The ‘One-On-One’ Sleepovers

When most people think about Michael Jackson’s sleepovers with children, they have in their mind a bunch of kids having a slumber party with Jackson in his bedroom, or Jackson sleeping on the floor or a cot while children took the bed. While this may have been the case on some occassions, when it came to Jackson’s friends, the boys Jackson formed special attachments with, Jackson above all else preferred to sleep one-on-one with them – often going to extraordinary lengths to make it happen.

(You can also read the Omer Bhatti story, about the 12 year old boy who Michael Jackson picked up in Tunisia and took back to Neverland to live with him for six years – link opens in new window)

However, before we detail the when, where and how, we’ll first put the defending parents’ and boys’ protestations that these sleepovers were ‘innocent’ into perspective. Let us make something clear, Jackson was not a monster in the traditional sense of the word – he never grabbed children off the street in order to molest them, he never was a vicious child rapist and he certainly never felt it was his goal, in his mind, to ‘harm’ children in any way. That is more the province of mysoped child molesters. He deliberately and consciously had a long term plan to get close to boys and over a period of time make it seem normal for those prepubescent boys to share a bed with a 30-40 year old man. Jackson convinced the parents, and the boys, that it was perfectly natural for him to have a boy in his bed for extended periods of time. He convinced parents to leave their sons in his care and not to bat an eyelid when they heard Jackson shared a bed with them. As you will see, some parents even became vigorous defenders of the practice.

Most of the parents who defended these sleepovers that their sons had with Jackson were groomed over a period of time, with Jackson having long phone conversations with them in order to build trust even before Jackson had met them. As the epitome of a ‘nice guy’ pedophile, Jackson spent hours on the phone with some of the parents, gaining trust with them and slowly moving towards his intended goal – that is, getting their sons into bed with him. Some parents, though, had complete and full trust in Jackson the day they met him, allowing their children to sleep with him straight away. Even if parents had any suspicions about Jackson, their judgement was clouded not just by Jackson’s manipulation, but their judgement was hopelessly compromised by Jackson’s largesse.

The boys’ statements, where they say “nothing happened”, should be viewed with a degree of skepticism – victims of “nice guy” pedophiles in most cases are reticent to admit molestation. Ken Lanning, the FBI’s foremost expert on child sexual abuse, has this to say about such victims:

Child-lover molesters almost never use violence for sex, said Lanning. Instead, they groom and seduce and manipulate and use cooperation to get what they want out of the child. “I can’t tell you how many cases where there are letters from the victim written to the accused, saying, ‘You’re the nicest person I ever met,’ or ‘You’ve been so good to me,'” said Lanning. Many victims don’t tell anyone of the inappropriate behavior because they are considered “compliant child victims.” “A child can’t legally consent to having sex, but some of them aren’t necessarily fighting him off,” said Lanning. “They’re developmentally immature, and later they feel ashamed and embarrassed that they cooperated in their victimization.”[1]

Because victims of acquaintance exploitation usually have been carefully seduced and often do not realize they are victims, they repeatedly and voluntarily return to the offender. Society and the criminal-justice system have a difficult time understanding this. If a boy is molested by his neighbor, teacher, or clergy member, why does he “allow” it to continue? Most likely he may not initially realize he is a victim. Some victims are simply willing to trade sex for attention, affection, and gifts and do not believe they are victims. The sex itself might even be enjoyable. The offender may be treating them better than anyone has ever treated them.[2]

Most of these victims never disclose their victimization. Younger children may believe they did something “wrong” or “bad” and are afraid of getting into trouble. Older children may be more ashamed and embarrassed. Many victims not only do not disclose, but they strongly deny it happened when confronted. In one case several boys took the stand and testified concerning the high moral character of the accused molester. When the accused molester changed his plea to guilty, he admitted that the boys who testified for him were also victims.[2]

The most common reasons that victims do not disclose are stigma of homosexuality, lack of societal understanding, presence of positive feelings for the offender, embarrassment or fear over their victimization, or do not believe they are victims. Since most of the offenders are male, the stigma of homosexuality is a serious problem for male victims. Although being seduced by a male child molester does not necessarily make a boy a homosexual, the victims do not understand this. If a victim does disclose, he believes that he is risking significant ridicule by his peers and lack of acceptance by his family.[2]

So we can see that the boys merely saying it isn’t so is not proof that they weren’t molested. This was underscored by Jason Francia, the boy who received a 2.4 million dollar payout after alleging he was tickled on the genitals several times by Jackson, who was extremely reticent about his abuse to law enforcement and the court. He wasn’t the only one who expressed displeasure over revelations about being molested.[3]

To show how much Jackson loved his one-on-one sleepovers with young boys, we are going to look at the publicly available information about three of those boys.

Wade Robson

Wade Robson was an Australian boy who first met Jackson briefly in 1987, when he was five years old. Wade entered a dance contest and won, with the prize being a meeting with Jackson. The actual meeting was a brief meet and greet after a concert during the Australian leg of the Bad tour, however Jackson must have been taken with the little boy because he told his mother that if they were ever in the US they should look him up. In 1989, the Robsons were touring the US when Wade’s mother, Joy, decided she would try and track down Jackson and arrange a meeting. She was successful, and they arranged to meet Jackson at Record One recording studios. The Robson party consisted of the Wade, his sister Chantal, their parents and one set of grandparents. Jackson obviously liked what he saw in young Wade as he invited the whole family to his ranch that weekend.

