Death of Tom Sneddon Unleashes Outpouring of Hate from Michael Jackson Fans

Sadly, on the 1st of November 2014, the prosecutor in the 2005 Michael Jackson child molestation case died from complications resulting from his cancer diagnosis. Tom Sneddon stood up and did his job without shying away from the hate and controversy it would cause. While Jackson fans insist Mr Sneddon had a vendetta against their idol, the truth is far simpler. Tom cared deeply about not just sexual abuse victims but also disadvantaged members of his community and those who would take advantage of them – and there is no doubt that Jackson took advantage of others for his own selfish needs.

Hot on the heels of our Inside The Cult Of Michael Jackson story last week, Tom Sneddon’s death unleashed a torrent of hate from Jackson fans. When the story was published on Santa Barbara news site Noozhawk, it caused an immediate outpouring of hate from the Jackson fans. Some examples are below.






Quite disturbing what Jackson fans will come out with.

When someone tried to insert a little sanity into the thread, they were quickly shouted down by an indignant fan.


The irony is overwhelming when you consider that a common refrain from Jackson fans is that “You shouldn’t speak ill of the dead” if anyone dares criticize Michael Jackson!

The abuse continued…


Incredibly, one Jackson fan writes that her ultimate fantasy is for Tom Sneddon to be “tortured… on the other side”.


She then adds a postscript to ensure everyone understands her true feelings…


When accused of being “filled with hate”, one commenter replies

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Yes, you read that right. Commenter Jen considers Jackson as her “loved one”. A dead celebrity… sad, but true.

The incredible thing is that fans have previously criticized law enforcement for not doing enough to prosecute suspected pedophiles. If Tom Sneddon had prosecuted a case of child molestation against any other suspected pedophile who slept thousands of nights with a succession of young boys while owning child erotica, who wasn’t Michael Jackson, he would have been lauded as a hero.

One commentator who actually knew Tom Sneddon, and is shown to be grieving, is ruthlessly attacked by a low class Jackson fan.


When the story was tweeted by Diane Dimond, a journalist who has written about Jackson in the past, she was subjected to vile, disgusting and misogynistic comments from even more Jackson fans.


Click to enlarge


Particularly disturbing was this message of “love” from a male Jackson fan:

Even at the time of writing this post, there were dozens more hate comments added to this conversation on Twitter.

When the story of Tom Sneddons death was also posted on tabloid website TMZ, it predictably unleashed more hate from Jackson fans, with many comments referring to Mr Sneddon in disparaging ways and wishing him in hell.

These are not isolated comments by a few rogue fans. If you go back and look at the most foul comments and tweets you will see that they are upvoted, favorited and retweeted hundreds of times by other fans, thereby condoning and agreeing with the most heinous sentiments yet seen.

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This is no expression of collective emotion – this is a concerted campaign by the Jackson cult to pour hate and scorn upon those who were merely doing their job, people who stand up for what they believe in, whose only crime was to shine a spotlight on Michael Jackson’s behavior, and for that they are ridiculed, attacked and wished death upon.

If Jackson fans truly, in their hearts, knew Jackson was innocent of all wrongdoing they could ignore any “false” revelations about Jackson.

It’s incredibly sad that Jackson’s legacy is not one of tolerance, forgiveness and love but one of intolerance, blame and hate.

Jackson fans should reconsider their position.

  • Salem

    It just goes to show that MJ fans are immoral hateful vermin. These people had better have a good excuse for when THEY meet the maker, because their behaviour has been disgusting.

    • Pupari E Pupi

      but what you write ?? the only immoral parasites are those that are due to a dead man to have money damages when they have had plenty of time to do this when he was alive 9 years ago at the famous 2005 trial. I ask you but if you were abused you, what would you rather see your tormentor rot in jail or fill your pockets with big bucks ?? I would rather see my tormentor in prison. But do not you realize that there is something wrong ??? We fans are not obsessed, we’re just tired of all this junk. For the death of Tom Sneddon I’m not sorry and I’m not happy, but my opinion of him is negative, because a representative of the law falsifying evidence in order to convict MJ he did not see it my esteem it my compassion also the face of death, because he has not had for others. Please reasoning and informed well. And then just leave the dead in

      • mjfacts

        Hi Pupari, to understand where Wade is coming from, you need to understand the grooming process. Michael Jackson groomed boys, parents and the public to believe what he was doing was OK. That’s why Wade saw nothing wrong with what Jackson was doing to him. He thought it was “love”.

        It’s only when you understand the manipulation (and yes, you and everybody else defending Michael have been manipulated) do you then see the light, as Wade did. I hope and pray you learn to recognize when you are being manipulated if only for the sake of any children that you may one day have in your care.

        If you are interested, one of our writers is doing a story on how acquaintance molesters groom their victims as well as those around them which will be published in the next few weeks. Check back if you are.

        • Arnela de Noir

          I have question. On your YouTube video you mark Cascio as Michael’s boyfriend. Can you explain and prove that?

          • This website does not have a Youtube channel, nor any Youtube videos.

      • Salem

        I’m sorry, but I can barely understand your post. Perhaps English is your second language, and that’s ok. But I can only pick up bits and pieces. There was NO falsifying of evidence. Please STOP LYING. Also, if you are abused, you would seek financial COMPENSATION, for pain, therapy etc. That is something most normal people do. COMPENSATION, is PART of the process. So I would want him in jail AND FINANCIAL COMPENSATION. Just like my father who received financial compensation from the Catholic church because he was sexually abused at an orphanage. There is *nothing wrong* in seeking compensation. A normal person would do that. Clearly you have no idea the impact of sexual abuse has. Which would explain why you support the pedophile Michael Jackson.

  • Pea Arthur

    I can understand that Jacko’s fans would relish in Tom Sneddon’s death. It’s only normal to breathe freely when a person you despise (wrongly or rightly) ceases to exist; it would be an exercise in cognitive dissonance for them to even say they care. However, the fact of the matter is that their dislike of Sneddon is totally misplaced. As J. Randy Taraborrelli stated: if Tom Sneddon’s vendetta was that he believed a child molester had used his wealth and celebrity to skirt punishment in 1993, then so be it, he had a vendetta. And, certainly, that would be a prudent vendetta to have. After all, it’s not like Jacko was vindicated in any way back in ’93. He simply paid and it disappeared, including, as the settlement stated, the discovery validating “J. Chandler v. Jackson”.

