The Boys in Michael Jackson’s Life

Michael Jackson had intense relationships with many boys including Emmanuel Lewis, Jonathan Spence, Jimmy Safechuck, Wade Robson, Brett Barnes, Jordan Chandler, Frank and Eddie Cascio, Omer Bhatti and Sean Lennon. Click on the image to go to the stories about that boy (not available for all yet)

Emmanuel Lewis - 1982-1984
Emmanuel Lewis (1982-1984)


Jonathan Spence (1984-1987)
Jonathan Spence (1984-1987)


Jonathan Spence
Jonathan Spence (1984 – 1987)


Jimmy Safechuck
Jimmy Safechuck (1987-1992)
Sean Lennon
Sean Lennon (1987 – 1988)


Wade Robson
Wade Robson (1990 – 1997)


Brett Barnes
Brett Barnes (1991 – 1996)
Brett Barnes
Brett Barnes (1991 – 1996)
Jordan Chandler
Jordan Chandler (1993)
Frank & Eddie Cascio
Frank & Eddie Cascio (1993 – 1996)
Omer Bhatti
Omer Bhatti (1996 – 2003)
Juju Elatab (2003)





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  • morginmiyako

    IDK how I missed this article.. Or perhaps I forgot about it. The last picture.. Does that jacket say “The Dangerous Boys?”

    • We’ve just moved this article from the old site to the new site Morgin, one of the last of the moves. It’s been a big job 🙂

      That jacket does say THE DANGEROUS BOYS. A strange choice of words.

  • divapromo
  • Hilal Alsameraaii

    There is also Rodney Allen Rippy from 1974 to around 1979. I can’t find a good photo of them together but I think they met during the 1974 AMA, here’s a video of it:
    According to Rodney, they became friends during this time and Michael called him many times, up until the time of the Off The Wall album which coincides with the time that Michael met Terry George, another person worth including on the list.

    You probably know Terry George’s story, it’s more popular than Rodney Allen Rippey’s story and there is an article here that goes into his story.

    And of course Gavin Arvizo should be included on this list.

    • The Queen Of Swords

      Child-Actor Rodney Allen-Rippy (1974-1979), Child-Actor/”Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air” Actor Alphonso Ribeiro (1982-1984), Child-Actor Corey Feldman (1984-1987), Child-Actor Bryton McClare (1992-2004), Diana Ross’ Son/Actor Evan Ross (1993-?), Gavin Arvizo (2000-2003), and Child-Singer Aaron Carter should all be listed. They were also a few of MJ’s “special friends”, too, and are all most likely a few of MJ’s victims (Especially Bryton McClare, considering the half-nude picture MJ had of him — taken when he was a pre-pubescent boy — in his house right next to McCaulay Culkin’s).

      *** Sean Lennon was one of MJ’s “special friends” from 1983-1990 (when he was 8 to 15), BTW. According to Lennon he “probably spent more time with [Michael Jackson] than anyone else” …

    • The Queen Of Swords

      Rodney alleges that he was sexually abused by “a Jackson”, but never said which male Jackson family member it was that sexually abused him as a young boy …

  • The Queen Of Swords

    Like Rodney Allen-Rippy, Rick Segall was another one of Michael Jackson’s 1970s “special friends”.

    He says Jackson “befriended” him in early 1974 (see video above) when he was 4 and Jackson was 15 — with their “friendship” peaking in 1980-1981 when Segall was 10,11-11,12. Like Emmanuel Lewis, Jonathan Spence, MacCaulay Culkin, Brett Barnes, and Frank Cascio, Rick Segall says nothing inappropriate or sexual happened during their “frienship”. I don’t know enough details of their “friendship” to say if Rick was or wasn’t a victim (He seemed honest/sincere and I hope he wasn’t a victim, but who knows …), but considering James’ and Wade’s previous denials, along with Wade’s previous praising of Jackson, you just never know ….

    I’ve heard Jackson’s last words years ago. In a twisted way, I agree that MJ cared about physically-abused kids because he was traumatized by Joe’s physical-abuse of him as a boy. Even some of his “special friends” like Terry George, Corey Feldman (who says they bonded over their abusive parents), and James Safechuck Jr. said so, due to his concern if they were being physically hit at home. I just think he was too narcissistic and selfish to care if sexual abuse (look at Taj’s note; he knew all about this subject) would cause emotional/mental/psychological/sexual problems for his compliant child-victims (Molesters often use the “grooming” method to lessen their own guilt).

