Items Found in 1993 – Pedophile Books and Naked Photos

A little known fact was that some items of evidence were found in Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch in a 1993 raid. These items seem to have been overlooked by the media, probably because the file below was not released publicly until 4th of October 2006, well after the end of the trial.

The items of interest are

  • ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ – a book featuring nude photos of boys;
  • ‘The Boy, A Photographic Essay’ – another book featuring nude photos of boys;
  • A photograph of a boy, believed to be Jonathan Spence, fully nude; and
  • A photograph of a young boy holding an umbrella, wearing bikini bottoms partially pulled down.

Even at face value, taken individually, these items cannot be considered in any way innocent, or even “art”. Any one of these items in the hands of a man who regularly slept alone with boys of a particular age would ring alarm bells for any adult – unless you are a Michael Jackson fan that is.

An important note needs to be made here: Many people are under the mistaken belief that these items were several of millions that fans sent to Jackson and they somehow just “appeared” in his bedroom, and that he had never looked at them. Another point some try to make is that Jackson had tens of thousands of books and these items were just “jumbled” in amongst them.

Both suppositions are false.

These items were found in Michael Jackson’s bedroom – the books were kept seperate in a locked filing cabinet.

How he came in possession of these items, if they were from fans that is, would be quite clear from this testimony from Joseph Marcus, Property Manager at Neverland Ranch:

Q. So the fan mail that’s delivered to Neverland Ranch is what I’m talking about —

A. Yes.

Q.– where is that ultimately delivered?
A. It’s delivered to the Los Olivos post office and then delivered to the property.

Q. When it gets to the property, where does it go?
A. Sometimes it goes to Los Angeles, and sometimes some of the nicer stuff we might keep at the property.

Q. All right. Now, when you say “nicer stuff”– before we get to the distinction, what volume of fan mail comes to the Los Olivos ranch?
A. Three boxes probably every other week.

Q. All right. And sometimes you’ll get big packages; is that right?
A. Correct.

Q. Sometimes people will send artwork?
A. Artwork. Books. Clothing. Ties. Coffee mugs. Gifts. Just lots — lots of gifts.

Q. How about letters?
A. Letters. Lots of letters.

Q. Cards?
A. Cards, yes.

Q. Whose job is it to go through and screen that, if anybody?
A. We don’t really have somebody doing that at this point.

Q. In the past have you had somebody screen it or does it just all go to Mr. Jackson, and say, “Here. Read your mail”?
A. No.

Q. Does it end up sometimes in the administration building?
A. Yes.

Q. All right. And from there, you said something about “the nicer stuff.” So going back to that answer, how do you make the decision as to what ought to go to Mr. Jackson himself to look at?
A. Memorabilia. Just some of the nicer — nicer items that I think that he might be interested in seeing what the fans have sent for him.

So, as you can see, gifts from fans were carefully screened before Michael Jackson was handed “the nicer stuff”.

When asked about directly by Diane Sawyer in June 1995 if it was true that nude boy books were found by police in his bedroom, Jackson flat out lied:

SAWYER: Then, that they found photographs, books, of young boys who were undressed…

JACKSON: No, not that I know of, unless people sent me things that I haven’t opened.

How do we know he lied? As revealed at his molestation trial, both books were inscribed by Jackson himself.

‘Boys Will Be Boys’

This book, found locked in a filing cabinet in Micheal Jackson’s bedroom, is a compilation of photos of boys, shown having fun and in about 90% of pics are naked. Contrary to popular thought, many pedophiles are more attracted to this type of work than child porn. It’s useful that it’s legal to own, too. The book is edited by Georges St. Martin and Ronald C. Nelson.

Georges St. Martin is the pseudonym of Martin Swithinbank. You may not have heard of Martin Swithinbank, because he has also been a major contributor to the NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) Bulletin. He was deported to England after completing a 7 1/2-to-15-year sentence for sodomizing young boys on Long Island. He was released Dec. 19, 1992, after spending more than 10 years in prison.

Ronald C. Nelson is the pseudonym of Ronald Drew, a New York teacher who was arrested and indicted for selling obscene photographs depicting children involved in various forms of deviant sexual conduct and intercourse (see here).

Treasured by pedophiles, here is one of many similar descriptions of the book:

“Presents photographs taken all over the Western world (Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, and the United States) of boys at their most uninhibited and exhibitionistic. It is disingenuous to say that this is simply a celebration of boyhood, then or today. Yes it is, and much more: A voyeuristic recollection of such boyhood for adult consumption. Most of the photographs in the book show the boys outdoors, completely naked, swimming in the pond, camping, climbing mountains, playing games, and perhaps most disturbing today, simply posing for the camera. It is Will McBride-meets-Bruce Weber, especially the latter’s “Bear Pond”. In the carefree Sixties, this book and its predecessor, “The Boy: A Photographic Essay”, were openly published, widely distributed, and very successfully sold. The writers/editors also felt confident enough to proclaim that: “Any parent, educator, social worker, anyone who enjoys boys and the fun of boys, will treasure these magnificently reproduced photographs, and will return to them again and again. For this haunting yet happy book is a permanent celebration not only of boyhood, but of the eternal springtime of the human spirit” (Georges St. Martin and Ronald C. Nelson). Can such voyeurism really be defended? The great cultural philosopher Roland Barthes thought so. He pointed out that looking arouses and ultimately suppresses, channels a human being’s otherwise dangerous urges into viewing (instead of doing), making him a satisfied voyeur instead of a potential predator.