    The fans humorously would have you to believe that from ’94 to ’03, Sneddon did nothing else but think about how to nail Jacko. Of course, from their obsessive, myopic perspectives every day is Jacko-day!

    I’m just upset Sneddon never kept a diary, a scrapbook, or some other writings about his long history with Jacko. That would’ve been really good reading.

  • JessicaSideways

    Well, this can be pointed to the next time MJ’s worshippers cry about us attacking a dead man. After all, they apparently don’t have any reservations about attacking a dead man.

  • Tom

    I think a few of MJ’s fans split after RW died, there was a split opinion over his death. Some MJ fans were attacking RW on twitter and on youtube saying “karma” etc. It was quite a revelation how some MJ fans would “say burn in h#ll, RW” over a few jokes he made about MJ.

    MJ also had an enemies list. His hardcore fans also have an enemy list apparently.

  • Lourdes Bagnol Mansibang

    Tom Snedon is a cold man.May he rest in hell and now probably Michael Jackson is very happy in heaven while the soul of this asshole being tormented in hell.

    • I approved your comment Lourdes, but only so that people can see how nasty fans can be. Why would you want someone to go to hell for being concerned about the safety of children who MJ took to bed with him? I assume you disagree with Evan Chandler for taking money instead of proceeding to trial, so why be angry at Tom Sneddon for prosecuting Jackson? Those two stances do not tally.

      • CandyC

        Your questions would only lead to one logical answer: celebrity worship syndrome.

  • Andreas

    Fans truly hate Tom Sneddon with a glowing passion, but it sort of makes sense why they would, right? If MJ hypotethically was innocent, you’d have some problems explaining why a DA would spend so much time, energy and resources going after Jackson, because Sneddon really did.

    Rationally thinking though, even if Jackson was innocent, he still had charges from little boys against him, so Sneddon would only be doing his job taking action. He wouldn’t know if the accusers had lied, if they did, as he wasn’t there, so its still a bit unfair that Tom Sneddon became the mascot of everything the MJfam should hate. He simply found both Jordy and Gavin(and others) believable, and that would be his only crime.

    Fans are rarely that informed about details though, its a good vs evil battle to them, and some of them even think Sneddon, The Chandlers, The Arvizos was conspiring together against Jackson. Some of the things they say are absolutely insane.

    • Pea

      Fans have spent 100s — if not 1000s — of collective hours digging up dirt on Tom Sneddon. The page below, featuring it’s unnamed “source”, insisted Sneddon was a racist.

      It also showed some other cases allegedly proving that he was a government criminal, and that with the players in Santa Barbara there existed the “perfect storm” for “black Jacko” to get accused of pedophilia. I’m probably making a strawman out of the page, but even if Tom Sneddon was as racist as Mark Fuhrman, how would that apply to Michael Jackson he hadn’t looked black since 1991?

      Now, I don’t doubt Sneddon was called “Mad Dog” for a reason — I personally feel he didn’t vet the Arvizo case as well as he should have because his ego had been bruised by the 1994 settlement — but I think he mostly was a moral man.

      • ShawntayUStay

        Omg! See that photo exemplifies the reason I believe he bleached his skin on purpose to look…white? Some kind of Spanish?…Or Asian? If he had vitiligo for real, it was seen as a gift from the Heavens and promptly exploited by a demented mind.

        • There is more than just his skin that makes him look white, so for anybody to dismiss the drastic change as “vitiligo” is plainly glossing over many other factors. And personally, I found the Doo Doo embroidery was… weird.

          • Can you imagine the conversation with the person doing the embroidery?

            “So that’s just the two words then Mr. Jackson? Doo and Doo? I would personally go for Fecal Matter, Fecal Matter… it just has a classier ring to it, but you’re the boss!”

            And poor old Bill in that pic… “Sure Bill, I’ll come visit you on your death bed… Just keep an eye on the road”.

        • Fudhux

          I really don’t believe he had vitiligo . Its almost impossible to me. Just look at his photos , especially his hands in the late 80’s early 90’s : they were black with no patches. And he clearly had white foundation all over his face neck and ears. I have never seen a photo of him with clear patches like you would see in real cases of vitiligo. They say vitiligo was mentioned in his autopsy. I don’t know if this is true but I really have hard time believing it.

          • Dani Lee VanBuskirk

            I was discussing the whole vitagllio with a group of people and it seems that MJ had been using some bleaching agents since the early 80s. Which he lied about to oprah saying he never heard of cream that could to that (yet all the creams were found in his home at his death) anyway there are creams that if you put it just on your face lets say, it can trigger a whole body case of vitallago, as the chemical seems absorbed by the skin and can make you apply on your face light but can end up turning your legs white as well. So the autospy saw the disease but there is NO telling if MJ triggererd it (which I believe he did, too convenient with his surgery’s AND skin) or if it was genetic, which I do not believe. MJ simply do not want to look black or even his mexican look in the late 80s, then he went beyond NORDIC into space alien..So sad to see the cute apple cheeked kid turn into a monster in so many ways.

          • silverspirit

            Exactly! When was there a time MJ did not lie to the world?

      • Andreas

        I suppose there’s a slight possibility Tom Sneddon could have seen MJ as a bit of “trophy” to get convicted, like some hunters want a moosehead on their wall, or perhaps not, but either way I’m sure he genuinely believed Michael Jackson was a child molester. Its interesting how fans never focus on Ron Zonen though, as he was also involved both in 1993 and 2005. Perhaps not as easy to portray as a bully as Tom Sneddon.

        The racism angle never made much sense to me. Who was taking Jackson to court in 2005? A poor latino family. Jacksons defenders often dismisses the Arvizos just as some type of low life “gypsies”, and somehow they don’t see the irony.

      • Neely

        Is this Bill Bray? I’ve seen mention of Bill Bray here and in other readings.

        I don’t think Sneddon seemed racist, but, he did seem like he had a personal disdain for Michael Jackson. When speaking publicly he couldn’t resist sort of slamming him on a personal level re: his music. This based on a press conference I saw which I’m sure everyone here has seen. I thought that represented a tiny peek into the heart of Sneddon. A “professional” representative I don’t think would have made that remark. I felt it was a little insensitive to victims too…..the whole announcement really. He was pretty cavalier about the whole thing. I don’t know what would drive a “vendetta” against Michael Jackson but feel like if it’s true, it’s one of two things, or maybe even a mixture of them. 1) he felt in his heart of hearts that MJ was a pedophile. 2) his ego was severely damaged by 1993. I don’t think race came into it, and I base that opinion on having zero facts, lol. As much as you can gather about the tone in court transcripts, Sneddon seemed always respectful and fair. I am still only halfway through them though.