That first night, despite only having gotten to know Jackson for one day, Joy Robson agreed to allow her children, seven year old Wade and his ten year old sister Chantal, to stay in his bedroom while she, her husband and her parents stayed in the guest units. It should be noted here that the Neverland guest units were a substantial distance away from the main house. After playing for a while, Chantal departed to the upstairs section of Jackson’s suite to sleep, leaving her brother in bed next to Jackson. Chantal said she felt “uncomfortable” staying in the same bed as Jackson and her brother. The following night, she decided to sleep in Jackson’s bed, however this was one of the last times she did so. Despite many more visits to Neverland over a span of years, she only slept in Jackson’s bed twice more as part of the aforementioned “slumber parties”.

After that weekend, the Robsons continued their tour during the week, returning to Neverland the following weekend. After that weekend, mother and son went with Jackson to Las Vegas to catch a Siegfried and Roy show while the rest of the Robson family travelled to San Francisco. In Vegas, Jackson, his new young friend and his new young friend’s mother took a suite in a hotel, with Joy Robson in one bedroom and Jackson one-on-one with Wade in another. While Joy did spend some time in Jackson’s bedroom during the day and part of the evening, Jackson had Wade to himself at night.

Jackson enjoyed Wade’s company so much that he flew the young boy over to America four times over the next two years. Each time Wade would stay with Jackson for a couple of weeks, either at Neverland Ranch or Jackson’s apartment at Westwood, or both. When Jackson and Wade were staying at the apartment in Westwood, Joy Robson would usually stay in the Holiday Inn opposite. According to the Robson’s, Jackson spent a lot of time mentoring Wade in music production, but when Jackson was working without Wade present Wade stayed with his mother, when Jackson would return home late at night he would immediately phone Joy and instruct here to deliver Wade to his bedroom. Joy would take the boy across the road to Jackson’s apartment and leave him there – she would return empty handed to the hotel. She was well aware that she was taking her son to Jackson so that they could share a bed.

Check out  Chat with Raymond Chandler

Whenever they were back in Australia, Jackson spent hours on the phone with Wade, with Jackson calling at least once a week and sometimes more often!

In 1991 the Robson’s moved to the US to live permanently (sans Wade’s father), with Jackson’s help to gain permanent residency, and Wade continued to spend one-on-one bed time with Jackson until 1996, when he slept with Jackson for the last time at the Sheraton in Los Angeles. Wade’s mother did not accompany him on that occassion. In fact, on many of Wade’s visits to Neverland during his time living in the US, his mother was not present. On one occassion, Jackson stayed in the Robson’s apartment, sharing a pull out couch with Wade.

When asked if there were other boys he had heard of sleeping alone with Jackson, he had no knowledge of any. We know from Joy Robson that on one occassion at Neverland, Wade was disappointed because Jackson had chosen a one-on-one sleepover with Jordan Chandler instead of Wade. Wade could only remember one or two occassions when others were present in Jackson’s bed apart from him. By studying his testimony, we can ascertain that Wade spent over 300 nights alone with Jackson over seven years. Wade continues to deny anything untoward happened during these nights together with Jackson (but see our notes about disclosure at the beginning of the essay).

Source: Testimony of Wade Robson, Joy Robson and Chantal Robson at Michael Jackson’s 2005 molestation trial.

Update 2oth May 2013: Wade has now admitted that he was molested by Jackson during these sleepovers Wade Robson and Michael Jackson


Brett Barnes

Brett Barnes is another Australian boy who spent a considerable amount of time sharing Jackson’s bed. Brett Barnes wrote a letter to Jackson in 1987 at age 5, (technically, his sister Karlee wrote it, but Brett dictated it). Jackson supposedly pulled his letter out of a sack full of mail and gave him a call. After that initial phone call, Jackson rang frequently, for hours at a time. Finally, in 1991, when Brett was nine years old, Jackson invited his family to the US for a three week all expenses paid vacation. By the end of the first week, both Barnes children had stayed in Jackson’s bedroom (although the sister Karlee only slept there once because, like Wade Robson’s sister Chantal, she felt “uncomfortable”). The Barnes parents enjoyed the break, Jackson showing them the delights of staying at Neverland and also taking them to Disneyland for a week. Jackson and the family took a suite at the Disneyland hotel, although Jackson and Brett shared a bedroom while the rest of the family shared another. Jackson also took the family to Las Vegas, once again with Brett sharing Jackson’s bed.

Subsequent to that visit, Jackson flew Brett to the US at least once a year for several years. Brett continued to share a bed with Jackson, one-on-one, for up to a month at a time in this period between ages 9 and 12. Jackson and Brett travelled around the US, staying in hotels, in the same bed. There were no other children travelling with them. Brett’s mother had no idea which cities they travelled to, apart from Las Vegas and Chicago. The rest of the time she was in the dark.

