Tin Soldiers

Starstruck_CoverStarstruck: When a Fan Gets Close to Fame – by Michael Joseph Gross

Chapter 2 – Tin Soldiers

Journalist Michael Joseph Gross takes us deep into the world of celebrities and the people who love them.

Why are we so obsessed with fame? Even if we don’t read People, we all crane our necks to see the stars. As a teenager, Michael Joseph Gross amassed a collection of about four thousand autographs by writing letters to celebrities and world leaders. The collecting fever broke when he grew up, but his fascination with fandom remained. Continue reading

Drugs and Porn at Neverland

Most people think that Neverland was a happy, joyful place dedicated to the innocence and joy of childhood. One only has to look at the material seized in the police raid in 2003 to realise that it wasn’t very child friendly at all. Gay porn, straight porn, drugs, books favored by pedophiles, photographs of semi naked boys – the list goes on and on. Click the link for the whole list… Continue reading