        • Mahoney

          Yup… that’s good old Bill. Loyal to the end… Unlike Mike.

  • ShawntayUStay

    Lol, I agree with everything you said! My opinion is that he didn’t champion his vitiligo because he either 1) he didn’t have it or 2) he had it but thought it was a gift from God so he didn’t see it as this horrible disease that needed to have a vocal advocate. Fans talk about MJ as this big humanitarian but his silence regarding vitiligo is actually very telling. He was known to donate to charities for HIV/AIDS, he befriended Ryan White. He also donated money to have a burn center created after his Jheri curl caught aflame. And we all are aware that he was obsessed with kids’ charities because he didn’t have a childhood. So he was very capable of supporting causes that were personal and/or directly experienced by him. One wonders why he didn’t see vitiligo as a worthy cause, especially since it was his most visible affliction (outside of pedophilia of course, LOL). I can think of only a few logical reasons for the omission.

    • Mahoney

      Ha… yeah, just who exactly is the God of unstable skin pigmentation though? Thor? Neptune? I get mixed up with em all…

      I think it all just speaks to the gargantuan-sized complicated relationship he had with “the man in the mirror”. Which is only human, we can all relate to that in some way I s’pose… But like everything in his life… He eventually took it to the next level didn’t he? .

      Ultimately though, my issue is not that he did it, it’s his face/his body/his money – nothing to do with me (people do a lot more extreme things in terms of body-modification don’t they?) it’s the fact that he never owned it in any way (Not even in a humorous Joan Rivers/Dolly Parton way).

      Never really ‘fessed, never really told the truth about it. (Not that it’s surprising, this is the guy who after a chance-meeting with Adam Ant, totally changed his image to a more military/highway-man/sea-faring attire overnight and never admitted to it or gave credit.)

      The difference between MJ and that dude I talked to in Manchester the other month with devil-horns and giant ear inserts, is that guy sure as shite isn’t pretending it occurred naturally, or that it’s part of the “maturing” process.

      “Just the two nose jobs then Mikey-pops? Ok, I’ll buy that for a sec bud, but if that’s the only surgery you’ve had mate, you may wanna investigate the fact that the bottom half of ya face is turning into Kirk Douglas… I mean, if I naturally grew a cleft-chin overnight, I’d be a tad concerned fella. Seems odd you haven’t noticed though, cos it sure does look like you’re colouring that bad-boy in to accentuate it somewhat… And whilst we’re at it sunshine, what happened to that cute little freckle/mole thing you had on your left cheek for the first 20-odd years of ya life? Seems to have totally disappeared and been replaced by a small crater…. You didn’t gauge that out with a spoon didya Mike? What’s that? Bubbles’ double was a-causin’ trouble… scratched it off near your implanted stubble??? Well.. Sounds just as plausible as every other fairy-tale you’ve spun about your appearance, you complicated, talented fool you. Now come over here and let me shake your hand… Hey, let’s take a look at the skin under your fingernails a minute… Mike? Mike? Why you running off?!?! Miiiike!!”

      Plus – The only time he ever really pushed the whole vitiligo thing (to my recollection) was to cynically and calculatedly enforce what little was left of his visual ethnicity in that God awful Spike Lee video for “They Don’t Really Care About Us”. Which I feel, speaks volumes…

      To this day I’m still confused as to whom “They” and “Us” are?

      Oh and apologies for being this flippant on this thread, it’s not a reflection of my thoughts on Mr. Sneddon.

      • Fudhux

        Yeah thats true . Mj had dark fingernails. Isn’t that weird. They say he had an infection or something. Does anyone know about it ? To me its probably because you can’t bleach that part

        • silverspirit

          You cannot bleach nails to my knowledge. They are constantly growing so I would think that’s totally impossible. I’m so sick of hearing the stupid vitiligo excuse from the rabids. Find me another living soul who bleached themselves white from top to bottom like Jacko did? No, one answers.

          • Fudhux

            Yes , exactly . I don’t get how fans believe he had vitiligo. He bleached his skin .
            Look at his hands in the pictures. Especially the one with princess Diana. And the last one a fan tried to show vitiligo . LOL

          • ShawntayUStay

            You know what’s funny? Fans have said that the reason MJ wore the sequined glove was because he was hiding the vitiligo on his hand — supposedly that’s the first place that it showed up. But, as you can clearly see by the pics you posted, his hands stayed black the longest!

            I also remember seeing a photo of MJ performing “The Way You Make Me Feel” and he of course had the ashy cafe au lait skin on his face that we were used to by that time, but one of his pant legs were rolled up and his leg was chocolate brown and uniform in color. This was probably 1988 or 1989. So I wonder when the “vitiligo” took hold to make him the pale ghost of the early 90s onward? He took his shirt of in one of his home movies — sometime in 1991 or 1992 — and he was completely white. How did he change his color so fast?!

            Reports from 1993 said that MJ was still black from the beltline down and white above the beltline. Even Katherine Jackson said that he was white from the waist up.

          • Fudhux

            Absolutely ShawntayUStay, the photos speak for themselves. Fans contract themselves. They say the vitiligo starts by the hands when MJ’s hands were completely black. They will answer that is makeup . But if you at some photos MJ had white makeup even on his hands ! And they still believe it .

            Yes I saw the photo of the leg when he performed too. No patches. Clearly he would have patches because he was not gonna put makeup on his legs too.

            For the rest of his body I don”t know because he apperead white in the video ” You are not alone “

          • Pea

            Exactly…. when exactly did Jacko’s hands change?

            Look at these photos. According to the website, these were taken in late July 1991 when Jacko was visiting a youth center in L.A.:



            But look at Jacko’s hands in the “Black or White” video, which was released in Nov 1991:


            So, what’s going on here? In the span of a couple months Jacko managed to get his hands completely white? Or is that just “makeup”?

            Then him with Mac Culkin on the set of Black or White. His hands look mottled but vitiligo is bright white spots, not tan little specks:


            During the Bermuda honeymoon with Mac, June 1991:


            Amazing how Michael Jackson had the strangest case of vitiligo that kept his fingernails brown, made him carve up his face and wear silky wigs imitative of a white man, and have biological children that look like they have not one drop of black blood in them…. Heh.