Over time, Brett and his family spent a considerable amount of time travelling with Jackson while he was touring. Jackson was utterly delighted to have a boy with such such compliant parents and took the family with him to South America, Africa, Europe and Australia. Whilst the parents travelled with the Jackson entourage, Brett continued to share Jackson’s bed on these travels. Marie, Brett’s mother, was quite vague as to how often Brett stayed with Jackson, but Brett’s sister Karlee confirmed that her brother shared Jackson’s bed every single night during this period as well as all the times they stayed at Neverland when Jackson was there. It amounted to a staggering 465+ nights. Brett could only remember a couple of occassions when there was another boy in Jackson’s bed with them. He certainly could never remember any woman, as a romantic interest, around Jackson during the whole time they were travelling together.

Although Brett’s parents never questioned their son’s sleepovers with Jackson, there was one curious incident which happened in Paris. Marie Barnes had had a tiff with Jackson and threatened to leave for Australia, however she wrote in a note to Jackson:

“The only thing that we will not do, we will not leave without Brett, and that could be a bit of a problem”

What this could actually mean is anybody’s guess. What kind of problem would it be if the Barnes’ took Brett away from Jackson? It certainly sounds sinister, whatever it may be. Brett Barnes also denies anything untoward happened when he shared a bed with Jackson, but once again, view the disclaimer at the beginning of this essay.

Source: Testimony of Brett Barnes, Marie Barnes and Karlee Barnes at Michael Jackson’s 2005 molestation trial.


Jordan Chandler

Jordan Chandler is the boy who received 15.3 million dollars from Jackson after allegations of molestation against the pop star in 1993. Jordan first met Jackson briefly in a restaurant at age 5, but the second meeting was far more consequential. In August 1992, Jackson’s car had broken down in Los Angeles, so he made his way to Rent-A-Wreck, the car rental agency of the hip at that time. There, the owner, Dave Schwartz, told Jackson that he could take a car for his use free if he would just talk with his stepson Jordan, who was a huge fan of Jackson. Jordan’s mother June Chandler allowed her son to speak with Jackson, the conversation lasting five or ten minutes. As the conversation closed, June gave Jackson her home phone number and suggested that Jackson might like to phone her son some other time. Shortly after, Jackson left for Europe to continue his Dangerous tour. A month or two later, whilst still on tour, Jackson put through his first phone call to Jordan which lasted just ten minutes. Jackson continued calling the boy and the conversations became longer and longer, finally culminating in calls lasting up to three hours.

In February 1993, after Jackson finished the second leg of the Dangerous tour and had returned to Neverland, he invited Jordan, his sister Lily and June to Neverland for the weekend. At this point, Jordan stayed with his mother and sister in one of the guest units. A week or two later they returned to Neverland for the weekend again, once again Jordan and Lily stayed in the guest unit with their mother. As you may recall, the guest units were quite some distance from the main house. Brett Barnes was also present at Neverland on this occassion. That weekend, Jackson took the Chandler family to Toys ‘R Us, and the children were encouraged to help themselves to whatever toys they liked, with Jackson footing the bill. On their third weekend visit not long after, Jordan asked to sleep in Jackson’s bedroom as there were other boys present who would be sleeping there too – Frank & Eddie Cascio and Macaulay Culkin. June refused, and Jordan, once again, slept in the guest unit with his family.

At the end of March 1993, Jackson invited the family to Las Vegas for a short trip to take in the sights and sounds of Sin City. They flew from Los Angeles in a private jet, and stayed in a three bedroom suite at the Mirage, both courtesy of Steve Wynn. June and Lily took one bedroom, Jordan another, and Jackson the third. On the first night there, Jordan and Jackson watched the horror movie The Exorcist. After the movie Jordan was feeling scared, and rather than telling Jordan that he should go to his mother, Jackson suggested Jordan stay in the bed with him. This was the first night Jordan shared a bed with Jackson, but in the morning June expressed displeasure at the sleeping arrangements and told Jordy he wasn’t to share a bed with Jackson ever again. Now it was Jackson’s turn to be scared – he had spent a lot of time, not to mention money and effort – grooming Jordy to share a bed, and he wasn’t going to have this opportunity snatched away from him now that it had become a reality. That night at eleven thirty, Jackson turned up to June’s door, crying and shaking, begging of June, “You don’t trust me? We’re a family. Why are you doing this? Why are you not allowing Jordie to be with me?”. After around 30 minutes of Jackson begging and crying, June finally relented and agreed to Jordan sharing a bed with Jackson, and for the rest of Jordan and Jackson’s relationship they shared a bed every night they were together. The following day, Jackson bought June a gold bracelet from Cartier, presumably as a thank you gift.

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Over the next few months, Jordan travelled regularly to Neverland to spend time with Jackson, sometimes with his mother and sister, sometimes without. On all visits, Jordan stayed with Jackson in his bedroom and when June and Lily accompanied him, they stayed in the guest units. Such was the trust June had in Jackson, in the spring of 1993 Jackson was invited to stay at the Chandler home. Jackson would stay for up to a week at a time at the Chandler’s, staying in Jordan’s bedroom (where there was only one bed). Jackson stayed a total of 30 nights in Jordan’s bedroom from the beginning of April until the end of June that year. If it was a school day, Jackson would depart in the morning at the same time as Jordan, only to return when Jordan was finished school for the day. During this period, June came home one day to find an expensive jewellery set – earrings, a necklace, and a ring – on her bed, another gift from Jackson. On another occassion, June received a $7000 gift voucher for Fred Segal, an upmarket department store in Los Angeles, from Jackson.

