The 300lb Gorilla

What is the 300lb gorilla?

It’s that thing that just can’t be ignored – and in this case it was Jordan Chandler’s description of Jackson’s genitals. This, more than anything else, propelled Jackson’s side towards a settlement with the Chandlers, as was admitted by a member of Jackson’s legal team – lawyer Carl Douglas.

Jordan gave his description to police and to Jackson’s defense lawyers to support his claim of molestation filed on September 14 1993. It is worth noting here that nobody, apart from a handful of people, have ever read Jordan’s description.

Naturally law enforcement wanted to test the veracity of Jordan’s description, and when Jackson returned to the United States in December 1993, the District Attorney’s office had negotiated with Jackson’s lawyer Johnnie Cochran to have Jackson strip searched and photographs taken of his naked body. Below is a description of what eventuated at that strip search, based on a deposition from Santa Barbara sheriff’s office photographer Gary Spiegel, who was tasked with taking pictures of Jackson’s genitals to see if they matched Jordan Chandler’s description

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Michael Jackson’s FBI File – More Inappropriate Behavior With Boys

Here we have linked the file the FBI held on Michael Jackson, but we need to clear something up first.

If anyone tells you “The FBI followed Michael Jackson around for 10 years and found nothing”, this is patently untrue. The FBI was NOT following MJ or tapping his phone, or doing anything that they would normally do in a federal case. The sex abuse cases were matters handled by local police (the Santa Barbara police department and the LAPD). Continue reading