          • Pea

            The pictures I shared above are dated to June and late July 1991 and his hands were evenly brown. In February 1992, while Jacko was visiting various countries in Africa with his Bestest Bed Buddy Brett Barnes (“Quintuple B”, as I’d call him), his hands were white:



            Fans always claim the vitiligo started on the hands, which is not true. I can’t imagine vitiligo taking hold and making his hands totally white in 7 months; but, certainly, viti-LIE-go, aided amply by Arnold Klein’s creams, can work that fast?

          • ShawntayUStay

            So the mottled hands that we saw in the picture with Mac Culkin on the set of Black or White was the interim between the LA “Brown hands” visit and his Africa “white hands” visit?

            And since they are so speckled, could that indicate that the creams were lightening his skin in patches, similar to the look of vitiligo? As you said the fans saw it started on his hands but that clearly isn’t true. Or did he all of a sudden start getting it on his hands in late 1991 and bleached them even toned white by May 1992?

          • Neely

            I’ve only seen one picture that looked like authentic vitiligo, with the remainders appearing to be a poor photoshop image. I saved it but it’s too big to load. Not sure how else to link it.

          • Neely
          • Pea

            Is that the picture, Neely? 🙂 I don’t think that looks like vitiligo on his hand, but more a pixelation artifact. I’ve seen his hands during that time period and they’re brown, like the rest of his body….

            And don’t forget: that was before the following picture, so we know he couldn’t have had vitiligo yet:


          • Neely

            Yes, that’s the pic. I honestly have never seen a pic where the vitiligo looked real. This was the closest I had gotten, and I suspected the timeline might not work, given he had an Afro here. :/

          • ShawntayUStay

            If the picture you showed was authentic vitiligo, it would have been white spots on brown skin. Fans never show that, only brown spots on white skin. Even MJ was very nonspecific about a date; actually, I don’t think he ever gave a date for when the vitiligo started! That’s telling, too. He was bleaching and the creams faded him in patches. Vitiligo was a convenient excuse.

          • Neely

            I’m not sure if I understand what you mean about white on brown vs. brown on white. When I googled pics, I was surprised to find there are actually cases that look like mottling rather than a stark difference in color with very defined borders. Then there is this pic. I think it demonstrates a fairly balanced ratio of color. So, how would one know if it’s brown on white, or white on brown?

          • Pea

            What she means is that because Jacko’s natural skin was brown, she would like to see images of him where there are white patches on his original brown skin. No fan that I know of has been able to show believable images of Jacko with vitiligo coming up on his brown skin, only images of him with brown spots on the white, which could indicate pigment fighting back against the bleach he used.

            My question is: when did he develop the disease he claimed to have? I don’t recall Jacko ever giving a concrete date.

          • Neely

            Ohhhh, that makes sense.
            The only one I ever heard was “sometime after thriller” from the 90s Oprah interview.

          • Neely

            And, what’s going on in this pic?? His face looks horrible, and doesn’t match any other exposed skin. Mud mask gone awry? 🙂

          • Pea

            Poor Michael. It looks like he wasn’t able to find a shade of foundation that matched. 🙂

          • Pea

            That’s what I think: that in June-July 1991, Jacko’s hands were brown; by February 1992 while he was in Africa with Brett Barnes, they were white. If the mottled hands on the set of “Black or White” represented the interim of his bleaching rituals (the video was released November 1991), then it may be evidence that his use of bleaching creams produced patchy skin before a total skin change. (This could also indicate why Jacko’s overall appearance became gradually lighter.

            What also comes to mind is the information from Deborah Linden’s body search affidavit, in which it was stated that Jacko burned himself using bleaching cream on his testicles. Jordie Chandler described his testicles as having pinkish-white patches — I wondered previously about how Jacko could have patches if he didn’t have natural vitiligo. Now, it seems possible that bleaching cream could have produced those patches if that photo of his mottled hands represent the interim of the process.

            Fans use that picture with Mac Culkin as proof of vitiligo, but I don’t think 7 months is much time for natural vitiligo to turn his skin from black to white. Phenolic compounds like monobenzyl ether of hydroquinone can cause vitiligo-like white patches.

          • Neely

            Body search affidavit?? Do tell!! I am a virgin to this information. 🙂

          • Pea

            It’s not publicly available, of course. 🙂 But details can be read in Maureen Orth’s article “Losing His Grip”:

          • Neely

            Thanks Pea. This was an entertaining read, but I really hate it when journalists create a story that is peppered with truth, making it almost impossible to sort out the parts which are fiction, and what is fact. Of course I don’t believe Jacksons nose had fallen off, lol. But, she presents that as fact, and somehow seems to do it with a straight face, as if she herself believes it. Also presenting second and third degree information. This story seemed like it would fit better on the front page of the enquirer. I’m interested in your opinion though. 🙂

            It stirred up a memory about the autopsy that I’d like to also get your opinion on, if I may. The article says an MD claimed Jackson had undergone around 50 plastic surgeries. His autopsy states a scar on either side of his nose, one on either side of the posterior base of his neck (if I remember right), and one behind each ear. That doesn’t equate to 50 surgeries in my mind. I have wondered if the masses consider Botox and restylane injections a form of plastic surgery? Seems like he got those almost daily. Thoughts?

          • dani

            Hi Neely,
            I believe that MJs dermatologist Klein, said at times MJ would receive about 100 injections at a time(from Klein himself) of Botox. I would consider that a form of Plastic Surgery IMO.

            IN that interview with Klein, he said something to the effect that MJs goal was to, and get this ” to be so beautiful that it would shock people and make them pee their pants, because he wanted to look so divinely beautiful as no one had ever before” Yes, Klein really said this. Klein was totally a strange person as well, he talked like he was drugged out himself…The interview is on TMZ (its a video like an hour or 90 mins long)

            Now I get MJs first surgeries ok, but it is really hard to get into MJs head space at the end of his life, if he was really thinking that he was attractive, AT ALL in say the last what 15-25 years of his life.

            And for what it is worth, I think he was a very good looking kid, young man (yeah even a sexy young man) even after SOME surgery in the 70- 80s. Afterward UH no way! He eventually looked a bit like a monster/ghoul to me..Anyway

            I think 50 surgeries is pushing it, though the surgeon(hofflien was it) said it was much more than he ever recommended. Yet Hofflien still kept doing the surgery, which I think showed a lack of medical ethics on his part.