In early May 1993, Jackson took the family on a trip for four to five days to Disneyworld in Florida, and again in June for another four to five days. As with Las Vegas, June and Lily slept in one room of the suite while Jordan and Jackson shared another. In late May 1993, Jackson took the family on a four day trip to the tiny principality of Monaco for the World Music Awards. June and Lily had a seperate room and Jordan stayed with Michael the whole trip. After the four days the four of them travelled to Eurodisney for a couple of days.

Around this time, plans were made for Jordan to accompany Jackson on the final leg of the Dangerous tour which was due to begin at the end of August, with June’s full blessing.

In July 1993, June needed to travel to New York to attend her brother’s wedding. Jackson’s assistant Norma Stakos organised two suites at the Rhiga Royal hotel. Jordan, June and Lily stayed in one of the suites, although Jordan wasn’t really spending much time in the moment due to his lengthy, private phone calls from Jackson. Two days after the wedding Jackson arrived in New York and checked in to the Rhiga Royal, upon which Jordan moved across the hall into Jackson’s suite for the remaining few days. This was probably the last time Jordan slept with Jackson as his father gained custody of Jordan soon after and would allow no more sleepovers.

Even if you have reason to disbelieve the Chandler’s other claims, in this case, regarding the one-on-one sleepovers, Jackson’s behaviour fits perfectly with what we have learned from his other special friends Wade Robson and Brett Barnes detailed above. All in all, Jordan and Jackson shared a bed, one-on-one, for around 70 days over a five month period.

Source: Testimony of June Chandler at Michael Jackson’s 2005 molestation trial, Declaration of Jordan Chandler



As can be clearly seen, Jackson went to great lengths to spend one-on-one nights with his especially chosen friends. Flying them in from overseas, taking them on trips, buying them gifts, keeping parents sweet, and making lengthy phone calls to “stay in touch”. A great deal of effort, especially when he had an extended family full of nieces and nephews who lived nearby that he could call on at any time if he felt he needed the company of a child. It would be churlish to suggest that the hundreds of thousands of dollars Jackson spent on his special friends and their families could have alleviated the suffering of thousands of impoverished children, but that fact does remain.

Jackson’s strategy was also disturbing. Whenever he travelled, he took families with him for a veneer of respectabilty, yet insisted on seperating those families and having the boys stay in his room.

We have only looked at three of his friends in detail for this essay, there were others who came before (Emmanuel Lewis, Jimmy Safechuck, Jonathan Spence, Sean Lennon, Frank Cascio, Eddie Cascio) and after (Omer Bhatti, JoJo Elatab, “the boys from Los Olivos”), all of whom have been shown anecdotally to also have slept with Jackson. Jackson mischaracterized the sleepovers with boys by explaining “We’re going to sleep, I tuck them in and I put a little like, er, music on and when it’s story time I read a book. We go to sleep with the fireplace on. I give them hot milk, you know, we have cookies, it’s very charming, it’s very sweet, it’s what the whole world should do.”, when in actual fact it was testified that they played video games, watched videos and ate junk food well into the early hours of the morning – an assault on the senses for young boys (and not very healthy either).

Let’s not forget that Wade Robson, Brett Barnes and Jordan Chandler spent a considerable time alone with Jackson both at Neverland and in hotel rooms and suites, so of course they needed to get changed, and have baths and showers, while Jackson was present. I’m sure that point will make you think. You may also ponder why Jackson had boys sleep with him when their parents were nearby – why not play with them (if that’s what he wanted to do, nobody is judging him for that) and then allow them to return to their families while he slept? And why such a staggering amount of sleepovers with boys, (over 850 with just these three boys alone)? One can only conclude that there was some other motive beyond simply having a sleepover with a friend. Note that none of these boys ever mentioned Jackson sleeping on the floor or on a cot, it was always Jackson in the bed with them. Such was Jackson’s compulsion for these one-on-one sleepovers that upon returning to the US at the end of 1993 when damaging allegations, rumor and innuendo surrounding these sleepovers were swirling, he immediately phoned to have one of his special friends to be delivered to his bed[4]. One wonders how anybody could think such sleepovers were “innocent”. Would parents have trusted Jackson so much with their sons had they known he had books full of pictures of naked boys stored in his bedroom at Neverland?[5]

I doubt it.

Brett Barnes speaks out in defense of Jackson


[1] ABC News – Retrieved 20th November 2011

[2] Child Molesters: A Behavioural Analysis

[3]Brett Barnes testimony was very clear on that.

