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Desiree Speaks… So Listen <– Currently offline

MJandBoys – Blog detailing the many relationships Michael Jackson had with young boys

Destins de Stars
La célébrité est un ersatz magnifique créé pour le plaisir du public. La star incarne donc un mythe, une image attrayante, mais simplifiée et illusoire. Où commence la légende, où s’arrête la réalité ? L’objectif de ce site, est de montrer aux parents qu’un adulte peut sembler gentil ou digne de confiance, mais que vous devez être extrêmement prudents pour permettre un accès illimité à votre enfant. Les relations entre adultes et enfants non apparentés doivent être transparentes et responsables, et non menées secrètement à huis clos. Ce site a également pour but non seulement de démystifier les mythes concernant les agresseurs, mais aussi de faire la lumière sur ceux qui acceptent, et même trouvent des excuses, aux relations opaques et inexplicables entre adultes et enfants non apparentés. Jackson fournit l’exemple parfait de quelqu’un qui a manipulé ceux qui l’entouraient pour créer et favoriser des relations inappropriées avec les enfants, faisant de lui le sujet parfait pour ce site. Les commentaires sont modérés à l’avance et seront supprimés s’ils comportent des propos agressifs ou injurieux.
(site is in French)

NBC’s Dateline on the 1993 accusations

” The year was 1993, and the biggest star in the world was Michael Jackson. The hit song was “Black or White,” his universal appeal so powerful that at the Super Bowl, he was the halftime show, his message that children can heal the world beamed to millions.

But that year, Jackson’s wholesome, Peter Pan image would be tarnished by lurid accusations of child molestation — and a huge civil settlement with his accuser would keep many of the details of the case secret.”


The true believers in the miracle that was Michael Jackson

“Jackson’s fans, as opposed to those who merely like his music, consider themselves to be different from the fans of other performers. The issues that consume them tend to have less to do with his talent than his meaning. Obsessive, wary, emotional, occasionally hostile to outsiders, they have come to see Michael as some kind of sui generis American miracle – part human, part spiritual – and themselves as the witnesses to its authenticity.”


Starstruck in Neverland

“Jackson’s biggest fans describe their passion for the star as a moral duty. They see themselves as intermediaries to a holy innocent, representing what they perceive to be his values – generosity, humility, and love – in a world where goodness is persecuted. Michael Jackson’s fans don’t exactly embrace his eccentricities; they simply deny that he is strange. And their righteous pleasure in defending him is compounded by a sense of exclusivity: The world may see them as fools, but they know they are the faithful remnant. Who are these people?”


Dwanollah: Michael Jackson is Very Very Very Very…

“No matter how much whining and crying Michael Jackson does in the public eye about how much he loves children, I don’t believe his bullshit. No one should. Sorry to rain on your parade, but most child molesters insist they love children and would never do anything to hurt them. That’s what they believe. That’s how they live with themselves and rationalize their actions. The cousin who molested me for years said as much when I confronted him as an adult. “I would never hurt you! I love you!” I mean, denial, yeah, but moreover, there was also genuine shock that his actions could be perceived as “hurting” someone. That’s part of a molester’s justification. Some, in some way, really think they ARE showing love and affection for the child, or helping it, or… something. “


Michael Jackson Statement Analysis

Jude Calvert-Toulmin on the passing of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson: Commentary By Kurt Loder

“Michael Jackson: Lovable eccentric? Persecuted genius? Child-molesting freak?
Take your pick. In fact, it seems that most of us already have.
It’s clear that millions of people still love Michael Jackson. Or think they do. Actually, there’s no way you can “love” a reclusive multimillionaire you’ve never met. You may love his music or his videos, but the man himself is more than just the sum of those things. His real thoughts and feelings, and the things he does in private, can’t be known at such a distance.”


Michael Jackson was more like an evil ‘genius’

On the streets of Area Code 718, where I raised my kids, anyone who inappropriately touched a kid automatically had his membership card to the human race revoked. If he didn’t wind up in a cemetery or on Rikers, he was run out of the neighborhood on a third rail.