            In my mind though MJ found the most oddball Drs, Managers, lawyers after he fired his VERY brilliant team of Quincy Jones, John Branca, Frank Dileo (honestly a dream team if there ever was one) Fanatics claim MJ did everything himsel,f and never give the credit to this amazing team that helped to MAKE him the most Famous man on the planet for years.. For the right and GOOD reasons, his talent, and music. Yet then his personal life outshone his talent as he sunk lower and lower. When he kicked this dream team to the curb.

            It has been said that MJ as time went on, as he went deeper into himself, only the crazy types would even consider working with him anymore. His lack of professionalism, addictions, lies and such just served to isolate him more, which in turn led to him finding these weirdo types.

            Drs, surgeons “so called cardiologists who do not even know how to perform cpr” and mangers,that strange lawyer Geragos?. Yes-men and users, porn directors, vulture types. I suppose if MJ was a user of people, then that is what he eventually attracted. Birds of a feather they do say.

            It really is a shame though, I think things would have been different on every level (his looks, legal issues, failing career moves and health issues) would have been way different if his own way of doing things with others, was to respect and love them ( his family, his friends ect, )but in my mind I do not think he was really capable of that emotionally, which in turn created what he turned out to be. A train wreck, plastic, shell of himself, a basket case in the very end.
            Ah what fame, money and power can do to someone in a very short time eh?

          • Pea

            Excellent showing of the hands photos. When did he get vitiligo? When did it start?

            All I know is that any claims that it started before the picture below — and I’ve seen fans claim it started when he was a kid and in the 1970s — are complete lies:


        • ShawntayUStay

          Yes, you can’t bleach nails because they are made of the same stuff as horns and antlers — really tough keratin. That’s why toenail fungus takes months to years to treat because medicine needs time to penetrate the nail. His nails are a dead giveaway that he was bleaching some and/or all of his hands. He still had pigment in the nail and in the skin under the nail. I’ve seen pics of dark skinned vitiligo sufferers who had it on their hands and their nails are pink with white surrounding skin — just as you’d expect from someone with no pigment.

          Real vitiligo hands:


          • Fudhux

            Viti- LIE – go haha you made me laugh . I love it so true

          • Mahoney

            Ha… I’m stealing that viti-lie-go line!

          • Neely

            I read on pubmed last night, a couple of case studies where a man presented with dark discolored fingernails during the use of hydroquinone cream. (One had been using it for 9 months). Upon cessation, within 8 weeks, the darkness in the fingernails disappeared. So apparently, Jacksons nails were dark from exposure to the cream. Oh the irony…while bleaching his skin, he was staining his nails……giving the world a telltale sign that he was doing so.

          • ShawntayUStay

            Oh yes. It’s true that the use of hydroquinone can cause hyperpigmentation, particularly in patients with dark skin; it’s called ochronosis. That’s why doctors say you shouldn’t use hydroquinone for more than three months at a time. Ochronosis is permanent. That’s definitely likely MJ suffered from that because he was practically bathing in bleach. I’ve also wondered if the little Brown spots on his body that never seemed to go away were because of bleaching induced hyperpigmentation, and not vitiligo?

        • Mahoney

          It’s clearly because he couldn’t change them. Surprised he never used nail polish, I mean… The dude wasn’t exactly averse to using make-up was he?

          The white plasters (band aids?) that he started to stick on the tips of his digits was always another odd giveaway. Talk about hanging a lantern on it!!

          Good pics of his hands and very telling, hopefully some (I refuse to use the term f’loons) of MJ’s more rabid defenders get a hold of them and digitally alter them (poorly) to fit their narrative.

          Which leads me to another point, can we all agree that there is another victim here? That being Adobe Creative Suite…. Specifically Photoshop.

          The things these fans do with this beautiful tool in honour of their idol is utterly heart-wrenching.

          I’ve been a graphic designer for many a year and I’ve never ever seen such hideous usage of blur/crop/texture tools and don’t get me started on the the fonts… Dear Gaaaahhhd!

          I’m here to offer an olive-branch to these people, you can get help… I will happily share my knowledge of marrying images with text in an aesthetically pleasing fashion… It’s not too late!

          Again though, my issue isn’t that he did it, it’s his body… It’s the gibberish explanations he gave to explain it… Expecting everyone to buy it. I guess it’s the product of being surrounded by yes-men most of your life?

          “What more can I give?”

          Good question Mike, how about a plausible explanation every so often?

      • dani

        “The difference between MJ and that dude I talked to in Manchester the other month with devil-horns and giant ear inserts, is that guy sure as shite isn’t pretending it occurred naturally, or that it’s part of the “maturing” process.”

        Oh my, You have the most devilish sense of dry Brit humor I have ever seen.. LOL.

        I am a fan of MJs art and not him as a person. I am Not a floon.. I agree with you on everything though…Really who did MJ think he was fooling with his lies?

        Sure, his body his cash, I think he should have said to any reporter, I will not answer questions about my face if he was too embarrassed to speak about it (and that part I can understand, he might not have even understood why he needed to change himself either, and with that yes I have some compassion for the guy in this instance)

        ..Him acting like it was because of “aging” ridiculous! And yeah he harmed himself a whole bunch by just going “white” during the bad era…and not saying ANYTHING for YEARS…I honestly believe he lost a huge fan base due to that as well.

        The floons seem to think that a skin pigment disorder caused the nose, lips, eyes, cheeks, cleft look more uh I guess I will for this message, call it white looking but I do not think he look white per say.

        I heard a reporter say something to the effect the in the end, MJ looked nothing like a human being at all. Not black, not white, not woman, not man…You think that was his goal? I am not sure if MJ was happy with the outcome, but what a shame if he was not.:(

        ..As one woman said, if she looked like a skeleton, went bald and sickly and said nothing for 8 years, you bet people will question what was wrong with her, and she was not famous…Did MJ think whites would somehow like his art more if he was a ghost, he certainly pissed off blacks and turned them off to his music in a large part because of his odd looks and (race hatred or self hatred)…SMH

        I read somewhere his team started to plant the “bizarre” tabloid rumors in the 80s to increase his fame, (like he needed that!) He was the biggest name in the world at that time..I am still bemused by his need or his teams need to do that. He had enough talent and the world loved him at that point, why the need to be a oddball then, on purpose?