       Q. Are you aware of any allegations being made that Mr. Jackson inappropriately touched you when you were with him?


       A. Yes, I am. And I’m very mad about that.

Q. You’re mad about it?

A. Yeah.

Q. Why?

A. Because it’s untrue, and they’re putting my name through the dirt. And I’m really, really, really not happy about it.

Macauley Culkin also wasn’t happy:

“I couldn’t believe that, first of all, these people were saying these things or — let alone that it was out there and people were thinking that kind of thing about me.” – Macauley Culkin testimony

[4] Michael Jackson’s Booty Calls

[5] Michael Jackson’s Pedophile Books

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  • Dani Golightly

    I have such a hard time believing that the parents had zero clue as to what was going on. Maybe I know too much about abuse to understand the nativity of some people, but I can’t fathom being a parent and not being creeped out by a strange adult being preoccupied with my kid. Maybe some were just that naive, but I can’t help but think that at least a few parents were messed up/greedy enough to knowingly prostitute their own kids to him. Or maybe I’m just really cynical.

    • Good point Dani. I think most parents were naive, but I think some thought “What can I get out of this?”

      I don’t necessarily mean that they knew their son was being molested (I’m sure some had their suspicions) but rather some saw it as a way to advance their family’s interests either monetarily, or with influence.

      I hate thinking that way but sadly it may be true 🙁

      • Dani Golightly

        It’s so beyond disturbing to think that a parent could have suspicions and still allow it to continue. For money. Especially mothers! That’s narcissism to the max. Those poor boys.

    • Pea

      You aren’t being cynical at all. There’s no doubt that at least two of Jacko’s boys were pimped by their parents in money-for-child deals.

      Wade Robson is currently suing the Jacko Estate over sex abuse, but I’ve always thought he should also censure his mother Joy. Joy Robson was apparently so hungry for her son’s stardom that she searched out Jacko’s number when they visited the US in 1990; had several videotapes of Wade’s dancing to foist onto Jacko to watch so that he might take Wade under his wing; was open to allowing her 7-year-old to accompany Jacko to Japan when Jacko showed an interest in Wade (Wade, naturally, didn’t want to go); and allowed Wade to sleep in Jacko’s bed on that first visit. Then, she left Wade alone with Jacko for a week while the other family members visited other cities in California. It was during that week alone that Mark Quindoy recorded in his diary that Wade and Jacko were in the back seat of Jacko’s truck on the drive back from a toy store, with Jacko kissing and touching Wade.

      We know Joy Robson was a pimp because she was acutely aware of Jacko’s pattern of ingratiating himself to a family, being “besotted” with a boy for a time, and then moving on to another boy. She informed June Chandler of this pattern out of jealousy that Jordie Chandler had eclipsed Wade in Jacko’s eyes.

      Finally, this woman did all she could to obstruct justice when the police wanted to talk to Wade in 1993, and Jacko repaid the favor by finally signing a contract. When Jacko returned to the US in December 1993, she allowed Wade to sleep alone with Jacko even though she knew he’d been accused of molesting a boy. Interestingly, though he goes unnamed, Wade’s father is mentioned in Maureen Orth’s 1994 article “Nightmare at Neverland”; he told Orth that Joy essentially threatened him saying that if he said anything negative about Jacko, she would never let him see Wade again:

      One anguished father who had spent considerable time at Neverland called me in despair over the fact that he had ever allowed Jackson to share a bed with his son. He has no proof that anything untoward occurred, but he claims that he himself was molested by an uncle and kept the secret from his parents for 30 years. That knowledge tortures him, because he and his wife are divorced, and he lives so far away that he is rarely able to see his son. He says that his wife, who has custody, told him that if he spoke to the press he would never see his son again. A week later, after talking to his wife, who was in contact with Jackson’s side, he called again, eager to give me a quote in favor of Michael Jackson.

      Omer Bhatti’s parents were pimps, too. They knew Jacko had been accused of sex abuse but had no qualms about moving their whole family from Norway to Neverland once Jacko had set his eyes on a new “comfort boy” to share his bed. They never intervened when Jacko referred to Omer as “his son” in an effort to disguise his boy-collecting habits after the Jordie scandal, either. They knowingly went along with Jacko’s scam.

      Then you have varying degrees of parental pimps. Someone like June Chandler put up a fight early on but was beaten down by jewelry, trips, and free reign of any clothing store she could imagine; I’m convinced she refused to listen to her ex-husband’s suspicions because she despaired at the thought of living the high life. The Barnes parents were so naive and apathetic that they let Brett Barnes travel alone to Neverland, where he, no doubt, shared Jacko’s bed instead of stayed out in the guest units. None of them are knowing pimps, just that they had suspicions or conversations — obviously thinking Jacko’s habits were odd — but allowed themselves to be persuaded.

      • Dani Golightly

        So disturbing. It’s just abhorrent what these mothers allowed, even encouraged. I wouldn’t leave a person like MJ alone with my cat, let alone a child. The man is the stuff of nightmares.

        • Pea

          A cat may be safe with Jacko, but definitely not a boy and not even a (boy) chimp, according to Janet Jackson’s erstwhile husband James Debarge, who witnessed Jacko fondling Bubbles when Bubbles was a baby:

          I’m relieved Jordie Chandler has reportedly reconciled with his mother June, as she wasn’t the worst of them. But with Wade Robson, I don’t know how he could forgive his mother Joy for turning him into Jacko’s “love toy”. Maybe she thought Wade was tough enough and would survive it, as if Jacko’s abuse was like a getting a scraped knee, and the upside would make up for everything Jacko did when no one was around? It was still a terrible price to pay because Wade’s father was consumed with dread about what could’ve happened and eventually committed suicide.

