The Boys in Michael Jackson’s Life

Michael Jackson had intense relationships with many boys including Emmanuel Lewis, Jonathan Spence, Jimmy Safechuck, Wade Robson, Brett Barnes, Jordan Chandler, Frank and Eddie Cascio, Omer Bhatti and Sean Lennon. Click on the image to go to the stories about that boy (not available for all yet)

Emmanuel Lewis - 1982-1984
Emmanuel Lewis (1982-1984)


Jonathan Spence (1984-1987)
Jonathan Spence (1984-1987)


Jonathan Spence
Jonathan Spence (1984 – 1987)


Jimmy Safechuck
Jimmy Safechuck (1987-1992)
Sean Lennon
Sean Lennon (1987 – 1988)


Wade Robson
Wade Robson (1990 – 1997)


Brett Barnes
Brett Barnes (1991 – 1996)
Brett Barnes
Brett Barnes (1991 – 1996)
Jordan Chandler
Jordan Chandler (1993)
Frank & Eddie Cascio
Frank & Eddie Cascio (1993 – 1996)
Omer Bhatti
Omer Bhatti (1996 – 2003)
Juju Elatab (2003)





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  • morginmiyako

    IDK how I missed this article.. Or perhaps I forgot about it. The last picture.. Does that jacket say “The Dangerous Boys?”

    • We’ve just moved this article from the old site to the new site Morgin, one of the last of the moves. It’s been a big job 🙂

      That jacket does say THE DANGEROUS BOYS. A strange choice of words.

  • divapromo
  • Hilal Alsameraaii

    There is also Rodney Allen Rippy from 1974 to around 1979. I can’t find a good photo of them together but I think they met during the 1974 AMA, here’s a video of it:
    According to Rodney, they became friends during this time and Michael called him many times, up until the time of the Off The Wall album which coincides with the time that Michael met Terry George, another person worth including on the list.

    You probably know Terry George’s story, it’s more popular than Rodney Allen Rippey’s story and there is an article here that goes into his story.

    And of course Gavin Arvizo should be included on this list.

    • The Queen Of Swords

      Child-Actor Rodney Allen-Rippy (1974-1979), Child-Actor/”Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air” Actor Alphonso Ribeiro (1982-1984), Child-Actor Corey Feldman (1984-1987), Child-Actor Bryton McClare (1992-2004), Diana Ross’ Son/Actor Evan Ross (1993-?), Gavin Arvizo (2000-2003), and Child-Singer Aaron Carter should all be listed. They were also a few of MJ’s “special friends”, too, and are all most likely a few of MJ’s victims (Especially Bryton McClare, considering the half-nude picture MJ had of him — taken when he was a pre-pubescent boy — in his house right next to McCaulay Culkin’s).

      *** Sean Lennon was one of MJ’s “special friends” from 1983-1990 (when he was 8 to 15), BTW. According to Lennon he “probably spent more time with [Michael Jackson] than anyone else” …

    • The Queen Of Swords

      Rodney alleges that he was sexually abused by “a Jackson”, but never said which male Jackson family member it was that sexually abused him as a young boy …

  • The Queen Of Swords

    Like Rodney Allen-Rippy, Rick Segall was another one of Michael Jackson’s 1970s “special friends”.

    He says Jackson “befriended” him in early 1974 (see video above) when he was 4 and Jackson was 15 — with their “friendship” peaking in 1980-1981 when Segall was 10,11-11,12. Like Emmanuel Lewis, Jonathan Spence, MacCaulay Culkin, Brett Barnes, and Frank Cascio, Rick Segall says nothing inappropriate or sexual happened during their “frienship”. I don’t know enough details of their “friendship” to say if Rick was or wasn’t a victim (He seemed honest/sincere and I hope he wasn’t a victim, but who knows …), but considering James’ and Wade’s previous denials, along with Wade’s previous praising of Jackson, you just never know ….

    I’ve heard Jackson’s last words years ago. In a twisted way, I agree that MJ cared about physically-abused kids because he was traumatized by Joe’s physical-abuse of him as a boy. Even some of his “special friends” like Terry George, Corey Feldman (who says they bonded over their abusive parents), and James Safechuck Jr. said so, due to his concern if they were being physically hit at home. I just think he was too narcissistic and selfish to care if sexual abuse (look at Taj’s note; he knew all about this subject) would cause emotional/mental/psychological/sexual problems for his compliant child-victims (Molesters often use the “grooming” method to lessen their own guilt).

  • Rodney Allen coached a Canadian boy, who said he was molested by Michael Jackson. This lie was disproved by Diane Dimond and the Toronto police very quickly which shows that fakes don’t pass muster, and which further strengthens the stories of Jackson’s real accusers.

  • Dani Lee VanBuskirk

    Hello everyone,, I was wondering if anyone has read and has a copy of VG MJWL? I am willing to pay anyone who has a copy double to triple the going rate for it, via PDF or the actual book. I will take a bit more look around and see if I can find it..This would be the last book I think that I have not read (both the good and the ugly) If anyone has a cope please email me at [email removed]. Please have a paypal or other way I can pay for it via internet thanks…BTW love your website, though still a fan yet ATG was very eye opening, and my belief has dropped a lot that MJ was totally innocent (though I have always had doubts) thank you.

    • Pea

      Dani, I removed your email just so you won’t have to face potential spam. But I own a copy of the book — a PDF copy — and I can send you an email regarding it.

      • Dani Lee VanBuskirk

        Well thank so much pea, I know fans hate this book, but I am willing to look at it, and not dismiss it outright..IF you would like some compensation please let me know..You have my email, so let me as soon as you have time Pea:)

  • Dani Lee VanBuskirk

    Correct, MJFACTS, even without “needing to put my mind the the gutter” these still see like some odd photos to take. Have you seen the sight that claims sony put fake mirrors in this hotel room was planted as a room to “catch” Mj and the mirrors that sony set up were just to make it seem like these pics are real? I sweat the lengths people go.

  • Andrew

    Poor kids. The story shook me to my core, as a boy back in the day.