Very disturbing. Michael Jackson’s inscription on the flyleaf may be even more disturbing:

“Look at the true spirit of happiness and joy in these boys’ faces. This is the spirit of boyhood, a life I never had and will always dream of. This is the life I want for my children. MJ.”

Quite apart from the tiresome recurring theme of a ‘lost childhood’ (after allowing 25 years to make up for ‘lost’ time), it’s curious that Jackson would want his children to be ‘outdoors, completely naked, swimming in the pond, camping, climbing mountains, playing games, and perhaps most disturbing today, simply posing for the camera’. Curious too that Jackson focusses on ‘boyhood’, not ‘childhood’.

Bill Dworwin, the lead investigator on the Chandler case:
You go into Michael Jackson’s bedroom, it’s a very large room, there’s a lot of stuffed animals, a lot of things that would be attractive to children. It wasn’t a surprise because I’ve gone through many people’s homes and found the same types of items, although on a lesser scale. One item that we found in a locked filing cabinet was a book showing boys in nude poses. It’s not illegal. It’s a book that I’ve seized in other investigations. If it’s a person who has this material, who has a sexual interest in children, it becomes child erotica.

If there is still any doubt in your mind, let’s take a look at some of the photographers featured and show that “Boys Will Be Boys” is a book BY pedophiles FOR pedophiles.


When scans from one of Ortil’s books appeared on a pedophile site, one comment read:

“The “iq” images are drawn from a much earlier book, entitled (I believe) *Boys Are Boys*. It consisted entirely of black and white photographs, most of them printed in rather too-dark a fashion (there was a lot of grumbling at the time, as I recall).

*Boys Are Boys* was published not too long after *The Boy* and *Boys Will Be Boys*, both of which were much larger in format and each of which included small color print sections. *Boys Are Boys* benefitted, however, from being entirely a consist of nude photography, with many of the photographs being those of “Old Joe,” a German nudist whose “Bremen Pirates” kids (male and female) graced the pages of a lot of issues of *Sun and Health* in the ’60s.

His full name was Hajo Ortil, and in the years following his death, many of his boys recalled how they’d taken it equitably in turns to bundle with “Old Joe” during their camp-outs (*all* of their “all-guys” expeditions including long nights of sexual interplay) and satisfy their favorite dirty old man’s passion for boyflesh pleasures.

Some of the photographs in *The Boy* are also the products of Ortil’s camera.”

Ortil’s pedophile behaviour can be easily researched by doing a Google search.

The other interesting thing is that Ortil’s photographs were also found in many naturist (or nudist) magazines from the 60’s – items which Jackson also collected. Dozens of these magazines were found in his bedroom (note: NOT among his “collection of tens of thousands of books in his library) which children visiting his bedroom had full access to!


Also known as Karel, Egermeier was a prodigious photographer of men and young boys during the 1930’s and 1940’s. He specialised in nude and erotic photography, and was particularly drawn to the Scouting movement (many of his photographs are of young Scouts, both nude and clothed).

Egermeier’s style can be shown by a Google search of images by him, but a warning, some of his work would be considered child pornography today so please ensure you have Google Safe Search enabled before clicking the link, we don’t want anybody getting into trouble with the authorities. Google search of Charles Egermeier images

‘The Boy, A Photographic Essay’

We are loath to link to this book, but to gain some understanding we can see that this book is indeed coveted by pedophiles, here a link to some of the images.

Link to some images from ‘The Boy, A Photographic Essay’.
Warning: Having these images on your computer may lead to criminal conviction in some jurisdictions

Well, here we see the editors are once again Georges St. Martin and Ronald C. Nelson. The book is described as a book showing boys on the set of the movie ‘Lord Of The Flies’, many of the boys are shown naked. Once again, a classic among pedophiles because it is legal to own.

Quite often you will see fans unwittingly link to JD Fowler’s Lord of the Flies site to make some kind of point that this film is a mainstream film, and there would be no reason for anybody to think that pedophiles would be interested in this film – yet nearly every other film recommended by the site author features young boys. Draw your own conclusions.

One review of ‘The Boy, A Photographic Essay’ reads

“This work would probably never make it to the bookshelves today. Indeed, it is astonishing that it ever saw light of day beyond the underground world of sordid publications. This book is a collection of pederastic erotica thinly disguised as a study in photography. Although it is tame and comes nowhere near anything sexual, its mere choice of subject matter is edgey and dangerous.”

Inscribed on the inside cover was…

To Michael, from your fan. XXXOOO. “Rhonda”

Note that the name is in quotation marks, so not their real name. It’s interesting that a fan would presume to think that Jackson would be interested in a book full of boys rather than children, and many of them naked to boot. Perhaps they didn’t presume at all, perhaps they knew he would enjoy it. Which brings us to the question – was “Rhonda” really a fan, or a friend?

Of particular note is the fact that the defence fought to keep these books out of the trial (quite rightly, that’s what they are paid to do). However they didn’t say they shouldn’t be allowed because they were ‘innocent’ or ‘art’ books, the reason they gave was that the evidence was ‘stale’. Interesting.

Nude and partially photographs of boys

It matters not who it is in these photographs – the point is why would any man have naked and semi-naked photographs of boys unrelated to him in his bedroom? These are not merely prints, or cut out of a magazine or book – they are actual original photographs. There is absolutely no valid reason to collect these – unless the owner has an unhealthy obsession with young boys.

*Jonathan Spence was one of Jackson’s earlier ‘special friends’. Shown here is Jackson with a possessive hand on the shoulder of what is described as ‘longtime family friend Jonathan Spence’. More information on the relationship between Jonathan Spence and Michael Jackson.

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