How Innocent Was Michael Jackson Really?

If you know anything about the way Michael Jackson behaved with children – and if you don’t, just browse a few of the pages of this site – it is extremely eerie when you compare how child molesters behave around children.

Check, for example, the publication available from the Vermont Department of Children and Families. This publication was written by convicted child molesters and outlines how they get close to their victims:

  • I pay attention to your child and make him feel special.
  • I present the appearance of being someone you and your family can trust and rely on.
  • I get to know your child’s likes and dislikes very well.
  • I go out of my way to buy gifts or treats your child will like.
  • I isolate your child by involving him in fun activities so we can be together – alone.
  • If you are a single parent, I may prey on your fears about your child lacking a father figure or a stable home life.
  • If my career involves working with children, I may also choose to spend my free time helping children or taking them on “special outings” by myself.
  • I take advantage of your child’s natural curiosity about sex by telling “dirty” jokes, showing her pornography and by playing sexual games.
  • I will probably know more about what kids like than you do: (music, clothing, video games, language, etc.)
  • I make comments like, “Anyone who molests a child should be shot!” or “Sexually abusing a kid is the sickest thing anyone can do.”
  • I may touch your child in your presence so that she thinks you are comfortable with the way I touch her.[1]

As you can see, the very behaviours that defenders of Jackson’s behaviour (and even Jackson himself) purport to show that Jackson “loved children” and was “innocent” only further strengthen suspicion about him.

Also of note is the absence of any mention of force, kidnapping or grabbing children! It is all done through coercion, bribery and grooming.

The publication also includes various warnings and how to protect children from abuse.

Of particular note, as some defenders of Jackson’s behaviour state repeatedly that many of Jackson’s boys have said “nothing happened”, the publication also includes this admonition:

Some children may not demonstrate any type of negative symptoms. Some offenders are able to groom children for abuse in a manner that makes the child feel comfortable, close to and even protective of the offender.

So, rather than Jackson’s behaviour being totally above board and beyond suspicion as some would have you believe, his behaviour aligned very closely with child molesters.

[1] Protecting Your Children: Advice from Child Molesters – Vermont Department of Children and Families, or Vermont Department of Children and Families website