The Arvizos never asked for money

Despite what Jackson fans may say, the Arvizos never asked for a dime from Michael Jackson. Read Larry Feldman’s testimony, beginning on page 153. On page 221 and page 233, Larry Feldman states no civil suit was ever discussed with the Arvizos. On page 185, the discussion begins with Bill Dickerman, who referred the Arvizos to Feldman because of the Bashir documentary. The chain of events is that Dickerman referred the family to Feldman, who then sent the family to Dr. Stanley Katz, out of concern there may have been sexual abuse. They then went to the Child Protective Services.

Larry Feldman’s testimony

The testimony of Dr. Katz and Bill Dickerman are in these transcripts. Testimony of Dr. Stan Katz begins on page 111. On page 260, Dr. Katz says there are very few false allegation made by children over 5 years of age. He did write a book about that very topic, which is mentioned in the transcripts.

Testimony of Bill Dickerman begins on page 276. His client Jamie Masada referred the Arvizos to him because they wanted their visas, furniture and other goods which were removed by Michael Jackson’s employees from the Arvizo residence returned to them and the documentary stopped.
On page 382, he says he was never told to seek monetary damages over the documentary.

Dr Stan Katz & Bill Dickerman Testimony

The continuation of Dickerman’s testimony begins on page 233. Bill becomes quite sarcastic towards Tom Mesereau.

Bill Dickerman Testimony continued