        So, he poses for pics in an oxygen chamber, planst stories about wanting to buy John Merricks bones (although people blame his manager Dileo, uh it was MJs idea which is just retarded but ok)

        Than Oprah asks him about it all, and he acts like “omg the tabloids are so silly, where would I put bones?” It was like he was playing some sort of a comedy team, both the funny man and the straight man..Honestly that sort of pisses me off LOL. It just goes to show and proves my thoughts that MJ thought we were all as shallow or uneducated fools, as perhaps he was on these issues. Was he talented oh YOU BET, but was he quick witted, intelligent in daily life, hmm I tend not to think so, which probably lead to him thinking everyone was on his level of maturity or intellect.

        take care

  • CandyC

    You should check out pictures of him with Madonna at the Oscars in early 1991 and compare that to pictures of him from late 1991 — the difference is vast. The photo attached was taken in the BTS of Black or White, notice how pigmented his hand is in comparison to his face? Fans like to point out that’s it’s proof of vitiligo but that is not how vitiligo works. I stick to the opinion that if he did have vitiligo it was induced from his bleaching.

    He did look good in that video (Black or White) and the making of it, more “natural” in appearance than say when he started to warp into what Madonna described, paraphrased — “A transvestite space alien” (she’s mean, lol).

    And you’re so right, only a few months later, in early 1992, he was ivory pale. He is interesting to study, with what was his endless transformation.

    Very good point about him neglecting to be a spokesperson or educator etc on vitiligo especially since it’s such a rare condition. I always found it extremely strange and interesting that he always brought up the line “What about the people that sit in the sun and try to become other than what they are, trying to look black?” in defence of himself, whenever an interviewer dared to ask him on his change in appearance.

    Why compare something that people do everyday that is so cosmetic to an exotic skin disease that very few people have? In my opinion that is a very interesting clue about his true feelings regarding us natural skin tone, if you analyse it. No one else I know of has made that connection.

    • Fudhux

      Mj did not like being black or being connected to black people to me . And I feel like you can prove that just by looking at his kids. They are all not black . Why ? He could have had his own kids bit they would look biracial ( of course because he married only white woman ) . The worst thing is that he made people believe that they were his own . And there is even worse than that : some of his fans actually still believe that !!

      Total different subject but does someone know about the next step in Wade’s case ? Thank you .

      • CandyC

        I agree with you, the whole attending the Soul Train Awards and NAACP awards was a farce, I’ve always thought he was a good liar… just not consistent. Fans like to deny that he disliked being black by using the fact he used black people in his videos etc as “proof” — but unfortunately they were just apart of public relations scheme. As much as I honestly wish he liked his own race I just find it unlikely.

        He was fortunate he was famous, if he wasn’t he would be viewed in a completely different way and people would never be so apologetic of his behaviours.

      • Dani Lee VanBuskirk

        Most of his fans will be rabid if you doubt even a bit about them not being his kids, and also state that he did not have sex with Debbie he asked other men to donate one be Klein.

    • ShawntayUStay

      You know what’s interesting is that the whole “what about people who tan — are they trying to be black/do they hate their race?” argument is often given by other people that are trying to bleach their pigment away when they are confronted. There are forums dedicated to skin bleaching for “cosmetic” purposes. So MJ’s repeating of this is quite typical. But getting a tan — which is just a natural consequence of going outside, and the color is natural in the sense that you can only get as dark as genetics allow — is not the same as artificially removing color. These bleachers — and MJ — never ask themselves why they’d want to be light when they are naturally dark. You only want to be light because you think dark is bad or ugly. MJ wanted “flawless porcelain skin”.

      • Pea

        The fact of the matter is that Jacko’s use of Benoquin, or “monobenzyl ether of hydroquinone (MBEH)”, is highly suspect, given his evasive answers about his skin. MBEH can be used to treat patients with “universal vitiligo”, i.e. having greater than 50% white patches vs darker skin left, but it’s efficacy is such that 1 in 2 have “relapses” and the formerly pigmented areas become re-pigmented. This means that they would have to use it forever to keep all-white.

        Also, though, MBEH can trigger vitiligo, ie melanocytes die and disappear, leaving white patches. Now, if we are to believe that Jacko had vitiligo, it’s highly likely that he could’ve triggered it with his use of MBEH. It’s also possible that Jacko’s lupus triggered depigmentation, he was intrigued by the white spot, and took it to a sick level by bleaching everything white using MBEH, thereby triggering vitiligo in other regions.

        That latter explanation could explain why a swatch of skin studied in his autopsy was pigmentless but still had melanocytes.

        In sum, I am very confident that no matter whether he used bleach without having vitiligo, used bleach after getting a localized vitiliginous spot, or had vitiligo, all of it is related to his use of bleaching creams. He hated being black. Those white and Latino children he claimed were his own and his carved up face prove it.

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  • Kevin J

    Tom Sneddon or as some may call him Don Standdon is gone, and he was just doing his job, according to one likely theory, the father of the child, made the child say that b.s, because he wanted money. MJ even wrote a song about Tom Sneddon, What better way to spread love and love your enemies than to write song? And even though T.Sneddon caused MJ a lot of pain like, making police dislocate his shoulders and swatting his neverland ranch upside down. Michael always thaught about love and peace, I´m suprised he didn´t even really insult him in the entire song. In the end, love heals, but hate grows more hate, and MJ knew that, he walked out a free man. But I can not agree with this article as it clearly pushes it too far,those legally speaking false accusations hurt both MJ´s and his fans reputation and made the media haunt MJ for two decades, fans were just expressing anger. I want to tell everyone that you have the power to choose words, but not the power to choose what effect they will have on people.

  • Kevin J

    Actually MJ was making a come back tour to teach about love and peace in his final days, and his doctor decided to murder him, and also MJ died a free man, these are just facts. I want to make it clear that it is not wrong to accuse a suspect, however try to make a ´´Jacko´´ donate 100 million dollar to charity and win hundreds of awards before comparing him to Michael Jackson. You have the power to choose words, but not the power to choose what effect they will have on people,

    • Conrad Murray did not “decide to murder” MJ.

      • Kevin J

        Well, in my opinion it is. Since he gave him a cocktail of sleeping drugs and propofol unmonitored. Please correct me if I´m wrong though.

