Jackson Fan Intimidation

Update 13th August 2015

Today we’ve seen one of the most egregious examples of fans stalking Michael Jackson’s victims. Fans have trawled the web searching for current photos of James Safechuck and displayed them on their website (image below).

Without any apparent irony, earlier in the same thread they were ridiculing the following section of one of the court documents James presented:

…because of who the Decedent was- his power, his iconic status around the world, his fame, his fortune – I knew that he could see to it that my life would be over if what happened ever came out. I lived my entire life in fear and dread of that happening, even after he died, because he continued to remain the superstar that he was in life in the eyes of the world. His stature and popularity grow every day. He is an icon and will remain so forever. Because of who the Decedent was and still is, the intimidation and threat of exposure was and remained real to me during my entire life. He no longer needed to be around for the threat to be there.

Now fans prove that they are capable of doing exactly as James and his lawyers foretold they could – stalking, threatening, harassing and ridiculing James by posting his personal details, his photographs and derogatory remarks about him. It’s not only disgusting to see someone vilified for speaking the truth, it shows that everything James asserted would happen, happened.

Not only that, they are also stalking and posting photographs of James’s mother.

Jackson fans point to the fact that not many of Jackson’s victims have come forward, however when faced with intimidation like this from overzealous fans, why would other victims risk it?

(click to enlarge below to see the full page. Photographs have been blurred so as not to compound the problem)



Recently we’ve noticed that Jackson fans are once again posting images of Jackson victim Jordan Chandler to social media.

Jordan Chandler Photo
Tweet by Jackson fan

Obviously somebody has gone to great lengths to

  1. Find out the pseudonym Jordan Chandler is currently using to protect his privacy;
  2. Find social media accounts under that name;
  3. Gain access to those accounts by faking being a “friend” or a “friend of a friend”; and
  4. Systematically searching through the images on those social accounts to find what are private images (these images are not public on the Internet).

It is one thing to send a tweet to someone who knew Jackson and has a highly visible public account (tweets which can be easily blocked by the recipient) – it is quite another to engage in quite obvious cyberstalking to gain private information, and then widely disseminate that private information to social media.

When challenged, one Jackson fan said “Jordan Chandler is a public figure, so it’s fine to post this kind of thing.”

Let me point out that Jackson himself wanted to ensure that Jordan would categorically NOT become a public figure, by inserting a clause in their settlement agreement which forbade Jordan from ever speaking publicly about their relationship, so that argument holds absolutely no water.

Why would someone be posting personal information about a Jackson accuser to social media? We haven’t asked the person concerned, because we don’t need to – it is highly obvious why Jackson fans are doing this.

It is sending a clear message to anybody who may wish to speak out about Jackson in the future: We don’t care if it is 21 years after the fact, we will still stalk, hound and harass you if you dare say anything bad about Michael Jackson.

It is clear intimidation, and designed to silence those who might be considering coming forward about Jackson. Just as the photos from Gavin Arviso’s wedding, and disclosure of his new wife’s name (as well as the name of her father) was designed to attack him, so too is Jordan being targeted. Here, a photo of disseminated of his family on vacation (as well as a thinly veiled wish for death):

Jordan Chandler Photo
Tweet by Jackson fan

Jackson fans are so desperate for the truth to be suppressed that they think nothing of attacking victims rather than allowing the truth to come out and see where the cards fall. Deep in their hearts, they know the truth about Jackson, they know there are more victims who will one day speak out – and their heartfelt desire is to prevent the truth revealing itself  at all costs. That’s the true reason for the harassment of anyone who wants to speak the truth about Jackson (yes, even us here at MJFacts) and it must stop.

To all reasonable Jackson fans – allow the information to flow freely, if it’s lies as you imagine there is nothing to fear and they will be exposed, if it’s the truth it will show Jackson for what he truly was and that shouldn’t be hidden. There is no point in defending the “reputation” of a dead man, but there is much to be gained by supporting victims, both past, present and future.