The FBI investigated Michael Jackson for ten years and found nothing

This is totally false.

The FBI:

  • DID NOT follow MJ, ever;

  • DID NOT tap his phone;

  • DID NOT put surveillance on MJ;

  • DID NOT search his residence (neither Hayvenhurst, Century City, the Hideout nor Neverland);

  • DID NOT open an investigation into molestation against him; and

  • DID NOT do anything that they would normally do in a federal case.

The FBI never, ever investigated Michael Jackson for child molestation.

The FBI was not involved in investigating MJ. The FBI merely assisted local law enforcement with resources when requested. So they helped interview people outside local law enforcement’s jurisdiction, or analyze a video or computer for local law enforcement as they had proper technology available.

There was never an “FBI investigation”, it was always the FBI helping local police departments on specific tasks requested of them. Even on the FBI website they say:

The “FBI didn’t investigate Jackson, the files now available show the FBI working with other agencies.”

On the page containing the actual FBI files they say:

Between 1993 and 1994 and separately between 2004 and 2005, Jackson was investigated by California law enforcement agencies for possible child molestation. He was acquitted of all such charges. The FBI provided technical and investigative assistance to these agencies during the cases.

Even with this disclaimer by the FBI fans still insist that somehow the files prove something. The Jacksons too are spreading misinformation about the FBI files. Taj Jackson, someone who has recently made somewhat of a crusade against “lies”, repeats this falsehood in interviews:

When asked if he found any of the child molestation accusations to be true, the vocal nephew of the pop legend spoke in Jackson’s defense as the allegations being false and went on to reveal that the Federal Bureau of Investigation investigated the Thriller singer for 10 years….

When Truthers say “they inspected all of MJ’s computers and every page has NOTHING written on it,” this is also false. The relevant FBI file with a page dedicated to each computer is missing 3 pages – page 4, 5 and 6. There are another 120 pages redacted from this file. That is not to say MJ had child porn on his computers – he would have been arrested for that if there was – but it is impossible to say whether there was anything shady on his computers or not as we cannot view the complete, unredacted file.

There wasn’t much information in those files anyway

Of the 679 pages in the FBI’s Michael Jackson file, only 333 were released, and of those released 196 related to extortion threats against Michael Jackson and others in 1992; 8 pages related to a videotape which only related to Michael Jackson because the title was “Michael Jackson’s Neverland Favourites, an All Boy Video Anthology”; and 18 pages related to a request made of the FBI’s Critical Incident Response Group to provide advice and assistance to local authorities concerning the Arviso investigation in 2004.

That leaves 111 pages directly related to MJ, and most of those are heavily redacted so as to become meaningless or contain public information. If anything, the remaining pages raise more questions rather than absolving MJ. For instance, in this file is a handwritten note which reads:

“P/R called from Toronto Canada. She and her husband work in Children’s Services.
On Sat 3-7-92 they took train from Chicago to Grand canyon. Train
continued to CA. They had a compartment in car that Jackson had
four compartments.
Jackson had a male juvenile 12/13 with him along with adult staff. Boy was ID’d as Michaels “cousin”.
Jackson was very possessive of boy. At night, P/R heard questionable noises through wall.
She was concerned enough to notify the conductor of her suspicions.”

Remember this is in 1992, before allegations of pedophilia about MJ became public.

The FBI had nothing but a passing interest in Michael Jackson, and preferred to leave investigations of him to local law enforcement. To bring up the FBI files as proof that he wasn’t a pedophile or a child molester is absurd.

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