        • silverspirit

          Did Murray force MJ to suck on propofol? I don’t think so. He lured in Murray with promises of money & be his only doctor on tour. Guess what? MJ lied. Please stop acting like MJ had no will of his won. He was told not to do take this dangerous drug at home. He didn’t care. He had a death with. Much like when he was told to stop sleeping with boys. He did it anyway.

        • silverspirit

          You are wrong on many things you typed. Where is your proof Murray decided to kill MJ? Where did that from? Kill him for what? MJ promised to pay him & bring him on the supposed tour MJ would not have lasted a day doing? It was only after MJ choked on his milk that Murray found out MJ had no money to pay him. Heck, MJ couldn’t pay for food at that point. He was too busy buying drugs & plastic surgeries.

    • silverspirit

      Peace & love while high as a kite on drugs? I don’t think so.. Had he lived the criminal would be in jail right now. 19 aliases are a crime. He only agreed to do that tour because he was piss poor broke. His charity donations were tax right offs and by the way, you have your numbers wrong. No matter, MJ had a hand in his death. He was the only nutcase on earth to suck on propofol in a home setting for yrs before he sucked on Murray. The rest of your post has no validity to it all. You missed the case obviously.

    • silverspirit

      As of late, The IRS is going after the estate Branca testified this week that MJ was over 400 million in debt. He was so poor he had to borrow $$ from people. Of course he never paid them back. Branca also stated that “MJ did not want to go on tour at all”.

  • Hilal

    I’ve recently heard that Tom Sneddon said in 1994 that there were two more boys claiming abuse from Michael Jackson. I know about Jason Francia, but is there any information about the other boy? If so, why did he also refuse to testify and why haven’t people heard much about him?

    • Pea

      While I don’t believe Diane Dimond to be a beacon of reliability, she stated in her book that Jordie Chandler mentioned a boy named “Garcia”. That was never fleshed out at all, unfortunately — and good luck trying to get her to explain who it could be now….

      As for Tom Sneddon, in the Statement of Declination (Sept 1994), he mentioned only Jordie, Jason Francia, and one other boy, who is likely Brett Barnes — Ralph Chacon claimed to have seen Jacko perform oral sex on him. The DAs went to Australia that year to talk to Brett but nothing came of it; therefore, no charges were filed.

      Of course, it emerged in the Schaffel lawsuit from 2006 that Jacko allegedly paid money to a boy and his mother (David and Ruby Martinez), but police said they knew nothing of them, according to the New York Daily News.

  • dani

    My goodness, for some odd reason with all this talk about MJ and his “army of L.O.V.E,” I find it really odd that some of these fans seem to think that,” OH yeah MJ was so much about peace and love and then they dance on the grave of another human being?” I can probably guess that Sneddons family did not do this when MJ died. :/

    I am not convinced Mj was guilty of sex crimes (emotional abuse, mental games, addiction, anorexia, body issues, manipulation and NO I do not even think he was even a decent father to his supposed KIDS. and yeah he had no emotional ability to feel empathy) Yes he was a stunted and abused human being, and he yes abused others “friends family employees ect in turn” Was that ever in doubt in a sane persons mind???

    Yet why do these fans seem to think that a DA, a freaking father, Roman catholic and grandfather of tons of kids was some how living to “get” MJ? Really? Some of these fans reactions just astound me, and do not even get me started on how they sound on MJS youtube videos, it is ongoing constant insanity..

    Makes me even afraid to say to someone online “Yeah I grew up with this mans music, it was great..He was an electric performer and so on”…My advice if fans want it is to calm the hell down, STOP WORSHIPING A MAN WITH FEET OF CLAY! He lied, he schemed, he had issues people, does this make him evil, no but he was no Demi GOD

    These fans somehow sound like they may be in their early teens, but I actually think many are in their 40s with kids which is even crazier.

    I like MJs music, dance performance, but I know really nothing about him as a human being, and what I do know is still up for debate. I can say I seriously doubt I could even have talked to him for longer than 5 mins in real life due to his persona, Peter Pan weirdness and his love of toys and baby bottles, doll loving ect. From what I can tell due to MJ having had NO education, on top of the fact that he seemed to lack reflection on his actions I tend think he was not very intelligent and even borderline dense/retarded in many areas, he seemed so freaking clueless to me. People(that being the fanatics) claim he had an IQ of 165 ( I am all for self taught genius) but come ON, Steven Hawkings has a lower IQ than that!

    . I love the art NOT the artist. The man did not freaking die for the “sins of the world” like Jesus himself! Fans stop please, you give others reason to think anyone who likes a song or two should be in a mental hospital. I myself love most of MJs 70s to 80s stuff (90s not so much just got wayyy to out there for me) Yet let us try and act like human beings and not some sort of banshees about a fallen human being!
    Some of these fans think they really knew MJ somehow and he was some sort of gift from above, come on! What hypocrites…

  • dani

    Oh, one more thing.. I think somewhere I saw a website stating something to the effect of a WWMJD (like a What would Jesus DO) Site. So if these crazy fans used their own ideas and logic which is nuts, why do they not ask themselves regarding the death of another human, WHAT WOULD MJ DO? I mean if they think MJ was Christ, or at the VERY LEAST Archangel Michael, then um should they not love and forgive 70 times 7????? Weird.

    This is probably why MJ himself (in that Rabbis opinion and it must be said, I do think that Rabbi was a bit of a hook or by crook user type) said MJ thought he was some how god like, and that was his main issue, which caused him to be so unstable, drugged out ect.

    I can understand the trans formative power of his performance/music, and such to some. Yeah, his tunes and dance help me get good workouts in many a days (a bit of an adrenaline upper) but I mean people just passing out, shaking, screaming, blubbering, trembling at just the SIGHT of him, just standing there for freaking 5 mins. Fans even saying “oh mj could sleep onstage and I would pay big bucks to watch it” LOL

    And while I have said MJ was not your typical braino, He sure knew how to get an audience into a trance like state, yeah almost like a cult leader I would say. If anything I would give him that crazy brilliance, yes.
    His award speeches got the crowds to go into a complete frenzy’s, and all he would do is say, “thank you God, Mom and Dad”…And blow kisses and flash peace signs, nothing too earth shattering.