          To be honest, if Wade hasn’t had it out with his mother, I seriously question his motivations for bringing a suit against Jacko’s Estate. I truly believe Joy “let” it happen, and she, like Jacko, should be punished in shone kind of way. But that’s just my opinion.

    • Mélanie

      MJ was a great manipulator! and a manipulator is not necessarily manipulator with everyone, sometimes making are complicated identification. Indeed, he carefully chooses his prey. That’s why it may be perceived by others as a boss, a colleague, a parent, relative, full of exemplary qualities while at the same time, it crushes the self-esteem of a few people handpicked.

      How the manipulator decides he to blame one person rather than another? Studies have shown how psychopaths choose their victims, it is the same for psychological predation. The manipulator is able to recognize verbal and nonverbal showing the confidence in it of a person. And he made the predator more fragile or vulnerable.
      Real psychological violence, recurrent manipulation, even moderate and all pathological manipulations, leading more or less quickly and in varying degrees to the devaluation, loss of self-confidence, self-esteem, but also submission to requirements and behavior of the manipulator.
      Emotionally very destructive manipulation can make us lose some of our autonomy, we make emotionally dependent decrease the ability to make decisions (eg, without the approval of the manipulator), generate identity problems.

      I think that the children’s parents were in spite of themselves under the influence of MJ as are his fans.
      He told me to be my friend … why am I afraid to tell him some things as he tells me about unconditional trust and friendship?

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  • CandyC

    I’m not sure if you’ll see this reply, BadMan, but the story about Mac and Kieran going on a hot air balloon ride is true, I’ve seen pictures of it since I am good at sleuthing, lol. I’m pretty sure footage exists too, he did film almost everything. I agree with everything else you said however.

    Isn’t it telling how much Macaulay Culkin has gone off the rails now? He is a mess, it’s sad. I hope he gets help in some form.

    • Pea

      Yep, Candy — the hot air balloon ride was real! 🙂

      To me, that was actually one of the funniest parts of the Bashir documentary, Jacko’s reference to that event with the Culkin brothers. His eyes were so wide and delusional; it was quite sad, lol. Jacko used that ride quite cynically, though: he made it seem as if some adventurous activity was always a part of his “sleepovers”, the hoped-for effect being that he would camouflage, at best, the oddity of a then 30-something-year-old man sleeping in bed with two boys**, and, at worst, that those sleepovers were premeditated with distinct “goals” in mind.

      As for Mac Culkin now, I have given it quite a bit of thought, and, while I suspect that Macaulay was likely one of Jacko’s “special friends”, I think his drug abuse and “heroin chic” appearance is largely due to the overall consequences of being a child star, rather than whatever Jacko may have done specifically; it’s more a confluence of factors.

      For instance, Mac’s been working since he was very young, an indication that he had stage parents; he got married at 17 and then divorced soon after; and his sister was killed in a car accident a couple years ago. He’s also never had the success as an adult that he had as a kid — as they say about child stars, the biggest thing that would have ever happened to a person happened very early for them and the rest of their life is trying to live in that shadow.

      And in terms of his relationship with Jacko, I think Mac is somewhat protective of him because he feels sorry for Jacko. The dynamic of their relationship is very evident in some of the Jacko Home Movies available on Youtube (which I’m sure you’ve seen). Mac, a 10-year-old, was clearly the “leader”, at least in terms of personality; he even said Jacko “wasn’t social” and didn’t express himself properly. Arguably he was defending him against the media attacks but it makes me wonder how much of that was (sadly) true? Jacko certainly seemed to live in a bubble, and Neverland was the personification of his seeming psychological detachment. Hmm….

      ** — If you watch the documentary and note Jacko’s statements and his body language, you’ll see that when he mentioned the sister, he pointed back behind Bashir’s shoulder when he said:

      “When Macaulay Culkin were little, Kier-Kieran Culkin would sleep on this side and Macaulay Culkin’s on this side and his sister’s in there [points], and we’re all — we’re all just jammed in the bed. And then we’d wake up, like, dawn and go in the hot air balloon and then we would — we have the footage — we — I have all the footage.”

      (I made this transcription.)

      To me, the fact that Jacko was highly specific about where Mac and Kieran were, and ambiguous about where the sister had been (pointing away from what he was describing was a dead giveaway!), it seems reasonable to suggest he was lying when he said she slept in bed with them. Even Mac said at the trial that his brother usually tagged along when he visited Jacko, but his sister way less so.

      • CandyC

        Thanks for backing me up, Pea 🙂

        It’s interesting, Michael did seem to be especially fervent when he brought up the fact he, Mac and Kieran went on a hot air balloon ride, didn’t he? As I’m typing this I still remember the way he said it, and you’re right, it was sad and makes me feel slight pity that this grown man did those things. I realize now that it was deceiving of him to organize these activities; including the trips to Disneyland, toy stores etc that he often made with his ‘special friends’ — maybe he was genuinely interested in those things in some form (he did appear to have a preoccupation with childlike objects/interests) but I do think some of his obsessive interest in what would usually children are fascinated by was a ploy to attract them; that could be speculation however.

