Documents from Michael Jackson’s 2005 Molestation trial

Documents from the 2005 molestation trial of Michael Jackson are available at the Santa Barbara court website ( Website down, documents can be found here

Back in 2004, due to unprecedented demand from the public and the press for access to documents related to the Michael Jackson molestation trial, the Santa Barbara Superior Court set up a dedicated website so that these documents could be electronically downloaded.

Jury Supervisor in Santa Barbara County, Ellen Scott, writes: “Court administration (Executive Officer Gary Blair and Assistant Executive Officer Darrel Parker), wanted to be able to release documents in this trial via the Internet to cut down on the amount of foot traffic at the court, as our court is very small. Blair actually lobbied to have the California Rules of Court changed to allow such a Web site and was successful at doing so. Although this Web site was not a jury concern, it made a huge difference in the amount of traffic at the courthouse from the press and public alike. The press had their access to the documents and other press-specific information, and the public had access through a public Web site. The Web site is tremendous and was a great time saver for all court staff. It is an award-winning site, having won the Kleps Award and first place in the Justice Served Top 10 court Web sites for 2005.”

Here is a video about the creation of the site.

Since then, it has been a valuable resource for those seeking the truth about Michael Jackson. Some of the documents have been explosive, such as the ones detailing his collection of child erotica, the discovery of semen from three different males on his bed, and the ones detailing his methods of grooming both boys and their parents.

Along with the court transcripts (which we also host here at MJ Facts) these documents were invaluable in getting an overall picture of not only the molestation trial, but also in showing that Michael Jackson did in fact have an unhealthy obsession with young boys.


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