  • Rodney Allen coached a Canadian boy, who said he was molested by Michael Jackson. This lie was disproved by Diane Dimond and the Toronto police very quickly which shows that fakes don’t pass muster, and which further strengthens the stories of Jackson’s real accusers.

  • Dani Lee VanBuskirk

    Hello everyone,, I was wondering if anyone has read and has a copy of VG MJWL? I am willing to pay anyone who has a copy double to triple the going rate for it, via PDF or the actual book. I will take a bit more look around and see if I can find it..This would be the last book I think that I have not read (both the good and the ugly) If anyone has a cope please email me at [email removed]. Please have a paypal or other way I can pay for it via internet thanks…BTW love your website, though still a fan yet ATG was very eye opening, and my belief has dropped a lot that MJ was totally innocent (though I have always had doubts) thank you.

    • Pea

      Dani, I removed your email just so you won’t have to face potential spam. But I own a copy of the book — a PDF copy — and I can send you an email regarding it.

      • Dani Lee VanBuskirk

        Well thank so much pea, I know fans hate this book, but I am willing to look at it, and not dismiss it outright..IF you would like some compensation please let me know..You have my email, so let me as soon as you have time Pea:)

  • Dani Lee VanBuskirk

    Correct, MJFACTS, even without “needing to put my mind the the gutter” these still see like some odd photos to take. Have you seen the sight that claims sony put fake mirrors in this hotel room was planted as a room to “catch” Mj and the mirrors that sony set up were just to make it seem like these pics are real? I sweat the lengths people go.

  • Andrew

    Poor kids. The story shook me to my core, as a boy back in the day.

  • Phil

    I wish Michael had advisors with enough sense and pull (like the Colonel had on Elvis) to tell him to stop hanging out with these boys and go see a high-priced psychologist. His dealing with these kids ruined what could of had been the greatest symbol of what a black man can do ever. He is still great, he could of had been way greater.

    • Dani Lee VanBuskirk

      Dileo and Q and others told MJ how it looked, he would come back with “I do not care what people think it is my life” MJ was also known to fire others for that same “crime” if trying to reason with him. Trying to point him to reality.

      MJ was a victim of himself and his excess but the facts were. if he lusted after boys, it was always going to be the case..His money and power made it so he could act on it..And put himself into a shell of fantasy..I am not sure if at 33 Mj could be helped, long before that probably..His money kept him from facing any demons and nobody could come between his wants his needs and his desires, if you did you were chopped off at the knees.

      He wanted to live in some bizarre non reality bases fantasy and did not let others
      disturb it..Try as you might to bring him to heal he never was going to, until he was brought to his knees in death and destruction. the fall out from his life choices.

  • Dani Lee VanBuskirk

    You and I seem to share exactly the same sentiments and it looks as if you were at least a fan of the mans music. It has been said Dileo was fired for the failure of Moonwalker (film) and for Bad not outselling thriller…(same as Q) Yet if you read deep enough into it Dileo told MJ not to go out of pocket for moonwalker (yet Mj did and lost 30 mil bucks) Then as far as bad sales how in the world MJ blame shifted that onto Q and Dileo was just insane, but it is not as if MJ ever really took any responsibility for anything his entire life..He was as for as he was concerned ALWAYS the victim of others never in his mind could he or did he victimize anyone (kids employees collaborators) When it is clear as day he did to almost anyone around him.

    As far as NL vs HH..MJ was too far gone living with his own family at HH by the time OTW was out MJ and his ego and fantasy life was already seriously out of control..Even if he never bought NL he still was holing up in HH with one single boy for 1 or 2 weeks in his own quarters not coming out to see the light of day for days and days at a time locked away with a kid.. He was already up to something long before thriller ever was recorded.