        Anyway, back on topic again! 🙂 I also had it in my mind that one of the main reasons Mac is a mess now is because of his parents selfishness — forcing their son into show business at such a young age in exchange for money, I’m assuming. Mac also did not get a “normal” childhood just like Michael often complained he lacked. Numerous other famous individuals also didn’t experience a “normal” childhood, it’s odd to me how much people use that as a defense for Michael so much, he wasn’t the only one — to be fair though it must have been horrible for him and it is sad he never got psychological treatment for it.

        Your explanation about the reason Mac being “protective” over Michael (and he is) is because he feels sorry for him makes sense. It is obvious that Mac was strong minded and probably not like the soft, reticent boys Michael was accustomed to. Perhaps the childish activities they did together was also an escape for Mac when he was not busy working as a child star. It’s obvious Michael and Mac were close. I concur that Mac has issues now also because he is/was involved in hard drugs — probably as a coping mechanism.

        I’ve seen that part of the documentary (and the documentary itself) quite a few times. It’s a well done documentary IMO despite f’loons disparaging comments about it. Michael lied often, there is plenty of evidence for that — he was taught from a very young age to lie to interviewers/reporters and I think it was ingrained in his psyche to automatically lie if asked a confronting/invasive question, there are too many inconsistencies within his life. I have no doubt that Mac’s sister would have mostly been excluded from the “slumber parties”. I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) Karlee Barnes admitted that she felt uncomfortable being in the same room as when Michael and Brett were together (I think we both know why) and only a few times did she actually stay in Michael’s room. It must have been isolating for these boys’ sisters to be excluded.

        At face value Michael appears to be much of a mystery but the more you look into him the more obvious his true self was, I believe.

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  • There were two apartments owned by Michael Jackson nicknamed “The Hideaway” – the one at Westwood, and another at Century City. The testimony above from Blanca Francia relates to the Century City apartment. The Westwood apartment had beds and furniture, the Century City one was more bare boned.

  • Mahoney

    “A entire back seat available yet here is Brett on Jackson’s lap. Why?” You don’t drive around town with somebody else’s kid on your lap? Odd. Also, that backseat isn’t empty, from the other side you can see 8 other children and a life-sized doll of Shirley Temple.

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  • RaspberryBeretOn

    Hello. First I’d like to congratulate you on the good writings and thorough researches. As I join this discussion, which I see is very long and years old, I find myself in a different position than what is said to be a dichotomy: whether you’re a MJ fan and blind defensor, whether you’re totally skeptical. I love MJ’s music just as much as the hardcore fans, I always have and I don’t feel my love for it should be diminished. I knew superficially about the accusations, but I thought, being a fan, it was my duty to research it deeply, with a totally impartial view, considering MJ, as it must be in such a situation, as any person should be in face of serious criminal accusations. In that way, I think it would be good to share that I don’t align with what appears to be the usual position for MJ hardcore fans, meaning that aggressive bias and impartiality is not the position of all his fans. I do think his music has and hereafter will surely maintain a legacy in popular music as a whole, but that doesn’t exempt him from every bit of responsibility for the acts he decided to take in his life.

    I read many things in the internet the last days, and most of the articles on this site, as well as many of the sources it indicates. As I found I’ve read most of what there is in the internet regarding informations about the many accusations, I would like to suggest something on the writings of this site and ask for something. First, although it’s a minor problem, I think that some quotes, however very important, are repeated unnecessarily in some of the articles here. That is specially the case for a long quote of “molesters’ and victims’ profile” from the “Child Molesters: A Behavioural Analysis”. I mean that by quoting and commenting it repeatedly, it deconcentrates the reader who wants to read the whole research of this site and its many articles, which I believe to be many people. I think that the reintroduction of recurrent important subjects and observations should be linked to one single article.

    Fortunately, I read about the evidences and allegations and illustrated the cases in my mind enough to leave behind very few of the doubts and wonders I had at the beginning. Unfortunately, I learned that most likely MJ was guilty, and of not one, but at least three or four long cases of abuse. From my perspective, surely Jordan Chandler, Wade Robson and James Safechuck. Likely, Omer Bhatti and Jonathan Spence (abundant indications, yet both denied molestations took place). Maybe, Gavin Arvizo (not very honest family).

    Finally, I ask you to please quote from the hundred pages long court transcripts cited as source and consider your thoughts as to what made you conclude in the article on this page that:

    “By studying his testimony, we can ascertain that Wade spent over 300 nights alone with Jackson over seven years.”


    “Marie, Brett’s mother, was quite vague as to how often Brett stayed with Jackson, but Brett’s sister Karlee confirmed that her brother shared Jackson’s bed every single night during this period as well as all the times they stayed at Neverland when Jackson was there. It amounted to a staggering 465+ nights.”

    To me, someone with MJ’s profile sleeping one-on-one around a year or more worth of nights with some boy is the most crucial evidence of all.