    No singing no dancing nothing just..”Oh I do not wanna take off my sunglasses, but I will do it for you”, fake fake fake shyness. Crowd goes WILD, he blows more kisses and acts like a wall flower and quickly puts the shades back on. Yeah right OK. Do people still think he was some sort of shy/innocent man? He was a total exhibitionist, the man was never shy, not at 5 not at 50. Do shy men grab their crotches in front of 100k people? I think not. Yet this is why MJ is such an enigma for me anyway.

    I get it, with these types of reactions from people, it would probably cause almost anyone to think they had divine status. Yet, at the same time, MJ had stated he wanted to just (disappear) one day, just cease to exist in some form, to become invisible, to get away from all of the nuttiness.

    So to me, it seems he kinda understood that his level of fame, and all that FAKE love, made him crazy and uncomfortable, because deep down, he knew he did not deserve that level of worship, yet I do not think he could live without the applause and adulation, despite it never being able to fill the empty void that was probably his soul, sadly.

    Lets get real though and try to explain why MJ was not some perfect Lamb of God. Fit for some sort of blood sacrifice for Sneddon or Sony or whatever the hell these fans think.

    Fans still argue that MJ was NO DRUG ADDICT..Because he took scripts and not street drugs WHAT? I can for sure say YEARS ago I became addicted to SCRIPTS (not on MJS level, but yeah, I went and got treatment in the end. AND hell yeah I was addicted, indeed due to pain at first then my body just needed the drugs) The extreme fan logic is simply bewildering to me. Ask any Dr, if you can be a drug addict to scripts, come on now…And to get to the point of needing Propofol to sleep, MJ must have been on 100s of mgs of benzos a day for years, to the point they no longer even TOUCHED his insomnia, even if IVed directly into his bloodstream.

    He was SUCH a great father, REALLY? He had nannies galore, he was drugged MOST of the time.. Anyone remember that he had freaking bedsores when he died? How is it possible you ask? He was so active and so “fit” Well that one is easy, drugged for hours upon hours for years, in a half assed coma, where he did not move, and the sores never healed. Crazy…The more down the rabbit hole I go the wilder this all seems.

    Does not make me hate the man I never knew him, he was a hugely talented SINGER, dancer ect, with too much fame power and money..Who really had a damaged psyche to begin with IMO, so that did not help him deal with his life any better.
    That is it. Case closed He is not Saint Michael Or some second coming. A person not anymore or less

    • silverspirit

      Great post. Spot on there. Fans? There are only a few real fans who know MJ had many faults & ruined himself. Fanatics are a party of one who will deny all the truth about the dead ped. IMO, they don’t count for much when it comes to reality.

      • Dani

        HI Silver,
        I think the idea is that “fans” or this Army of L.O.V.E, live in a fantasy world, where they think they are fans of the MAN Michael Jackson and not the Entertainer. They are not able to recognize that the man onstage blowing their minds, is not the same man off the stage..It is not reality and I think some are just to caught up on what is smoke and mirrors vs just plain old everyday reality. I am not sure why this is, blind devotion maybe? Love living with their heads in a cloud perhaps? Fantasy is more attractive than reality? I do not know:)

        Facts are and will remain, on stage MJ knew how to work an audience into a frenzy, yet offstage he had so much mental and emotional baggage, that most adult fans would simply not have anything to do with a person like that if he was not this HUGE star named MJ.

        They do not know anything about him(the man), yet they think they know everything there is to know personally about him, like he is their spouse/family or even kid.

        Personally, like I have said I am a fan of the art, but for me I would rather MJ had never done an interview and spoken to a reporter, since he was always vague or outright lied, and it just served to make me think he was a major liar/weirdo in his personal life.
        Again though, I am not a fan of his personal life at all. I only enjoy what he did for a living.
        Yet he still somehow impressed fans with the lies (that they still believe)

        I can recognize that the man MJ is totally 180 degrees from the showman mj.I can separate the two. I think it might just be due to my age, but again, some of these fan loons seem to perhaps be even older than I am.

        For instance, in the allforloveblog writer Raven seems like a highly educated, kind, open-minded lady, and will admit to SOME of mjs faults(Only some mind you), but her logic in defending EVERYTHING he has ever done, even down to lipsynching his whole later tours (yes she will say he sang live the whole time)

        She even claims MJFACTS is hmm some sort of Aussie conspiracy with VG and Nambla focused on somehow making MJ a mascot for them.
        Odd I know but she says this thoughtfully and even does not sound THAT crazy because as I said, she tends to combine education and well thought ideas which could mix someone up if they have not read up on the things she refers to.
        Anyhow, I believe Raven is probably in her 50s or 60s, so my guess at first blush that all of these nutters are kids is probably really off.
        Take Care

        • silverspirit

          Hi! I laugh at that “Army of Love” junk from his fanatics. All they do is spew hate & lies. Makes no sense at all. ]

          Raven is a whole other level of crazy. Everything is a conspiracy according to her. Did you read her recent article on the Huffington Post? Bunch of bull that was not fact checked by anyone there. She left out the most glaring facts that MJ was indeed a pedophile. When she was asked to back up her blow hard bull. She blocked you. I think she is in her 50s. Most of the fanatics are older than you think.

          If you read vindicate & Raven’s blog. I can tell which one is more insane. It’s just a bunch of mentally ill ramblings that never prove MJ was not a pedophile.

        • silverspirit

          Here is the article from Raven.

          She did not follow the case and lying for a dead ped isn’t helping her any.

          Here is an example from a reader who dared ask Raven to back up her junk with facts. They were blocked by her:

          “some of these online reporters showed their true colours as to where there morals lay.(not huff)but another 1 was disgusting,1 reporter especailly,so i tweets her and asks her to prove what she was stating as fact.wasnt cheeky,just straight forward,she blocked me.i wouldnt be surprised if a lot of rags new that it was crap but went with it anyway all for profits..let him Rest for gods sake and let us enjoy his music..its looking more & more that someone is defo out to get him.Who that “someone” is i dont know.”

  • dani

    Hi Silver,
    Didn’t Mjs autopsy say indeed he had a nose? I think Ian halperin was the author that stated this in his book, which is filled with some truth and some outlandish lies IMO

  • silverspirit

    He was prosecuted and paid to get off. The famous get a free pass in the US. MJ was a pedophile & a criminal. MJ was a very cold & calculated man. He’s where he belongs in hell. Since when is it not a crime to use 19 aliases to get drugs with? Since when is it not a crime to constantly bed boys & pay them off with millions of dollars? MJ was a fraud and you trolling forever won’t change the facts.