    I believe most of his actual early friends (remember he did not really like real friends, regardless on how often he cried about being so “lonely) he pushed them all away or back stabbed them once he used them (begging the Prez of Sony to block Q from a Grammy win for thriller etc) All his supposed friends Lionel, Liz, Liza anyone probably always understood he was OTT interested in kids and it was becoming an obsession by 20..Maybe not all understood detail as well as Bob Jones (pr) or Dileo and Q but they all knew he was def unhealthy and maybe bordering on legal or sane.

    Yes Dileo Branca Q were a dream team if there ever was one, but hey Thriller needed to be outdone and MJ needed people to blame for Bad not selling 100 million copies (and for moonwalker not making him money) MJ was a classic blame shifter (I always suspected he had some forms BPD along with his child love obsessions. not to mention his own ego matched the level of his self loathing. Very complex and crazy life. For sure. Took me years to realize just how insane and chaos filled everything was really early on.

    • yaso

      @Dani Lee VanBuskirk Do you think his close “famous” friends like Elizabeth Taylor, Marlon Brando and Lisa Marie Presley knew he was a pedo but turned a blind eye to it?? I

      • Andreas

        What people saw was that Michael Jackson hanged around a bunch of kids while presenting himself as a childrens right prodigy, someone who lived for helping kids and children activism, so in a way I can understand how even some people close to him wouldn’t suspect he was a child molester. Its two things that doesn’t seem to go together, right? I’m still not sure if one is supposed to look at it like he was just using those things to hide his real predator motivation, or if he somehow was both of things equally. Like, he supposedly gave millions and millions of dollars to child charities. Are we supposed to think that was just a clever coverup? Or may he have been sincere in children suffering around the world, while at the same time being a pedophile and a child molester?

        And I think being suspicious isn’t always enough to act upon. If that means taking it to the police. Its not like he molested kids out in the open and everyone pretended they didn’t see it. I remember Bob Jones(Ex-PR manager for 15 years approx.) defended himself in his book from accusations that he didn’t do anything to stop Jackson… saying something like that its difficult to really do anything just because your boss is holding hands with kids and spending a little bit too much time with them. Thats not proof against someone who can spend billions on lawyers to ruin you. Bob Jones probably understood what was going on an intuitive level, and so did some others, but you can’t go to the police if you don’t have anything more material than that.

        I suspect SOME people who was ‘in the know’ also felt it was up to the children themselves to react to wrongs done against them. If they didn’t and continued to hang around Jackson all the time its a bit paralyzing to go to the police on their behalf. If the kids denied, then what?

        I think Lisa Marie probably had her suspicions. In Frank Cascio’s book he describes it like she didn’t like that Jackson spent so much time with the Cascio brothers instead of her.

        Elizabeth Taylor was initially supposed to testify for the defense in the 2005 case, but ultimately the defense didn’t use her. Not sure if there’s some juicy story why she was retracted, or what her purpose for testifying was, but there were a lot of witnesses that was scrapped due to timeissues so it may not have meant anything. I don’t think she was present at the time of the Arvizo allegations, so she had no relevance as a witness for that case, so my assumption would be just to talk about Jackson’s relation to children in general and who he was, what a great gregarious person he was.. or something like that.

        Marlon Brando I’m willing to say wasn’t aware, but I may not be aware of how close they actually were.

        • yaso

          Of course, we shouldn’t believe everything written on the internet, but someone once wrote a comment about this subject ,he claimed to be close to Liz Taylor, and that she knew Jacko was a pedophile but liz loved him dearly like a son and felt the need to protect him. I don’t know but i have a feeling that Liz and Brando knew. That su*ks because they are my favorites.

          Brando was nobody’ fool and was notorious for his ability of knowing people’ weakness and reading their minds, Also, Brando’ son Miko was very close to Michael, and he used to facilitate Michael’ sleepovers with young boys.

          Regarding LMP, i can’t make up my mind whether she knew or not.

          • Andreas

            When you mention it mafia-gangster henchmen Anthony Pellicano was hired by Jackson to take cover up for Jacksons problems in the early 90s. I know you know him, Yaso.. He was very involved in the Chandlers-saga, and so on, but I think he may have been involved in other unknown stories for Jackson too. His reputation is really dark.

            Anyway, I know Pellicano was initially hired on recommendation by Elizabeth Taylor, since he supposedly had effectively hid Liz Taylors drug problems earlier from it spreading to the media/tabloids. So perhaps that means Taylor had some clue.

