Wade described himself as the MASTER OF DECEPTION, he’s a LIAR

Wade does say this in his deposition when he is talking about writing a book about his abuse. Alone the statement looks very incriminating however put into context it is far less so. Here is the actual quote from his deposition in context:
Q. You refer to yourself as “a master of deception”; correct?
A. Here, yes, in the writing.
Q. Do you believe that you’re a good liar?
A. I believe Michael Jackson taught me how to lie really well about the abuse that I suffered at his hands.
Q. And you did consistently, you’re claiming now, lie about the abuse from when it started when you were 7 years old until May 8th, 2012; correct?
A. Say that one more time.
Q. Sure. You consistently lied, it’s your claim now that you consistently lied about the abuse from the time you were 7 until May 8th, 2012; correct?
A. Yeah. I told the story that Michael taught me to tell until May 8th, 2012.
Q. And when people pressed you on that story or asked you questions, you consistently said that Michael had not abused you; correct?
A. Correct.