It wouldn’t have mattered if he was a master carpenter, revered clergyman, teacher of the year, Grammy-winning singer or Oscar-winning director: If you messed with kids, that was all anyone needed to know about you.

Michael Jackson did not love animals

Santa Barbara Courthouse website – repository for documents relating to PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA vs MICHAEL JACKSON, et al (Michael Jackson’s 2005 child molestation trial)

Bill Wyman, in The Wall Street Journal, on Michael Jackson

“Somehow or other Jackson convinced himself — and seemingly, his family and partisans — that he wasn’t a powerful musical superstar. He was instead a victim of some mysterious stew of health maladies, public persecution, and secret sadnesses that, we were to understand, made this frail man-child shiver with fear. The reality is different.”


Bob Herbert – Behind The Facade New York Times, July 3, 2009

Jonah Goldberg – Some Quick Thoughts on Michael Jackson National Review Online, June 26, 2009

Beyond the Pale … Mark Steyn on Jacko Steyn Online, June 26, 2009

Andrew Breitbart – A Monster of Our Own Making Is Dead Big Hollywood, June 26, 2009

“Why did Michael Jackson bring back the gay porno producer to use a video camera to oversee kid trips to Neverland AFTER it was admitted by Jackson’s own people the Jackson/Schaffel alliance was blatantly improper?”


The baffling case of Jacko, the gay porn king, and bags of cash

For further research – Those fingerprints on that magazine Jackson trial: Week four; A day-by-day account of the Michael Jackson trial, with all the key evidence, quotes and witnesses*


“Gavin Arvizo’s fingerprint was only found in a magazine along with Michael Jacksons because Thomas Sneddon handed it to the boy at a grand jury hearing before it was tested for fingerprints.”

This charge of Sneddon tampering evidence has been circulating for years among the fan community. Fist gathered this allegation from William Wagener, a vociferous campaigner for Jackson’s innocence. Wagener, who has an interesting background, made many colorful allegations against Thomas Sneddon and could be kindly described as a “crank”.

The story centers around a copy of Barely Legal containing one fingerprint each of Michael Jackson and Gavin Arvizo, which was put forward by the prosecution as proof that Jackson had shown a pornographic magazine to a minor. Overall, it’s uninteresting in relation to Jackson’s 2005 trial because the respective fingerprints were on entirely separate sections of the magazine, making it very flimsy evidence indeed.

The accusation of tampering is more serious and if true would have indicated that Sneddon, normally a meticulous and thorough prosecutor, handed the magazine to the boy at the grand jury hearing to gain false evidence against Jackson.

During the 2005 molestation trial, Jackson lawyer Robert Sanger asked of Detective Paul Zelis (regarding the magazine), “However, during the course of that grand jury, the contents of this, of this briefcase, Sheriff’s Item 317, was handed to Gavin Arvizo so he could look through it, see if he could identify it; isn’t that correct.”

This suggestion caused a stir. What followed was two days of exhausting testimony from detectives and forensic experts on the chain of custody for not just the magazine, but the briefcase it was found in. Away from the jury, there was an extensive argument over grand jurors –traditionally they are not involved in court cases which result from their indictments, but Sneddon wanted the grand jury forewoman to testify that Gavin Arvizo didn’t touch anything in the briefcase. In a cautious move, defense demanded they be able to speak to every single grand juror, rather than rely on just one, to discern the truth of the matter. After much argument from the prosecution about keeping the identities of the grand jurors secret the judge allowed the names of the jurors to be released to the defense so they could be interviewed, on condition they could be questioned about this one issue only.

As a result of those interviews the defence abandoned their assertion that the boy had been handed the magazine by Sneddon, and Tom Mesereau defaulted to the argument that the fingerprint was on the magazine because the boy had broken into Jackson’s bedroom and looked at the magazine on his own, not that Jackson had handed the magazine to him.


Nina’s Garden – Celebs and Sex Crimes Comparing Michael Jackson and Roman Polanski

“It is irrational to accept that [Jackson,] an abused child would grow up to be an adult who constantly seeks to invent childhood. Polanski, who’s pregnant wife was murdered a few years before the incident is not given any sort of victim of trauma pass.”


