The Evidence Keeps Adding Up

To most people, there has been so much evidence now of Jackson’s predilection for young boys, it beggars belief that some rational, thoughtful people are still on the fence regarding his guilt. Even though we know that Jackson entertained different boys for at least 850 or more nights, owned books featuring photos of naked young boys, and paid a lot of money to boys who accused him of molestation, once we take into account the Halo Effect[1] and the fact that a lot of Jackson’s behaviour had an air of plausible deniability[2], it is easy for some to have residual doubts about whether Jackson is guilty or not.

It is now the end of 2013, a year in which many more signs pointing to Jackson’s guilt emerged. Some were high profile, others less so, but all add to the massive, undeniable jigsaw of Jackson behaviour that shows he could not have been anything but a pedophile. Continue reading

Len’s Story

This story was written by Len and is about her journey to find out the truth about Michael Jackson. 

Len was asked:

Did you guys ( all posters who believe mj was a pedo) immediately come to a conclusion that he was guilty in 1993? I heard that Gavins Family were con artists to begin with, but can anyone tell me the reason Mj was declared not guilty at that trial? Not enough evidence? Oj was set free, so just becuz a verdict is not guilty, does not mean so. Len is disgusted: you have documents that you post often to back up your suspicions. Again, did you always think him guilty from ’93 onward or over time, did you lean towards guilt.( cuz it took ME time.) And I know you will have to repeat yourself, but what key things in those documents and in general led you to a ” he’s guilty?”

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James Safechuck vs. Estate of Michael Jackson – December 2014 Update

Poor James
Poor James

Here is an update on James Safechuck Jr’s action against the Estate of Michael Jackson. He is suing the Estate for damages relating to childhood sexual abuse at the hands of Michael Jackson between the ages of 10 and 14.

James filed his claim more than five years after Jackson’s death, and the Estate contends that this was far too late according to the rules of probate (see Estate’s Demurrer). However, on James’ side, and what he is relying on, is the Doctrine of Equitable Estoppel. Continue reading