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This is our contact page. First of all, let’s share some of the emails we don’t want.

  • Ones just to say YOU SUCK! They kinda hurt our feelings. We’ve spent a lot of time on this site and it really gets us down when people are nasty about it. If you don’t like it, pressing the CTRL (or the Apple button on a Mac) and the F4 button simultaneously will make this website disappear. Really. Try it.
  • Ones that say YOU GUYS ARE HATERS! Just as it is sad and pathetic to love a celebrity you have never met, it would be equally sad and pathetic to hate a celebrity we have never met. All we are doing here is expressing an opinion you don’t like, m’kay? So don’t get your panties in a twist.
  • Ones that say YOU’RE BIASED! It’s okay, we know we are a little biased, but only because we have read everything we could get our hands on about Michael Jackson, both positive and negative, and after careful deliberation have come to the conclusion that he was a child molester. We encourage everyone to go out there and find out all they can about the allegations and come to their own conclusion. It might be different from ours. That’s OK too. The important thing is that we are all entitled to our opinion.
  • Retro-moderation. Disagree with a comment someone else has written? Please don’t send us an email about it. You can flag the comment in the comments section, or reply to the comment that’s bothering you pointing out why it gave you boo boo feelings.
  • Emails generally discussing the posts. While we love getting down and dirty with a good meaty discussion about what’s on the site, that kind of thing is what the comments section is for. That way, everyone can join in the fun! Please post a comment where everyone can see it.

What we do want.

  • Errors pointed out. If we’ve made an error on some date or point of fact, please point them out. We’re only human, which means we make mistakes. Let us know!
  • Information. While we have an expansive library of Michael Jackson-related material, we still love getting tips, source material, stories, theories, anything MJ related! Shoot it through!
  • Story ideas. While for the most part the writers on the site only write stories on things that interest them in order to keep it fun, you may be able to pique their interest in your favorite Jackson related subject. While we can’t guarantee your idea will be acted upon now or in the future, we’d still love to hear them!
  • Compliments. Yep. Give us some warm and fuzzies. We love them.
  • Anything else positive. 

That’s it. Stick to the rules and we’ll read your email. Break them, and your email goes on vacation to Neverland. Oh, and if you send us something we may not be able to respond straight away. What with our international jet-setting lifestyle, vacations with the rich and famous, and preparing stories for high-end magazines we can’t always reply right away, so be patient. OK, OK, we are joking about the international jet-setting lifestyle, vacations with the rich and famous, and preparing stories for high-end magazines. What we actually meant was the grind of daily life, real jobs and study 🙂  

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