long does it take for the inflammation from a inflitrated IV to go down? He was injecting anesthesia for a long time, so I wouldn’t be surprised to if he was taking it to get through those 30th anniversary shows…he did hate doing anything with his brothers. From what I gather, if Murray is telling the truth about MJ self-injecting propofol, couldn’t it be possible that he’d incorrectly place an IV in his hand, etc? Maybe….

            Good we have a Nurse Neely on call! 😉

            You’re right, they did find prednisone at his Holmby Hills mansion — prescribed by Dr. Klein. Although the autopsy didn’t say he had lupus, I’m assuming since Klein prescribed it and he was the one to diagnose MJ with lupus, it must be for the disease. MJ was also taking an antidepressant/sedative trazodone. Wonder if that was for the upcoming concerts? Randy Philips said MJ was a complete wreck, which is probably the reason why he missed so many rehearsals. If I recall correctly, Murray seemed to suggest that he only started the propofol treatments in the last 2-3 weeks of MJ’s life, and claimed it was making him better, performance-wise.

          • Neely

            An IV doesn’t have to be incorrectly seated to infiltrate. The port itself has an expiration of three days in the hospital setting. The vein gets fatigued and it will eventually infiltrate even with correct placement. I’d guess that wasn’t the case here since he had to remove that port to perform. If I was going to start an IV on myself, I would definitely want two hands available to do it, so that rules out self stick since he’d only have one hand to use. Well, I suppose that doesn’t entirely rule it out, but any half wit would prefer two hands I’d think.

            It can take several days for an infiltrate to reabsorb depending on how long it was infiltrating, what fluid was running and how fast, if drugs were running, etc. Also, propofol burns on injection so it has to be mixed with lidocaine. I think that’s a delicate situation that I wouldn’t risk trying to self inject with the use of only one hand. Imagine infiltrating that into all the surrounding tissue.

            I’ve noticed that Lupus wasn’t on the autopsy, and I feel like, without having researched it at all, that perhaps there’s no way to adequately diagnose that on autopsy. I’m just not sure. If I’m remembering correctly, there are blood “markers” that indicate it, and when considered with a collection of symptoms, it’s then diagnosed. In my mind it could be like putting fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue on an autopsy. It wouldn’t be done. There are more visual symptoms with lupus than the other two, but, I’m still conflicted as to whether it would be listed as a confirmed disease. I’m not sure MS would be listed either. Autopsies are more focused on physical findings. There’s nothing to find with MS except the myelin sheath surrounding nerve fibers is destroyed. I don’t know…..let me get off here and look this up, haha!

            Oh wait…..Conrad Murray! He said that he was weaning Michael from propofol and had been successful. He admitted to giving it regularly in April/May but was cutting him back (although pharmacy records show he was increasing the volume ordered over time, not decreasing). He claims Michael was in active withdrawal from Demerol that another MD (Klein) had been administering without Murrays knowledge. This is his explanation for why nothing he was giving was working. He had given Ativan, versed, and Valium at < 2 hour intervals for hours before resorting to propofol. Michael also used propofol on the dangerous tour overseas. Remember that right shin wound? I don't know what year that was, (I remember wounds, not dates, lol), but I assume it was probably an abused and badly infected IV site, and it may have just been during the dangerous tour. I know somebody here will know the date of that wound and if it coincides with the dangerous tour. :-). Anyhow, it was revealed in the trial that this was not Jacksons first romantic encounter with propofol by any means.

          • Vanessa

            It didn’t occur to me either back in 2001, but I was a young teenager. It wasn’t until Deepak Chopra outed Michael’s drug problem right after Michael died that I recalled the Invincible era and put two and two together.

          • Mahoney

            I’ll just leave this here, don’t judge me people. It’s a slow day at work!

          • Fudhux

            Hahahaha you crack me up . He is (or she ) is so proud of his or her insults that he or she upvotes himself ,herself.

          • ShawntayUStay

            2.) “Posthumous” might be to big a word for ya, but at that time i was referring to another case, of the same nature. And thats still a terrible way to say i said something when literally if you scroll the fuck up i literally didn’t even imply such a thing.

            Boy, bye! You were not referring to any other case but the two accusers that have come out after MJ’s passing. What other case would necessitate the need to mention MJ’s “posthumous net worth”? Come on now, son! No need to back-peddle when I can in fact “scroll the fuck up” and “literally” see that you did in fact “imply such a thing”. LMAO

            FYI, I don’t think it’s in your wheelhouse to tell other people that they don’t understand “big words” when you barely understand basic grammar, son. Not to mention proper metaphors (“this website is AIDS”…?). I think you took the “2 kool 4 skool” yearbook slogan too seriously.

