MJ Facts EXCLUSIVE: The Jimmy Safechuck Story

Written by guest contributor Desiree (DSSL)

Update November 29 2015:

MJ Facts has uploaded James Safechuck’s first amended complaint for childhood sexual abuse in the civil case against Michael Jackson’s companies.

Update March 21, 2015:

Though the following article is based upon other court filings in James Safechuck’s late claim bid, read his newest Declaration as part of the Resources on this website: Supplemental Declaration of Claimant/Creditor James Safechuck in Support of Amended Petition for Order to Allow Filing of Late Claim Against Estate (filed March 18, 2015).

His Declaration does not touch upon details of the sex abuse (read details of that below), but notable in the document are James’s description of Michael Jackson’s trial telephone calls; his very veiled confession to his mother; and his psychological injury (he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder — “PTSD” — and for a time used drugs to numb his mental anguish and fear). James also confides that Jackson’s enormous celebrity stature and virtual omnipresence compounded the years of grooming and intimidation tactics, keeping James silent until his disclosure in 2013.

In the winter of 2011, as James Safechuck was living an unassuming life as a happily married man and new father in southern California, I discovered something extraordinary — that is, extraordinary to those of us still interested in the Neverland world of Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson and then favorite Jimmy, aged 10.

Back then, the James of our collective conscious was “Jimmy”, a ten-year-old boy with sun-kissed hair and pretty hazel eyes whom Michael Jackson met on the set of a Pepsi commercial the two filmed together. Paparazzi frequently snapped Jackson and his little friend hand-in-hand during outings, and Jimmy would later become Jackson’s companion during the Bad tour. They were inseparable for a few years, but, as is typical with Jackson’s revolving door of ‘special friends’, that, too, was fated to end.

Jimmy Safechuck suddenly was no longer Jackson’s buddy. He became the boy Jackson ‘threw away’, and that was all to his story.

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James Safechuck vs. Estate of Michael Jackson – December 2014 Update

Poor James
Poor James

Here is an update on James Safechuck Jr’s action against the Estate of Michael Jackson. He is suing the Estate for damages relating to childhood sexual abuse at the hands of Michael Jackson between the ages of 10 and 14.

James filed his claim more than five years after Jackson’s death, and the Estate contends that this was far too late according to the rules of probate (see Estate’s Demurrer). However, on James’ side, and what he is relying on, is the Doctrine of Equitable Estoppel. Continue reading

Another Michael Jackson Victim Comes Forward

Read the details of the Jimmy Safechuck claim here

Yet again, we are reveal the sad news that another Jackson victim has come forward. Jimmy Safechuck was Jackson’s constant companion for several years after he starred alongside Jackson in a Pepsi commercial. Safechuck has added his name to the molestation suit filed by Wade Robson and alleges many of the same things. Rather than go into those claims again, I have been looking at the fan reaction to these new claims. Continue reading

The Boys in Michael Jackson’s Life

Michael Jackson had intense relationships with many boys including Emmanuel Lewis, Jonathan Spence, Jimmy Safechuck, Wade Robson, Brett Barnes, Jordan Chandler, Frank and Eddie Cascio, Omer Bhatti and Sean Lennon. Click on the image to go to the stories about that boy (not available for all yet) Continue reading