Death of Tom Sneddon Unleashes Outpouring of Hate from Michael Jackson Fans

Sadly, on the 1st of November 2014, the prosecutor in the 2005 Michael Jackson child molestation case died from complications resulting from his cancer diagnosis. Tom Sneddon stood up and did his job without shying away from the hate and controversy it would cause. While Jackson fans insist Mr Sneddon had a vendetta against their idol, the truth is far simpler. Tom cared deeply about not just sexual abuse victims but also disadvantaged members of his community and those who would take advantage of them – and there is no doubt that Jackson took advantage of others for his own selfish needs.

Hot on the heels of our Inside The Cult Of Michael Jackson story last week, Tom Sneddon’s death unleashed a torrent of hate from Jackson fans. When the story was published on Santa Barbara news site Noozhawk, it caused an immediate outpouring of hate from the Jackson fans. Some examples are below.






Quite disturbing what Jackson fans will come out with.

When someone tried to insert a little sanity into the thread, they were quickly shouted down by an indignant fan.


The irony is overwhelming when you consider that a common refrain from Jackson fans is that “You shouldn’t speak ill of the dead” if anyone dares criticize Michael Jackson!

The abuse continued…


Incredibly, one Jackson fan writes that her ultimate fantasy is for Tom Sneddon to be “tortured… on the other side”.


She then adds a postscript to ensure everyone understands her true feelings…


When accused of being “filled with hate”, one commenter replies


Yes, you read that right. Commenter Jen considers Jackson as her “loved one”. A dead celebrity… sad, but true.

The incredible thing is that fans have previously criticized law enforcement for not doing enough to prosecute suspected pedophiles. If Tom Sneddon had prosecuted a case of child molestation against any other suspected pedophile who slept thousands of nights with a succession of young boys while owning child erotica, who wasn’t Michael Jackson, he would have been lauded as a hero.

One commentator who actually knew Tom Sneddon, and is shown to be grieving, is ruthlessly attacked by a low class Jackson fan.


When the story was tweeted by Diane Dimond, a journalist who has written about Jackson in the past, she was subjected to vile, disgusting and misogynistic comments from even more Jackson fans.


Click to enlarge


Particularly disturbing was this message of “love” from a male Jackson fan:

Even at the time of writing this post, there were dozens more hate comments added to this conversation on Twitter.

When the story of Tom Sneddons death was also posted on tabloid website TMZ, it predictably unleashed more hate from Jackson fans, with many comments referring to Mr Sneddon in disparaging ways and wishing him in hell.

These are not isolated comments by a few rogue fans. If you go back and look at the most foul comments and tweets you will see that they are upvoted, favorited and retweeted hundreds of times by other fans, thereby condoning and agreeing with the most heinous sentiments yet seen.

This is no expression of collective emotion – this is a concerted campaign by the Jackson cult to pour hate and scorn upon those who were merely doing their job, people who stand up for what they believe in, whose only crime was to shine a spotlight on Michael Jackson’s behavior, and for that they are ridiculed, attacked and wished death upon.

If Jackson fans truly, in their hearts, knew Jackson was innocent of all wrongdoing they could ignore any “false” revelations about Jackson.

It’s incredibly sad that Jackson’s legacy is not one of tolerance, forgiveness and love but one of intolerance, blame and hate.

Jackson fans should reconsider their position.