            You could argue so, I guess? If she just thought as some do that Jackson only had greedy parents lying about their children being molested to get some cash, then hiring Pellicano to care of them to not tarnish his image could also make sense.

            I always pictured Jackson to not share what he really did to many people. I always suspected if anyone knew it was from them adding things up, and never because Jackson told anyone.

            Are you saying Marlon Brando organized sleepovers for young boys with Michael Jackson? Where did you get that information from?

            Lisa Maria was on Oprah and when asked about Jackson’s being a child molester, she didn’t deny it or protect him, she just said with a serious tone “I never saw anything”. She also added that if she ever saw something she would have cut his balls off(or something to that effect.. to lazy to re-watch it now)..

          • yaso

            Andreas, I said that Marlon’ son Miko pimped kids for Jacko’ sleepovers, Not Marlon, this was mentioned in a vanity fair’ article.

            I agree with you that people around Jacko knew about his perversion by adding up things they saw and observed not because Michael went out of his way and told them. he would never do such thing, he always portrayed himself as the helpless victim.

            I always felt that the anonymous comment i mentioned before about Liz (knowing Michael was a pedo) was authentic one, this person didn’t write any other juicy details like what most fake posters usually do, he just wrote that one comment in a small random discussion about MJ.

            What puzzles me that why those people like Liz, Marlon and Lisa and i’m sure others who knew the truth or at the very least suspected Jacko’ behavior, continued to support and defend him??!! They all have a rotten morality!!

          • Andreas

            Its possible some of them knew. I’m curious too. Do you have the anonymous comment who said Liz knew? Its little to go by, as its barely even anecdotal, but I’d be curious to see it.

            There were definitely staff who knew. Quite a few of them testified in the 2005 trial having directly seen Jackson intimate with children. They had different explanations why they didn’t come forward. Fear and not wanting to lose their job was part of it. I don’t remember and I’m too lazy to check right now. Their testimonies are on this site if you’re interested.

            Well, some of them kind of DID come forward actually. Like Blanca Francia I think was paid 100.000$ for an interview with Diane Dimond, and others had civil lawsuits against Jackson. For defenders of Jackson there were therefore often a the claim they were either “disgruntled employees” or after money in some fashion. A bit unfair perhaps, since their stories sound very real… but for some it muddles the water that some of them went to the tabloids in trade of large money sums instead of going to the police.

            Pellicano seems to have been re-sentenced to 2019:

            I would assume the prosecution could still use him as a witness even if he’s in jail though? Of course, it depends on what he’s willing to say.

          • silverspirit

            Didn’t Liz dump MJ like a hot potato when she found out he was in fact a pedophile? He refused to stop talking boys into his bed. Surely she told him to stop that.

          • Pea

            I don’t think that is correct, and I am referring to the fact of Liz Taylor knowing he was a pedophile in order to “dump him like a hot potato”. The only anecdote I’ve heard was Liz supposedly putting her foot down when Miko Brando was recruiting boys for his sleepovers; allegedly she told Jacko to not let that happen.

            That was reported in an article on Liz in Vanity Fair written after she died. Who knows if Jacko listened — I doubt it since he went and got Omer Bhatti after the Jordie Chandler scandal — but if we assume he had a modicum of respective for his “surrogate mother” Liz, he may have at least toned it down publicly.

            Whether she knew or had a doubts about his innocence is pretty moot at this point. With Jacko saying he was innocent and the boys never, ever complaining, no one was going to “stop” anything — and that includes the help who claimed to know he was a pedophile.

          • Fudhux

            Hi guys ! Does anybody know when Pelicano is going to get out of prison ? He could help Wade’s case that goes to trial next year . He seems to have a lot of information !

        • TheLibranQueenOfSwords

          Hmmm … Ive read that molesters go out of their way to prove to everyone including themselves that they are good people that care about kids … He was probably one of these molesters.

        • Dani Lee VanBuskirk

          I agree with you on just about everything yet I will say MJ was not the only big time celeb that gave to charity or children..He was just more “public” about it wanting to get into the Guinness awards ect..One does have to wonder why he had film crews around every single time he did anything for charity as stars like Rhinanna give millions and it is really not talked about…MJ gave and probably had good intentions but it is well known he lied about how much he gave on at least a few occasions . We also know that tax write offs do benefit the rich when they give..A win win for MJ but again I question why the need to be soo public about it.