    Thank you for your writings and researches.

    • From Karlee Barnes’s testimony:

      Q. And of those hundred or so nights, 80 percent of the time your brother slept — when Mr. Jackson was there, your brother basically slept in Mr. Jackson’s room virtually every one of those nights, didn’t he?

      A. Yes, because he wanted to.

      Q. That’s a “yes” or “no” question.

      A. Yes.

      That’s 80 nights.

      Q. Now, when you went on tour with Mr. Jackson, you spent how many nights on tour?

      A. Well, as I said, it was about half the year I was in Europe when I was in the seventh grade, and about half of the year I was in South America in the seventh — in the eighth grade.

      Q. How old was your brother at that time?

      A. I was what, 13, 14. So he would have been about 11 or 12.

      Q. And virtually every night on that tour, Mr. Jackson slept with your brother Brett?

      A. Yes.

      Q. How many nights would that have been, approximately?

      A. Let’s see, let’s divide 365 days into half.

      Q. Okay. Is that about it? About —

      A. Well, if I said I spent half the year overseas with him one year and half of the year overseas with him the other year, I think that would total about 365 days altogether.

      Q. Okay. So 365 nights he spent the night alone with your brother in his room?

      A. Yes.

      And another 365 nights. There were also nights Brett spent with MJ in Australia and visits by himself (without Karlee) to Neverland.

      Here is the link to Karlee’s testimony and Brett’s testimony

      As for Wade, I’ve been checking the numbers to ensure they are correct and it appears there was some double counting. I could only come up with 175 nights that Wade spent alone with MJ rather than the 300 stated –

  • Zom

    “Note that none of these boys ever mentioned Jackson sleeping on the floor or on a cot, it was always Jackson in the bed with them.”

    Considering the (I assume) immense amount of time you spend researching Michael Jackson’s supposed pedophila, I’m quite astounded you would write something like that.

    Maybe you simply do not pay much attention to those who deny that Michael ever sexually abused them, because – according to you – they are all in denial, but Frank Cascio not only said that Michael slept on the floor during one specific sleepover, he was also very adamant in his assertion that Michael usually slept on the floor and not in the same bed with the child he shared the room with.

    These are the relevant excerpts from Frank’s book “My friend Michael”:
    “As he would do in future visits, Michael offered the bed to me and Eddie and said he’d sleep on the floor, but we ended up all sleeping on the floor.” (p. 36)
    “The fact of the matter is, when he was ‘sharing’ his bed, it meant he was offering his bed to whoever wanted to sleep in it. There may have been times when he slept up there as well, but he was usually on the floor next to his bed or downstairs sleeping on the floor.” (p. 262)

    Macaulay Culkin also testified that he simply fell asleep at different places in Neverland, meaning that he didn’t routinely sleep in Michael’s bed.

    “Q. Did you
    ever do that, fall asleep in the same bed as Mr. Jackson prior to
    going to Bermuda where none of your brothers or sisters were
    A. It’s possible. But like I said, usually my brother
    was tagging along with me. But I fell asleep basically everywhere in
    that ranch, or anywhere else when I was hanging out with him. I would
    just flop down on the floor half the time.”

    850 boys? Could you say where you got that number from?

    • Pea

      There’s a confounding variable present, Zom.

      Frank Cascio did claim in his book that Jacko frequently slept on the floor, but he wrote “My Friend Michael” in 2011, well after Jacko had gotten in trouble and went to trial over, among other things, his tendency to sleep in bedrooms with boys. Frank’s anecdote, taken as unshakable gospel by many fans, could easily be dismissed as nothing more than a historical rewrite. Even those excerpts don’t show Frank denying that he and his brother slept in bed with Jacko.

      As for Mac Culkin, it’s the same counter-argument: he’s papering over the amount of times he and Jacko slept in the same bed because, ultimately, his testimony could help decide whether Jacko went to prison. If you’ll recall, when Jacko was gabbing to Martin Bashir about being with Mac and Kieran Culkin, even he described them as sleeping in the bed together.

      If Jacko’s bed-sharing was less pedophile modus operandi and more innocent habit, why take issue with it at all?

      “850 boys? Could you say where you got that number from?”

      I think you mean 850 nights, i.e., the amount of times Jacko shared his bed with “special friends”. MJFacts came up with that number by going through the transcripts.

    • Considering the (I assume) immense amount of time you spend researching Michael Jackson’s supposed pedophila, I’m quite astounded you would write something like that.

      Why express disbelief, and bring up Frank Cascio and Macauley Culkin, when my comment was in relation to Wade Robson, Brett Barnes and Jordan Chandler. Please learn to read properly. That equally applies to your question about 850 boys. That was never mentioned in the story – it was 850 nights.

  • Michael Jeffrey

    It is shocking that Michael Jackson even had boys in his bedroom he barely knew.How can fans still stay that the kids wanted to stay in the bedroom + that only very few did so (as Jackson said)?.This is the story of a boy who ended up in his bedroom after being contacted the same day.You might be interested:
    I don’t wanna know how many boys slept over throughout Jackson’s whole life,must be over 100,boy-obsessed freak.