Johnnie Cochran on the Chandler settlement

Johnnie Cochran was Michael Jackson’s lawyer for part of the Chandler civil lawsuit – significantly, the end. This is an excerpt from his biography where he briefly describes working with MJ and how the settlement was negotiated.

As you will read, there is no mention of extortion, nor is there any mention of a potential criminal trial. There were only negotiations to settle with Larry Feldman. In an article published by Time Magazine just after the settlement, it’s clear there was a tacit agreement that Jordan Chandler would not testify against MJ. This quote by Johnnie backs that up:

“Michael wants to get on with his life,” said his lawyer, Johnnie Cochran, “and let the healing process begin.”

He knew MJ could “get on with his life” because he was safe from Jordan’s testimony…

From Johnnie Cochran’s biography:

Like so many other Americans in late 1993, I was following with interest the growing controversy surrounding musical superstar Michael Jackson. The parents of a boy Michael had befriended alleged that Jackson had betrayed their trust and molested their son. It was a shocking, potentially devastating charge against an entertainer beloved by tens of millions of fans around the world. The allegation fell with particular force in the African American community, where Jackson had long been admired. Continue reading

The Newtrons Meet Michael Jackson

ron-newt-coverAll That Glitters Is Not Gold – The Music The Magic The Madness – by Ron Newt

Chapter Eighteen – The Newtrons Meet Michael Jackson

Get a glimpse into a life that very few get to experience or never live to talk about it. Memories told from this Original Smooth Criminal, Ron Newt (aka Prince Diamond) include a decade of rumors, gossip, misfortune as well as his candid reflections on his friendship with The King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Less After reviewing Newt’s police, state & federal record, it quickly becomes clear that he is the man who put the “G” in gangster throughout the City by the Bay, San Francisco, CA. Newt finally breaks the unspoken code about his rise, fall & the in betweens.

Ron Newt is perhaps best known for his claim that he was offered $200,000 around the time of the Chandler allegations to lie about Michael Jackson molesting his sons. It’s curious that he was approached by Jim Mitteager from The National Enquirer who, through Paul Barressi, was closely connected with Anthony Pellicano. Pellicano at that time, as reported by Nikki Finke, “…in many cases was acting as a triple agent – giving information to the tabloids, then pressing the reporters to reveal the identities of other sources so he could track down those sources and reveal them to the stars’ reps for pursuit.”  Continue reading

Tin Soldiers

Starstruck_CoverStarstruck: When a Fan Gets Close to Fame – by Michael Joseph Gross

Chapter 2 – Tin Soldiers

Journalist Michael Joseph Gross takes us deep into the world of celebrities and the people who love them.

Why are we so obsessed with fame? Even if we don’t read People, we all crane our necks to see the stars. As a teenager, Michael Joseph Gross amassed a collection of about four thousand autographs by writing letters to celebrities and world leaders. The collecting fever broke when he grew up, but his fascination with fandom remained. Continue reading

P.R. Muscle

Dish is a book by Jeannette Walls released in January 2001.

Dish-9781559275774Promotional text for the book reads “Gossip. It’s more than just hearsay. society columns, and supermarket tabloids. It has, like it or not, become a mainstay of American pop culture. In Dish, industry insider Jeannette Walls gives this provocative subject its due, offering a comprehensive, serious exploration of gossip and its social, historical, and political significance. Examining the topic from the inside out, Walls looks at the players; the origins of gossip, from birth of People magazine to the death of Lady Di; and how technology including the Internet will continue to change the face gossip. As compelling and seductive as its subject matter, Dish brilliantly reveals the fascinating inner workings of a phenomenon that is definitely here to stay.”

This chapter – P.R. Muscle – primarily details how Michael Jackson and his advisers  dealt with the 1993 molestation allegations and how Anthony Pellicano spun the story to “extortion”.

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are original footnotes from the book. I have added a few explanatory notes in the format (Note:)

I’ve also added a few links where things might have needed expanding or explaining.

Private Investigator Anthony Pellicano was on the Dangerous tour in Bangkok with Michael Jackson when he got the call: police had raided Neverland, the singer’s 2, 700-acre ranch; they had a search warrant; they brought in a locksmith; they seized videotapes and photographs. This is trouble, Pellicano knew, but then again, trouble was Pellicano’s business.

It was Sunday, August 22, 1993, still before dawn in California, but Pellicano telephoned criminal lawyer Howard Weitzman in Los Angeles anyway. “Wake up,” Pellicano told Weitzman. They had a lot of work to do. Continue reading

Excerpts from Child Bride: The Untold Story of Priscilla Beaulieu Presley

Child_Bride_The_Untold_Story_of_Priscilla_Beaulieu_PresleyBelow are excerpts from Child Bride: The Untold Story of Priscilla Beaulieu Presley by Suzanne Finstad. Suzanne attempts to make the case that Lisa Marie Presley pursued Michael Jackson, rather than the other way around. This is a plausible scenario if you believe other accounts of LMP being the kind of person who feels sorry for “fallen” others and attempts to rehabilitate them.

I’d like to read a lot more before  I make up my mind. Continue reading

Michael Jackson, if you love children so much, where are the girls?

From Miss America by Howard Stern, 1995.



And now the story I refused to talk about on the air: my meeting with Michael Jackson.

Why did I keep my lips sealed about this top secret tete-a-tete?

Did I remain in silence because I will never betray the confidences of high-level executives who swear me to secrecy?

Do I have a set of ethics that forbids me from opening my mouth when someone asks me to please keep things confidential? Continue reading