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It’s undeniable that Michael Jackson was a great entertainer. It’s also undeniable that he had a dark side, and if you delve deeper than fan sites or sycophantic media examples aren’t hard to find. Delve too shallowly though, and you will find that some paint Jackson as a kind of evil madman who committed unspeakable acts. The truth lies somewhere in the middle, Jackson was neither saint nor devil, but human. On this site we try and reveal facts about Jackson that fan websites don’t want you to know. Fans will try to present Jackson as some kind of martyr, but if he is a martyr for anything it is as someone who was totally inappropriate towards children and used them for his own selfish desires. That’s not to say he molested children, nobody apart from the boys he spent time with alone can know that (although many have spoken up and said that he is a molester, and I believe them), but he had bizarre psychological needs and had a compulsion to sleep with children without any regard for the consequences those children may have suffered.

As for Jackson’s predilection for sleepovers, it bears repeating here that he spent hundreds of nights sharing the same bed one-on-one with boys. This is not normal. He enjoyed sleeping with boys. He said there was nothing wrong with it, and even said all adults should sleep with children. That’s the argument he plainly made. You can believe your eyes, ears, and brain on this matter, or you can lie. Those are your only two choices.

And therein lies the problem. Predictably, shamefully, most MJ fans, and even some non-fans, have chosen the latter. On the web, or Facebook, or Twitter, it doesn’t take long to find people who believe that criticizing Jackson for sleeping with children is somehow wrong. I have had many Internet arguments because I don’t think it’s OK to describe adults, or Michael Jackson in particular, sleeping with unrelated children as something positive.

These people, the apologists, fall mainly into two different groups: Either they have decided that the accusation that Jackson slept with kids must be false, even if there is plenty of evidence proving otherwise; or they have decided that, hey, maybe it isn’t so bad for an adult man to sleep with young boys after all.

I want to focus on that second group, because I have encountered many of them over the last few years, and I find them particularly nauseating. These people never had this revelation when Catholic priests took young boys into their bed, or when any other celebrity participated in similar forms of deviancy. They lived their whole lives feeling quite certain that adult men shouldn’t be taking young boys into their bed, until their favorite pop star informed them otherwise. They were willing to abandon or at least re-calibrate, at the drop of a hat, the most self-evident of all moral principles for the sake of defending Michael Jackson.

This shouldn’t be surprising. We know that a certain sort of person is almost always willing to put personality over principle. They latch onto a person — media member, politician, celebrity, etc. — and, having determined that this individual is a paragon of truth and virtue, they outsource all of their discernment, thinking, and moral contemplation to him. It takes too much energy for them to ponder the questions and morals of life themselves so they put their minds and their consciences on the shelf and wear a large badge that says, “Whatever that guy says.”

Of course, this is a dangerous game, unless the person they’ve selected as their surrogate-thinker is, say, Jesus Christ. Now, some of these people defending Jackson may quote some of his charitable and humanitarian works at this point and say that he is such a “good guy” that he wouldn’t be capable of doing wrong while in bed with a young boy. This fails to take into account that good people are capable of doing bad things (just as bad people are capable of doing good things) of which there are examples too many to count, but include George Washington owning 123 slaves; Martin Luther King Jr. buying his doctoral thesis from another student; and Robin Williams knowingly giving a woman herpes while also cheating on his wife.

The point is that being good does not preclude someone from being human, and Jackson was most certainly human. There is plenty of evidence that Jackson’s relationships with children were far from innocent. Those who have tethered themselves to Jackson’s opinions on unrelated adult/child sleepovers chain themselves to a thought process that may travel to some dark and hideous places. When that occurs these people can either un-tether themselves and reclaim their dignity and their individuality; or, fearing the amount of mental and moral exertion that may require, they can stay on board. This is the course of action, or rather inaction, that many choose. “Well, I guess I’m OK with adult/child sleepovers now,” they mumble, shrugging.

Such people, it should be stipulated, are not advocates for the truth. They’re not anything. They don’t believe in anything. Believing in things is precisely what they’re trying to avoid doing. They fell into defending Jackson because Jackson, their surrogate-thinker, took them there. The point is, they never cared about children, or the truth, or justice; they care about Jackson’s image, the image he wanted to portray and the image that he wanted those around him to portray for him. And some of them have become so dependent on the thinking of others, their brains having atrophied to such an extent, that now they are unable or unwilling to formulate their own ideas on any subject whatsoever, even if the subject is child safety.

Now we have a new actor in our midst, those parties who, since Jackson’s death, have been making money off him and his accomplishments and are now using these same brainwashed people for their own purposes. It is imperative that the allegations against Jackson be muted, nay silenced, so that others don’t need to face the moral dilemma of what child safety means and will keep on buying albums/downloads/books/merchandise/tickets to further fill the wallets of those in the Michael Jackson industry. The unspoken retort to “What about the children?” is “What about the profits?”

Time to ask yourself, will you believe Michael Jackson, or will you believe facts?

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