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Important Note

If you have the mindset and limited intelligence of a person that brands anybody who is critical of Michael Jackson’s behaviour as a “hater”, then you will gain nothing from this site. This site is the antithesis of the many sycophantic sites devoted to Michael Jackson (and his behaviour). Here, we don’t pull any punches and we call things as they are.

Other sites are vehement in their defense of Jackson and his behaviour – one wonders why. They say because they are “defending an innocent man”, yet nobody, and I mean nobody, will ever know 100% if Jackson is innocent of child molestation unless they were there in the room with him and his boys. This site shows how Jackson’s behaviour equates with that of a typical acquaintance molester, and gives you clues on how you can spot the same characteristics in those who may want to get close to children in your care. We recommend starting here for information about child molesters.

If pro-Jackson sites were that interested in defending innocent people, they should consider helping out at places such as the The Innocence Project, which would be far more fulfilling than trying to defend a dead pop star who had everything going for him but squandered his talents and life, and died a pathetic shell of his former self. Perhaps the unfortunates at The Innocence Project don’t moonwalk or sing well enough to warrant the attention of those who defend Jackson?

In conclusion, if you don’t like reading painful truths about Jackson, please go elsewhere. There are plenty of Jackson sites out there that aren’t as critical as us that you will enjoy (see our links section). If you would like your eyes and mind opened to Jackson’s behaviour with young boys… read on.

There are plenty of websites out there that want to continue Michael Jackson’s PR team’s work even after he has died. I have to admit, that MJ’s PR teams did great work, and there are a substantial number of people who really, truly believe that everything the PR teams said and disseminated about MJ was true. I can’t criticise people like that, in all honesty they probably are great fans of MJ’s music and probably aren’t interested in anything else.

Then again, there are websites out there with a far more sinister agenda. They want to make MJ out to be something he isn’t. Now, I don’t know about you, but I would never compromise myself by accepting that it’s OK, in our society, for a grown man to sleep with children in the way Michael Jackson did. I don’t care who they are! There are no special exemptions, even if you missed out on a childhood, you are famous, or even the man insists repeatedly that it is “innocent”. No way!

Yet, sadly, there are people who do.

In fact, there are entire websites set up to take each of Michael Jackson’s misdeeds and make an excuse for each and every one! From his collection of child erotica, to his sleepovers with boys, to his payments to boys to make accusations go away, his disturbing behaviour with young boys, his huge collection of porn kept where his young guests had access to it (Michael Jackson’s porn collection was analyzed here, and it shocked us), even his heavy drug use, to his wooing of parents of his “special friends”, there are excuses for each and every one.

The obvious logic is – you wouldn’t need a vindication website if MJ did not do anything wrong. Any accusations would be laughed off with an “It’s ridiculous that Mike would ever do anything like that” and be forgotten. That can’t be the case, however. The people running those websites know that MJ’s behaviour looks bad to the average person. It can’t be laughed off. It needs to be explained, excused, normalised, justified. They fail. It is not normal to have a succession of young boy friends. It is not normal to have booze, porn and drugs at a supposedly child friendly place like Neverland. It is not normal to move a 12 year old boy, Omer Bhatti, into your home as a sleeping companion for years. It is not normal for a grown man to sleep with boys when he also collects books like MJ had.
(NOTE: The web pages owned by a boylover that showed images from this book have been removed as the boylover deemed them too dangerous to keep on his computer!)
In short, these websites are defending the indefensible.

It’s time rational fans stood up and said, “MJ entertained us, but his behaviour was way out of line”. If fans can be honest with themselves and others, MJ’s musical legacy will endure, if they can’t then his legacy will die out because too many people will be turned off.

Attempts to cover Michael Jackson’s actions with obfuscation will not work.

Want to learn the truth behind alleged “extortion” attempts against Michael Jackson? Or how he fits the profile of a pedophile? Look no further. Use the links to navigate.