            3.) Im now ignoring facts, holy shit. i can’t fucking believe it GWAF, so me “dismissing” these “facts” coming from these families that have again and again been debunked, is the same as you dismissing proven facts?

            Please provide both the dismissed “proven facts”, and the evidence James Safechuck’s and Wade Robson’s allegations have been debunked. Thanks, I’ll wait.

            “Defend someone i have never met?” I Fucking quit i literally quit, lmao you’ve been joking this whole time? you dirty girl(most likely guy who is 23 with a gender disorder) lol stop kiddin round!

            Yes defend someone you’ve never met by hurling insults at people with different opinions, which is the sign of an obsessed fanatic. Why do you care how we choose to discuss a public figure who is dead? Seriously contemplate this question.

            Didn’t I say that your perception is not reality? That you can’t literally refer to anyone because we are in the virtual world of the internet, and thus nothing about each other can be “literally” known? So why would you think I was a dude with a gender disorder? LMAO, Dante…or is it Dawntay? Are you a girl, because you sound like a delusional, sensitive, die-hard 15 year old fangirl.

    • Andreas

      “I Mean, i will In MORE depth look at both sides EQUALLY to come to conclusion”

      There’s a good ol’ norwegian expression, not sure if its used in the US or elsewhere, but it goes something like “how one shouts in the woods one gets a reply”, meaning if you comment in an hostile way, so you’ll easily receive some answers back the same way. It also shows that most norwegian lives in the woods.

      But, yes, its great that you want to look at both sides of the argument, Dante. Just continue to do so, and I can put down my pitchfork. I can respect that the Jackson case evokes a lot of feelings in people, from both sides, the only thing worse than a serial child molester is someone being falsely accused of being a child molester, so its obviously controversial issue when people disagree what one of the most popular artists of our time is questioned. My road to my stance on him was a bit of a bumpy one too, because I thought(hoped) he was innocent too until I finally got my “holy shit, he is actually guilty” moment.

      The way I see it there is spent a lot of time, energy and money in making Michael seem innocent, despite the charges around him and the evidence presented. Its really a test in rationality to get through all the emotional and manipulative baggage involved, because that stuff is pretty f’n dense. If you look at it with a sober mind it becomes very apparant what was going on though.

    • ShawntayUStay

      amazing that all these cases are apt to come out after a sudden bout of
      debt(from the accusers), and an inflation in MJ’s posthumous net worth

      It would be a lie to suggest that people don’t do the craziest things for money when money is indeed at stake. But a judgment in a civil lawsuit — filed against a deceased person over allegations that are by most legal standards stale but for the tiniest glimmer of hope with a single section in a single stature — is highly unlikely. These lawsuits take years and there is no guarantee these men will get anything but a dismissal. You’d have to believe that both Wade and James thought the Estate would settle with them just making allegations; again, that’s unlikely given the circumstances and how the Estate has the upper hand from the get go. Of course added to this reality is that these men will forever be known as child abuse victims that, according to their words, willingly participated in homosexual activity with another man. What good comes from ruined reputations and people knowing you “lied” on the stand and “protected” an alleged pedophile?

      It’s really funny, too, how you fanatics think about things. If anyone says something negative, they’re trying to make money. If anyone says something positive, it’s the truth, and never about trying to make money, even if their story is objectively bullshit. For example, you fans believed the bodyguards tall tales about “secret girlfriends” enough to line their pockets with cash buying their book, when their story was obviously full of holes and made up. Likewise, Shana Mangatal is writing a book “Michael and Me” about a “secret romance” with MJ, with no proof but her own word, and many fans don’t question her motivations? Her unquenchable thirst and undeniable need for attention? LMAO.

      When it comes to MJ, I think you fanatics have a leg up on “weak minded imbecility”.

    • Vanessa

      I wrote to him one time when he called me up when I was a teenager. It blew me away that it was that easy, when all I ever heard was how hard it was to get a hold of him. Right after I talked to him I asked a girl at school who was also a fan if she ever wrote to him, her answer was, “all of the time.” So, I didn’t tell her of my experience.

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  • Are you suggesting that if a molester has a difficult life they should be absolved of their crimes against children? I don’t believe that, I believe the adult has the responsibility to get their life in order, and not drag children into their sordid life.