Evil Sits at the Dinner Table A childhood abuse survivor on Michael Jackson’s death.

“The trial continued for sixty-six days, and each of those days Mr. Jackson arrived at the California courthouse surrounded by supportive family members, an entourage of body-guards, spokespeople, and even a man who held Mr. Jackson’s umbrella for him. I quickly saw the umbrella as a symbol of the many families who give an umbrella of protection to the father, mother, brother, uncle, or grandparent who has violated a child.”


Evil Sits at the Dinner Table Michael Jackson: Declared Not Guilty by a Spineless Jury

“The jurors in the Jackson case seemed to convince themselves that everyone was lying except Mr. Jackson – who spoke only in his own defense through a video tape of himself with complimentary lighting, mood music, and the freedom to tell the world that he “loves” children – all without being cross examined about this special kind of “love.””


Michael Jackson’s Black or White Blues Michael Jackson’s ”Black or White” — How the 11-minute video caused controversy and got a lot of publicity – November 29, 1991

“…there’s no question that in spite of a four-year absence from record stores, Michael Jackson knows how to reenter the public consciousness with a vengeance. This time he did it with a video whose last four minutes show him dancing, smashing the windows of a car, tossing a garbage can through a storefront, and simulating masturbation”


Can he beat it? Michael Jackson stages his comeback — Can ”HIStory, Past, Present, & Future – Book I” help the pop star overcome his problems? – June 16, 1995

We know now that nothing helped Jackson after he trashed his reputation with the mainstream public.


The other side of the coin

(or… people who think it’s OK for grown men to sleep with unrelated children):

Vindicate MJ

Charles Thomson Blog

SaneMJFan Blog


Further Reading

Maureen Orth, special correspondent for Vanity Fair, has written five well researched articles on Jackson. Fans hate these articles and will always return to the now discredited article from GQ Magazine by Mary Fischer, yet the Jackson camp has never taken Ms Orth to task about any of the facts she presented in her articles. Here they are in the order they were published:

Nightmare in Neverland (July 1994)
While Michael Jackson was whisked away to detox treatment, the star’s lawyers fought a desperate battle to protect him from facing the sexual-abuse charges brought by his 13-year-old accuser. The author untangles the whole painful story to provide the definitive account of Jackson’s fall, and in it finds a late-20th-century parable of manipulation, corrupted fantasy, and lost innocence.

The Jackson Jive (September 1995)
Michael Jackson’s interview with ABC News’s PrimeTime Live was a public-relations triumph, in which 60 million viewers got anything but the truth.

Losing His Grip (April 2003)
From Michael Jackson’s increasingly freakish appearance to his voodoo death spells, to the disturbing revelations in a $21.2 million civil suit against him, the pop star’s life has been spinning out of control. Investigating his spiraling debt, his grandiose schemes, and his controversial relationship with children, Maureen Orth wonders if Jackson is as crazy as he seems – or a cool manipulator of his own fame.

Neverland’s Lost Boys (March 2004)
The latest charges against Michael Jackson – of molesting a 13 year old cancer patient – are more than a deja vu of allegations that led to his $25 million settlement with young Jordie Chandler in 1994. Once again, Jackson and his lawyers are saying the motive of the boy and his family is pure greed. But the King of Pop’s shield of fame and money is wearing thin. Maureen Orth reveals new information from the star’s former business adviser, the ex-wife of his notorious PI, and other insiders about alleged porn and wine seductions, the forensic search of Neverland, and how both accusers’ lives have been torn apart.

C.S.I. Neverland (July 2005)
Disfigured, deeply in debt, and with a history of drug addiction – at 46, Michael Jackson is also at the end of a criminal trial for allegedly molesting a 13-year-old cancer patient. After 12 years of covering Jackson’s downward spiral and the recurring allegations of pedophilia, Maureen Orth explores the absurd and painful spectacle of this courtroom reckoning, the dysfunctional families on both sides of the case, and the dark tactics of Jackson’s entourage.