          Bob Jones was PR guy for over 25 years and he said point blank I am a gay man and if I want sex I look for MEN I would never spend months alone with a boy and try to justify it.

          More than likley Jones like Q and Dileo had some choice words for MJ and the boys but as with anyone MJ did not want to hear it…Even close friends were pushed away when they tried to talk to MJ

      • silverspirit

        Didn’t they abandoned him after repeated warnings from Liz herself to stop hanging with little boys? I seem to recall that. In the end MJ had no friends.

        Lisa said she couldn’t sleep in their own bed because MJ was constantly taking boys into it. How did she not know that marriage was such a staged sham?

      • Dani Lee VanBuskirk

        Sadly I think the entire Jackson clan at least knew or suspected, I always wondered when MJ would be locked up in his bedroom a single white boy for days on end when he lived in HH compound why the heck Joe would just not beat the crap out of him..I believe Toya knew for sure but now adays they all know. The Jackson Fam hardly knew anything about MJ or his life as even Janet and Rebbie have said they lost him during thriller and would go decades without speaking…The trial taught that family what MJ really had been up to all those years..He hardly even spoke to his “sainted” mother. Janet had never even met blanket yet she lived less than an hour away…

        Brando for sure, and do recall that Brando needed his “friend” MJ to pay him 1 million dollars to show face at MJs anniversary MSG concert and Taylor needed jewels..before she dared come. I have questions about how “good” of friends these were as a real friend with nothing to lose like Q would say wtf are you doing, stop it now…MJ had no real friends(besides those he paid) in the end…IT was sad to see that lil boy from gary end up such a tragic mess. He was really loved by most Americans for years.

        I think with Taylor she suspected and like Q and Dileo probably told MJ he was going to ruin his life (Her being in Hollywood so long she probably thought it was somewhat par for the course)

        The Weinstein case shows just how much even victims will say how great a person is if they feel there is too much to lose..SO yes.. I never bought that LMP and MJ ever shared a bed let alone sex.

        Andreas is correct about MJ and having no friends in the end..Crying Brooke had not spoken to him in over 20 years.

  • TheLibranQueenOfSwords

    Does anyone have the quote where Michael Jackson talked about child marriage in India and parents giving up their child? Or the part from Marlon Brando’s book about MJ marrying a boy at Neverland? I’ve seen two people make reference to these subjects here. Thanks in advance.

  • Michael Jeffrey

    Can we maybe discuss the case of Kendall Cunningham here?
    I don’t really know what to think about that one. According to the court papers, Jackson owned bare-chest pictures of this boy & posed in company of the boy and the boy was described as being depicted in provocative manners. There is no info on them, besides that the boy took part in one of Jackson’s short filmes. Any ideas or opinions on this?

    • lilyc

      I really wish I could look through Michael’s life just so I can know the truth. Was he a pedophile or was he just completely naive?
      As a kid I’ve been a victim of at least four child molesters or pedophiles… and one of them was a preacher, a stranger and the other two were distant relatives. and yes at such young age ( 7 and 8 yrs old) I already know about it so I was able to escape and save myself from them. So I just have this strong senses on whether a person is a molester or not. For some reason Michael doesn’t appear like a molester to me but at the same time it really makes you wonder why he spent so much time with those boys. I thought that after that 1993 allegation he will stop from getting close with kids but he kept on doing so. The only time he stopped staying with kids was after that 2005 trial where he admitted that because of that trial then there will be no more sleep overs and we no longer really see him with kids after that.
      I really wish I can know the truth about him… he was such a complex character to understand. Although I agree that Michael changed a lot after that Bad tour like it’s almost as if he’s overly weird and no longer thinking normal. He seems to be in control during and before Thriller came… but after that he slowly changed. I really wonder what went through his mind. Why was he always with little boys.

  • yaso
  • Pea

    Jacko did have a number of Jewish contacts, some of whom probably were sleazy industry types. Not sure if their “Jewishness” had anything to do with their perversions, though….

  • silverspirit